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Then I started thinking about China and I thought about the the modern day Inquisition and I wanted to get that's happening against the Muslims there in China, where they have these camps where they have like 2 million innocent human beings. I know if it's not Noah's Ark, it's somebodies Ark. And what to do there? Well, it's not because I question is because I challenge it. Did the Muslims pay you? Pardon? Did the Muslims pay you?

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I go to the sources themselves, the people I'm criticizing, I go to their books, to their documents to their records. I get their statements were in most of them talk quite frankly, about it. And she said, You know, I'm part of the team that was working with your biography. She said, Are you aware that you're the center of a big controversy among the editors at Wikipedia? I said, Who me?

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Are you doing Mr. Griffin? Well, I'm doing well. So you're a author, filmmaker, and I got turned out to you. years ago, when I watched a film that I recommend everybody watch. It's called the truth about cancer global quest. And you are in that film. That's a documentary with Ty Ballinger. You remember that? I do. You're also known for in your filmmaking industry, a I believe it was called a world without cancer.

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Right, I produced that little very low budget documentary. Back in the days when people were using film strips. So that was produced as a film strip. Then later, we digitized it. And it is now it's played as though it's video but nothing moves. in it. It's just a bunch of still pictures, with a narration behind it. So tell us what else did I miss? Tell us. Anything else you'd like to share with our audience? about yourself? Well, no, nothing. I'm talking about the books I've written. I guess the the one that's had the biggest play is the creature from Jekyll Island. A second look at the Federal Reserve. Before I get into health, cancer, and some of these other things that you'd

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like to talk about with your show. I also noticed you talk about a lot about communism and socialism.

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Yeah, what is it? Are these terms you mentioned? Can you define these terms and help educate our audience now, on these when you use them interchangeably? Are they just synonymous? synonymously? Are they just the same thing?

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They're not exactly the same thing. On the surface, they're quite different. By the way, are we on the show now? Yes, we are. Yes. We were just reading up to it. Yeah. So I have to be have to be more articulate than I say, I have to slow down and think my, my thoughts through before I start talking. So yeah.

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communism, socialism, fascism, Nazi ism. Left wing, right wing, Republican, Democrat,

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progressive, liberal, conservative, and what are the What do these words mean? And they have internal meanings to those of us who use them. But you can pretty well, when the bar bed by betting on the fact that nobody else will agree with your definition, because it's highly internalized. And there's a lot of emotion involved. Pretty much in terms of what well, this is what I believe in, I think I've been called a, let's say, I've been called a liberal or a conservative. So I guess I'm a conservative, but this is what I believe. So and that's internal, and it's different from one person to the next. And to cut to the short chase on this, I found out back in the 1960s. When I started to

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do research on this, I was a young guy climbing the corporate ladder. I wasn't didn't care much about ideology, or world affairs, and but I got intrigued. And that's another story. But I suddenly decided to start checking into some of these deeper topics. And I, you know, I hung out at the communist bookstore, I went down there to see what they had to say, I was curious. And I, they tried to recruit me, you know, they got me into study groups. And, and I was serious. I wasn't serious about becoming a communist, but I wanted to know, what these people believed. So I went to the study groups, I bought a lot of their books. And I actually read them. And I found out very quickly that a

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lot of the guys down there that were and gals, they talked about these books, but they've never read them. And so all of a sudden, I found myself as the expert in this group I because well as Griffin, he's, he's read them, you know, all of the volume, not all of the volumes of Vladimir Lenin and that guy either written

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10s of 1000s of pages worth of essays and so forth. But I've read a lot of them and I've read

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Karl Marx, you know, the Communist Manifesto and gas caught the towel. And then so I got a pretty good idea what that was all about. And I was curious, I started reading some of the stuff from the Nazis as I read, you know, mine comp.

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And I read stop it Mussolini wrote he didn't write a lot, but isn't enough to, to see it. And then I read my Aleksei tongue and, and then I read Franklin Delano Roosevelt and reading everybody. And to make a long story short,

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we got to the point where I, I suddenly realize, you know, this is all the same stuff. These people actually believe the same thing. Except they they oppose each other. Of course, they fight wars against each other, the communists versus the Nazis in World War Two, what was that about? I thought it was because they were, they were enemies over what they believed in, but no, I found that they believed exactly the same thing. In fact, the Nazi Party is the is the National Socialist Party. That's what Nazi stands for, is the abbreviation of national socialism. And, and they, a lot of the people who were Nazis

