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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of staying healthy during quarantine, avoiding assumptions and acknowledging one's own worth. They stress the need for practice and appreciation for the natural beauty of the world, particularly during difficult times like this. The speakers also promote a recitation exercise for those interested in becoming a Muslim.
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To me love

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and handling Hello bill Lamy in a raw noodle cream for the brothers and sisters who keep the quarter in and maintained it those are half I didn't memorize the Quran but I fell off and as we move it's a it's a different dynamics is completely different it's just love hamdulillah man Allah solo Bhima de la la Hema Robbie me know on call on manorbier

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he can t o Koto de oro Sony

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no Federico Vayner hi Demi rose sola Wah call Alo Sameer I now bar now little frog neck out

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la Canada mostly Bismillah Alhamdulillah salaam aleikum greetings of peace Welcome to the deen Show me your host and my next guest went from memorizing the Quran. This is a living miracle for anyone who takes a look. It is a living miracle and he was the one caring and then he drifted off ended up in the clubs and nightclubs. Then you took over now he's on today's show. We want to hear his story when we come back. Don't go anywhere. This is

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most in cases like well, they come salami cut. How are you? Hello, how you doing my brother? I'm fantastic. So you were just reciting for the Muslims out there who are tuning in for the first time and they're hearing you reciting some so beautiful metal odious? What were you tell us? What were you reciting hamdulillah the sword that I was reciting was the last page of the Baccarat the last two a it's a buckler.

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I just love that song. My father used to recite it all the time as a kid when I was a kid. So now your father he was so passionate about it's not so your father actually started off. I was going to ask you. Were you a Christian before a Buddhist, Hindu? And you were like, No, no, I was Muslim, born and raised Muslim one raised Muslim. But then your father was a Christian, right? My father was a Christian. My grandmother and my father or my grandfather, they were in the churches. And my father was in the church as well. I believe he didn't start.

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He started back in the nation.

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That's where I guess you know, for African American Muslims. We didn't have a lot, especially coming from slavery. So in order to change ourselves, this the Nation of Islam was a beautiful thing for a lot of black Muslims. But as my father learned about learning more about Islam and learn more about what Islam was, he became Sunni Muslim. And when I was born, he was fully transitioned into full Sunni muscle. Now, he had such a passion and love for the deen for his way of life, that he wanted you to memorize the Quran. So tell us a little about that. what age did you start memorizing the Quran?

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So, I don't remember actually learning how to read code and or read Arabic. I just knew how to read it when I was when I was younger. My father, that's the only thing he did he just he always recite, he always wanted me to recite, he always recite in front of us. And he learned that I had a good memory when I was younger. So when I turned 12 I started memorize the Quran. And three and a half years later, I was 15 and a half. I finished the Quran hamdulillah now, when I when I opened up the program, I was like, okay, you know, people can't imagine a lot of times, okay, this is a young boy memorize the Quran. But then his life took a different turn, ended up in the nightclub vineya took

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over completely different. So I went from from the from the dean to the dunya dunya. What had heart

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and I'm sure this is this is we see this happening a lot now a lot. And this happens to especially children's children who grew up in Islam. I think as we grew up in Islam, we don't appreciate because I can't blame it on my parents because my parents did the best they can. And as muscles, we don't really as kids, we don't appreciate what we actually have. And also with parents they'll have

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I believe that sometimes we are too hard on our children, and we don't let our children really understand and love Islam like we're supposed to. So as we get older, we kind of drift away because it's kind of too harsh or it's like too

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straight. And as we get out into the world, especially in the dunya, dunya got a lot of sparkly things. And we get into the dunya. And then you see those brighter things, sometimes you want to touch them, sometimes you want to do whatever. So

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that's unfortunately, but I won't say unfortunately, fortunately, that's what happened to me before. And I say fortunately, because now that I have a daughter, and now that I'm a husband, I really appreciate Islam. Like, truly, I truly appreciate what it has done for me. Alright, so without going into any details of your past, just for the sake of others who are out there, the mediums the ice shows, the silly moms, the hamsters that he says, you know, so they don't have to go ahead and take that turn and experiment because some people, they might end up, never coming back, you were blessed that you ended up coming back to the day and some people get lost. drug addiction, suicide, I have,

