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Sulaiman Moola
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In Alhamdulillah, in Alhamdulillah,

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Allah a

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fusina woman say Dr. Marina de la dama de la, la la fecha de la la la ilaha illallah wa

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ala when I said when I say Donna, Donna Mohammed Abu or pseudo

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Baraka Watada

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Pani rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim while my ex Romana boon I mean dude, if I talk to my buddy I am humbleness Sabine, McAllen Wu sallallahu taala Allahu wa sallam. jacoba, Santa Ana de la la subida matana mean, Oh, come on.

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Salam, honorable scholars, respected brothers and elders amongst the many creations that Allah has created. By the very admission of Allah Himself. He refers to the men as the noblest of his creation. While after the Hala finale in Santa Fe accent it's up we we have created and selected the best appearance for the humankind. And furthermore, when a close study is done of the human body with an eye of Dean, then we will find it's just not the human body in its completed form that is unique, but rather every component of the human body is is mind boggling. The mind and the logic and the intellect by virtue of which it differentiates the human from the other creatures, and by virtue

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of which he is privileged with obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. If a person does not have intellect and does not have serenity, then no laws of Sharia apply to him. And when he is a child and is a minor, then the mind has not yet fully developed. Hence, even at that stage, the laws of Sharia do not apply to him. So the intellect itself has been created unique, and studies continue to prove how unique Allah has created this year. Furthermore, when we look into the body that Allah has created two things essentially, which briefly I want to speak on. One is Allah has created the soul and one is Allah has created the ego, from the medical perspective, and from the scientific perspective,

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very literally, if nothing is known about the soul, To start off, it's intangible, it is intangible, it is not visible to the naked eye. But at the same time, it's something that cannot be disputed, because the entire body is there, there's something that leaves the body and then the eyes cannot function, their hands cannot function. No organ and limb of the body can function. So it's a it's a reality that cannot be disputed. But it's nothing that men can develop around it. You know, they are in the process, they halfway through the soul. And then they planted it in laboratories or anything. They came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they asked him this question, tell us more about

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this human soul. How does it work? When does it come? When does it leave? Why does it leave? How does it leave? Who dictates when it comes when it goes as believers we believe from the hadith of Bokhari that went four months has left and the fetus in the womb of the mother. That is the time Allah since the angel and the soul of this human is now blown into him. At that time, the sustenance the lifespan and the nature of this human is is decreed. So at that very moment the soul enters, and hence even abortion takes place after four months, the crime is as equal as killing a person that is born and that is coming this world simply because we believe he is a fully formed human, and he now

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enjoys the privilege of being a human.

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So what is the soul? they asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam tell us more about the soul. Allah gave a very brief answer fully rowhome in America Bay amaravati to Minami la de la tell them that they understand in hoonah able to grasp the depth of the of the soul. They weren't able to fully understand what is the soul?

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suffice to say, it is something that comes into existence by the will of Allah. And furthermore, tell them they know very little, they shouldn't ask more. They know very that this was the answer that was given in the Quran. So this was when the delegation had come to us regarding the reality of the soul. Now with the soul, a lot of people is that has created the human ego. And the similarity given by scholars is the the soul which is the horseman and the ego is the horse. As long as the horseman dictates and he pulls the reins and he rides the horse, he will move and he will travel he will gallop and he will do what he needs to do. But if this ego dictates to the horseman and the

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horse now controls the horseman, then there's going to be chaos in this world. And this unfortunately has become the reality where today the ego is dictating as the Quran says, when a wiktor barrel Haku

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leper said that is somehow or the woman feed him. If they suppress the egos to conform what divine teachings then that in essence results in reformation. But if they suppress divine revelation

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to suit the egos then that's the definition of corruption.

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Look at the verses of the Quran, if they suppress the ego in accordance with divine implications and solicit I lower my gaze here. Now I suppress and I curtail and I kept my ego in in relation to divine dictates, then that is reformation. But if I want and I wish that, you know, there was more flexibility, and I wish Islam was more easy going with this, and this was a more flexible issue. So in other words, I'm expecting adjustment and flexibility in Divine commandments to suit my whims and fancies. I wish interest was not forbidden. I wish numbers was not compulsory. Allah says, then that's the definition of corruption. What are we?

