Trials and Tribulations – What Allah Is Offering Is Expensive

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So the path is from a and we're gonna call a dunya this life where Young Living and B we can aspire we're gonna see is the alpha the hereafter. Number one is the road easy? Absolutely not. And that's not my word.

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That's the word of Roswaal. He saw it. He said the meaning of Allah in a salon de La Jolla.

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Allah Inessa la Hui Jana. What Allah has is very expensive.

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It's not a $10 million home. It is not $20 million home. Very expensive. And then he said it is Jana. What did Allah tell us about Jana? In the Quran? Um, has supertone and tautology Jana.

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It's twice in the Quran. One is short. And one is long. The short one is in Iran, Iran and the long one is in Al Bukhari and has symptom onset for oil Jana, you think you will go to Ghana? And then he starts selling it Subhana Allah may Allah Milla 100 Hina What am I? What am I article methyl Ladino? Holloman Pubnico Do you think you'll go to Jana, and you will not face what the people before you faced?

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Is he didn't say hardship. He said even worse. Mr. toolbelt, Sal Obama, they were tested, afflicted, but sat on the rock diseases poverty, fear, you name it goes under till the point. I need you to feel this. Has anyone lived in an earthquake? Anybody lived in more? When they were bombarded on your head? Do you remember the feeling? Never forget this. Whatever you do, it still comes here. And he says Subhana mosquitonix buy sell old double they were so tested. Hector you're quoting the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, not you and me and the Sahaba not you and me. One is the victory of Allah is coming.

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What will your test it but this started by Do you think you will go to Jana? By doing five Salah five minutes a day.

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Apply this verse to your life to my life. I mean, I'm not gonna go to war, right? I'm not gonna go too hard to the Roswaal is softer Sarah? So how does this applies to me? I need to work

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in a strata law highly. You want to buy a house how hard you work. You want to go to Harvard, the young people how hard you have to work. This is dunya no pain,

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no gain