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you know, friends who have happened to So what advice or give us a glimpse, okay? Because in the beginning, you get in and very tantalize you get in and just like a kid in a candy store, you know what I mean? So what were some of the things that you were doing some of the things that you were involved in, and then now comparing it to where you are now, next, the feeling that you have now and the feeling that you had at that time? Obviously it kept you going but then that faded, right. So let's contrast both. Well, the same thing, like you said, a candy store. When you go into a candy store, everything looks good. But when you start eating too much candy, you start to get tired of

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candy. You start to be like, Alright, this is enough, and you start to feel like crap. And that's how I felt I felt worthless. I felt like dead inside. I felt like you know, everything was fun. But as I got older, it was no purpose. It was like what am I doing? And so, you know, I'm a bouncer, I'm a security guard. I'm seeing all this nightlife and things like that. But so you actually start working in the club also. I was working in the clubs, I was partying in the clubs I was. So literally I was in the clubs every day. And

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it wasn't until

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I went to the masjid and the one that shakes a man with a team.

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That is a good brother shout out to him. But he mefa team asked me to lead the prayer. And I felt bad. I was like,

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lead to prayer. I was like my kid I saw he made me lead to proud lead to prayer but

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so you didn't totally you were still connected to the masjid somehow. Yeah, because people know my father. So and I kind of live in a double life here is exactly what I was doing. Yeah, so

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even though I stayed away from the masjid online, I wasn't telling people what I was doing. And I wasn't taking pictures and a bunch of stuff taking videos and showing everybody what I was doing. I was doing it and I was kind of stanlow quiet about it you know people who around me knew what I was doing but for the most part the

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you conceal your sins I can see it my so that's a good point here to people if you're gonna end up slipping up, don't go and magnify your sin don't go tell everybody it's no point. What do you what do you tell him everybody so that means now you have witnesses on the Day of Judgment. But for the people who are out there, man is

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the dunya is a enticing and and it's mesmerizing for right now. But as you get older, it just starts to fade away. And you start to forget doll. And I just didn't want to do that anymore. But as far as the my father, everybody knew who my father was. So I was watched a lot. And I appreciate that. But I was watching a lot. So I made sure I kept that life away from my father. So hamdulillah I was able to

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live a little double life. And then when I got back to the Oh another Sir, I didn't even tell you this. How about this?

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I go to a Masjid one day. And it was Ramadan. So Pamela, I went to school in Baltimore. I see both my teachers. They're both my half of the teachers there. These are the teachers that taught you the Quran. Yes, Chef also Brother Mohammed. Share who sent water to me wash it. Did you finish? Are you are you reviewing a lot to him? Yeah, I'm reviewing are we going live?

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Mother brother comes up to me.

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Martin, how's your quarter and I was great. It's great. It's great. Ironically, both of them Toby go ahead and lead

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gladly to prayer. And so harmala the same as that I recited just now the same where I recited then in a messed up. Ms. When they said that you got it you got to stay on it. So you had totally gone away from even reciting the Quran. I prayer you weren't praying you were

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No prayer, no corn and no nothing. It was crazy. So how did you feel? I mean, now obviously you've established you know the daily five daily prayers, you know the five pillars that feeling that you get now you know the contentment, the peace you're living your purpose as opposed to totally abandoning it. So that so again so Ayesha Hamza Selena and all the other Isa all the other Muslim kids are out there already becoming adults they don't have to go down that route now. Well experimenting So what was the the experiment? What was the feeling at that time and now shoot the filling then was no purpose empty emptiness literally emptiness no purpose. Anytime you saw a Muslim

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you felt bad and anytime you kind of like hit your Islam and now I'm unapologetically Muslim I see that Yeah, just I

