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No hamdulillah

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Nathanael Naidu, Anna Stein, who in his 31 hours will remain Shirou reinforcing our men say he adhyatma Lena Maja de la hufa who will move to y mejor de Lille, philanthropy de la who Walia murshida Chateau La ilaha illa Allah hula hula Sheree Keller will shadow Mohammed and Abu water solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was a Huberty he woman Debbie ahoo li o Medina and nabard for call Allahu taala Phil could Arielle Hakeem

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shabu Ramadan al Levy, Uzi Luffy. Hill Cora

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who del Lin Siva ina team Min alhuda well photo porn for men Shahid amin como shahara failure some women can Mr. Egan suffering fight that

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mean I mean Oh horrible. You read the law hobbico maliau Wallah you read ob como laws while he took me Lola I that every to Kabir, Allah Allah, como Allah Allah comb Tash, Guru to praise be to Allah, He alone is worthy of all praise. We praise Him we seek His forgiveness, his guidance and his help and his mercy. We seek refuge and protection of Allah from the evil of our bad deeds as we seek His refuge and protection from the bad debts insiders. Know then one who is guided by Allah, they are truly guided. One who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. And I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, Lord of the worlds the one true God,

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Creator of the heavens on the earth, and he has no partners and I bear witness that Mohammed,

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peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is his slave and messenger.

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Dear respected brothers, in this blessing month,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you may notice some may say that he didn't say how to be live in a shaitana regime when he mentioned the Quranic idea.

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Actually the precedents for saying how do we live in a shaitana regime for mentioning the Quranic I add in the hotbar is not there from the prophet SAW so he didn't say it.

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It didn't say in fact, anytime the private sector mentions and costs the Quran in any authentic hadith, he doesn't first say out to be let him initiate Allah Raji.

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So that's why the most authentic opinion about saying I will be live in a shaitana regime before reciting the Quran. It is the majority opinion of the folk aha it is most the hub recommended. Yeah, recommended not obligatory. So when we sit and recite the Quran, yes, it's recommended to say and rewardable but in this situation prophesized and didn't start every time without the belemnite showed on the clarity. Allah smart Allah says in the Quran, Shadow Ramadan Allah de it is in the month of Ramadan, that the Quran was sent down

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as a guidance for humanity. Notice a link with the Quran as I mentioned many times before as a guidance for humanity. The purpose of the Quran is guidance for us first to understand and follow that's what it means by guidance instructions. Well, but you know, Timmy alhuda and a clear clear message of guidance, clear message of guidance.

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Well for form the Quran again is a foregone a criterion to decide between that which is right and wrong. Indeed, this is a nap man a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala and Salah Fatah in his wisdom and mercy decided to choose this month, the month that he sent the Quran down in as the month of fasting

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well, but you know him not

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financial aid I mean como Shara folia song, whoever is present meaning at home in this month.

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Then he or she he or she should fast this month. It is obligatory to fast this month's woman can Emery than Oh Allah suffering for the two min a yameen or whoever is ill or on a journey a traveler then they are to make up the same number of days from later

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you read the law become adios

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After mentioning fasting, and we know there is some difficulty in it well Shaka no doubt, but not on kind of difficulty it is climbing a hill not Mount Everest. Allah didn't give us a for that. That's why he says straight after that Subhana Allah Glory be to Him, for us to contemplate and reflect that this is not an impossible task. Allah doesn't do it as a matter of making us suffer. But there is benefit in it for us great benefit. Allah doesn't want to put you in difficulty your evil Obi Gamaliel Salah wants to make things easy for you, easy for you. And the ease doesn't mean just that we merrily drink and eat and everything is means ease of getting into paradise brothers and sisters

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Isn't that right? ease means is makes it easy for you to do good works and stay away from bad things and the whispers of shaitan so all that is the meaning including that Allah does Allah make the fast difficult for you? That's why for the traveler and the ill person, they can leave it to later you read Allah who be Kumar? Yes. What are you reading from lesson one to make things difficult for you.

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Glory be to Him.

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Well, he took me to the data. So in order that you may complete the fast the month of fasting way to cut the Rola holla maga calm and that you mentioned the greatness proclaimed the greatness of Allah, for him for that he has guided you. This is going back to the Quran again, isn't it?

