Riyadul Haqq – Worldliness & Ingratitude A Tafsir Of Surat Ul Adiyat

Allah has bestowed upon man higher intellect than any of his creation. The commentary of this surah draws attention to a beast that becomes totally subservient, servile and compliant to his master only because he shows a few favors towards it. Despite mans understanding, whilst being blessed with innumerable and immeasurable favors, he remains extremely ungrateful to his lord. Man is never satisfied and is forever complaining.

The insatiable greed for wealth corrupts the mind and character and leads to the disobedience of the creator. We are reminded to always prepare and think ahead for the hereafter. One should ponder and reflect on the purpose of life and remember that one will have to rise from the grave and account for his deeds before his lord. His pursuits in the world will all be terminated.

These notions will help eradicate all ailments of the heart and make a person more grateful, satisfied and obedient to his creator.