Names of Allāh 04 – The Names ‘Allah’ and ‘al-Ilah’

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Allahu la hora

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Allah Holla Holla polldaddy Mousavi Malik Malik Razzaq Al Hamdulillah heydo sama diello.

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The fear of a loss perfect names

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chapter one lesson one,

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Allah Allah.

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Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala both iraq met and in an amine Nabina Muhammad wa ala Lee, he was so happy he made

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this audio clip is the first lesson in the first chapter of the book. The book of Allah is perfect names. Now, as we mentioned in the introduction, the book actually has chapters that are prior to this chapter. But those chapters deal with principles and, and benefits and things like that. They don't deal with the names themselves. So the first chapter that deals with the the names themselves, is the chapter that deals with two names. A law and Allah Allah. I've already read to you from the summary of what those two names mean. And those audios in sha Allah, Allah have already reached you. But this is where we go into the detail. And we really try and understand the name in some in as

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much detail as we possibly can.

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What I'm going to do is the PDF that I have is around about four a4 pages.

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So I'm probably going to break this audio into three or four lessons in Sharla hota, Allah and inshallah each lesson can be sent out to you probably, you know, on a different day, so that inshallah people are able to take it nice and slowly. And when you put those lessons together, you'll finish the chapter in shot louder Allah and you'll have a very, very detailed understanding of these two names Allah and Allah.

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So the chef he said, happy the hula huhtala. Three names are the foundation of Allah has perfect names, which through the meanings they contain encompass the meanings of all of the other names of Allah,

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three names, which are Allah, or rub an aroma. So the sheer here is saying that there are three names, these three names are like the foundation of all of our last perfect names, their meanings cover all of the meanings of the other names of Allah, Allah, our rub, and our romance. And it's no surprise that the first three chapters of the book are the chapter, Allah and Allah and our rub, and our man and our Rahim. So the share has began with the three names that are the foundation of all of our lives, perfect and Beautiful Names. To share. He said these three names containing their meanings, all of the names of Allah. So it's like you can find every name of Allah. Within these

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three names, Allah, or Rob and

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the shift went on to explain, he said, the names of Allah all revolve around these names and come back to them. The name of allah encompasses all of the attributes of being deserving of worship. So everything that relates to being deserving of worship, can be said to come within the name of Allah. And the name of our rub encompasses all of the attributes of lordship everything to do with being the Lord creator, sustainer, provider, Sovereign, the controller of the universe, all of that stuff, it comes within the name of Rob, and Opera man encompasses all of the attributes of showing excellence and generosity and goodness, all the things to do with how allies which shows kindness,

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and generosity and goodness and excellence. All of that can be found within the name, AR Rahman, the meanings of allies names all revolve around these three, and these three names all come together in Surah 231, which is almost an omen Koran, for those of you who know, Arabic omal core, and if you translate it, if you were to translate, it literally would be the mother of the Quran. But I'm here doesn't mean the mother is the, the origin of something, the source of it, the heart of it, the core of it, the, you know, the kind of if you like the, the summary of it, that's what we say, almost shake the arm of something. And so omachron it's like the, you know, the heart or the core that the

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most important part, the summary of the Quran, and that's why the scholars of Tafseer or some of them said, that sort of fat is a summary for the whole Quran.

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So the chef now quotes from Him. May Allah have mercy on him that he said no

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The disorder comprises and embodies the basis of the most lofty of objectives in the most comprehensive way.

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It comprises of acquainting you with the one who is worshipped, bless it and hi through three names. They are the reference for all of the perfect names and lots of lofty attributes and all of their meanings revolve around these three names. They are Allah or rub under Rama and the surah is based upon worship, lordship and mercy. You alone we worship er cannot put is based upon the fact that Allah is deserving of worship. You alone we seek help from er can sustain is based upon His Lordship, and seeking guidance to the straight path he did not sell out almost Hakeem is based upon the attribute of mercy. the praise of Allah covers all these three things. And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil

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aalameen covers all three, for Allah is deserving of praise for his being worshipped, and for his lordship and for his mercy. So even though pay him he is really beautiful if you read through it a few times, even though payam is giving you a summary of Soto Fatiha as it relates to the names of Allah, and seeing there are really three themes as it relates to the names of align sort of affair to have, which can be summarized by Allah or rub urashima.

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And what relates to Allah is all about being deserving of worship, what relates to our rub is all about being the Lord, and the sovereign and the owner, the possessor. And what relates to our man is all about being mercy and so about mercy and kindness and guidance. And he gave three out of three parts from soul to fat, each part relating it to a different to a different name, and then seeing al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil. aalameen is like a summary of all of that. So it's almost like the first part of sort of the Fatiha is a summary of the surah and sola two Fatiha is a summary of the entire Quran. So it's really beautiful concept and something it's well worth going through the sheer he

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continued and he said the first of the perfect Names of Allah, bless it and exalted that we will begin with is his name Allah. It is a name that a group of the people of knowledge

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mentioned as being a law's greatest name, the name which if he is called on by it, he answers, and if he is asked by it, he gives this name has unique qualities and distinguishing features which are unique to the ship elsewhere in the book actually spoke about allowes Greatest Name. And he said that there are really three

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strong opinions, the scholars have many 10s and 10s of different opinions about what Allah His greatest name is.

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They do agree that Allah has a Greatest Name, because it's mentioned in more than one howdy that Allah has a greatest name, the name that if you make to our to him with it, he's going to answer your door. And if you ask him for something by it, he's going to give it to you.