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listen I must I'm wearing thobes everywhere I don't care what's going on reciting wherever. If you ask me what it is, I'm gonna tell you exactly what it is I'm not gonna sugarcoat nothing. But do you see that because of that covering up, you know, the the fitrah now, you know, we have an innate disposition to worship our Creator, it's instilled in us. And now you see what you're saying you're you live in a double life, your conscious is eating away at you. We see a lot of people they end up covering itself so much and they want to get rid of the guilt. So they don't even go to another extreme. They deny a lot they deny the creator they turn towards atheism and have you seen that

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happen? I see happen a lot. I got cousin like our friends. You know what it is? Allah gives you you know, truly, when you really feel bad, that's a good thing. Don't take it as a bad thing. It's a really good thing. Because that means you actually feel sorry for what you're doing. You're not just telling people that you feel sorry and making like trying to like, put it on this facade. You're actually feeling sorry. And that's what Allah wants. He wants forgiveness. He wants you to ask for forgiveness. He wants to bring you back so when it comes to Okay, I feel bad Yes. Feel that guilt filled it because guess what, as you get older and things like that, and as you as these situations

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happen again, oh, bro, you want to go out and drink and all that. Now I'm okay. Cuz you I feeling bad. And it's like if you do something wrong in your house or somebody disappoint your mom or something. And you already if you really feel bad, you're not gonna do it again. You're like man me my mom felt really bad. And the same thing when it comes to this dunya like you know, man Yeah, did all that stuff is cool, but our is fun at the time, but you know, learning about Islam and things like that, it just makes you feel bad. So especially for the children out there and for the for the young brothers who are out there.

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When it's time, your time to come back, that's when Allah is going to bring you back but inshallah always just try your best to just maybe slow down a little bit and then gradually just finished with it. You spent a lot of time in Vegas also. I spent a lot of time in Vegas. It was you lived there for six years. may call that the Nikolas Sin City and city in a Sin City for no reason. Yeah, sure. Is it a big Muslim community there? It's a big Muslim community but unfortunately your environment is still Sin City. Yeah, even though you can you can only stay away but so much because as you get older, you know you you turn 16 you What do you want to do you want go hang out with your friends?

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Where are your friends going? Your friends are going to to the club your friends are seeing drinks your friends are seeing partying every single night. It's just not a I would say

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you have good Muslims there. But it's not a place for Muslims. So what helps you now finally come back what was it live into double life? You know worried about disappointing your father. A sign you get you're given a sign right? You go How'd you end up at the machine that day? Now with the two you actually your two teachers were at that same machine. How did you end up at that day? This is this amazing. Shoot, I was hungry.

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I was hungry. I was hungry. I was I was like, oh I didn't feel like cooking dinner that day. It was Ramadan. So let me go to the masjid go act like a Muslim for a little while and go get some food and look at Hello swans Allah God Almighty Allah the creator having mercy on you look at that the in the surah I always say sorry later on when Mecca Mecca Allah will okay to make any you plan a lot of plans or lunch truly Allah is the best of planners. My plan was just go get some food and go somehow in LA my both my teachers are there here from Baltimore flying in just to hang out for a little while. You got to really think that Allah sends those signs. It's amazing, isn't it? Allah sent

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boxing to me for this. So talk to us about that. So you ended up How did you end up coming back? So you have these I'm sure there's other other subtle signs you know some some of them we see some we don't maybe some now you reflecting like oh

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Okay, because I usually compared to like a person if you're just, you know, speeding down the highway, the signs are all over you pulled over an incident you see and now you're going too fast so you can see the signs like went through life too fast we're not paying attention like life moves fast but now were there any other signs and what else helped you to bring you back that you're with us here today and hum did not good people Allah but put good people in my life kept good people in my life and so I stopped wanting to lie and be a hypocrite all the time because

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yeah people were looking at me and because they didn't know my double life they still were looking at us and a half

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and then you had mo the the the guy who was selling drugs and the guy who was drinking so you got literally two different lives like it's just not it's not

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it's not cohesive for for for you as well just live in that double life all the time. You just feel like a liar. Literally every day just for you. You try to hide everything your mom calls you you had a party you don't want to answer the phone now you got coma that could be the time that your mom is sick she called me to tell you that she in the hospital you but you're in the club and you don't want to disappoint your mom anything or how about this you know you if you really think about it? What if I died in those states? What if you died in the club?