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To mention Allah is greatness for guiding us through the Quran through the Sharia through its do's and don'ts and through the obligations of fasting in Ramadan. Yeah, well, I'll accomplish guru and perhaps that all of you will be grateful. gratitude. So actually, isn't it amazing for us, that Allah gave us the man on faith that when Ramadan comes and we fasted from the beginning to the end, we are actually grateful for having fasting which is difficult and people are saying, Well, I don't know how you do it. I'd never be able to do one. That's because there's no faith in the man and you

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Eman and faith isn't it? We're actually grateful to Allah grant is telling us be grateful. That means grateful for the Quran. And a great and the only way we can be really grateful for the Quran. insincerity is that not brother and sister is to follow it is to recite it, understand it and apply it in our lives. That is

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that is being grateful for the Koran ungrateful for fasting of Ramadan

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and be hora de la

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam Lama,

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lama hadera Ramadan

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called the Sharon mobile icon

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if Terada

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comb sayama

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two star houfy hit a wobble Jana watauga la Kofi Ababa Jame what to well Lucia team of eBay attain were to suffer to show your teen

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fee Layla Hiram min Alfie Shahar

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man Halima men Halima Hiroo faqad hareem

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Hades Alavi urawa who Akhmad wa Muslim when necessary.

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This Hadith Abu huraira says the Messenger of Allah Islam when Ramadan came, he would say what has come to you is a month of blessings.

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month of blessings has come for you

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and select the vehicle parked in a disabled spot by the neighbors and they're going up the wall it's a vehicle Nissan Juke

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registration why x 62 plate so if it's yours please remove it straight away as the name of the week that

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I hear from Allah.

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Breakfast Allah slim in this Hadees

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then said that Allah has made fasting of this month has been made obligatory for you.

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The doors of Paradise have been flung open,

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an indication of that blessing. Chateau Mubarak.

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Those a paradise have been flung open wide open. In other words made it easy for you to get into it.

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Made Easy for you through fasting to get into this paradise. And the day the gates of hell fire have been closed shut. Yeah, difficult actually, for believers who are fasting to get into hell fire

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well, and to make it easy for us to fast and do all the good things as well in a word to well, no shouting, they've been restrained the shakedowns from instant gin.

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They've been restrained or they've been shackled, what to suffer the shouting in it is a night, which is better than a mod better than more than 1000 months of worship, as the Quran says, anyway, whoever is deprived of it, they have really been deprived, they are real losers to lose the benefit of that.

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So fasting itself, so the meaning of soul is abstention, restrain

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to abstain to restrain to hold back.

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That's its meaning in language. And that's why it's applied here because it is about abstaining from food and drink and from the marital relationship between husband and wife. But the restraint goes more than that doesn't make brothers and sisters in the end. If we limited just a food and drink and that then we will fall short. Then we will fall short.

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A call call Jada was in town for ramus

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashraful MBI will mursaleen la early he was suffering here tomorrow in

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their brothers with all my love.

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Keep your mask on still.

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I'm not pointing anybody out. But I say we'd love to you young or old.

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Because the virus hasn't gone.

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Kill her whatever call

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tight the animal and then have trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. He may say, Well, he's got his mask off. While I'm making it easy for you to understand.

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My few words that I have to say, far away from you. That's the only reason

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this fasting

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is really such a gift and a special journey. Is it not?

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It's a spiritual journey. That's really the essence of this month. A spiritual journey of towards Allah subhanho wa Taala Yeah, yeah, I love the nominal quotevalet camassia mocha makuti Valentina Min cobbly, comme la la compact taco on

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the obligation of fasting so that perhaps you may have this taqwa is that

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awareness consciousness that comes from corb and closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this journey is an inward journey and an upward journey.

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This is really the essence of fasting brothers and sisters. an inward and an upward journey. Yeah, to bring us closer to our Creator Allah subhanaw taala therefore after in between the the verses of fasting, including the one I mentioned at the beginning, Allah then says what is as a guy you birdie on me? In the quarry, but I want my slaves ask you on the hammock about me. Yeah, then make it known. In other words, I am surely really near Allah saying I am really really near for sure.

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To my slaves and my servants for in me Cory. Oh gee Buddha.