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went over and became communists. And a lot of the people who were communists went over and became Nazis, they could move back and forth, and have virtually no disagreement on anything of principle, the only thing they really disagreed on is who was going to win, who's gonna, who was going to have control over the territory, who was going to be the ruler. So it was a it was a question of power, and not ideals. And, boy, when that hit me, I started to take notes, as to what, what were the essential elements of this thing that they believed in, and I found out that there's a word for it, it's called collectivism. And all these word socialism, Congress, fascist blah, blah, blah, blah,

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just variants of the word,

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collectivism. And the the constructive opposite of collectivism is individualism. And I found out too, that prior to World War Two, those words were pretty well known that people use those words back in the day, I could get hold of some of these old books, went back some of the old newspapers and magazines, and the word collectivism and individualism was, was a common word, and educated people knew what it meant. But after World War Two, the word disappeared. And when I went to school, even through the university, I never heard the words, and I didn't know what they were until I started to discover them in these old books. So having said all of that, I think it's important, at

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least for me, it seems very important to recognize that most of the conflict, political conflict out there in the world, including in our own little world, like here, in the United States, we have fight like the devil to see who's gonna, who's gonna get, you know, control of Congress, the Democrats, or the republicans or the left wing versus the right wing, the conservatives versus the liberals. And I discovered the heck, both of those groups essentially believe the same thing. And we were fighting over a non choice, we were given a non choice, like even today, no point getting too close to the present, because then you start stepping on people's toes, you're talking about people

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who are their current heroes, he can talk about the dead guys. But no, you're talking about somebody you voted for in your lifetime, all of a sudden, the peoples come to the defense, and so forth. But yeah, we're basically given a choice in our modern world of what do we want to be a communist or a Nazi? Now, choose up sides. And whenever it comes to the point where said, Wait, I don't want either one of those, but you don't have a choice. Those are the two sides. And you have to, that's why people today,

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in politics today, do not vote for a candidate. Generally. They don't like anybody, but they vote against somebody that typically you hear, oh, I really don't like him at all, or her. But I hate the other guy. And so I'm going to vote for the lesser of two evils. And see, that's the game. That's the that's the grilled game of world politics today, you're always given a choice of what you think is the lesser of two evils. But they're basically the same evil. So I come back with a shorthand version of the answer to your question, and that is that I see this left wing, this left, right paradigm, as the analogy would be a left wing, and a right wing on the same ugly bird called

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collectivism. And we've got to get out of this, this idea that we have to choose one or the other, because they're essentially the same. That's why we lose all the time. That's why this country is can genuinely been moving toward collectivism toward totalitarianism control from the top. we've, we've lost a country where, where our leaders were supposed to serve the people. Now it's the people are supposed to serve the leaders. As long as the leaders tell them, It's for your own good. It's for the greater good of society. It's for the greater good, of the greater number. And then we're supposed to all Yeah, okay, we're gonna do this. We're going to do give up our freedom, give up our

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liberty because it's the greater good, we're going to fight terrorism or we're going to fight

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a bad day.

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Make, we're going to fight climate change, we're always going to fight something as for the greater good for the greater number of society. But in every step, no matter where you look, in any of these crises, the solution that we are given the choice of is we have to give up our liberties, and pay more taxes, and be more subservient, and do what we're told. And that is the trick. If you can see that, then all of these, these propaganda efforts just disappear because you know exactly what they're trying to do to you.

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Before I go into talking to you about the history, a very interesting, interesting history that you write about, you talk about, and like I said, Before, I got turned out to buy that documentary, the truth about cancer, a global quest. But then I saw some of the other things that you've spoken about. So I just want to touch upon that. I heard about you talking about communism, socialism, and how they're all the same. Then I started thinking about China and I thought about the the modern day Inquisition and I wanted to get that's happening against the Muslims there in China, where they have these camps where they have like 2 million innocent human beings. I just wanted to get your your

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thoughts on that. What do you think, you know, that's, would China be classified? That's a communist country? Is that right? Oh, absolutely. They're very proud of that they are they're self proclaimed Marxist, Leninist, and communists? So it's not, it's not the fact that we're calling them a name or something? Because that's what they call themselves. Yeah. Are you familiar with what's what's going on with the ogre with the Muslim ogres? there? Yeah, I think I'm fairly familiar. Well, I you see that that, again, is not so unusual, because communism, and fascism and any other form of collectivism demands total subservience to the state. So that means there's no room in a

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collectivist society, no matter what they call themselves, communist, Nazi or whatever. There's no room in such a society, for religion, any religion, it's not just the Muslims, or the Christians, or the Jews, or somebody, there's no room for religion of any kind. Because when you have religion, people have a loyalty to another set of ideals and, and they look to their religious leaders, and they look to their holy books into their spiritual values, for solutions to problems. The state does not tolerate that. You're supposed to be completely subservient to the state, the state becomes the God, and you have to worship the state. So yes, we're at the moment that the Chinese are