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Man and I think about it then I think about it now what if I would have died in that state being drunk being high dance with a girl Don't say whatever Imagine if I would have died in st walked out of the club and got shot or walk out Chloe I hit carc on a car accident had a heart attack anything could have happened. And crazy thing is now like man think I love that. I'm able to he's given me just a little bit of time to try to repent try to do as much good as possible to try to get back whatever stupidity I did when I was younger. How does this message get heard when you talk to some? You know you probably met a lot of heavyweights in life and I'm not talking about just literally

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heavyweights heavy hitters, heavy hitters, people who have a lot in life. You know, a lot of ballers you call them

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people who are very influential, you probably met a lot of different people.

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And have you gotten a chance to share your story, share your message? And how has it been received? Sometimes Sometimes you able to share that message and people receive it sometimes

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the message is not for everybody. I will say the message not for everybody because the love literally love surround you with the people that you want to be surrounded by. And some people How about this? I wouldn't say the message is not for everybody. I will say that my message the way I have received it is not for everybody. Like when people hear you saying tuck Be it on so you say Allahu Akbar means God Almighty is the greatest. And the person is just thinking like, What's he saying? You know, and then again, there's that button inside of all of us that made disposition and when you start talking about the crater, you know, you're reciting Quran you do it a lot, right? Has

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anybody approached you? People will approach me so what bro? What does it mean? I have friends who do that. And I just tell them, you know, it just means I think a lot like Allah is the Greatest. And what I try to do as I tried to make it very vague, like God is the greatest. Because when you say Allah, they're like, Oh, it's like a, it's like backup. And so

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just like the prophets, all of a sudden, you have to approach situations with caution, and you have to approach situations with empathy. So the same guy that you can be like, yo, Allah is God, bla bla bla bla straight up, is not the same person for this. You have to say, listen, higher entity that we believe in is God. We believe in that and we prostrate to him.

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Not because we have to, but because we want to. And so is the difference. You everything. Everybody's different. The sahabas with different aboubaker was completely different from Oman. And they were great. They are granted genda but it's all about the approach. So now we now have half is Mohsen who came back to the dean and hamdulillah Yeah, I'm a dean show

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you I would have never, ever ever in my life, thought that I would be so proud to be Muslim until now. Now I I'm always I'm just happy because Allah gave me some time to accept.

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just appreciate everything that I went through. So as far as like, I don't regret anything I went to I feel bad but I don't regret it because I don't think I would be the person that would be without going through it. Because for a slab For me it was a culture when I was younger, and now it's a religion for me. Now it's this is really important because you have a lot of Muslims also who are going through Islam as a culture right?

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This group of people have their religion, we have our they have their culture Christmas. And then they have the other holidays that come with their religion, or we're Muslim, we kind of go through the motions also. So that's what you were kind of doing. But now it's your way of life. Exactly. And we are supposed to be different. As far as being Muslim, like, you got Christians, you got Jews, they drink, they smoke, some do whatever, and they're not supposed to. And then when it's time for Christmas, all of that now they want to go to church, they want to go to the mosque, they want to go everywhere. But then when you have a slam, we saw we're supposed to be different. We can't say we

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drink or smoke and everything. And then when it's a time, we want to put on a scarf or put on a soap and be like, Oh, you know, oh, I'm Muslim. No, no, no, no, we should be Muslim. Everywhere. We should be Muslim at all times. We should be unapologetically Muslim, anywhere we go. Because you never know who's looking at you. Never knows looking. You never know whose life you could change just by being Gen a genuinely you. What do you think when you when you do when you see professional athletes, and others who've been given the spotlight, but now they might be very, and I see this a lot people who are representing their sport very well. But now, like you said, they're not

