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In Alhambra law in the country la

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de La

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Cucina. Dr. Medina, May, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Sherry Golan, Vanessa Donna mowlana Mohammed Abu Maura sudo I'm about to call along with the Baraka with Allah.

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Hamid Villa immunoassay, Ponyo Jami, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Johan larina, manola Taku

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Bilbao in the community Jonathan turabi min con Wanaka todo and for second in Allah, Hakka and epico Moroccan uma McAllen Wu sallallahu taala in US seldom la Yattaman Nana de como como to Lieberman saw but for amatola helenius Salatu was salam, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders. While the precise moment of Tiamat undoubtedly remains a mystery. None can deny the signs and the symbols of Tiamat have become more apparent, vivid and manifests. In the hadith of gibreel when gibreel le Salaam appeared before an episode of lon he was eliminated lengthy dialogue and asked a host of questions to be said a lot. He was seldom one of which was met Assad or Mohammed Salatu was

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Salam. When is the Ahmed Nabi sallallahu wasallam gave the answer by saying Massoud ohana, br alum amenas le the person being asked that is me is no more learner than the one asked him. In other words, the precise moment of the arm it only remains in the knowledge of Allah. The second question of gibreel was for oxybutynin amaravati ha Okay, tell me some about the signs of Tiamat to which never sort of line he was telling replied until he tell me

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when a slave girl will give birth to her masters, what until her father Nora

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elbonian. And when people who lack respect and honor and dignity will suddenly a mess well can put up a high high buildings and enjoy great great privileges. The first explanation when a slave girl will give birth to her mistress stone is explained when offspring will dominate over their parents. When juniors will govern their seniors then pay homage disclose it. I will say that ameraucana only when undeserving people will be given Nobel post in Tiamat disclose in revita Bukhari Lata tomasa the final hour will not be established until earthquakes do not become a common feature. The final hour of Tiamat will not be established until earthquake and tremors become a common feature. Now you

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said a lot he was telling me he has also said that it will not take place until a man will come to the grave not to pay his respects to his late brother not to sympathize with the disease. funnier tomorrow. My nephew says he will turn in the soil of the grave and then he will address his deceased brother and he will say he can he can to McCann Asahi, Bihar Oh my brother, I wish I was the dweller of the grave and you are on Earth. I wish I was the occupant of this grave. I wish I was the inmate of this grave. When a sippy Dean, then I'll be over London says don't assume that this was out of the question of meeting Allah. No, no, it will be as a result of the mounting pressure of material

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commitments that he will prefer Jains in living in this world. Let me settle it was Adam says he would stand there and he will design efficiently that oh my brother, I wish I was in your place and you were in my place that I have coated before you never you salani wassalam says la Yattaman

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Kumamoto littorina sorbetto none of us should ever desire death as a result of material adversity. None of us should ever desire if, if his problems and difficulties and adversities bring him to a point that he no longer wants to live. As we see today. It was assumed it was out it was imagined that the day I will own a better car and have a bigger house and have the latest appliances it will put an end to misery and anxiety in my life. Only to know those are the very causes of anxiety and depression in my life.

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Only to know those are the very causes. If perchance you do not want to live given the difficulties whenever you have Allah says the maximum flexibility the ease in the meta, you can make the following Allahumma after uni mechanical higher to higher lay whatever funny is I can appeal to higher only Allah let me live as long as life is good. And I guess when it's better for me to go take me away your love. Let me give you some Chilean statistics in relation to the present day world with regards to depression which is the contributing factor to

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suicide, which is my topic of today. In 1973, they say the World Health Organization had released its statistics that 3% of the world population suffered severe depression. Going back to the early 70s. In 1978, five years later, that figure had risen to 5%. In 1981, I have these articles in 1981, there was a conference held in Chicago on mental disorders. And the chairman of the conference at that time had announced that according to research, it has been proven that at that time, 100 million people across the globe suffered severe depression. A decade later, this was multiplied and increased. They say it, you know, one would imagine that when we talk of depression and suicide,