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persecuting, and virtually that trying to either brainwash, first get them away from their religious beliefs, or destroy them. And they did the same thing with Christians. And they will do that with any religion. So it's not it's not really a question of which religion it is, we have to understand that any, any theology of any kind, other than theology of that the state is the great God. And we should worship the people and worshiping us ourselves in order to get that mind twisting kind of stuff, because they, they've been told that the state is them. But it's not. It's the rulers, and they're supposed to be content with the idea that well, they voted for somebody, therefore, it must

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be okay. Now, when people go, and I'm sure they will look up your name, for those who aren't familiar with you, it talks about filmmaker author, but then they throw a word in there that really confuses some people and throw some people off. Do you know what that word is? Of course? Yeah, it's the word they throw at anybody they wanted, or one of the words they throw? Yeah, I'm supposed to be a conspiracy theorist. And Wikipedia threw that on me some, some years ago. By the way, I've never put anything up in Wikipedia, but myself, people, other people had, and I didn't even know was up for quite a while. And then how about that? I'm on Wikipedia. And then one day, somebody said, You

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know what? They're calling you on Wikipedia. I didn't know what conspiracy theorist so I looked at, sure enough, that's where it was, when they make a long story short, yeah, I had no control over that. The fact of the matter is, and this is a little side story, one of the editors of Wikipedia, editors, called me one day, introduced herself. And,

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and she said, You know, I'm part of the team that was working with your biography. She said, Are you aware that you're the center of a big controversy among the editors at Wikipedia? I said, Who? Me? No. And she said, Yeah, she says, I am one of others. She said, there's this group of us that we read what they said about you, and we thought, well, this guy is you know, he's, he's terrible. He's a conspiracy theorist. He's got all these he's incorrect theories, and he's probably a racist and so forth. And she said, but I, I started to do some research and she's I read your books, a couple of them. And she said, No, you're not any of those guys have left. Thank you for that. I know I'm not.

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And she said. So we objected that we tried to change the narrative and from above, she

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said I was threatened this Shut up, or they're going to take me off of my post. And she said, there are some people there at Wikipedia who, who actually devote their lives to dominate the opinions of the editors. And you don't normally get to be an editor, even if you show any kind of open mindedness to this sort of thing. So I asked her to write a book, and she said, someday she will after she retires or something when I could hardly wait. But anyway, so yeah, yeah, I understand. And, by the way, that the reason in that case, why they labeled me as a conspiracy theorist is because not at my political beliefs, but because of my advocacy of alternative medicine or natural

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based medicine, as opposed to pharmaceutical based medicine. Because I have learned that the pharmaceutical companies, and this is not just the pharmaceutical companies, by the way, all the big corporations of the world,

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all of them, I can think I can, I think that's a fairly safe thing to say.

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They have, they have people who are on the payroll who do nothing but monitor any comments that deal with their corporation or the industry in which they're involved.

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And they're actually on the payroll to monitor that. So the minute something comes on, that is favorable to their reputation, or to the acceptance of their product, these guys go in there, and they change it, because they're editors now. And of course, they don't get paid by Wikipedia, but they get paid by the corporations, which they're not supposed to be, but it's all sort of under the table. So

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anybody who criticizes the pharmaceutical industry in any way, or criticize not just the industry, but their products, like anybody who would criticize vaccines today is immediately immediately within probably three minutes or less, somebody has picked it up their comment, and they're in their Wikipedia listing, they will become a conspiracy theorist and say, automatically, and you have no control over it.

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There's nothing you can do about it, or at least at present, because the the Wikipedia has earned a reputation of being the, you know, the voice of authority and unbiased, it's anything but unbiased, totally biased. And if we're talking about mathematics, or something, maybe you could trust what it says, but anything to do with profit and loss, like an industry and health and politics, where, you know, the big issues, money and power.

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The the players who have a large stake in money and power, are, are actually controlling on everything about that in Wikipedia and other sources as well. in there, it also mentions 911 truth, or is that because you question the official narrative and story of nine 911? Well, it's not because I question is because I challenge it. I mean, it's no, I go much further than questioning and I, I don't want to *foot around with it. It's to me, it's a totally, totally absurd. I mean, it's, it's like so many things, once you once you really open your eyes and start looking objectively, you have no axe to grind, you're not protecting, I don't get make any money for taking this position.

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The fact that it hurts me a lot. I mean, people think I'm crazy and so forth. Why would you want to take a position like that, when you don't benefit from it? If everything goes against you, the Muslims pay you? Fine. Did the Muslims pay you?

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Well, no, because they're trying, they're trying to they tried to blame Islam and Muslims. So you know, now the truth is coming coming out. And now and you know, and people are being labeled. So they might say, you know, maybe you're on the Muslims payroll now. No, no.

