Stop the abuse against your wife, student or employee. Don’t have a vindictive attitude.

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Law kind of wraps up the discussion on this note that oh man, if you find that your spouse is compliant, and she's an obliging spouse, then don't have a vindictive attitude. You just want to take revenge. You just want to get back for in Atlanta come fella, Elena sebelah she's compliant. Now you don't go searching for a fault. Now see what hockeyville oma rights fee is the model f tr li fi CR Sati Manta who be a avara fee, Sybil Eva, a moron, laser surburban film noir theory. We're in nama who will bow Neff sunny.

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This is condemns any and every such move, where Allah has put someone in your trust. That woman is in your trust, Fear Allah, that child is in your trust, Fear Allah, that employee is in your trust, Fear Allah, or in nama who will.

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You have a personal agenda against someone, you want to lay him off, you want to dismiss him, you want to expel him, you want to terminate the services, you want to divorce, you want to end there is no grounds. You start looking for a ground, you start looking now he's like, there's no she's like this year. Now they like this. Allah forbid, this is happening in our religious institutions. Leave the rest. It's your personal agenda. It's your own rage and anger. So now you look in but now see what this call is right? In Allah Hakuna allien Allah ends it by saying he's exalted. Now this is a principle of the fear that the attributes of Allah the translation remains the same, but the

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connotations apply in the context. So Allah said don't abuse the position in which you are because I have a million times more authority over you.

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In Allah Hakuna allien my brother if you've abused that woman, my employer if you've abused that employee and vice versa, some employees are abusing the employer, taking them to the cleaners taking them to this. It's a relation of trust. Don't cause pain to people.