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maybe it happens in the heart of Africa, where people are living in abject poverty where they have no food. But the statistics are somehow so perplexing and startling in this regard, that suicide is more common amongst people living in first world countries, people come in from urban areas, one out of every four Americans is a victim of severe depression. Nevermind the ordinary American, there was a report that leaked out regarding the former president, one of the former presidents of the United States, and to be explicit regarding Ronald Reagan, that in the latter part of his life of the 70s, he had become a victim have immense depression. And the same is even said regarding Napoleon

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Bonaparte, that while he was in exile, it was depression that he claimed his life. I read an article about a German woman not too long ago, who had killed three of her own children and then committed suicide herself. When an investigation was launched into the meta, again, its surface severe depression. So she felt that no rather let my children in inverted commas die in the peaceful way, as they talk of euthanasia, the mercy killings as a result of severe depression, this is what she had done. Now, if you read the start just about two weeks ago, it's supposed to be anti suicide awareness. There was a long write up in the star regarding the statistics of suicide in our youth

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suicidal youth. There isn't, you know, suicide analysts who heads the organization, South Africa in depression and anxiety group, who is based in Durban. According to his research, on an average everyday 20 to 25 youngsters commit suicide in South Africa itself, which potentially will claim the lives of 7000 youngsters this year alone, which is classified as the third biggest killer amongst you. He says anyone under the age of 35. I have this article just about two weeks ago, anyone under the age of 35 is very prone to suicide. Girls between the age of 15 and 19. Plan suicide more than boys. However, boys resort to more violent measures jumping from a club or shooting themselves,

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girls would maybe just overdose themselves. A person who is suffering HIV AIDS is as a 16% greater chance of committing suicide than anyone else who is not suffering the sickness. Furthermore, he writes, nowadays, they have launched a program when death impacts on your school, and that is to enrich and empower learners when they are faced with a crisis, where a fellow colleague has committed suicide. And that's not all in Japan, a study has proven that the internet has become an ideal tool for these depressed isolated youth to find an accomplice to perpetrate the crime. So what happens there are some suicide websites where these people that are depressed and lonely and a

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despondent they find company and they commit suicide in this way, there was a book that was authored the complete suicide manual and it was rated the best seller in Japan for one entire job. But as we can I can continue giving statistics you know what brings me to this topic, Allah forgive Allah save us that suicide has become a reality even in the Muslim Ummah, you know, we can imagine when non Muslims who don't understand our spirit, like the ortho would save it so beautifully Apatow Guevara, k k A k murgia ngay. Mark a beach in Napa takita in gay now is a point of frustration. You say I want to blow myself and kill myself. But my question to you is even if after death, if it only

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intensifies and complicates method even even further than what have you achieved. Recently, we have had a spate of incidents. We unfortunately in our own community, also certain youth have committed this crime. Someone said it so beautifully. That undoubtedly we all go through fluctuation of emotions and we go through depression and intelligent man is not one who can increase his profits, but rather one who can transform his losses into profits. There is an intelligent man, I had a personal experience with a friend of mines way back in the early 90s. On my first trip to Australia, there was a

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young boy who used to attend my programs and developed a very good relation with me. Then I went back in the late 90s. And again, the relation continued, he went through some crisis in his marriage life. I went again in 2000, I met up with him and we had a good relation, things were taking shape. And when I got back, it was very sad for me to hear that unfortunately, he had committed suicide a person who I stayed with very closely. I was once in North America, where there was a conference held with regards to the alarming statistics of how common suicide has become among the North Americans, and they will host of speakers and I also was given an opportunity to speak there. Hence,

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brothers. This is the reality that is staring at us. The hadith of NaVi Salatu was salam, c'est la Yattaman. The common mode, none of us should ever desire death. Perhaps many of us are those that will say that we will never entertain the thought of suicide. However, there are very few of us that don't desire death as a result of difficulty and, and material difficulties and adversity. And this brings us to a very sensitive issue and marks the key difference. It This marks the key difference between a person who commits suicide, which is unlawful and forbidden, and in relation to those youth who we salute and commemorate whom the world refers to as suicide bombers, and we refer to as

