Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #04

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The Alaysha of Islam uses "verily we have made whatever is on this earth a type of beauty" in the Alaysha of Islam. The use of "verily" in protecting one in all is important, and the negative impact of drugs on people and their bodies can lead to addictions. The history of the message of hasn't been" is discussed, along with the use of "has been" in various cultural and political settings. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding the presence of the messenger sallama Alayhi wa in the grave and the use of "has been" in writing a book.
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Jamie Smith Bismillah Ar Rahman your washi in Gianna Allah RBZ in attalla Halle nabela Whom are you whom

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we're in Allah Jami, Luna ma Eileen, ha sorry done Jew Rosa sadhak Allahu la vim. Yesterday we concluded the segment by translating verse number seven, and today we endeavor to expound and elucidate on this verse. In essence, the translation of this verse is as follows. In agile nama, I'll allow the Xena verily we have made whatever is on this earth, a type of beauty adornment and attraction beat the mountains beat the legs beat the rivers beat the dams it is splendor, it is beauty. What is the purpose of this adornment and this decoration and this beautification? Lena Bella, whom au whom acts anomala to examine which of the humans can produce the best of actions. So

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the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has mentioned in the authentic hadith that dunya hurled rotten hubiera this word is green and lush, were in the Lucha musta. Khalifa comfy ha, and Allah has placed you in this world for a temporary period in the 27th jos Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and people imagine alaikum Mustapha Luffy nafi spend from that wealth and that assets over which Allah gave you temporary ownership woman Sahiba dunya tawi land that Allah but Allah I in a had Tyra said the PA gives ba. So a cursory glance at the glitter and the glamour and the splendor of this world can deceive you that this is the ultimate wow look at this house. Look at this effluence look at

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this prominence. Look at this fame, but a day will come my brother in that very palatial palace they will be sadness and mourning, and they will be not a cavalcade and an enter Raj they will be a funeral procession colo daarin colo daarin were in Pilate Salah motto ha Yeoman said to the Rico Hanukkah oval whoa abou did not the Arabic bow would say good Hello Darrin every home every palace every

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location we're in pilot Salah motto ha even if prosperity reigned over this empire for a lengthy period for a long time Yeoman Yeoman one day said to the Ricoh hon nakaba oh well horrible. One day sadness will enter that palace one day grief will enter that palace. So the one who looks at the world with the deeper eye with the passage of time he will realize had Diarra said the kids ba This is the deception. This is the delusion. This is an optical illusion.

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About no one makes mention of the narration in heylia where vumbura radi Allahu anhu praises earlier the Allahu anhu praises earlier the Allah when I know in front of Satan, after the demise of audio the Allahu anhu and he says I have a vividly collection I have a vivid recollection on a particular night that saved Nadira, the aluminum carbon and yet he he held on to his beard, hobby the Nala Yeti, Yeti family malucia malamala Saleem, and he was trembling as though he was bitten by a venomous snake. Yeah, Becky buka. Al has been and he was wailing and sobbing and tearing and crying. And he was saying to the world, la yetta hora de la Rosa yanti la Tasha, what? Are you trying to

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mislead me? Are you trying to deceive me? I will not fall prey to your temptation and your seduction and your treacherous ways, don't ya to her the Rooney can needless to say for her Lucha the poet said the world is once again presenting his cunning ways towards me, as though I have not learned from my previous experiences and encounters with this world. The word iranica needless to say, Hi, Aloha, my dad, ella yamina and imitated dunya illa yamina ha. So it presents its hand to towards me. It comes forward. It invites me and how often today in the guise of a friend we must we lose our Eman. You sit in on your via on your device and something just pops up and curiosity curiosity. I

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had asked a young boy who had succumbed to substance abuse and Alhamdulillah has changed his life and has become an ambassador for the youth with the grace of Allah. And may Allah guide one and all. I had asked him you know, when you look back at your life, where do you think you slept? And he said three things. Number one, I had omitted my prayer and Salah

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Let me make an appeal to myself and my brother and my sister, my listener and my viewer, Salah is your protection. You want to fortify yourself. You want to insulate yourself, you want to buffer yourself, you want to shield yourself. Well Salah is the way Salah is the way. The second thing that unfortunately led me was evil company, associate yourself with positive energy with good people. And the third thing he said was curiosity, this adventurous nature in me as a young boy as an adolescent, try it out going through my hormonal spurt and joy for you. There's this adrenaline in the body. Let's try let's take a bull, let's pop it let's see, what's the ecstasy like and that's

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what he did to be and how often unfortunately, something presents or pops up on your screen. Curiosity leads you to that particular side. Lo and behold, soon after that the individual becomes an addict of * or something immoral May Allah protect one in all dunya to hide the only gun needless to average for high Lama met that in a Yamaha

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Yamaha manera de la hora, Maha energy Tanabata Ha.

