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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The loss of leaders from the past is a sad event, as it was the result of fear of failure and the loss of leaders from the US and Iran. The importance of leadership in shaping society and addressing issues such as COVID-19 and the pandemic is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need for community involvement and personal growth, as well as the importance of working in organizations and not just focusing on negative consequences. The speakers also encourage individuals to use their knowledge and experiences to make changes and achieve their dreams.
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How do we live with strong rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID Mursaleen CD ROM Hammond while only he will remain my beloved brothers and sisters today Mr alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always before you begin with the praise of Allah subhanaw taala initiative Allah Allah Allah Allah will be witnessed at least not worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love greetings salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spice up your family because companions and to all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, may Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be upon

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the Sunnah of NaVi Mohamed Salah Salem and this life, to be upon His guidance and to be in his companionship in the era. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. It's the first Juma of the new year. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala that this year be better than the previous year that all the sickness and the hardship of the last couple of years, my last pandai that grants you far too, those are ill grown macfeather For those who have passed away, and may Allah grant goodness to prevail after this, I mean,

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we have seen over the last couple of days, a couple of weeks months, and in light of the pandemic as well. Many of our leaders, both from an Islamic community, local Muslim community, a global community and outside of our Muslim community, many of those who we depend on and look up as leaders have passed away.

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Very famous people have died during this time, and we'll go through a slide. Some people we remind ourselves panela. And if this is happening on a community level, I'm sure within your family. I know in my family was the case that the people, the patriarchs, the people that really keep the family together, they pass away. And it almost we see a transitioning of a new generation coming about. And when there's a transition or change in leadership, it's one of the most critical times whether it's in a family, a masjid an organization or community. Sometimes the most dangerous to the most vulnerable time that we experience is when those who we looked up to as leaders move on or pass

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away. Many organizations collapse after being very successful. Many movements stop and they in the die with the the leader. And even in Islam. If we look at the visa Lam for 23 years he was the leader of his community, anything you needed. You went to Ghana, Visa Salam, he had the answers. Every decision you don't have to think too much about the decision, because you have the man who is inspired by Allah guiding the way. But even then avviso Salam passed away. The 23rd top of Arabia, oh, well, the liberty of the hijab. We know that last moment that beautiful moment, we then Ibiza Salam, as we know, will give permission for molecule multiple Israel, right? So he was waiting for

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the right time, when can I leave? And when he opened that curtain and he saw the Sahaba making a budget together, say no bucket or the Alon was the Imam. He smiled almost to feel my community will be okay. They will continue after me. And that's the last the Sahaba saw him. And this was the biggest calamity that afflicted the Muslim ummah, that says, if any of you go through hardship, then reflect on my death. My death is the biggest calamity that you can ever experience, partly how much we love them to be solemn, but also to show that even the calamity of losing the business alum shows that Islam continues the Ummah continues, we move forward. And so for everyone who has lost someone

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that you love, especially someone that we dependent on someone we looked up to for leadership and guidance, life continues after them. And we as a community have to continue after them immediately after the defeat of ISIS alum. And this is sometimes perhaps one of the

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most exciting chapters is the caliphate of Sina Bukhara, the Alon. Overnight, all the territories rebelled against Medina and then recently passed away, though all of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Dubai, all these countries were under his dominion. When he passed away, all the enemy said this is the time the man is gone. And so the Sahaba were basically left alone with Medina and Mecca to defend against all of Arabia, false prophets here and the idol worshipping, restarting all the enemies are about to invade Medina, the Sahaba had only a few hours to really grieve the death are going to be Salam. And then they got down to work, the elected leadership. They knew who are the

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people that are gonna be left in charge, and they organize themselves may to develop the strategy and a plan. And within one year, all the rebellions were put down, all the false prophets were defeated. And the next year Subhanallah the Muslims were expanding into the superpowers of that time, conquering Persia conquering Rome, Jerusalem would be conquered within two, three years after that, and that shows you that apart from the guidance and the wisdom that I imparted, he also left his ummah with leadership that they can continue after him that Sahaba preserved the Quran and

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The legacy of Nabi Salam. Apart from conquests, what they ensured was that the deen would not die with Nabil Salam. Many Ambia reteaching style within there was no one to take it further. So how about understood that this Deen must continue the Obamas continue until Kiana. We can't feel bad and sad about the problems in our world, we need to do something about it. And so today, today inshallah we are talking about we living in a time now, this is our moment, really, this is our moment, the generation in front of me now, where we see the changing of the god, we seeing the people that we depended upon, are either too old or have passed away to continue and literally the baton has been

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handed over. If you're in the age range of between 20 and say, 50. Really, this is the time for this leadership, to stand up and to inherit the problems that we have and to try and fix them. Just something to reflect on Youth Day, the 16th of June, commemorates the youth rising up in Soweto in 1976. Now those youth 46 years ago, are in the 60s and 70s. That generation is Hollis that generation did what they needed to do Alhamdulillah for them, but now they times over.