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much of them operations is this hartville Amalia? That is not suicide bombing. The Hadith is very emphatic, very natural. It was an insane person desire in debt as a result of the frustration of this world. Those are not you that are frustrated. I swear by Allah, they are not bombing themselves, they are presenting their lives. They are not enjoying martyrdom, but the noblest form of martyrdom, Alaska, some, they have revived the likes of Sahaba in the Battle of butter when my nephew stood up and he exhorted the Sahaba they have great goals in their lives a great objective. We are talking of you that are depressed, that are isolated, that are you know, have absolutely no

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goal and have no gumption in life and then decide to put a gun on themselves or jump from a cliff.

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Let me le Salaam exalts the Sahaba como ella jannetty. Naruto has some are tall or advanced towards that paradise, the width of which is equivalent to the heavens and the earth. So the Sahaba stands up anything buckling buckling er rasulillah you know, like we would say, Wow, wow, nobody's awesome says my Yeah, Camilo. Karla COVID Lika buckling. Omar, What makes you say this buckling? He says Raja and according I mean, really hard to show hope. Did Allah meet me among them? Let me say something when you have read from me you are among the drivers of gentleness is autonomy over like is it confirmed? Let me set some seeds. Yes, it takes out a packet in which as few days he says let

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in Hi, Ito hut, Tokuda, Minta maratea de la la jolla Tavella when martyrdom is staring at me and the battle is ferocious, and the Navy overlay is exhausting and gentle is a staring at me. Am I going to eat these days and then digested impro long martyrdom? No, no he throws it any advances that he might have even injury. He then sings couplets rather than Illallah herbivory resolved in electro Cava malema, it was soporific. Jihad de Vaca knows that in order to Nipa de la Rocha will reverse it, that I throw myself into the thick of this battle with no material provision other than trusting Allah For verily that is what will age men in all other all other provisions will be exhausted. So

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the key issue is those who commit suicide as a result of the depression of this world. There are two times when it is correct. One is when a person passionately desires meeting a lot that is encouraged in the body that every believer should anticipate meeting Allah and the other instances when a person feels that in relation to the bias in the sin and the exposure and the vulnerability of the world. He fears that he will not able to diligently honor the orders of Allah all of the times if we come to trying to challenge him, I doubt I'm going to survive these temptations. I beg of you, oh my Allah Take me away so that I do not become a victim of committing any crime. That is concession

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regarding desire in depth on such an occasion. And the best example to cite in this regard is none other than the Virgin Mary, which Allah speaks about in Surah Maryam for a da da da, da da, da, da da

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da da. Welcome to an SEM and see that when she had conceived miraculously, and the time had come for her to give birth, and her labor pain drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. Now, can you imagine our sisters, our wife giving birth in the best of clinics with a gynecologist around with the husband to pet her? And again, what did

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Have the antenatal depression and postnatal depression, I don't even know all those things are depression related to everything, whereas previously it was never heard of. So now there's some form of counseling related to birth and before birth and after birth and there is a host of issues related to it. Imagine this woman isolated alone in a place called beta language they refer to as Bethlehem, somehow north of the beta and mocha does approximately eight kilometers, and she is sitting there and at that time, she feared that the accusations of people against her that you have committed a crime of Xena, you're an adulterous, you're an immoral woman. So she said this year in a

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moment of desperation, y'all at MIT tabula rasa, what can tuna see em and see our law? I don't know if I will live up to honor and resist adequately these accusations. I wish I had died many many years ago, and I guess people had forgotten me. Nay, I wish they had also forgotten the fact that they had forgotten me. So at this juncture, it was correct. It's gone is right the permissibility was in relation to the fact that she was afraid she will not able to resist it. However, as a result of material depression, it is not correct to entertain the thought of death. Nevermind to commit suicide. Let me take you through few a hadith of nivi sallallahu wasallam. To give you a glimpse of

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the severity of this crime, may Allah say one in all