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So like in an examination, my brother you are given different choices and the examiner tells you make the correct choice. So in this world, there are a lot of things here and Allah subhanaw taala said I have in your instinct, I have created the ability of good so it's part of us for Allah Hama ha foo raha what doctor wha ha for Allah Hama foo raha taco wa in order they say, yeah, hockey hockey apne fifth Redmond a new Rihanna Nari, your hockey apne fit Redman new Rihanna naughty, the human in his anatomy, has angelic traits in him and he has devilish traits in him as well angelic attributes and devilish traits. So it is whatever he waters whatever you will, water will nurture in

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you, if you water and you nourish the goodness, then the goodness will grow. And if you unfortunately water the evil in you, then the evil will prosper. If you take care of the garden, then you will have beautiful flowers that will blossom. But if unfortunately you neglected then you will have weeds growing and bones growing and then it will not be a pleasant sight.

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So this world is a place of test and temptation. The one who viewed the world at 40 the one who views the world at 40 the same as he viewed the world at 20 A surely wasted 20 years of his life with the passage of time and maturity needs to set in you need to start realize you know what this is Zohar of Allah refers to it as a chapter in the Quran surah Zohar absorption of mean splendor goldplated which looks nice which has this glitter wow this is amazing. But hang on get any closer you realize this is all oh this is shallow. There's nothing to eat. Tomorrow it's all over and this man is put into a same car and into a casket and dropped into the same hole and no difference. So

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what was this glitter and this glamour? In surah Yunus Allah says in Niumatalolo highlighted dunya gamma in and sell now woman a summer factor Nabina Berto aldini Maya colo, NASA will enhance the example and the parable of our stay on earth is like water that comes down from the clouds and the atmosphere. And then it mixes with the earth and then this produce and humans and animals eat and then the garden looks beautiful and the plantation looks wonderful. And it's green and it's soothing to the eye and pleasing to the tiller your vegetables or raw vegetable kufr on a burrito. Wow. A Japan gopher and a burrito impressive to the teller is the produce. If you take too far in the

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literal translation here as the scholars have taken or impressive to the disbelief is the produce. But then after that, it just withers and it dries away. And that's how it all ends. So when you're young my brother, then it's aesthetics, then it's cosmetics, then it's going for laser, then it's going for surgery, then it's going for, you know what, I'm going to a dermatologist, I don't like the sky, I don't like this pigmentation. Why it's your youth. It's your prime, it's your hair, it's your pride, it's your physique, it's your appearance, and then the season turns and then now the green starts becoming dry and the rain starts disappearing. And now it becomes yellow and then it

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withers. And then it dries up and then it's just dry in store. What will the other Boone shaded walmartone mean Allah He worried the one one manhyia donia il Mata on hooroo and then it's old age and now when you look into the mirror, my brother, there is no hair on your head. There's no teeth in your

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Mouth there's no vision in your eyes. There is no urine in your ears. Lee Kayla yarn llama barreda mean Shay. Yes in the 14 Joe's in the 16 chapter in Surah to Allah Allah says, we talked today of dementia and Alzheimer's and we ask Allah to grant Shiva and ease and alfia and preserve our faculties. Well Allah subhanaw taala says, We then take away everything gradually we take everything away in installments. Now it's old age This is going and that's weakening and that's going so that man knows nothing Lee k Allah, Allah ma che and BARDA min after giving him little knowledge we pull back and we take everything in Allah Allah moon padded. So in essence, what are we saying? We say in

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this world is a test I want to share with you a hadith which among Muslim Rahim Allah makes mention of in his authentic compiler nation. Let me share with you the chain of the narration. Am I Muslim Rahim? Allah says her destiny Abu Hassan al mismo Are you one Mohammed obrolan muthana one Mohammed Abu Bashar rybnik earthman one loves Ali Abdullah son webbing al muthanna Carla her death enamorado he sharmeen had destiny Abbey and portada and motorists bin Abdullah bin chiffre radi Allahu anhu under yas bin Hamad Al Musashi re Ronnie Allah and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon Allah in Arabi Mr. Ronnie and I Lima Commedia Hill to mimma and lemony Yomi hada khulumani nulato.