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What will the woman feel if a school has to run with the dictates of the choices of the children, if a company has to operate as the employees say, if a house has to run as the children will feel, you can imagine the chaos that is going to lead to so basically this human ego, the human ego. Now, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says that this human ego is possibly the worst enemy you've ever met in your life

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is the worst, worst enemy you've ever met. Why? Because any other enemy, if you adopt kindness with him in the formula of the Quran, then Allah promises that enmity will be replaced by love and understanding. So Allah says, when a tester will have Sen, let's say year, nobility and sin are not the same. In fact, be let he often when somebody is harsh to you be kind to him. Obviously, it's not a simple formula. Trust me, it is easier to stand in touch throughout the night than to greet a man who snobs you a man who's snobbish, and who's arrogant and is proud and haughty, and he's got a chip on his shoulder to greet him is more painful to your ego than to spend the entire night in every

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budget. But Allah says, If you do choose to adopt this year, and you are kind to someone who's hostile, and you overlook in your pattern, then the Quran says for a levy binaca in Nevada, can no honey, Allah says it's my decree, that worst enemy of yours will be instantly converted into your friend, he will just he will just, you know, melt before your kindness. So this is the formula of converting every enmity into friendship, but the enmity with your ego.

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This is what makes the Nef so more wicked, that the more you display kindness, the more vicious it's attack, the more loyal you are, the stronger you scrub, the more faithful you are, the more nasty it's attack.

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So this is why this human ego is wicked. And like I always say if you want to measure the influence your ego has in you, the month of Ramadan is an ideal opportunity because the devil is now officially changed. So any influences you get you must convince yourself this is the condition of your ego. So all the sins you commit in Ramadan, why they do cut down considerably, but they do not become non existent. They still remain still abusing my site, I'm still losing my temper. I'm still backbiting I'm still opening oversleeping for further I'm still involved in Haram. So all the sins that are committed in Ramadan is a clear manifestation of the extent of provocation by my ego,

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simply because the devil has been changed.

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Now, this human ego, what I want to briefly touch on today, like the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that you have to suppress it and you have to control it. And this is such that there is a there is nothing that sets you rates this there is nothing that sets you rates this year. So it was thought that the day I enjoy that woman, it will give me the comfort of my life. I barely enjoyed her and my gaze went on to the next my case went on to the next after satisfying myself supposedly with 10 woman, the human kind did not rescue because the ego doesn't know enough. So now the grave said no, no, I need to as they say spice up the relation, I need to become more

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adventurous. So I decided to supposedly progress in trying to satisfy my best passion. So what we decided to go gender with gender the same gender so male with male female with female, it did not stop there. If you do not stop this, what I'm saying this is why it's your worst enemy. The more you surrender to it, the greater its attack, the more nasty it's influence.

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So then what happened was, we need that nose a bit lower happen a person decided to write and then one is you * a woman and then what an innocent child and an aged woman and it didn't stop there. He needed to perpetrate the act of insects, and he perpetrated the act of *, and nobody is allowed to settle him said if he will not stop he is Nexia. Trust me my own Mad Hatter in Canada mean human at our own mahalo Nia la kanopy own mathema Yes. Now, I warn you of a time where men will be sleeping with his own mother who gave birth to him.

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I'm telling you because this ego doesn't know you is never that

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have committed enough so now let me leave you. So you make dinner in your workout for your ego, it's not enough depression grips you, if you ready for a second thing I am with you otherwise you can suffer your depression. So, this human ego has to be curtailed, has to be suppressed has to be contained, otherwise there is no entry.

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Now, what I want to speak on today, unfortunately, our egos have become adapted to a lot of comfort. And every one of us without exception is living very soft. And this has inevitably led to such cracks in the oma and such weaknesses in the Omid that nothing can put this, this building back together in one place in one place. This such weakness in what such corrects that has come in oma, why because every one of us have become so soft and accustomed to comforts and luxuries. Our ego will not settle for any less. And let me again, seize the opportunity and ask you, my brother, that you are sending your daughter off. For Allah sake, you've taught her everything today. I mean, I

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just spoke last week as a Nika and that's the same thing that prompted me to this discussion.

