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The speaker discusses the idea of love and how it is not just a physical act, but also a crucial step in a relationship. They share a personal story about a woman who licks her spouse's mouth and describes the importance of love in relationships. The speaker also talks about a woman who licks her spouse's mouth and describes the importance of love in relationships.

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim as humans as mortals, every one of us at some point or the other experiences a fantasy, a crush or an infatuation over someone or the other, beat a childhood sweetheart school going friend or a fellow colleague. Scholars tell us we are not responsible or liable, provided we do not fantasize on it, express it or take action in that direction. Of course, you who are who yocto masirah, who is Brophy Colin omorovicza, you need to treat your melody, conceal your fantasy, persevere and accept the degree of destiny. She is not meant for me, he is not meant for me. We live in a world where romance is promoted in a very glamorous way, but not with

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your wife. You never heard about being romantic with your spouse. It's always about a secretary, or a neighbor, or an ex fiance, or a friend. But today I want to show you what an affectionate loving and caring husband Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was. And I also want to impress upon you the rewards Yes, the rewards of being romantic with your spouse did not the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam tell us that one act of charity is had the local method Tagil the muscle that you place in your spouse's mouth is an act of charity. And I always say this act of charity is for the newlywed or the nearly dead is that not sweet and cute and lovable? And it doesn't end there. The Hadith in Sahih

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Muslim Abdullah buzzworthy Allah anumana writes, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says when you've consumed your food, then Fela yum Sahaja yelapa Oh, you will America, do not wipe your fingers until you make it or someone licks it for you. It might never be commentating and the Hadith says either the person himself licks his fingers, or somebody licks it for him, his spouse, his child or his student. Wow, is that not beauty? Is that not sweet? Is that not adorable? Is that not so romantic? I'm feeding you you feed in me. I say loving words. Do you use a loving words? I lick your fingers. you lick my fingers. But anger and we're in a world where today people are like no,

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no, no, this is not palatable with my demeanor and my nature. I'm very hygiene conscious. Hello. What happened to your hygiene in the bedroom when you're asking me for rulings regarding something else? And I've stopped in my tracks this there are a shadow The law says after the meal, I would slip onto something. And then I would pass the goblet to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Can I remove the fear that he would consciously look for the precise place where I put my lips and he would place his lips? Wow. Is that not loving? Is that not sweet? Is that not adorable? Well, my Navy did it and your Navy did it and you know what's the best part? This is part of Deen because

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Allah referred to the galaxy of MBR in chapter 38, verse 46, in

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the QRadar, that we selected them with the speciality of the exclusive remembrance of Astra so whatever they do propels you and takes you towards after so loving your wife and your husband is part of it's part of being alive now versus at ASEAN.

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ASEAN Lee, I go out of my way I grew myself, I adorn myself as my wife loves it, because I want her to decorate herself for me. And then you go in the bedroom and you close the door, when it comes to data and you're intimate with your spouse. And guess what the prophet of Allah says, when you're intimate with your spouse, this is charity. They talk of charity begins at Oh, well, this charity needs to remain at home. The innovation of selling Muslim. Sharia law says sometimes the Prophet of Allah would come and he would say I shall open your lab. I just want to relax and lie in your lap and read Quran. Can I take you my word? Is this not so lovable? Is this not so sweet and adorable?

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He would place his blessing head in my lap for ya crawl around and recite Quran.

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There's this amazing incident where one of the neighbors of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to visit him and invite him for a meal. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Are you inviting me alone? Wahhabi, he and my wife are Isha. He said, No, not your wife only you. Then the messengers alized and said, then I'm not coming. The person came again. He said, I'm inviting you. The prophet SAW Some said Wahhabi, he and my wife are Isha. He said no. He said, then I'm not coming. On the third instance he came and he invited again and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Are you inviting my wife? Our Isha as well? He said, Yes. Then the Prophet of Allah said okay, then we both will come

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for karma yetta dafa on and then they both walk towards the house, and the Messenger of Allah acceded to the request. The scholars say the reason why

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He declined on the first instance. There was nothing at home. So he said, if it's going to be hungry, me and you will be hungry together my love and if we're going to eat we're going to eat together. I asked you my brother, date your wife, I asked you my sister date your husband, and if you're not married, the only date you can have is that if bar when you open your fast Jetta. I love you