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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of trusting Islam and not giving up on one's future. They stress the need to be strong and not anxious to change in the future. The speaker also warns of the danger of losing everything and not knowing what will happen in the future.
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How can I get rid of the whisper of the ship on when the ship on makes me

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anxious, anxious in worry about the future?

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First of all, I would like to cite since you know under humanize This is the ship on whispering to you, you know the ship on doesn't want any good for you

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I say upon

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I do want to be in Allah said in the Quran a clear enemy for the human being he never wish you good. So if you know that this thoughts are from the ship or not from Allah, you know that it is from your enemy and your enemy would never advise you to do what is good as number one. Number two, you know what if the ship bond make you fear from the future? I'll tell you what determine your future would determine your future What are you doing now? If you now worry if you now scare if you are now? I don't know? What do you what do you what do you will do if you're now doing nothing, the future will be the same. But if you now strong, if you now busy doing the right things, if you now have this

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imagine and trust in Allah subhanaw taala the future will continue the same way. So that will really will determine how basically tomorrow will be tomorrow is based on today. And what's ironic is today not necessarily to be best in one yes what is happened yesterday because you can change yourself in any moment. So change yourself now be strong and the future will be good for you. Remember Allah Subhana Allah said, I will meet your expectation. Who owns the future? Allah? What do you expect from Allah good or bad? We as Muslim know that Allah and bottle of Rahim Latif and we'll do it a Salaam and movement, that all these Beautiful Names of Allah Subhana Allah which shows that the

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nature of God that he the source of all goodness, isn't that enough for you to be very optimistic about tomorrow? Knowing that Allah is Al Jabbar Mohammed Al Aziz al Jabbar al Motta Kabir, who are a coalition Kadir that he is Shaheed he is the witness over everything that will who control everything, the one who owns everything, the one who basically know it, nothing can stop his power or well from happening. If you know that how can you trust him? How can you know if you know I lost my data how you wouldn't be feeling so safe about the future.

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Don't let the champagne make you scared of tomorrow. Because I will tell you the only thing you're going to get about being scared and anxious and worried about tomorrow. This will not ever make tomorrow better. Or tomorrow strong. The only thing this will do it will empty you today. Your today from it's a strength

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the worry about tomorrow will only empties today from its strength and it will not fix the future. What will fix the future if you strong if you're a man is strong. And Allah subhanho wa tada it as empty fatawa can Allah when you determine something, have trust in the last matter? do your due diligence, do your homework. Look at calculate your matters properly than half trust and almost without a move forward. Yeah, they can tie your camel and relies on the last panel with Don May Allah Subhana Allah bless you and make your future better than your past.

Shaytaan always wants what is not good for us. How can one deal with the whispers of shaytaan that leads to worrying about one’s future?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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