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I answer the call for the one who is calling calling upon me. Not you and me.

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Making guar to him pleading with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah saying he's promising I answer your call

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fairly yesterday Bulli. So let them in turn answer me

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Are we answering Allah subhanaw taala that means take off the guidance I've given you of the net mon bounty of the Quran of the fasting of the month of Ramadan in order to reform yourself come close to me to reform yourself.

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Because the coming close to Allah has a purpose behind it

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has a purpose behind it. Valley esta Ji Bulli. Well you mean ob let them for certain believe in me, Allah saying La La homea should own so that perhaps they will be

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rightly guided.

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So, this soul is that inward journey and outward journey with a loved one. But the inward upward journey has also an outward aspect to it. For sure, that's what's exemplified by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam from his colonies farewell

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from his colonies fell

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and hence prophesied some mention Hades in Ramadan Muslim Anand Bihari as well a different version of it in which he says

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I so mu jhana. Fasting is a shield. Shield shield is for protection, protection for protection from shutdown and the whispers of shutdown and protection from doing bad deeds.

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Canna Sol Mo. Yo Mia DICOM Falah Yes, hub fella Yeah, well ah yes hub, wala hell,

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this is all to do with the outward effects of fasting it's not just an inward spiritual thing and you behave any old way.

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But it requires as we control our food and drink

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which we're so used to eating and drinking Are we not

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so to stop ourselves from doing that is a constant reminder of him, glory be to Him.

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But that control is to prove to us as we can control that very natural everyday thing that we just do put it in our mouth and eat and drink it shows that we can actually control ourselves in our behavior as well.

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So on the hand it goes every day that training of controlling this the tongue Nautilus from the food but from the words it comes out with and the limbs from what they do

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that is where the essence of fasting comes. Yeah, this is to prove to ourselves that you're Allah you have given me ability to control myself and to hold back from myself. Yeah. As I hold back from food and drink in during the fast Yeah, that is the proof of that.

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So proof is awesome saying if one of you is fasting on a day, then for that person they should not follow your force. They should not come out with any abusive language or words swearing filthy language of any kind. Well, yes club and that is yes club they say yes here shouting and screaming at people not shouting to say Oh, can you come here and shouting and screaming means in anger and rage? Yeah, being a nasty character while I yell and don't behave in a foolish way. Foolish way when you're fasting to the exodus from you then the promises some goes

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Why I'm shot Emma who I had on Oh God Allah who failure call in the saw a murderer attain.

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Now if somebody insults them?

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Yeah, insults them, insults one of those or tries to fight with them.

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Now he or she should respond and say no, no, no, no, I'm fasting and fasting. Professors are repeatedly asked to stress on it. That hold on to that hold on to that. In other words, while you're fasting from food and drink fast from this reaction and behavior as well.

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One is controlling and the other is being provoked. is much more difficult when you're being provoked isn't a brother and sisters. Yeah, one thing is, I can stay nice and quiet and not shout and not be foul all day long. Yeah, that's easier. Although for some people even that's not easy. They swear every second sentence don't.

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And I know plenty of people who do that kind of thing. But when you're provoked now that's checking that you're fasting. I mean, some of them are actually gonna better finish.

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Like I'll always i and

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i was i and even the hasm. They believed and their opinion was that a person fasting commits any kind of sin, their fast is broken, they have to repeat the fast any kind of sin Subhana Allah, but they have no basis and foundation for that. It's not the strongest but Jim hold the rest of the alumni said no, it may ruin or spoil your fast and you may not get rewarded for it, but you don't have to repeat the FOSS in my math mug went on further and said if Reba backbiting destroys your fast and you have to make it up again, then none of us would have any fast. We won't have any faster we'll be making a ball on fast one way. How many slippers do we make all the time? Yeah, so the best

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opinion on sin is that x

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can spoil your fast but we don't say your fast has been rejected now you have to make up another one.

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Anyway May Allah smart Allah got much to say but shortage of time may Allah smart Allah guide us and open the doors of paradise for a shower is mercy upon us give us the trophy to fast not only from food and drink but of our tongue, especially of our limbs and be kind and merciful to others as we, as we implore Allah for his mercy upon us. In the law, humble Agatha, who you saw lunarlon the beat Yeah, you're lucky