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a Muslim makes mention of it in first volume Kitab al emang nebia Karim sallallahu wasallam says men catella nappsa who be Heidi that in that person who commit suicide with any steel object for Heidi the two houfy that knife will be given back to him after he dies. Yet what Joe will be happy botany heafy 90 jahannam he will continue stabbing himself suffering the agony of death but he will never die. How long Harley them makan legend Fie Avada he will dwell there for eternity never to come out. These are the words of the Hadith. Let me save some save. Then second one woman sorry, but some men, that person who takes poison today how many use the honey youth drug themselves? I mean, the very

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symptoms of these drugs even when a person experience withdrawal symptoms is the crave of suicide. Those are one of the first symptoms that would manifest in such a person nabire salaam says woman sorry but some man whoever takes any poison over doses himself. But boy yet the Hassan woofie Narayan he or she, he or she will continue drinking that poison remaining in jahannam forever and ever suffering the agony of death without dying. You know, just to digress for a second. Allah speaks about the severity of the torment of the dweller of jahannam yet

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do you see why it will mount amin Colima? Can you be me? Allah says that when they will be in severe thirst, they will be made to drink the blood in the past from the organs of the body. It will not be palatable hence they cannot drink it, but the thirst will compel them for a liquid yetta Jarrah Oh, he will try and swallow it while Arnica Do you see Whoa, whoa, but it will not go beyond his throat while you're acting in the mode to mean Colima can the severity of death will approach him from every angle Omar who will be made Yes, but you will never die. Can we imagine? Can we imagine the security for the Mona Lisa Ramsay's woman Tara Domine Javelin, that person who jumped from a clip

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for Catalina and then kills himself for who are yet Tara Duffy Narayan, he will continue dropping in the depths of jahannam suffering the agony of death, but he will never die.

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That's the first study. Although scholars say that it is hoped in relation to other quotations. That because this man believed in Allah, He will not live in tandem with eternity and ultimately Allah will relieve him and free him from jahannam. But the fact remains that the texts of the Hadith denotes the word eternity, that is sufficient to deter every sane minded human and it'd be st minded Muslim. Second part of me salani was lm say, Canada todo min min Kanaka Bella come in Muslim sorry, there was a person in the previous nation who was diagnosed with some sickness, her Rajat beneath her her to a certain boil an ulcer that shutout on his body, the pain became very difficult for him

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in relation to euthanasia, mercy killings, and this person could no longer be patiently he found the pain to be very, very challenging upon himself. For after the sermon min Kenan he let me salaria since he took out an arrow from his Glover, faneca da ha and you started interfering with that wound and that cut in that saw deliberately to induce death upon himself in the event of Buhari

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telomere, Adam the blood started flowing profusely, which ultimately claimed his life. Allah then said badania Abitibi nuptse he harben quali Hill Jana, my servant decided when he wants to die, then I will decide there's no Genet for him. My servant decided when he wants to die, I have decided that there is no agenda for him. The next honey is also in Muslim cellophane in Buhari, I can go to your quotation upon quotation what a complete faith align his favorite as what I've already received one provide certainty Vanessa certainly do the laundry save, we will within the view of Allah sallallahu wasallam wonder why it's such a clever one they might suggest a name for a mama Rasulullah

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sallallahu wasallam ILA scary woman machete Gunilla scaring him as the battle and rage and it comments and people took their strategic positions, Wolfie as having nothing yet sallallahu Sallam I can still remember very clearly very explicitly. There was one person in the companions of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam.

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That and voila, that can

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be safely he who fought very vehemently, very fiercely anyone who came before him he would behead him to such an extent that the general Sahaba admired him and said, ma Amina Leo Mahajan, cama de Fulani, none has displayed the vigor and enthusiasm of this man. Look at how confident he is. Look at how many people have died at his hands. Maybe Ali Salaam overheard the comment in the myths of the better. He said listen, while this remains your option, let me tell you what is my viewpoint? Am I in noblemen only not that very man is destined for the hellfire.