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You know, I say my daughter is ready to get married, why she's got her license. She's got her own phone. She can also teach Montessori, she can also run the school. Yeah, she can run a shop, she is ready for marriage. She's got a car, she's got license, and the same thing for my son. He's ready. He's got a shop, he's running the business. He's in the dispatch. I'm afraid the foundation of marriage does not rely on this. The foundation of marriage it can he speak with respect to the new family that you will be embracing? Does he know courtesy, I have seen young couples sitting in my house if if the ground can talk it will speak to you that nevermind the disrespect to one another

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but across from the son from the boy towards his father in law and from the girl towards his or her in laws. They are speaking like as if I don't know, if you wouldn't they want to hear a person speak to any human like that. Never mind to imagine that that is the the parents of your of your partner. So what is critical is to teach them manners. And if they have become very, you know, have become very accustomed to softness and comfort, then I'm afraid to sustain that relation is very difficult. You can pamper your daughter and pamper your son as long as he is is he's in your house and she's in your house. But we don't know what fate has a hit for them. I don't know I want a good husband for

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my daughter and away but I don't know. I will I will choose for a period of time. But as time starts running out against my daughter, I will accept any boy who comes to the house. Why? Because time is running out she's going into her late 20s she's going into early 30s. Same with my son, I could sustain his comfort I could provide him but time is I don't know what fate has a hit for him. So I rather hope for the best but prepare for the worse.

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Unfortunately, we have reversed the situation we preparing for the best we prepare expecting the best. Now let's look at the harms of this comfort every one of us and that is why if you study the life of every newbie, his initial stages with difficulty adversity, the next part was comfort. Study the life of our pious predecessors. They often used to say don't study the latter part of our life will be deceived about Islam, study our initial stages, you'll know what it entails. Now look at the Prophet sallallahu wasallam holds the hand of Maha depletable.

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More with natural boom he himself has said that the most learned man in my own mind is this man of the lightning has always said we used to refer to our as a nation by himself. So his piety resemble an entire oma. In other words, we likened him to the privilege that Allah afforded to Ibrahim when Allah said in Ibrahim Akana on Latin carnita Ibrahim is an individual was an oma, we used to give that same privilege to Mahara, the Allahu anhu. It is noteworthy that when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam separates from wa It's the final moments. He is speaking to a man who has been given the confirmation of entry into gender. He is speaking to a man who him by himself admits to be the most

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learned in his oma. He also tells him more that's our last meeting we won't see again. Let me leave you with my last words he was on for in Alba de la la So Bill mattina. You mean mas if I may sum up everything for you. Try and distance yourself from absolute comfort in luxuries. Allah spy Your servants have nothing to do with that. If I might sum it up for you all, I'm afraid a child growing up. I'll tell you now from Quran, who at the age of eight is driving a four wheeler valued at 25,000 and who has an exclusive phone in his pocket, who attends a school where 1000s of rands have been spent. I'm afraid the temperament of this boy has become very, very sucked in life is not this life

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is not this year. By is it was Tommy Rahmatullah. They said that fear own claims did

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When it because he was never sick, he looked for sanctuaries. He said I swear by Allah if Allah had to only give that man a headache once in his life just a headache, no, no, no serious cancer, one headache, he would have never claimed divinity. The result of his claim was perpetual effluence. The result of is Eric what you got it in order this a mistake? Isn't he doesn't need this. Yep, it is. Now the ego is not going to stop. You gave him one pious person. Someone presented him a platter of beautiful food. He said, No, no, exactly. You can go ahead. He says no, I'm off. He said I will take it my brother tomorrow. My ego one's better Will you provide it? Tomorrow? My ego doesn't want this.

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You want something better? Will you give it to me? Now it's important that we discipline ourselves.