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But they differed over what that name is. And the chef said that there are three opinions that are the most important and the most,

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the most the strongest of the three, or the strongest of all of the many 10s of opinions, he said, the first one is that it is the name of Allah, that Allah His greatest name is Allah. And that's because the name of Allah can be found in all of the Hadith, which are said to contain a lot of Greatest Name.

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And likewise, the name of Allah encompasses the meaning of all of our lives, other names, so it's like all of the names of Allah have found inside of the name of Allah.

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The second opinion is that it is a lie, you will consume the two names together and how you will consume. And that's because at heyoka, you also can be found in those IDs.

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And the third opinion is that it isn't one name. But that the name of the Greatest Name of Allah is actually the greatest Names of Allah. And in Arabic, you can, you can use that you can you can make a sentence like that.

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And what it means is all of the names of Allah that are comprehensive, like Allah, or rub, er Rahman, Allah, Hi, Alex. Hi, Yun, these names that are all very comprehensive, all of them are allowes Greatest Name.

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In summary, what should you be doing you should be using all of these names frequently in your do arts one of the key points, because each of them has a potential to be a loss Greatest Name. So generally when you make to try to say, or Allah, or Hey, or Chi yom, or Rahman, or Rahim, and so on, because this will make sure that you got, you know, the more you do it, the more you have that ability to get a life's greatest name. But in the later on, of course, look at the Hadith which mentioned it and when we go to the end of the course, we're going to go back to these topics in sha Allah and talk about how we can

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How we can implement that and how we can what what kind of words we can use in our day, to make sure that we mentioned allows Greatest Name because there are certain times the companions would say, and the prophets lie some would say inside of that eyes allows Greatest Name.

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To share he continues talking about the unique qualities and he said among the unique qualities of this name is that it is the foundation of all of our lives, perfect names, all of the other names that are attributed to it and described in terms of it.

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Allah the Exalted, said, when he learned as Mel krisna Federer will be the translation of which is to Allah belong the most perfect and Beautiful Names, so call upon him by them. And Allah azza wa jal, the Exalted he also said the translation of which is Allah, there is no god worthy of worship except him. To Him belong the most perfect and Beautiful Names. Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah who smell her Sunnah and Allah the Exalted also said the translation of which is, he is allowed the one who there is no god worthy of worship except Him, nor of that which is unseen and that which is witnessed he is a Rahman r Rahim. He is a law the one who there is no god worthy of worship except

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Him and Malik could do a salon and movement and Mohammed Al Aziz al Jabbar multicarrier exalted is a law in perfection above what they associate in partners with him. He is Allah Allah Haile Albury Elmo so well,

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to Him belong the most perfect and Beautiful Names, whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth exalts His perfection and he is Al Aziz al Hakim.

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Therefore we say that R Rahman r Rahim, alcoholic, or Rosa al Aziz and Al Hakim are Names of Allah. And we don't say that Ar Rahman and Rahim are Names of Allah Aziz and so on. So here the Shia saying, whenever you refer to the names of Allah, you refer to them as be Names of Allah as if the name of Allah is the is the foundation, it's the foundation and everything else is built upon it. Also from the unique qualities of this name, is that it's a requisite for all of the meanings of Allah is perfect and Beautiful Names, and indicates their meanings in a general way. The other perfect and Beautiful Names elaborate and make evident attributes of divinity, which are the

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attributes of majesty, perfection and greatness.

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Therefore, it is the name to which all of the other perfect and Beautiful Names of Allah go back to, and their meanings revolve around.

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So all of those other names, they it's a requisite, you know, it's

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a law Allah subhanaw taala being for example, AR Rahman.

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What is what is needed for that, or what is what is the you know, what, what has to be there is that He is Allah, the One who has divinity. And so all of them, it's like, they all go back to that name. And all of the meanings revolve around that name, Allah, because that's the name is the name of of God, the name of divinity, the name of the one who is worshipped. And so it's like, all of those other names kind of go back.

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And all of those attributes of majesty perfection, greatness, they,

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they have that that essential meaning they need that essential meaning of, of the one that deserves to be worshipped because of having those attributes. So as we go on, this will become clear inshallah, to Allah.

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The chef, he said, among the unique qualities of this name is that the Elif and lamb which is Al are not dropped from the name when calling upon Allah with it. So we don't say law. We don't drop the L. We say Allah, even when we say yeah, yeah, Allah, Allah. So the elephant Lamb has become as though they were part of the core of the name all of the other names that Al you can take it off, put it on,

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and there are some times where you have to take it off. However, the name of Allah that I'll never ever drop so it's become part of the of the name itself.

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As for the other perfect and Beautiful Names, if they're preceded by an interjection like yeah, in Arabic or or in English, or Allah, those other names when you say all and you call upon Allah with them, the elephant lamb are dropped from them. Therefore we don't say yeah, our ramen. We don't say yeah, our Rahim and we don't say yeah, alcoholic. Instead we say your man. Yeah Rahim yar Holic and I'm sure if you listen to the Witter into iron Ramadan you often hear the Imam says your Rahim yarraman so why don't why is it that we we still keep the Al we say yeah, Allah because become part of the word

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It's become a part of the word hasn't it can't be separated. It can't be taken away, that Allah has to stay there Allah, unlike all of the other names

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I think inshallah to Allah that's a good place to stop for the first lesson and inshallah Allah will continue right from here in the second lesson from chapter one. Analyze regionals best salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali. He was a happy edge marine