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This is now a new generation. And what has made it not only the passing of time, what COVID has also done was of course people that we would have expected to live much longer many of our leaders passed away not because anyone passed away cut short everything is with the decree of Allah. But some of the most notable people to see in Cape Town and I'm sure this is the case for every community. Our Mufti with the Torah, Quran Allah grant him and all the disease Jana that doesn't wanna Yeah, Professor Arnold, Chef Suraj doctor for our jacket, Dr. Suleiman, so many people that we, as a community, lean upon full leadership have passed away in a very short span a very short period of

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time. Closer to home, this organization to stalwarts to people that we that helped shape this organization few 100 days ago, four months ago. Imam Hashim Salah Rahimullah he passed away and last week we buried our coordinator, our former Coordinator, Dr. Muhammad, Shahid Jacobs, who formed to shake this organization's panela he recruited me as the Imam. He passed away. I look around the mall I place in Jannah. And we don't eulogize people. I mean, you know, it's not part of our culture, part of our deen that we speak in platitudes about who died. More importantly is we do something good for the date, we make dua for them. We give some sadaqa on their behalf, but we learn from

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them. And Allah subhana wa sunnah is that a nation, a group of people rise up, they do their work, they pass away, and then that vacancy must be filled by new people. And only when we stopped doing that, that's when we see communities disappear. And it's not unheard of. It's not uncommon that Islam in certain parts of the world, went extinct. Where people forgot the Dean altogether, kids no longer practice Islam, Masjid fell apart, because no one is looking after it happens. In many parts of the world, Islam will never be extinct globally. But in communities when that leadership disappears, when the people stop getting involved, that's when it disappears. That's something I've

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learned from this generation of stalwarts that have passed away. What I've learned and a mindset, what made them what pushed him to work in the community to work in every, you know, the amount of masajid the amount of organizations that a handful of people looking after, not for name and fame, many of these people, perhaps most of you don't even know who they are always working in the background, what hamdulillah

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there is this unique mindset of service, when you ask them, Why do you do this? Why do you give your money, your time, your energy? Why do you do this? And it's a very simple answer, I have to do it. I'm required to do it, if I don't do it, who's going to do it. And so there is something that Allah had given him what Hamdulillah that innate feeling, I need to get involved and serve. And if you have it Alhamdulillah if you don't have it, then you need to work to get it. You need to work, it's something missing. These also, of course, the empathy, especially those who excel in feeding those who make an effort to feed and to help the underprivileged. There is this genuine concern that

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beyond my own problems, other people have bigger problems when I need to do something about it. There is also this dedication, it's never easy. Sometimes we have that charisma, that desire that zeal, I want to do something, but the minute it becomes difficult meetings. You deal with a difficult character in organization. You know what, I'm a volunteer. This is not meant for me. No, it was an ownership. I need to own this project. And if I don't, I don't do my part. This is going to fall apart. Being part of something bigger, that you know what, at the end of the day, you want to be part of shaping this community. You want to be part of building leaving a legacy

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For the next generation, for solving something, it gives you a lot more joy in doing that than simply working on the next holiday. And what have also learned about this, it's that same mindset of the sahaba. The Sahaba, probably Allah, Allah says in the Quran, they're going to Jana, Allah gave you that, that letter a certificate, you're going to Jannah so why must I push myself and go to Rome and Persia? I'm, as I sit down and I just wait for death? No, we need to keep it going. We need to make sure that the deen continues that this life doesn't extinguish. It's in our lap. Now. Allah has placed whether you like it or not place it in our lap. Yes, these catastrophes all around. But we

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need to make sure it continues. And so that same mindset continues. What I also learned from this, this generation, all these people, those who I know personally, they all had their own struggles, their own, they all had their own sickness, financial problems, children issues, spousal issues, their own difficulties. So sometimes we think are only those who are already living a perfect life. They're very rich, they have everything. They don't have to they don't have the worries we have. They don't have to worry about Monday's and work and deadlines. No Spangler, they had all these worries.