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*a Baba muslimeen I thought there was a sense of silence, that a man who's fighting on our side against the infidels contributing to the condition of the Muslims yet then they'll be over law turns around and says that he is in Jannah. Once a Javi says I came from the rear and I said and I saw people who covered up I'm going to follow this man, I can definitely say something very strange is going to be the outcome of this man. His apparent situation indicates the noblest form of contribution contribution. On the other hand, the Navy over Love makes a statement that this man is destined for hell. So I'm just going to wait and see which way his faith takes him. So anyway, I

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started following him called llama wakawaka Lama, Astra Astra. When he advanced I also advanced when he bought iPod. I said, I want to see what is the outcome of this man. You know, apparently what happens in what is the reality and suddenly an arrow came from the rear end struck him. When it struck him from the rear the pain became unbearable. He was close to martyrdom with that arrow. But at that critical moment, he could no longer bear the little pain that was ultimately going to claim his life. He took out his sword and he committed suicide bear in

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the Savi came running to nebulae ceram. He said he had one nakara Salalah once again, Allah gives us an opportunity to renew our faith that you are the true levy of Allah. Within minutes Allah has proved authenticity of your words. Nearly Salaam said one Madoka What's the matter? He said originally the curtain Eva led man regarding whom you said that you think jahannam and there was a sense of confusion amongst the Sahaba I decided to follow Him and allow me to touch how things took the different direction that ultimately this man committed suicide. Now we are interested now you do me a favor, stand up and make the following announcement in the lamella. You do have the dean bill

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Roger little further. Don't judge a man by his apparent condition. Many times Allah will promote his Deen at the hands of evil people also, there is a typical explanation. Furthermore tells the people more than often you will find people in this is a funny that should give us a shiver, where people will engage in actions, which ultimately would reflect that they are heading for gender prior to death, they will commit a sin which will warrant the entry into janome. So this is an area of concern for us brothers. It is important that we look into our lives and we reflect we introspect, we ask ourselves questions. The greatest contributing factor to it if you read is depression. They

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say what are the youngsters that will commit suicide, a boy at the age of 12, whose mother has died out of HIV AIDS, a child who's been a girl who has been repeatedly abused by her father, a child who's seen his brother been violently killed by a mob. These are the type of children that potentially are more prone and most susceptible to commit suicide. You know, it said it sounds like a joke. But he said reality. person suffering everything in his life is dark and negative. His mother died. His father's is you know, died in a nasty way. His brother was killed. His sister was kidnapped. They say the only thing positive in his life is HIV. It sounds like your job brothers.

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But that's the reality of what is happening to his life. The only thing positive so what else is left in the life of the

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now if you look at the teachings of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam to do away with depression, what a beautiful faith Allah has given us. Let's look at one two things just briefly I leave you with something that can enhance you empower you enrich you that we come out of the stage of depression. Look at what Nabi sallallahu wasallam said, Nobody has to doubt the fact that depression is from Chapin levy Sara Lee was seldom said something much higher than that. I mean, Allah what domina Stefan levy says some said sneezing is from Allah yawning is from the devil. What is going to be over? Let's say you're an interpreter depression is a much more advanced level. Scholars explained

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why why is sneezing from Allah when a person sneezes, and he flushes that mucus out of his body. It brings freshness, it brings strength in his body which will motivate him to analyze obedience. When he yawns he brings in laziness, he becomes lethargic, which takes him away from a lot so you can appear over last aveyond enhance the nappy of Allah said that when your brother's sneezes, then answering his greeting and when you want to yawn, then try and suppress it because it's from the devil. So when yawning is a reflection of the devil, then can you imagine what is depression, and it has become the strongest tool of the enemy of Islam. It has become the strongest tool of the devil

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to make infiltrate into make inroads. Let's look at one two advisors of the very some very briefly nabire saddam he has taught us today many times we are depressed when we dwell in the past. We look over the past the miseries of the past the pain of the past. The Vla Salaam says take all precautions but when something has happened contrary to your desires, law, Tokelau, don't ever say if, if I did this if I knew if only you told me because as soon as you will use the word if you will give grounds for the devil to infiltrate and lead you to depression. I've mentioned this to so many people and it has been such a person and in such valuable advice. The thing is over let's over let's