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And for this I wish to put on record that we understand that olalia was synonyms. Poverty was self pocketed. He wanted to create the discipline on himself. So he had the choices of effluence without being denied the privileges of prophethood. But he said no, no, no, this ego needs to be disciplined. Or judo. Yama, Yama, jabril. Tell me Allah one day he was sitting and he said today I had nothing. My wife had nothing named none of my wife. None of my children and my grandchildren. gibreel amin came down with him another angel came nazzer lahmacun. One angel came down lemon zillman Pablo, he never appeared before. He said in Naropa casa mia calama Mohamed Salah, some Allah

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has heard what you've said, and Allah. Allah has reacted, Allah has reacted and responded. And Allah has sent me and I'm the first time descending on this earth with the keys of the treasures of the entire world. You decide and it's yours. At that time the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No, no, no, I just made mention of this year, but I want to discipline myself. A Jew Yama, Yama, ma. And as part of disciplining myself, I want to eat one day and stay hungry one day. So I opt for this my dad used to often tell us, you dress in the appearance of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. You You walk like him, you talk like him. That may also tell you sleeping the night on a hungry stomach, and

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spending the day on a hungry stomach is also his son nuts. Have you ever tried and revived Epson to discipline yourself? Today brothers

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without withholding certain comforts from our children? I'm afraid we are not doing the best moves for that child. The child is growing up so we know when you deny a child a certain comfort, it's going to pain him and let me tell you sometimes it's going to pain you more than it pains him but that's the challenge and that's the system. nurturing cannot happen without withholding because that is our Lord dealing with his profits and rest assure if it hurts you when you have withheld from your child they can you imagine how much it hurts Allah when he withheld from his profits? Because you cannot love your child as much as my Allah love his Nabhi so it cannot pay in use on but that's

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the challenge. So you tell the child This is the last forget about your phone. In two hours time is playing with two phones, your phone and your wife's phone. No no Nevermind. You know what you come in intervene. Let me explain to you that this nuts has to be treated, and we have become so weak. That's what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said kafer become a de facto currency for Latin, Rafi for Latin okra, oh my Sahaba what will happen when such wealth will come your way that when you will have a uniform in an outfit for the morning, one for the afternoon, one for the evening, one before the occasion one after the occasion. Now first, let's reflect over the level of submission of the

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Sahaba you're addressing a congregation who are living in abject poverty for them to digest this prophecy itself is a miracle. Because you speak into people who don't have clock to cover the dead body, and you're up for prophesizing an error where every man will have outfits per occasion. When wasabia Omar passed away who was the most well dressed most well cleared youth there wasn't sufficient cloth to cover his entire body. And the prophet SAW said okay, use the equipment for his head and use the leaf for his leg. And I heard one of my scholars say that that wasn't enough for him and equally none of the other Sahaba had if anybody else had they would provide the clock. So

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you speak into a congregation who's living in abject poverty and you prophesizing an error. I mean today if you you do it to your child, and he comes and asked you for for one brand and you say I don't have but inshallah one day my son will be driving your own Volvo

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What is my father talking? Who is he referring to? savasana Viola will this time come? Yes, sir only be open. doesn't doesn't end the case will be come.

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What will happen to you? We've been entertained.

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Before one letter will be brought the next one will be looked at. What's your take home comma to start with and you will decorate your house and every room like how Alaska is decorated

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What are you clear on narrowing the common hopes and you will have such a variety when you sit down and get the words of nearly some. Really today you can open the books of Hadith and take up one one prophecy and just reaffirm your faith might never be said 1400 years ago we are the living people to witness what he had prophesized. Read every Hadith and revive your faith that if every prophecy and admits to the fact that what the prophets of Allah Islam has said he stated before us, so they said only be over low and that will happen life will be so much easier the little redoing we won't have to do that. Then he took a deep sigh and he said no, no, no, no, listen to me and Tamil Yama, hey, I

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swear by Allah you are better off today. Why don't we have a law that day, you will have everything. Today you are thirsty for water and it's not available that day everything will be found but you will be thirsty for the blood of your brother.

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Today you have nothing to eat, but you are conscious of our last name in the beginning and the ending. When you say run now in the cumin hopes you will have so much food and the argument will be on the varieties and the delicacies will forget to take a last name in the beginning and in the ending. So this is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Antonio Mamata are born today you are united That day you will be just united.