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And well that they felt it is not enough that I just said to myself, I still need to give more. And so this is a call today,

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that if you are in that age bracket, you know, you've you've basically

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finished your studies, you're now working, whatever it is, you need to get involved, we need to get involved. It is our time, it is your time, it is my time. Allah says didn't go oh my god.

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That was a nation, the Sahaba our forefathers, that was a nation who came and went and they passed on, they will have the reward for what they had done. And you will have a reward what you have earned now it's your time and you will be rewarded for what you do. And you will not be asked about them and they won't be asked about you. Allah is gonna ask you and me, what did we do? So why should you get involved? Why shouldn't you just focus on your own studies? Your own family, your own holidays? Why should you go over and above? Why should you think about the Masjid? Or the orphanage or this organization or that organization? The MJC, the VOC whatever it is, why should I even care

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about those things?

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Allah Subhana Allah says,

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Allah asks you why Mala Mala to Kochi? UniFi Sevilla? Why do you not strive and fight in the Cause of Allah when we start off in and that they that they are oppressed men and women actually are people who are struggling throughout the world to cry out our Lord, rescue us from these people who are oppresses. Allah says that they are always just as they are always a good people. There are people who are struggling, there are people who are presses. And if the good ones don't stand up, the challenges will not be met. We are every generation has its challenges. Every generation has its challenge, you'll never solve all the problems in the world. And if you think of all the problems we

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have today, if you close your eyes and you think about all the issues that span so many Palestine, Kashmir, Burma, the Rohingya sets globally, locally, we have our challenges poverty, Islam being ideologies, infiltrating our kids, wherever it is, every week, I've got a new is a new letter in the alphabet I need to speak about. Now who's going to fix these problems?

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Who do we expect must fix these problems? Whatever problem you think that the is that is facing the community, while the well you know, Wake up and smell the coffee. That's your problem. That's my problem. We have to fix it. We have to find a solution.

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The problem is not just in a Muslim community, but of course, globally. We've got pandemics, financial crisis, all those things. It's our problems to fix.

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And Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah it's our problems to fix because that is Allah had said You are his Khalifa. You are his representative on earth to fix those things.

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Allah also asks you and me Yeah, you were living, Mala comida Tita locum, infidel feasibility Allah, Allah says, What is wrong with you? are believers when Allah says do you strive go out in the in the Sabina of Allah Thorkild to you become Avi you cling to the earth, or the Tamil hayati. dunya. Allah says, are you so preoccupied with this dunya over the akhira Have you really put all your energy your talent your time your skill, your money only in the dunya for more McDowell, higher dunya Phil after Illa clean analysis, what a waste of time it is to make your priority only the dunya no one is saying Give up your job and become you know feasibility law only No, but when your only priority is

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that Allah says what a waste of time that is because this dunya is nothing compared to the to the akhira and if you keep doing this then responses if you if we as a community, as individuals and as a community, only pray

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advertise our jobs, our kids schooling, our bank accounts, our next holiday. If this becomes our priority than our business is very soon you will see the world will gang up and eat from our lands like birds eat from a plate Sahaba couldn't understand how will this happen? Will we be few in numbers? It? No, you will be a lot, many, many billions, millions billions. But then Samsung, what is the issue? If we have the numbers? Why will we so weak? So he said Allah will put a feeling in the hearts of your enemies that they will have no respect for you anymore. No fear no concern they can do with with you with the police. You just need to look at what's happening in India to realize

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Muslim blood means nothing. What's happening in China what's happening in Palestine. And that list continues. Every year a new country adds to that list, you become meaningless. And you will be Allah the Prophet SAW says that Allah will put in your hearts 100 What is one type of humiliation, a type of humiliation way, your only focus is the dunya and no concern for the akhira and so there is no value or caliber in you.