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But then holla alone, what in the * up to everybody who never were in a room at a homeless shelter, you know, fajita let him and Dini him while I'm at home and usually to be my lemons in being a sole foreigner, Allahu Akbar, this generation is so amazing.

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So in my Muslim says, I gave you the chain of the narration, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Allah in Arabic, Allah in Arabic had faith and be behold, beware. Be vigilant, be careful on alert, and are in Nairobi. Mr. Ronnie, surely my Lord has instructed me and our limit on that I teach you Mima Alemany mirja Hill to that which you are unaware of me, my main is to bury the berries means Bob bows means abortion from some of what he has taught me today that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam goes on to say that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that koloman in the * to whom I've done Hello alone, the wealth the assets that I have given to me that the whatever I've

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given to my servants, it is halaal. For them, it is pure for them. Meaning that the pagan era the policy is used to make certain things for burden on themselves. And this was to refute that practice, where they would just create their own rulings. So for example, they would say wakanow, my feeble Tony Harvey and Iommi highly subtly the codina one mohar Rahman, Allah as the word Gina, what are normal people tune that which is in the belly of this cattle is meant exclusive for the males amongst us. What are Luma phoebo Tony Harvey Hill and Iommi, Harley certainly the Corina one more hi Ramona Allah as the wife Gina and it is forbidden for the females.

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What easier to maintain but if that baby is born and it comes out dead and it's not alive, for whom fee Shoraka then both can consume the male and the female or they like in another verse of the Quran mozzarella hoomin Bahia Ratan wala sa a baton wala see Latino Allah hum that they would say you cannot write this camel because the milk of this is for the God or you cannot you know what? slaughter this animal because this is assigned to a particular God. So, they would make certain animals for bed and if you ride on some or you know, the the milk was for the terroir lead you know for the gods and the diabetes and the ISM so Allah subhanaw taala refuted as koloman in * to be

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done. Whatever wealth I gave my servants and I made it halaal is halaal Furthermore, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah says Allah in Arabic What in the * up to everybody when alpha when I've created my servants on alpha, which is the plural of the word honey and honey means what? The ability of embracing the truth, Mr. Dinelli Prabhu lil Hawk and that is precisely what the commentators have the Hadith right in Sahih Muslim that humans by their nature have the ability to embrace the truth. We're in it to share our pain, but then the devil came to them fajita Allah to him and Dini him and the devil came and misled them. Amara Toma, usually Kobe malaman will

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be useful foreigner and the devil made them do the wrong things in life and make the incorrect choices. What Amala Tom and

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Usually Coby Meyer lemons will be here, Silvana we're in the Lucha Nevada in

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a public setting Nabeel Karim and Allah subhanho wa Taala glanced at the inhabitants of the earth. The scholars of Hadith say in all likelihood, this refers to the period prior to the coming of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet would have the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Matata whom as I mentioned, this hadith appears in Sahih Muslim for Mr. Patel humara humara Gemma Hoon and Allah despise them y Li su in sunny Rahim well hope the RT deti him because of the deviant practices because of the evil habits in Lubbock, I mean Al Kitab, but the exception of few people who are holding on to the pristine teachings of Abraham, Satan are inside he is Salatu

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was Salam be doing a urine tacky bofi shake up without committing any wrong or without distorting the teachings of say the 90s it is Salatu was Salam. And then Allah told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in Bath Taka were in nama birth to Cali a bitterly bitterly Arabic and Omaha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I have sent you on earth to test you and I have sent you to test others through you Subhan Allah let's understand this hadith. These are the clear words of the messenger sallallahu wasallam in which he says that Allah told me in nama birth took right I have sent you Li a Bertelli aka if you understand in Arabic You will follow with me and you can you know

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what? research the Hadith yourself I've sent yo Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Li Abba Italia to test you, the scholars of Hadith say a Ma Ma della or Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for who were in the hanu Alia spear Allah either ill kavaratti well mushrikeen What was the test of the messenger sallallahu wasallam the test of the messenger sallallahu wasallam in essence was when he persevere on the affliction of the disbelievers and their opposition and the hatred and the dislike and the resentment and needless to mention, how he sallallahu wasallam excelled in his test how he sallallahu wasallam excelled while our gardener alemu Anika de Posada Raka Bhima Jaco Lord, while

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Altadena Alamo and naka de Posada ruka Bhima Jaco loon,

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the concluding verses of the 15th chapter of the Quran surah to Hydra in the 14 Jews, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, And surely we know that your blessing Buddhism is being restricted and constrained and it is causing you pain and sadness because of what they blurred. So what what should you do Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam for Serbia behind the Arab Bay continued glorifying your Lord and remain in prostration what Rebecca had to call up and continue worship in your Lord until death overpowers you. And we know Allah refers to death in this verse as your tree in which means certainty, because it is the absolute certainty for anomala you can do not what I can nobody mean a