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I'm one of those. I'm one of those unemployed people called self employed. self employed. Yeah. Yeah. So go ahead. I'm sorry. Well, I just that's it. I just wanted to make it clear.

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That Yeah, people have a lot to lose by doing this. Why do they do it? Well, it's because they can't help it. It's the truth. I mean, we feel some of us just have this Crusader

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gene that starts to vibrate. And we think what but that's not true. That's not right. Now we could be wrong, I am the first to recognize that. Not only could I be wrong, but I probably am wrong on some things. I will I found out as I get older, and I'm quite old now that I've changed my position on numerous things that I felt that I was correct on and when I was a young man, so I'm not saying that I or anybody and, and who reads my stuff and likes what I write about saying it, you know, this is not doctrine. It's just that this is what we believe and if we see something that's wrong, and harmful to the human race, it was gonna, if it's going to steal their, their, their livelihood, it's

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going to make them subservient to the state, turn them into slaves and ruin their health or something like that. We get kind of ticked off by it.

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We can't help it, we just say, wait a minute, wait a minute, I want to challenge that. And of course, then all the big guns are turned on you and all of a sudden, the bullets are whizzing by and you're called a conspiracy theorist or racist to communist and Nazi, all this anything that cheat a liar, a murderer, throw anything at you. And unfortunately, a large number of the population will say, Gee, I read it in Wikipedia. That must be true.

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That's really interesting. So I commend you. I mean, many people, they pretty much just follow the mainstream narrative. But you went above and beyond and you research and you quite, you know, not just like you said, questioned, you actually start to what, speak out? Or is there? Yeah, this is what I found. Attention, everybody, look, what I found, you know, this is important, it affects you, and your life, your future, your freedom. And, you know, so that's why I have been nervous. Got into this, which was, quite by accident, I was already a young guy, I was climbing the corporate ladder had no interest in any of these things. And then I just started to have my eyes open. Yeah. So

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finishing up on the 911. To us, it's also very sensitive, because, you know, that year rolls around the slogan never forget. And we became as Muslims, you know, professional condemns, we're always condemning these acts, you know, Islam doesn't teach it, you know,

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people might take a fringe element to do something just like in any religion, and they try to prompt them up as if they're, you know, the ones that the exemplary example of that way of life. But this is what was the catalyst for much of the wars that were perpetuated, you know, the fear and division. And it was this event that happened. And now just, it's nice to hear people. And then you have so many architects and engineers and others who are coming out, you know, and speaking out, like you are so committed, yes. Well, and it's not because we have any axe to grind, believe me. I mean, everybody in the world recognizes that 911 was a horrendous event. And But the real question

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is, yeah, who did it? And what were their motives? Now, that gets murky? Because

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it means you have to be open minded to consider some facts that you're not going to like to hear. And if you close your mind, the minute you suspect that the fact is unpleasant, well, then you, you're not very smart, because that means you'll never learn anything. Because in order to learn something, usually you have to replace some ideas of knowledge that are not correct. I mean, I've done that a lot in my life. I remember, back in the early days, in the 60s, when I caught fire on all this,

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I was so, so inflamed with the idea that you have to fight communism. And by the way, I haven't changed my position on that a bit. But I didn't realize I didn't realize that. While we were so busy fighting communism back in the Stalin's day, and back in the days

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when communism was more out in the open as to what it represented, because we have a lot of defectors coming out from the Soviet Union. And I met some of these defectors and what is communism? communism, has taken over the world, look at another country goes to communism, I didn't realize that, here in the United States, in the name of fighting communism, we were creating essentially the same thing under another name. We called it anti communism. And I didn't, didn't realize in those days that there was that there, this business of the right wing and the left wing, were really the same. So basically, when we, when we got into World War One, even before that, we started to adapt

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totalitarian measures at home. We were asking people to give up their liberties because we were at war. And we had to fight totalitarianism overseas. And in the name of fighting totalitarianism overseas. We were becoming totalitarian at home. And, and I didn't see that. And if somebody had said that to me, I would have already What are you a commie or something, you know, like that knee jerk reaction? And, but no, then I got to realize, Oh, my gosh, I had been fooled are not necessarily fooled. I just didn't see it. That's all. So yeah, we have to be willing to challenge our own beliefs. And not that we're gonna change our mind easily. But who knows? facts are facts.

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And if you're not willing to look at the facts here, you're gonna make some terrible mistakes. Just one more on this term conspiracy theories. When was this Do you know when this actually was coined, and the motive behind that?

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I don't really know. I've heard different versions of that. And I've never researched it myself. But I've been told that it was a phrase that was developed in the, in the psycho psychological laboratories at the CIA, or one of the maybe one of the other national, so called security agencies, but was designed I've heard this I can't show you the doctor.