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unapologetically, they're apologizing for being a Muslim. Basically, they're very scared of their brand of their image to connect themselves with Islam. What do you think when you see that? Do you see that, I do see that a lot. But

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has a different path. That might not be their path that might not be their, their, their their journey. And some people are just not about that life. So and but they might do things that are that are different. So like,

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you might not be they might not be unapologetically Muslim on TV, but they might be the best Muslim you might see on in the street, they might be the one who feeds the homeless every day, they might be the person who gives by somebody something at Walmart every single time they go to Walmart or something like that. They might be the person that gives that was just not on TV. Yeah. And hamdulillah

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I guess being the the person that I am, I'm kind of bold, and I could care less what anybody thinks. So I'm the lead. Allah gave me the platform. So I feel like I need to use my platform for good. I know what it was like to not use my platform. Yeah, for good. So now, I know like, I want my daughter to make sure that it when she sees me, she's that I was Muslim. And she says that she's that I was a brave Muslim. And it was okay to make mistakes, and it was okay to do whatever you need to do. But at the end of the day, I was a Muslim and I was proud to be Muslim. Yeah, I think this is very important, because in today's day and age, with a lot of the hate that's out there

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trying to get people really to because of all the misinformation, and it's kind of had women taking off their hijab, women getting attacked, Muslim scared to be Muslims, because of all the Islamophobia because of all the hate machine you know, it's a business Nowadays, people getting rich in the business of attacking Islam. So now I think this is very important that you know, we we don't bend to that and bow to that right because you should be proud one who is submitted to the creator and the creation you're living a morally upright life, you're good to your neighbor, you feed the poor you're trying to be a good all around human being there's nothing to be ashamed of nothing to

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be ashamed of. But you also got to remember man people

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when it when it comes to this, I guess this error of

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you know demonizing Islam and and just making sure that you know, people

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it's been going on for a very long time somebody has always given either you're black being demonized, you're being demonized, you're Muslim being demonized. But as long as you know, in hindsight people people see the truth. Because as much as you see on TV, the minute you walk outside and you see something different you like, Oh, you wake up, but if somebody is seeing the same thing that you see on TV, then that's on you. And that's your test. That's what Allah put in front of you allow me to put that person that just sat on TV and watched a black man me as a black man, do some drugs, shoot some my blah, blah, blah, and that's the only thing that they know. And then they see

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another one. So now they see me a Muslim, a black man, they probably Oh, let me back up. But then they see him. I'm nice. I'm talking to them. I'm being kind. I'm being gentle. And I'm representing Islam, right.

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I might have changed that man's life. Who knows? half his most encasing have the choice to me, you show me some good techniques. You showed me some good techniques on how to wrestle now know if I ever get into a scuffle? Hopefully I don't I try my best not to but um, if I get into a scuffle, I gotcha. Yeah, that was

00:25:00--> 00:25:38

That was a that was usually I like you were holding the mitts up. Usually people hold them down here. Oh yeah, there's a different technique for that holding the mitts up is because people don't understand that if you hold them as down, you know, that's where you're going to punch. When you hold them. It's up. It's like a technique. Okay, I'm holding pizza. You might find tall people, you might face shorter people, but you're rather do some big then do something like this. Because when you do find somebody big, you know exactly what to do. Your arms won't get tired. Yeah, so that's what I learned. My shout out to my coach, Rashid Jefferson, he's a beautiful person in my life. So

00:25:38--> 00:25:52

hamdulillah it's, that's what he's taught me just jab up, making sure to jab is strong. Yeah. And that was nice. You picked up pretty quick to single leg, you know, the clench, you know, coming in, take a good teacher and

00:25:53--> 00:25:54

you're good teacher also.