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So because of the constant conference in the privileges that we have become accustomed to, we have become accustomed which is when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came home. And he found that his bidding was double folded. So he asked Ayesha, what's this? She said, No, no, it's very cool. So I thought I will just make it a bit more soft. She said. He said, Ayesha, don't you know that additional comfort stands in the way of

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the additional comfort becomes an obstacle in the way you move this away? When one Ansari woman came home and she seen the bedding and she found it to be very simple. And she went and she she couldn't handle it did my baby so softened my baby's baby so hot. So she compelled Ayesha to accept the bid on behalf of neurophysiological cillum. So he came in, he put it there, she put it when the recession came you seen the bid was difference that I saw was this. She said it's not me. It was a faithful female Almighty that had come she broke down into tears when she seen the condition of your bed. And she said that you must accept this humble gift. You know as just a token from her side, the

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professor said Rudy he I shot for Allah healer in Chateau La Jolla will never be wealthy, I shall return it. If I wanted Allah could make these mountains into gold and silver. Now let me tell you what I'm saying is brothers. Allah speaks about I that I recited before you on the day of Tiamat, Allah will line up everybody who was ascribed against the law. So it is our belief the Quran says that Lisa will be brought up before a lot and the likes of Lisa who are worshipped and people considered him to be the ultimate Savior. Allah has been lined them up and Allah will call all those who worship them. And Allah will address these suppose that you know people that will worship and

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Allah will address this Ali Salaam and whoever else, Allah will say unto you by the law,

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or was it? Did you invite to your worship? Did you go around say worship Me salute me on me, and I'm the ultimate beam, they will respond by saying Paulo Subhana kumbhakarna and battilana and Nikita min. Doric, Allah, we will never dare consider anybody to be a deity besides you, when we won't do it ourselves. We will we advocated to others. But if you want to know the underlying reason of the deviation, while on top of Allah, you gave them too much comfort. And it was the arrogance of the effluence that resulted in the deviation, Allah they were sitting too soft. They had it all found, nothing went wrong in his life. So it gave him guts to go more wrong. It gave him provocation to go

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deeper into that wrong. Now, let me leave you with a very brief incident has spoken about it. When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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was asked by the delegation regarding

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the reality of the soul and regarding the reality of the Seven Sleepers in regard regarding the reality of the men who traveled the east and the west, the provinces and said I'll tell it to you tomorrow, I'll tell it to you tomorrow. And he did not say insha Allah, and Allah wanted to instill the value of inshallah in his Navy, and this can only become by withholding certain privileges. So you want morals to grow in your child? My brother in today? Today is not denying him necessities. Today's denying will mean you won't eat out in the weekend, which I don't maybe constitutes denial.

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I don't know if it constant but then again, are you ready? Because that will mean even you can eat out.

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Now I tell you how it happens. So the Prophet says and said you come to me tomorrow, the next day he comes. The Prophet says he's got no answer. And and more painful was that they had made this the basis of his profit words. If you answered this, you're a profit if not, you're not a prophet. So he comes the proper system is silent. He's uncomfortable, because now these people are going to get latched on to this and say I'm not a prophet. He's waiting for gibril nothing comes down. In the interim. someone passes and nasty remark divita

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Buhari day goes if you see he's, he's devil has deserted him. Those are the words of Buhari referring to gibreel and Allah. Now you change your child outside and you tell him nothing. He goes outside his friend told him you melt down before that okay come inside my baby and rest assure what pain goes through your heart is nothing What went through Allah used to be but Allah made the principle known you don't teach without withholding. It doesn't happen Otherwise, the child will, how will you be sauce and learn the value of inshallah until that which is most valuable to him, which is revelation, one mana.

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I can't like and his passion to Revelation like your child's passion for anything, because you don't know what passion he had for revelation. So what it cost him and what he paid him by not even revelation Words cannot describe it. Not one day, not two days, not three days, not 40 days, no revelation, and at times in one day gibreel used to dissent 10 times and when Allah withheld it, and in the interim, the nasty remarks once it is Lord has deserted him he is left now. But Allah said mine, Debbie has to learn that whenever he speaks, inshallah must be said. Now what I'm saying is brothers, there is a definite need that we start withholding privileges. And again, I'm not saying