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But it sounds logical that they they came up with words that they could use to neutralize their, you know, opposition, and his name calling basically, and that you call people enough nasty names. And if you hear it coming from multiple sources over a long enough period of time, the average person is gonna think, hmm, you know, where there's where there's smoke, there's fire, or something like that, you know, that must be true, because I keep hearing it. And so but the short answer is, I don't really know where it was coined, but I suspect it was coined by are the enemies of freedom.

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Now moving on, for most of your work, I, I see that you really make sure that you're quoting the right sources, that you're really academic in your research. So because you don't want to take any shortcuts and just not hearsay. So like when we talk about now, this history that you share, about the very interesting history. Can you take us back to how the kind of the story of the beginnings of the, the medical institution that we have today that you talk about?

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Yeah, actually, I can. That's one of the areas I did do some serious research on, when I was writing my book world without cancer, because you can't, you can't really deal effectively with an issue of

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disease. Why is a disease spreading in a time when we have modern science? And when we're spending so much money, and that was a question that came up? Here we are had the war on cancer in the United States was spending more money on finding a cure for cancer than all the rest of the nations of the world combined manner and millions and millions of dollars going out to research and studies and so forth. And yet, the rate of cancer continued to climb. And all we got to the point where it was worse in the United States than anyplace else in the world. In spite of all this money being spent, now I should have been smart enough to recognize the wisdom of that all saying follow the money. You

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know, the more money that's being spent on something it could, it should raise your awareness that will wait a minute, who's getting the money? And how is this going? Is this is this? Are they pretending to have a worthy cause as the cover for the fact that they're just cut, you know, protecting their own interests or making profit at your expense? Quite often, unfortunately, that is the case. Not always, but all too often. So anyway, I got a whiff of all that in the beginning. So I started, I started to write about cancer. And it became obvious that

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the reason, the cost or the I will say that the reason cost of cancer research and therapy was going up, while the results were going down, is because there was corruption. Just as I theorize a moment ago, there was a lot of corruption in that industry. And it was unpleasant for me to face because I did not want to think that the whole medical profession was not dedicated to my best interests and my health. I discovered No, it's not I'm sorry to tell you, Edward. It's not their primary goal. Not everybody, not individually, but as an industry, the, the the policymakers at the top. And I'll mention in a moment who those are there, they're not interested in you. You don't matter at all to

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them. They're interested in their own pursuits, their own. In this case. It's their own profit motives. And we're talking about the pharmaceutical industry. And this all came to pass back in 19, starting about turn of the 18th century to the 19th century 1900s.

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There was a

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situation at that time, when there was a lot of criticism about the quality of medical care in America, there were people who had no licenses, they call themselves doctors, they had their sign out. And they had no degrees, they had no professional training, there was a lot of they didn't call it quackery in those days, but that's what we would call it today, people pretending to be doctors who were not doctors. And so there was a lot of criticism about oh, this is terrible. What are we going to do about it? I might add, before I go on, that it's true that there were a lot of very unscrupulous people in the medical profession pretending to have knowledge that they didn't have.

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But at the same time, most people doing this Historical Review, forget to notice that a lot of those people without degrees were very good doctors, because they had learned everything they had, that they knew from their grandmother. And the grandmother had learned a lot from her grandmother. And it was it was hand me down medicine. That does not mean it's bad medicine. In fact, it's very good medicine because it's been tested and tried over generations.

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After generation, so there were a lot of good doctors without official degrees. But nevertheless, that was the condition at the time. And so the Rockefellers who were heavily invested in the emerging medicine field, the chemical aspect of medicine, not the herbal, not the natural type of medicine, but the test tube medicine, they were heavily invested in, in this industry, because actually, they were involved as cartel members with one of the largest, probably the largest cartel in the world, at that time, for sure, called Igy Farben, which came out of Germany, its IGF Farben, I believe stood for interesting good mineshaft farbe industry, I murdered the pronunciation

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pronunciation of the German but it stands for interesting gemeinschaft I've been told means a community of interest, which means a cartel in English. It's a cartel and and

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farm farm industry means the Farben industry means the dye stuffs industry, it all started out in dyes, the earliest form of chemistry as an as an industry was to create guys for clothing and that guy fabrics. From there, it branched into medicines, and then of course, into into munitions, how to kill people, and then how to heal them after you blown them up and so forth. To great industries, by the way, because when you when you're interested in, in winning a war, you don't care what it costs you there's no price competition, you just you, I don't care about the class, give me the weapons. And when you're trying to save your life, it's the same thing. I don't care what it costs, I want