00:25:55--> 00:26:36

It we vibed with the art I slam aura, it glows. So I have trust in you you got trust in me so as we move it's a it's a different dynamics is completely different. It's just love humbler bla and that's the beauty of Islam. You know, that's, you know, people meet each other for the first time they can be from any other country doesn't matter. They don't even have to speak the same language, they open up with that greeting of peace, peace be with you. I said, I'm on a Chrome. And that love is just established, you could be a garbage man, I could be shoveling horse manure, it does not matter. Just the fact that we love Allah and the fact that we love Islam and, and just a beautiful, it's a

00:26:36--> 00:26:54

beautiful sight. Because that's what connects us. It doesn't matter what color you are, it doesn't matter what's going on. It's just beautiful. Bismillah you, I want what I want for you, what do you want from me, or you want from me what I want, what you want for your brother, what you want for yourself. And so when it comes to that, you just,

00:26:55--> 00:27:36

you just share this, like unity doesn't matter where you are. So it doesn't matter where I go, I always meet people and there are people who, if I wasn't Muslim, I would have never met, they're not in my professional, they have nothing to do with me on like the same things. But just because we were Muslim and I love the brother we call that's my brother I have a lot of love has nothing to do with each other nothing in common either. I know one brother who's like an activist, and, and kind of stays away from the law. My, um, I'm a boxer, that's what I do. I'm in the llama, I do things like that we would have never met if it wasn't for us. So that's what you got to appreciate you when

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you want something Allah will give it to you, Allah will put you

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with the right people and always make this to our male Oh Allah, please keep me away from the bat. And make give like push me towards the good. So when I see good people, I don't care what they do. It doesn't matter. I don't care what you are as a matter as a matter of who you are.

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A few more questions. Tell me how important is for people to again, when I asked you, you can have a Slurpee smoothie, I'm sorry. He said make sure it was green. So nutrition. This is something that I've taken up, you know, really watching what I eat you being an athlete, professional athlete, you know, how important is it for people to get involved in sports, and also nutrition in your life.

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So very important, we got to stay healthy. Just like Allah says you supposed to take care of your body, take care of your vessel, when we can't take care of vessel eating bad and working on. I mean, it's cool to indulge in whatever you need to call out and things like that. But you have to have a balance, a slam is about balance. So as much as you eat junk food, you got to make sure you work that off. Yeah, make sure you eat some health may be healthy, eat some healthy things and make sure that your your health is good. Because you want to make sure you have as much life as a law allows you to you know, of course, we can't stop unforeseen circumstances unforeseen health issues. But if

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you have the resources in the ER, if you have the ability to stay in shape, the profits all of a sudden those hobbies, they stayed in shape. The Prophet didn't didn't get into assignment till he's 40 these brothers were wrestling they they were getting ready for war, the prophet SAW had over 60 wars, you know, a 60 battles sorry. Like these guys, these brothers were in shape over 40. So 40 is not an old age, it's a young age and I'm doing that we got to stay in shape. We got to we got to be healthy for our children as well. Because when our children grow up and our children want to go outside and play and things like that, because I know I'm tired because it's my fault. No, I gotta

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be healthy and I gotta want to play with my children things like yeah, this is very, very, very important. We got an obese epidemic of people v skin fat on the couch, not moving cinna careful, not involved in any kind of physical activity. Now

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Go wining fake food. Yeah. And it's crazy, because

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so hung out a lot. Just Just put these things in your life, just to get away from all of this. Because when you eat the visa, you kind of stay away from a lot of this stuff. You stay away from McDonald's, you stay away from a lot of these these fast food places because not to be huh. Even though I eat Hello, I don't eat just the visa, I stay away from that stuff too. But for the bone sisters who can stay wherever you go the Bihar and you only do Hello, most of the time, you're gonna end up eating fish. Are you going into EADS a veggie meal or something like that, and you'll be able to,

00:30:40--> 00:30:49

you know, kind of eat healthier. But also, you know, take a walk after Federer, you know, take the app right after the sunrise right after you finish

