Sulaiman Moola – Spiritual Narcissism

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of certain actions on individuals, such as reciting a statement about a person being a "slacky person" and association with bias. They also mention a disturbing observation about a person reciting a statement about being a "slacky person" and being considered superior to others. The speaker suggests that these actions may have a detrimental effect on society.
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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim as beneficial as fruit is, at times, it could actually be harmful for certain individuals. I for one suffer from IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, and I simply cannot have a pineapple. Doctors would advise diabetics to stay away from mangoes amongst other fruits in a like manner, a person who suffers from a spiritual malady, by way of example, pride or arrogance for such an individual at times, the mere association with a bias person or the sheer recitation of certain two hours can actually have an adverse effect on such a person. Now, face value I know that would leave you perplexed, confused and alarmed, but allow me a minute to put flesh to theory and I share

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with you a reflection from Quran Jews 22 Chapter 35 Verse 42, the disbelievers of Makkah had taken the solemn vow and oath that if a warner or a prophet comes to them, layer Coonan dam in the Omen, they will be the most reformed nation and unlike other nations, they will not oppose their profit from a merger of Navy Iran, when finally the messenger came named the greatest of humans the paragon of Allah's creation, sadly, unfortunately, tragically, Mazda, the whom he learned who for increased them in their aversion to the truth. Now under this is in biannual Quran in Masayo so Luke it is the Latin della Allah rainy malerkotla Hola, como mein unoffensive del Is there a dirty robot man

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yesterday tomorrow the whole bill our Audi well as lol was Cebu fill XL el Kebir Hi su Yara donough. So who Minal Havas La Mancha Xena, Allah worm, this is scary. May Allah protect us. The idea spells out the sentiments precisely what the mystics say that a proud individual, a proud individual, at times by his mere association with a bias person or the recitation of certain two hours can actually have an adverse effect upon him. What is the adverse effect where he perceives himself now to be superior to others? I have a mentor, I'm a disciple I read certain things, I am better than you and that is more detrimental than anything. And unfortunately that has become a common occurrence in our

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society. After all, the downfall of the devil was when he claimed superiority over ultimately his salaam

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