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the finest guy you can find, I don't care what he charges, I'm trying to save my life or my mother's life. So I bought from mused on that fact that they picked two good industries that have very high profit margins, and very little price competition. Anyway, I'm taking longer on this than I should let me cut to the chase. So the modern pharmaceutical industry came out of it Farben and Germany. And, and during, prior to, I should say, prior to World War Two, in between World War One and World War Two,

00:32:20--> 00:32:45

the Igy Farben spread around the world and went into partnership with corporations in all countries of the world. And they they went into partnership with the Standard Oil of New Jersey, which was the Rockefeller dynasty, and they shared patents and processes and, and see Germany had no natural source of gasoline. And here was

00:32:46--> 00:33:11

Standard Oil, and then went on in the oil business. So there was each one wanted something that the other person had, the Germans wanted to get in and more into apartments more into oil. And Rockefeller wanted to get more into pharmaceuticals. So they cross pollinated. And all of that was in the background at this time when the public was concerned about the poor quality of education. So now,

00:33:12--> 00:33:14

at this point, Rockefeller

00:33:15--> 00:33:33

funded us, a small group of researchers, see if I can remember their names, it was the was a famous report, and I think was published in 1910 or 1913. flexner report, okay. flexner. And it was written by

00:33:34--> 00:33:52

Abraham flexner finally got the names came to him, and his brother, Simon flexner. Now, Abraham was a doctor, but I don't think he practiced medicine, he just had a degree was probably one of those phony degrees that we're talking about. And they make a long story short, I've said that twice. now. I'll try to do better now.

00:33:53--> 00:34:29

They, they surveyed the United States. And yeah, they documented that there were a lot of a lot of people pretending to have medical knowledge who didn't know now we had to do something about it. So Rockefeller and his buddy Carnegie put up a lot of money to prove they propose reform medical reform in America. And Congress wasn't willing to spend a lot of money on it. So the idea that Rockefeller and Carnegie and through Foundation's tax exempt foundations, by this time, would grant huge amounts of money to reform education in America was seen as an act of great philanthropy. It was wonderful.

00:34:30--> 00:35:00

What the people didn't realize that the both of them were planning to make a very nice profit out of this, because they were going to literally change the orientation of medicine in America. And they did it rather quickly. They went around the country and they, they found all of it, I forgotten how many but I'm going to guess there was about six or seven or eight fairly large institutions that taught medicine in America. And they went to each of them. And they said, Look, we like what you're doing, and we want to give you some money.

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

And help you improve your facility. So you can you can have better buildings, better equipment, you can hire higher quality teachers, and so forth. Are you interested? Are you kidding? are we interested? In course, they're interested. So

00:35:15--> 00:35:56

when these when Rockefeller and Carnegie, mostly Rockefeller would give, let's say, a million dollars to some school, where they were overjoyed. Now, the next step was they said, since you're receiving this money, we are hoping that you would not mind if if you would consider placing on your board of directors, someone who we could recommend, so that we could see how our money is being spent, and perhaps some, you know, be aware of the progress that it's being made. So, for me, it sounded very legitimate. And so every one of those sherway, who do you really want, while they put a couple of people on, in almost every case, it was the flexner is the brothers they got on the board

00:35:56--> 00:36:33

easily. And then they've usually slip another one after another six months or a year. And it didn't take long before the institutions, all of these institutions were in the control of the Rockefellers, because they had captured control of their board of directors. And even the ones who were not appointed by the Rockefellers were afraid to speak up against them, because all the money was coming from there. And so if they rocked the boat, then all of a sudden their institution would stop getting the money. So in a period of a very few years, the great teaching institutions in America were taken over by the money that was given to them from the Rockefellers. And the, the next

00:36:33--> 00:36:37

thing is these guys on the board of directors said, Now here's what we're going to do with the curricula.

00:36:39--> 00:37:19

And the curriculum is going to be changed none of this none of this herbal medicine stuff. It's all going to be chemistry, drugs, or the that's the solution for the future, we will develop this miracle drugs, we will transform the health of America, and we will train the best minds in America to administer these drugs. And that is exactly what happened. Took me too long to say it, I could have said it in a couple of minutes. But the bottom line not to summarize, that was the investment of fuel allows the million dollars, which was a lot of money in those days, they were literally able to capture control of the teaching, Medical Teaching Centers of America. And they have maintained

00:37:19--> 00:38:02

that control to this day, most of the money in research money and development money for the universities, the medical universities today come from these institutions, the tax exempt foundations, whose owners have a heavy investment interest in the products that they are going to be using. And so the curriculum has been changed. And the average doctor today, very smart guy, very well intentioned person has no idea he's being programmed to sell to push drugs. And he knows nothing about nutrition. Most doctors will admit that their wives know more about vitamin C than they do. And, but they know a lot about all the chemotherapy. And you know all of the psychoactive