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big law here. In reality, they are not behind you Oh Prophet sallallahu wasallam they are denying Allah. So Allah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam first Beta Gamma sobre Allah has been a rustle in the 26 Jews, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells the messenger sallallahu wasallam in Surah Tov in Surah till after first mirror command sobre la as women are Rasul persevere, like how the prophets before you who had firm resolve, who had firm resolve how they persevered mariacarla illa de la rue Solomon tabulate, the same has been said to you what was said to the prophets that preceded you forgot the saddle moussaka, but I mean, they were more blasphemous to Moosa than you, they said to Musa alayhis

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salam arena, Allah hija Hara, we want to see Allah with the naked eye. So the test of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was will he persevere? And he surely persevered. And he endured, and he, he had patients to the greatest possible level.

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What Amala AB de la OBE? Now the second question that applies to you and me, my brother and my sister, my listener, my viewer, and that is I have sent yo Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to test mankind through you. *, you're sad the Punahou Oh, you can see buena who and that is when we accept his message, believe in his teachings follow his method, or do we unfortunately become amongst those who deny it golden material the hallucinogenic element about condone matija the hallucinogenic element about all my followers will enter Jenna but the one who denies Taylor Wimpey Allah Allah

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Have a lover who will deny you the messenger sallallahu wasallam said man upon a

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woman nasrani forget about the one who obliges complies and followers follows me that he will enter Jenna, and the one who does obeys me. And that's tantamount to denial, woman asani forgot about. So we need to be amongst those who follow. And you know, I came across a beautiful write up in this regard. It's a test my brother, and this test will continue. And remember when we will be lowered into the grave when we will be alone in isolation in that grave that they will be lower than you will be lowered my brother, and then the question will be posed to you, man takanohana. Rachel, what's your opinion of this person? What's your opinion of this person? So that's the Hadees right?

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matapalo he has a rajul

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I came across a beautiful academic right up in arms that will carry badruddin ie Rahim Allah, the famous commentator of Buhari writes there, someone might object and say that question in the grave will be posed to the occupant of the grave by what's your opinion of this man with the admission of the related titles, honor, respect and dignity that ought to be conferred upon the messenger sallallahu sallam, so he's not going to be told to you in the grave? What's your opinion on the paragon of Alaska creation? Or what's your opinion on this revered personality? Or what's your opinion on this August human? Or what's your opinion on this most legendary individual? No, no,

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multiple newfie has orajel What's your opinion about this person?

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In Poulter if you were to argue, and you can read it, you know, but through denying the Rahim Allah writes a bit and I was just like blown away by this year, for in bulter Javi I bara tanahashi, netone lesufi ha, Donna Lee Manuel Otto tiran. If somebody argues and says, Well, this is an abrupt tax, right? This is not a dignified or respectful approach on an expression. It's just like, what's your opinion about this man? It's a very short brief and abrupt tax call to I would respond by a respond by saying, Go say that be in the higher no little mess Oh, Jose de BLM de Haan, Li Allah UT la pantalla Lima who sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and delta L, the reason why the question will be

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posed so brief, so comprehensive, and, you know, supposedly abrupt is because it's an examination, it's a test. If the question would be posed in the grave, what is your opinion on the been on whom the Quran was revealed? What is your opinion on the prophet of all prophets? What is your opinion on the leader of both the worlds? What is your opinion on the best of Allah's creation? Well, then the answer has been given to you the answer has been given to you the only person is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. who enjoys those titles? You know, I just have a flash interferer Earth money in the 19 jewels in Surah. Number the chapter on the colony of ends where Allah subhanaw taala speaks

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about the Prophet the dogwood and Sulaiman David and Solomon and Emma mean Allah Salah to What does limit that they both said, what about the

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Buddha was holy man, a real man Allah says and indeed were alerted indeed. So learn means emphasis cut means emphasis, while attending indeed we gave that would answer a man knowledge and it refers to sacred knowledge. They both were blessed with Naboo what and Prophet would walk on Alhamdulillah it's Carla pathania and dual but when you read it join, then the Le falls off. This is Arabic grammar. I'm just adding these few things on for the lovers of Arabic they can appreciate it wacol Al Hamdulillah Hilda de Futbol Anna eila Kathy remainer I by the hidden meaning wirkkala and they both said Alhamdulillah All praise belongs to Allah for berlina who has given us superior