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Allah then wounds are so I must you get involved. This is the hard part that we don't have the we don't have the option not to get involved because Allah is telling us we have to get involved. And he's warning us of the consequences. If we don't strive now this will all iron out for jihad. Take up the sword and go and fight that you don't know if you're gonna die. Allah is not. We're not asking you to do that. We're asking you to sign up once a month for a meeting, maybe asking you to donate and then a month maybe asking you to get your family together and sponsor and often maybe look after a masjid. That is what we're asking. And so Allah says, Cool In Kuntum, say, if your

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father's webinar and your kids what if one will come and your brothers and your wives and your relatives and the wealth which you have accumulated, and your businesses and your work which you are worried about it's going to decline and your houses which you are relaxing in and you're feeling very comfortable in a more beloved to you then Allah and His messenger. If these things are more important to you that Allah and His messenger and to struggle and to devote your time for his course, then what then wait Allah says until he seems down his command upon you. So wanting, whether it is some kind of Bala, whether it's some kind of punishment, whether Allah takes away his Rama,

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whatever it might be, when Allah says when these things your family, your kids, your businesses, your holiday is your houses become your only priority, then wait and see what's going to happen May Allah protect us.

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But besides for the warnings and the harsh things will life

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being involved, will also give you a reason to live. It will give you a sense of happiness that you can't find anywhere else. And so this hookah is again as an appeal to everyone, not that you join this masjid, or this committee, but whatever committee whatever Masjid whatever organization, if it's good, whether Muslim or non Muslim, whether it's the SPCA, whether it's for the environment, whatever the neighborhood watch, it will give you a sense of purpose and a sense of joy. Allah says, Man, I mean asylee whoever works hard and does good in this world, whether you are mean decade in a winter, whether you're a man or woman, well what mean you're a believer for free and no higher

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company but I will give you a very, very good life, you will live a very nice life.

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Unless I promise you that donate yourself to Him.

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Again, also costing for all your money and all your time. But make him make the the cause of Allah FISA be the law part of your life. If you do that, Allah says I will give you a good life. Whether it means Allah will put love in your marriage, whether it means Allah will protect you from disease, whether it means Allah will open up risk for you. Whether it means Allah will protect your kids, whatever it is, Allah says you don't worry, I'm going to give you a good life. What is yet agile, agile Woombie axonemal Can we are manual, and Allah says and on top of that, very Watch, I will give you in the dunya and akhira will be based on the base that you have done, not the results that you

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even if you tried and you failed, I was going to still give you the best reward. This is gives you something to live with. And Wallah, these people that have passed away.

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I have seen from them a joy that 100 They could never get people I can make eye contact with people. If we think of those who have passed away and devoted the time for the community. They had more joy in that work and seeing the fruits for the seeing people being fed. Seeing the community develop it gave them more joy than any holiday could give you where any asset or any luxury could give you. You can chase after all these things in the dunya and it's fun, it's nice. We all like it. I also like it. I also want to travel I also want to buy nice things, but it will never ever compete. It will never come close to the sweetness of doing something for the sake of Allah.

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The joy you will feel in your life, the happiness you will feel in your life. The Baraka, you

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field is better than focusing only on the dunya Hassanal bacilli had a very famous statement, he says, I have noticed that those who chase after the Hera, Allah gives him the dunya as well. Allah gives him the dunya. I've seen it, he says, and at what and he says, well, Allah, I know, those who only chase the dunya, they won't get one stitch of the era.

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So you either chase the after and get the dunya or you chase the dunya. And you get it just for a few years and you lose it and you get nothing in the era. So this is the reality that we in the Subhanallah even claim has another beautiful statement. He says, What is wrong with us that we fight and we turn away from being slaves to Allah, we don't want to be slaves of Allah. So we fight and we leave to end up being slaves to whom our bosses, our managers, our desires, our money, one way or another, you're going to be a slave. There's no way out of it. So choose to be the slave of Allah and then you will be liberated. And so

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I appeal to everyone get involved in something

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you will enjoy it.

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And Allah subhanaw taala promises any group so you know most of us are in WhatsApp, WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp groups are between eight and 10 five and 10 people

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have a meeting what can we do? What are we what is important to us? Allah says Walter coming from uma let they always be a community a group of people whether it's a lot to a little a group of people rising up inviting to that which is good and maroon roof. We were in oh nine in Makati. That you stand up what is good and you you oppose what is evil? What will it government muffler when Allah says and you will be successful, that group will always be successful. Those people nobody's perfect, but those people who will devote the time for his sake, who stand up for the betterment of the community. Allah says he still feels his success is with that group. And you want to be with a

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winning team or not. Allah promises success for you. And at the end of the day, so many people so many Jeunesses all of us how many of you been to Malaga and all of them hi place and Jana Rahim Allah may Allah grant him genital feathers. At the end of the day, when it's all said and done. No one is going to envy Amen. For that a lot, but didn't do anything with his in his community that has nothing of good works to show everyone at the janitorial. Yeah. What are the things that matter? He was part of that Masjid. He helped that community be organized that using that organization, we know that this is the thing that's important. Yet none of us put that on our portfolio that ultimately