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withhold it and give it to me. Keep it for yourself in the interest of your child. Otherwise the life I had is very difficult will sustain. You know, every parent knows the children are different. This child must be patient with him. Yeah, this one's temperament is different. But you will walk him you will hold him to walk as long as you there. The life I had only Allah knows how he's going to walk. And then when he cannot walk and I'm afraid he becomes suicidal over the most petty problem in life, because he did not handle stress in his life. He did not see sickness in the nature of this life. What the poet said race mostly run in shape on what I said on the feet dunya minakami dunya

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capital Amazon Yama, Corona, la Taka with dunya Pilla, hummy love, wealthy on the poor love healthy, all of sick. This world is inseparable from calamities. It's inseparable every man's calamity is different. cutting a long story short after 30 days after 40 days at large and send revelation and then Allah you call your child after but first you let him learn, let him feel let him understand. After 40 days, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam adopted measures to discipline himself, he decided because to control his own ego to bring it under control. Imagine if he adopted that. And hence his poverty was self serve choice. It was a choice of his own. He said my ego needs to learn

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one day hunger one day food so when I eat I can be grateful otherwise this ego doesn't know gratitude.

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And today it is just satisfying and surrendering. After 40 days, Allison revelation, then Allah, look at the tone of Allah, Allah Taku Donnelly say in Neva, Ellen's Anika lesson minor be what was done, not because we just like you, but we needed to tell you that in future when you make a commitment, you must say in sha Allah with regards to the nasty remarks which hurt you and hurt us more than it hurt you with regards to the nasty remarks during the interval where revelation was withheld not to penalize you but just to discipline you're never he's never been allies. And maybe he's never punished but discipline. You know, in English, they say you have to be cruel to be kind.

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Ma what Da Capo kawamata law if you can understand and fathom the love, Allah transmits in this verse, I can't really translate it. Allah says I haven't left you and I'll never forsake you. Nevermind abandon your wellness. So for your key current book, have a thought about I know this integral had caused you pain, but I'm convinced the message has been taken. I'm convinced the importance of insha Allah has been understood. I promise now to give you so much reward on your patience and the little discomfort that you experience. A mother when she disciplines her child and the child cries she's burning in her heart Let her go on the muscle and cry and let my child learn

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the right thing. I let my child learn what is correct. He was he was rude and he snapped somewhat let him cry. It hurts me but rather he cries now then in life I cry rather he learns it. Allah says what so for you it kind of bukata I will give you so much reward that you will be convinced what I did was motivated by my love for you and nothing else I will give you you know you call the child you pamper the child even more but the child has learned the lesson we make dua to the Almighty Allah that He guided us to come to me salon isms drop, every person makes law for his child like if my child everything and we don't even attach conditions. Is that a long match? I'll respond to

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Mohammed in Kuta Allah don't give my Fatima more than that which keeps her alive. Hi, today that's a curse today if I make that while I'm cursing my children, but my inner being who understood the definition of kindness said Allah don't give my children more than what keeps them alive and keep them obligated. That little that keeps them turned into you is better than effluent that takes them away from you. Like granted understanding that we suppress this ego we curtail this ego

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we suppress it. Remember in my opening remarks it is the worst enemy. And that is exactly what the Quran said. moosari salat wa sallam told Allah in the verses of the Quran robina in Nakata. It's of your own oma Rosina, Allah, if you allow me to talk, I'll talk unless I thought said Allah, you gave this men too much, Allah you gave him too much. This man only has health, wealth, comfort fame, Allah you see this, it's my word, he will believe in your oneness. And Allah only sees one when he was thrown in only health when his empire state only health when and at that time, he confessed that Allah is the bane but unless it was too late, so this effluence needs to be controlled. If it comes

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at the right time, by all means, save now Omar used to cry when, when the wealth came when wealth came into Medina, he started crying. He said, it's time to be happy not to cry. He said, Don't you know the side effects of wealth? You know what he said to find a prince? Do you know? He said no, I don't know. He said whenever this became the lock of a nation it didn't leave them till it didn't just unite them. It means never came to a nation without just dividing them. That has been part of the package of wealth. effluence arrogance has been part of it. May Allah give us the ability we control our nerves, and we remain the horsemen. So we dictate to the horse when to eat, what to eat,

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where to write, when to sit in a stable, but if that horse dictates to the horsemen that now I will right now you will write me and now I will said there will be chaos in dystonia, like Manchester, understanding

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