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superiority and virtue for balena Allah Kathy remain I bought the hill minion was given us virtue and superiority over many many of his believe in servants. In tafsir Othmani under this idea Wow. What an amazing thing written

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that said a man and Tao Allah Hema mean Allah He Asana tortoise Lima, were great humans. They had a kingdom they had profit word. They were great profits. And they praise the Lord. They said Allah has given us virtue over many, many of his creation. They said caffeine, they couldn't say Allah Jeremy everybody, meaning that All praise belongs to Allah has given us virtue over his entire creation over every one because that statement of saying All praise belongs to Allah, who has made me the most superior of his creation is exclusively reserved for the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So it's a question in the grave that will be asked to you my brother and my sister, and it's an examination

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that is why it will be

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Just briefly asked, Do you matter Polo? Roger, what's your opinion? And furthermore, let me just add and elaborate on it while we're on the topic. Many people have the notion that when you will be asked, harder Roger, what's your opinion of this man? What God is to hear a buy in a nurse and a surah, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yaksha that people have the notion that the portrait or the image of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be presented. What's your opinion of this man? And then the portrait supposedly, but in order to carry badruddin, ie the commentator of Buhari rights, Lam agid, the valleca mazarron fish a mineral river yard, this cannot be substantiated

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through any narration. Lamb added danika musar. Ron, I'm quoting the words I have not come across an explicit report in this regard. So mokara tofi risala. Then I read a booklet in this regard of affidavit. He himself is saying who is a commentator of Buhari himself are rissalah to Al jawaban caffee and is so Alan Harvey, Al Jazeera boy cafe and so al hafi amazing, a detailed response to a mysterious question in which he addresses things pertaining to the grave the the you know, the souls meeting what happens how it transpires it's an academic and it's beautiful. I don't want to go into all the details, but the eighth question in there he addresses how look shuffling my head and look

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shuffle in my head made had the Euro Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will the dweller of the grave physically see the messenger sallallahu wasallam the image or portrait in the grave or not? And opposite the Hydra Rahim Allah writes and replies he says that

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lumea read the fi hub brain Sahih hen lumea read well Java boo and haha Let me read the fi hub brings in what in nama da Who? mela dooby HeMan lady center then Illa MinJae hottie Tony heafy Hi, Roger. What is smell a Shara? lil Karim? Allah and Allah hooli and who has the rune feduni Allah, Allah my word. There's a beautiful stuff. This is academics my bra. I love this. When I get into this I can like you know what I'm consumed. This just occupies me and just takes me in. So he lines up is the famous commentator of Buhari that there is no authentic narration to suggest that a questioner or the dweller of the grave will be shown the image of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, this is a claim without proof and l mudaraba. will hide that lie Abou mohalla satin unelma dery behala Yakumo Allah certain that this claim you have no leg to stand on you have no leg to stand on. The only argument that they support in this regard is that the Hadith says and this is Arabic but I'll simplify it matter co lo fi ha the Raul What's your opinion about this man? Now this this is more a Shara curry like valleycats is Shara is more a Shara Caribbean's pointing to something right in front, while it's more ishara buried means to point to something distant, although certain times is more shallow buried can be also used for taleem like the opening verses of

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the second chapter Valley, Calcutta, the book is in front of you. But Allah says that book and the scholars say you're the adoption of a destiny expression is to reflect the magnanimity and the greatness of the book. So those who argue that it will be presented, they say the Hadith says that you will be asked what's your opinion of this man? And the word This indicates in front, but half is up? The hedger says there's no basis to this year, because often this in Arabic context could refer to or who would feed them this which you know, and captured and preserved in your mind. Anyway, this is academic language. In a nutshell, we just briefly touched on this idea, and inshallah we'll

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continue with the idea that follows. What's the message? what's the takeaway point? This world is a place of test my brother, and there are multiple choices, and my sister You and I have to choose the correct one. be calculated, be methodical, don't be impulsive. Don't be irrational. You get in the whisper from the Mullah aikka and you're getting the indoctrination from the devil. You're getting the guidance from what he and revelation and you get in the negative report from evil forces, apply your mind, channel your resources, and Give It Thought so that you and I can make the correct choice. And hopefully if we make the correct choice, then inshallah we can pass in the examination

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of life. And this is the best why men sat me down

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Whoever will pass in this examination will enjoy permanent success. Lai Yasha who Aveda this success will never be followed by any Doom or destruction. May Allah make us amongst the successful ones mean Yara Bella alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi chameleon al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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