00:38:02--> 00:38:42

drugs, I mean, they they're experts on this, they're geniuses at it. And that's what happened. It's as simple as that money purchased the medical industry, is this a conspiracy theory? Or is this verifiable academic facts that people can go research and look up? That is, that touches on your statement earlier, and thank you for that you said that you've noted that everything I write about is very well documented. And I've known from the beginning that the stuff I'm writing about is uphill, people don't know about it, they don't want to believe it. And they're gonna say, Oh, come on, that can't be true. And so I've known everything I say, I have to document. And when I say

00:38:42--> 00:39:19

document, I don't mean quote, somebody else who has an opinion, I go to the sources themselves, the people I'm criticizing, I go to their books, to their documents to their records, I get their statements were in most of them talk quite frankly, about it. It's amazing. He said, they don't count on you and I reading this stuff that they've written. So yes, it is very easy to document this. It's a matter of public record, you find all the documents you need in any well stocked library. Now, in the days ahead, as we move to digital, I suppose it would be easier to start removing those things. But as long as they're on books, and on the shelf, it's a little more

00:39:19--> 00:39:59

difficult to go in and, and eliminate a paragraph or rewrite a paragraph in an old book. When it's digital. You can you can rewrite the Bible and still have the cover on it still says the King James Version. They won't be this the same necessarily. So So grandma's old recipe that was passed down from generation to generation, that's out the window, and you mentioned is that why nutrition is not studied by doctors and medical school? It's exactly why Yeah, not only not studied, but it's derived derived, I mean, derived, I should say, I mean, most people, not just doctors that Oh, you're one of those health nuts. You Oh, you take vitamins

00:40:01--> 00:40:12

Not for me, I'll take my drugs that's there, I'll go to my doctor, I got all these meds. They're expensive, I wouldn't dream of going to take vitamin C or vitamin d3, heaven vitamins, you know.

00:40:15--> 00:40:52

That's the way it is. You mentioned more people are living off cancer than actually dying from it. That's true. Look at the industry. I mean, you've got all of the the whole hospital system, I don't know what the ratio is, but I would venture that the largest portion of money that flows into the hospital and into the doctor's offices visits, and through the insurance program, surely, the greater part of that is because of just one disease, and that's cancer. And, and that's because that, you know, they they're paid $5,000 for a vial of chemotherapy.

00:40:55--> 00:41:23

5000 something that's harmful, actually destroys your immune system, in the name of hoping to destroy the cancer cells, it'll also destroy other cells to your good cells. And most doctors will admit, oh, yeah, the whole plan of chemotherapy is to kill the cancer just before we kill the patient. It's a sort of nip and tuck thing, you know, and so the patients who undergo chemotherapy, quite often, their death certificate may say they died of cancer, but they really die to the chemotherapy. You know,

00:41:24--> 00:41:40

it's it's a, it's a, it's an interesting story. That's all I can say. And it's, it's hard. You know, when I was a young guy, I just always really hard finding it very hard to believe that there was this much corruption in high places in such important things as

00:41:41--> 00:42:24

health, freedom, you know, information vital to our, our lives, our well being our health, our longevity, our outlook on life, our morality, even I why I couldn't understand that. And it's, so I'm very sympathetic to people hearing this message for the first time. And I, I don't mind if you want to call me a conspiracy theorist, that's okay. But go check me out, okay, and see if, if you still think so after you read my documentation and read the words of the people themselves who are doing this to us, because in many cases, they describe how they do it, and they boast about how successful it is.

00:42:25--> 00:42:29

Last couple of questions, why do you think this history is important for people to know,

00:42:30--> 00:42:34

some of the well I started touching, not just then, that it's because

00:42:36--> 00:42:40

the two most important things in life are our health and our freedom.

00:42:41--> 00:42:51

If you're free as a bird, but you're sickly, and in pain, and all crippled over Canada, enjoy life, what good is freedom. And if you're,

00:42:52--> 00:43:18

if you're healthy, strong as an ox, and you're in a concentration camp as a slave, what good is health, you know, so those two to me represent the two legs. The cornerstone, if you will, are the side stones, of being a human, of having a purpose in life and enjoying life. Otherwise, your humanity, your life is his means nothing. So

00:43:20--> 00:43:32

I think I could probably talk about this issue for a long, long time, but that summarizes it. It's your humanity, it's your, it's your being, your health and your freedom need to be defended at all costs.