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look forward. Let's see how we can take the metro forward but dwelling on the past. Now vre Salam says you are opening your ground for the devil to come and plant his seed there and take you ultimately to depression. The second thing someone said so beautifully, that if you do four things you will save yourself from depression. Number one, don't moan and groan regarding Allah decree in your favor. Don't moan and groan What didn't really Salaam say deadline is balada Allahu Maldini Bhima kata Italy wabarakatuh FEMA could be really hot Allah Akbar ta g llama ferrata. Voila, Sri Rama jell O Allah bless me with inner contentment on your decree in my favor. And then bless me with

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what you've decided for me so that I don't decide don't desire adjustment in what you've planned out for me Allah, I don't design your alteration. I wish it was like this or rather make me happy that I'm happy. I don't wish to reverse the situation to re arrange the metal. Voila. I heard a report on radio this week. A survey was conducted in South Australia I like to follow these statistics not for it doesn't give me any confidence in what I'm saying. But many of our so called intellectual minded people like to to relate to these theories. survey was conducted in South Australia. I heard it this week on 80 girls ranging from the age of six to eight, regarding their life and their health. And it

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was brought to the notice that 47% of those girls were unhappy what they figure at the age of 640 7% of the girls at the age of six. Prior to this, it was assumed that this theory and crave and consciousness only kicks in when a girl is in her team. This research has now proven that the girl at the age of six has become conscious what they talk of, you know, cutting the levels of obesity, but they say the typical American mentality is to cut down on the levels of obesity. Can I have a double cheeseburger and a Diet Coke.

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So girls at the age of six are not happy with their trigger. And the key component of this is media exposure. That's the first thing. The second thing is don't ever send without repented. Don't ever send what the third thing is don't hate people for the numbers Allah has given them. Don't hate people for 30s depression, you will find my time is over a greedy man and a jealous man a perpetually depressed, those are perpetually depressed individuals. And that is what Chapin told told pneumonic Salaam. There are two angles through which I capture anyone and everyone. One is jealousy. After all jealousy took me where I ended. And the second thing was out of greed, the whole

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agenda it was permissible for Adam, only one forbidden three, but I made inroads through greed and this is how I destroyed him. And when you will give up jealousy Allah will give you that inner joy. Mommy's smile. He says I met a villager who was living up to 120 I said Mark Villa Henrique I salute your good health what is the formula will say jog exercise junk. He said no no thorac tool hustler for burrito you know my heart.

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doesn't carry jealousy for anyone. Because of that Allah gave me perpetual good health. I have never suffered any problem. Only one formula. I don't have a jealousy for anyone. Don't hate people for the numbers that Allah has given them. Number four, don't turn yourself away from a line of love. Otherwise Allah will forget you. I leave you with one last advice brothers. I have personally seen this in my own life. When we try and do good to someone, you will find that this will enrich your life more than the receiver. It will benefit the benefactor more than the receiver. It is time we stopped waiting for favors to be done to us and we start showing favors to others before it will

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benefit that man I swear by a light will make you feel nice. You will sign with joy you will have an inner happy feeling when you sleep down that are hamdulillah today Allah has given me the ability to help someone and through this Allah will take depression away from you. Nothing assassin is also taught us to make the following up to no man's love in your forehead, lama evangelia will

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remove depression from me. I leave you with one more thing that I want to mention. Perhaps many of us know of our sons or relative that had become a victim of this year there is a hope for such parents. Let us not close the doors upon such parents. My message is don't commit suicide. But those of us whose children have died this way. It is our belief that we still are Muslim according to the device of Muslim Sharif. He will be published Jonathan Amaz will be performed and he will be buried in the Muslim cemetery. So those parents who had unforeseen circumstances the doors of mercy are open, Allah is Forgiving, make dua to Allah and give sadaqa and we hope that this inshallah will

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help the situation of your son, we make dua to Almighty Allah He saved us from an unpleasant death and favours with the blessing of debt in a manner that we are happy to meet him while threw down on his computer.