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this is what we need to do. If you're in your 30s SubhanAllah 30s 40s, half your life is done, need to focus now. On the end, use the time that you have in terms of really giving back your energy is only in the short period, by the time you get to 60 or so now you're too old. I just don't have the energy. Many old people that would say that. The mind is still there that is icily, but the body just can't anymore how they wish we did more in our youth lead, not our youth, our strength, our wealth, go purely for the pursuit of pleasure. So at the end of the day, when it's all said and done, the things that you will be proud of when you leave this dunya are the organizations, the

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people, the lives you've touched, and you've improved, those are the things that's going to matter. And so, again, this is a call that we have not only we talk about New Year's resolutions, you know people focus all about this is permissible, impermissible, most important thing is have not only sincere nears, but have lofty aspirations, have a lofty purpose to your life. When you sit down and you talk about what do I want to achieve for this year. Let it be part of the personal goals. I know people, the big goal is I'm going to lose a few kilos. I'd also like to lose a few kilos. You'd like to travel some way or buy some new assets. It's no problem to have those things. But there are

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people out there whose dream was goals are to cure diseases, to save lives.

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To make changes in this world, think big one, think bigger than yourself. Think about the big things have a big dream, a big goal, at least stocked with it and you'll get rewarded for that just for that just for that nearer than excellencies when you ask Allah subhanaw taala don't just ask him for Jana asking for genital theodosis Even though genital theodosis Only for at select people is going to get the but Allah Prophet some says in the Hadith, ask Allah for genital theodosis Make it your Nia not for the sake of Faiman but I want to be a leader of goodness in this dunya I want to bring about something good in this dunya that when I leave this dunya Alhamdulillah I will be happy with

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the records I'm going to show Allah that book our present to Allah, I'll be happy. So make that part of your resolutions a big near to do something good. And then just get involved. Just get involved. Start. Use whatever knowledge you have whatever skills you

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have whatever time you have whatever wealth you have the if you're young, use your youth, if you're old, use your wisdom. If you're a person, have a lot of friends, use your connections, just get involved in something and do something good and have live a life of purpose. And insha, Allah will make dua that when we pass away, our kids will look at us with good envy. Our parents, my mom and dad, they were good generation, that we leave an example for our kids to emulate one day that we took the baton, we did out we did the best we could and Hamdulillah we made sure that the legacy of this ummah continued from the time we're going to be so Salem, it must continue until Kiama. May

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Allah grant us that mela grant is still fake. I mean, for those of you want to get involved specifically in this organization, and I said, you can get involved in any organization where you feel hamdulillah so proud of them. They've spent the entire audit throughout the audit, they had their fun and play the games I know. But even through the other day, they made sure there was a double RA for underprivileged kids. They, you know, had a weekend with them. They had, you know, sessions and classes, and they're now raising money for station and it's for those kids who can't afford stationery at school and rent a pack. So alhamdulillah they're raising funds for that, please

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donate towards that. Our soup kitchen continues a lot of hungry people, you can be part of that. And anyone that is proficient if you are proficient, sometimes you have a mindset, I can only help if I'm a Mowlana or chef, know, sometimes the most, the moment chef is sometimes the least important person in the in the picture. It is our it's the people that are the most dedicated. That's what counts the most sometimes our aunties working in the kitchen are the ones really keeping our organization going. But our accountants and engineers and doctors and lawyers, every single one of you, we need you. We need you. So please donate your time and your skills. And Allah Spano grant you

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a life worth living. I mean Zach Lehane was Allah say no, Muhammad Well, Islam Sunni, the handler of the datamine cinematic


  • Transition of Leadership – One of the most critical moments
  • We are witnessing the changing of the guard
  • What I’ve learned from this generation
  • It is our time
  • Why should you get involved – because the challenges are great
  • Why should you get involved – because Allah asks us
  • Why should you get involved – because if you don’t we will be humiliated
  • Why you should get involved – because Allah warns us
  • Why you should get involved – because it makes your life worth living
  • Why you should get involved – because Allah promises you success
  • Why you should get involved – because it is what will matter at the end of your life
  • Sincere niyyah/ lofty purpose
  • Just get involved now
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