00:30:50--> 00:31:27

your recitation or you could take a walk when the sunrise is really nice outside. If you're a night owl, take a walk out the Isha take a walk with your wife, take a walk with your father, you know, stay healthy, stay healthy. Because when it's time to stand up for tahajjud extended time for title, we're gonna be healthy for that. Can we sit now, you know, of course, for our elders and for people who are disabled. That's that's what Allah has given us. hamdulillah And may Allah bless them, but for the people who are able to be healthy, and for the people who are able to stand, stand, so that's why we stay in shape. hamdulillah so as we close it up, tell us for the people who are tuning

00:31:27--> 00:31:47

in, and they might have drifted off kind of like you did. And now they're tuning in, what advice would you give them before they go even further, but you got their attention they heard you recite in the book of Allah the Quran, they're listening to your story, how you came back? What advice would you give him? A slam is not a race, it's a marathon. Also Islam is not anybody else's.

00:31:49--> 00:31:59

Your Islam is not anybody else's entertainment, your relationship with Allah is your relationship with Allah. And so what the best thing to do is try to get back.

00:32:00--> 00:32:39

You don't have to go cold turkey because that's how people lose themselves again. Gradually, slowly, get back to praying get back to saying Vicar shoe if you don't even say something well, you can get back to says that I want to take a walk with a lawyer with a cat. Try always try something better. So you might be out Trust me, I was out there. And Alhamdulillah I was able to come back. So for brothers who are out there and sisters who are out there and just trying to figure out something start hanging around people who do does something different. I promise you, you you you'll it'll it'll start changing because they won't want to do the stuff that you want to do.

00:32:40--> 00:32:49

you surround yourself with people who want who loves them. you surround yourself with people who love the doughnut hole love the the

00:32:52--> 00:33:11

just the way, the way to be a muscle they love this land. They love the process. Hang around those people I promise you you won't be thinking about doing anything else get around good companionship. Yes, very important while who you companions are absolutely birds of a feather flock together this Yes. Oh wait, have you want to say it?

00:33:12--> 00:33:56

Right half is Molson casing really nice having you on the show. You don't even have to call me half man. You know what's crazy for the brothers and sisters who keep the quarter in and maintained it those outfits. I am a brother who didn't memorize the court and but I fell off and insha Allah male Please pray for me that I get all the Quran back amin inshallah, that's when I can I can call myself halfen but I can't take that title from the people who have never drifted off. And maybe they forget a little bit but they they hold on to the core and tightly. Those are my true hobbies. And so for me, I'm a brother whom I have the Quran with me but I'm getting it back and when I do really get it

00:33:56--> 00:34:26

back that's when I can be called a half of the we started with we started with the crown will end with the opening chapter of the Quran. So if you're not yet Muslim out there, go ahead listen to this with open heart open mind and earnestly within yourself ask the creator to have his or for guidance and listen to this listen to it, you can actually start reciting it to quite Let's start with the the people who who only speak English and don't know what I'm saying. I'll do it in English as well. Yeah. This is the opening chapter of the Quran and fattier. This means

00:34:32--> 00:34:44

al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen ra ma Nero hareem Maliki Omid Deen a ganar abou

00:34:45--> 00:34:57

Ganesh dari you know Danielle slant off stamping him saying ah levena and lay him away.

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

lay him What else? Wha, me? I mean,

00:35:10--> 00:35:53

in the name of a lot of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. praise be to Allah, the Lord of the world, Master of the Day of Judgment, you alone do we worship and You alone do we acts for help? Show us the straight path, the path of those whom you have worshiped, not the path of those who have who have earned your anger, nor of those who have gone astray. And when we say I mean at the end is the same thing as Amen. It's the same thing as a basically, amen. It means Thank you know, amen is the finishing. May Allah accept our do I make? I make God's accepting I do. I mean, thank you, brother is a pleasure having you on the program. Do you appreciate it God Almighty Allah continue to

00:35:53--> 00:35:53

bless you.

00:35:54--> 00:35:56

Thank you Salaam Alaikum