00:43:33--> 00:44:19

And if, again, for someone who wants to get in touch all you're not selling anything, your stuff is out there. It's pretty much you know, public record on your website, how can people again, what's the website where people can look into some more of your work? Well, as I say, the commercial side if you want to actually get hold of the books and videos and all that stuff is reality but to explore the you know, the path to all of these things, we just have the ideas and the discussions and the challenges, debates and that kind of thing going on the starting point for that is red pill and and we open up people to reach out to you you also you you speak on some things I

00:44:19--> 00:44:56

haven't looked too much into it but about Noah we called New Noah there's something there Yeah. Yeah, and I produced a documentary some years ago I got fascinated by the story of Noah's Ark Yeah, I don't know something wrong with my brain but I just I'm attracted to things like this you mysteries Yeah. Centuries of ancient history we can we can we can maybe continue on in our next conversation in the future possibly. But to see kind of I don't know if you looked into some of the Islamic sources you know, because Noah we believe him is one of the you know, great messengers that God Almighty sent you know, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, peace be upon him, peace be upon them all

00:44:56--> 00:45:00

we and then Mohammed being the last but this will be a great conversation.

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

You know, because there's a lot of commonalities there. You know, and you would probably be interested to see, you know, I love that topic. It's still it's still somewhat of a mystery, but I think most of the mystery points have been solved. And, and the short version is that yes, there's a there's a relic up on the up on the side of a mountain that it's 7000 foot elevation, not way up at 14, not up on Mount arafat. It's 16 miles away from Mount arafat, but it's there. You can walk on it, you can measure it, you can see, it's the relic. It's the fossilized evidence of a ship. And it and you can see that, you know, if it's not Noah's Ark, it's somebodies Ark, and what to do up

00:45:42--> 00:46:19

there? Because we believe we believe in this, you know, and Noah in this in this story of the, you know, the great the flood, yes. Yeah, well, I have to say on that I didn't believe in it. It's not that I disbelieve. I said, Maybe, maybe not. I couldn't say I believe in it. And I had no theological reason to accept or reject it. I just, oh, that's an interesting story. Probably not true, you know? Yeah. But then when I saw the physical evidence, it was so overpowering. I just had to say that somebody is Ark. And we don't know whose Ark it was. But that'll always be a question until they dig up a brass plaque that says, built by Noah. And

00:46:20--> 00:47:02

yeah, the only thing there we believe was a localized instead of a worldwide that's just the main The only difference it was more localized. It was localized, but not it was around the world. But in a narrowband because there was a flood, there was a title, literally a tidal wave that spun around the Earth at that, at that medium. And it was, it was, well, we can go into that at some other time as to what caused the tidal wave. But I'll just let you have a peek at it. It was interaction with I believe something from outer space, like Mars, moving from one orbit to another coming very close to Earth. And he'll gravitational impact on the tides of the ocean are very strong, the moon moves the

00:47:02--> 00:47:41

oceans up and down quite a bit, even 40 feet at Bay of Fundy. So you can imagine something about the size of Mars, being not as closest to the moon, but not too much further out, it would have wreaked havoc on the oceans, they would have been pulled out, they would have swirled around the world. But as you said, not all around the world, it would be as the Earth is spinning, the Mars is up here and the Earth is spinning, well, then you've got this gravitational impact in one area. So that's why there's partial evidence all around the world in a certain plane, but not outside of that plane. Anyway, that's an interesting story, maybe for next time. And if you ever if you ever have if you

00:47:41--> 00:48:14

ever need any information regarding because that's what we do, we try to clear many of the misconceptions about Islam, educate people, because there's a lot of myths and also misconceptions that we try to debunk those things and help people have a better understanding. So we'd be a great resource for you. If you ever want us to send you anything or any questions. We're here for you. We're here for that. I thank you. I appreciate that. And, and I, I am interested in all of these things. I feel the only thing the thing I hate the most about getting old. The most thing is that darn I don't have enough time to learn everything, or even little piece of fun. I I don't want to

00:48:14--> 00:48:50

die and not know something more than I do. Now. You know that to me? That's that's the great. The great worry about death is that I'm going to miss something. Yeah. And that's why I mentioned Muslim and Islam. And just so you know, as you like learning something. Islam just means to acquire peace by submitting yourself to the one and only one God the same that God that Jesus, Moses, Abraham worship. That's the God we worship the Creator of the heavens and earth, and a Muslim is one who submits is the one doing the submitting the submitter to God. That's all it is. Yeah, I appreciate that. So I thank you and thank you take too long to answer. No, no, I really thought it was honored

00:48:50--> 00:49:10

to have you on the program. God bless you. Thank you so much. All righty. Thanks for inviting me. Thank you. Thank you. And if you liked this episode of the D show, like this video, share this video far and wide and support us on our Patreon page so we can continue this work. Thank you for tuning in. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum