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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three common mistakes made by people reciting the Surah Fatiha, including reciting the third mistake, which is the l stating that the words "will love" are not for those who don't read with the tab, and that the words "will love" is not for those who don't read with the pen. The speaker also mentions that people are reciting the words "will love" when reciting the word "will love" in the language of their country, but it's not a proper language. The speaker also suggests that people should take out time to learn how to read the Quran properly.
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four common mistakes that people make when they recite Surah Fatiha, and I was making a quick video about one common mistake. And then I noticed my brother, Sheikh Azim Khan that he made a quick video about three of the mistakes. So I'm gonna mention the mistake that I was going to mention and then the three mistakes that he mentioned. So we make sure that we perfect sort of Fatiha because our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, last salata, Lima, la Mia Khalifa, Al Kitab. He said that there's no prayer for the one who doesn't read with the tab and here is reading it and itself and also be able to read it properly as well. The mistake that I've noticed this is very

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widespread. And this is in the Western countries and also when you go to the Muslim countries as well as in the last verse when we say lay you will marvel Dubey el mal doobie what is the mistake that people are making here? I'm going to show you in detail. So if you look here in the Surah Surah Fatiha on the bottom, why you will love Dubey l love Dooby What is this here on top? It is a sukoon l vein is not from Harold l color but many people are reciting it like it's a final color they say l lover and Mother Dubey l love OB and some people hate the third color so hard they actually make it a * house so they say l Nava doobie and that's a mistake, it has to be a mug Dubey with the spoon

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on the vein, as you can see in front of you.

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And as we all know, the roof the letters, which are the Coachella letters are only five which is set in both budget, the off the ball, the budget, the gym and the den. The vein is not from how to have alcohol color. The other three mistakes that you'd ask him mentioned which are also very important and very widespread. They are the first with a hat. And him Do I know in the English language, we don't have the hat. We have only h but there's a difference in the Arabic alphabet between l hat and a half million Hindu people are saying that's not correct. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen the third and fourth mistake the sheikh awesome was talking about is here in the verse EU UK and not Buddha.

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Yeah, can Stein what is the mistake that people were making? Look closely? And IACA here you have a shudder II Yeka. Same thing here you have the shredder. But what are people reading IACA IACA they're not reading it with the shed that E Yeka. The other mistake that he mentioned was here and not blue. People are adding here a while. So they're saying not bold, do not go do making it too long. And it's just a bump on in your gut and not will do not not Buddhu making the mud. This is the other mistake that he mentioned. Therefore my dear brothers and sisters, it's important that we take out the time to learn how to read the Quran correctly, especially certain Fatiha because the prayer

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won't be accepted. If we're not reciting it correctly. There's no excuse. If you're a new Muslim who just accepted Islam. Yes, you have an excuse to learn you have some time but you're a Muslim who's been a Muslim his entire life and he can't read surah Al Fatiha. Correct. What are you going to say Yom Okayama we standard from Allah subhanho wa Taala and the surah we have to read 17 times a day, the surah that we have to read in order for our prayer to be correct and to be accepted. We haven't perfected and we don't even read it correctly. Therefore take out the time. Go to one of your local scholars online you can study with different scholars have private lessons. So there's no excuse for

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not being able to read the Quran properly, imperfectly. Allah commanded us in the Quran or teleport Anatole Tila and to recite the Quran TR Tila and the beautiful property citation.