Acknowledging The Accolades Of The Deceased, Despite Differing Views

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim many people not easily define unity as consensus of opinion. This definition is flawed, simply because the noble companions or other your loved one I know whom differed in their views, but their hearts were united. In fact, I often say their hearts were more united amidst their differing views than our hearts can possibly be united. When we have consensus of opinion. One would assume that on the passing away of an erudite scholar, not withstanding the differences, a person would pay tribute homage and extol the praises of the late scholar, and that is precisely what we learn from the noble companions with one ally Italia him edge Marine, we often

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speak about the rich accomplishments and the accolades of Mao era, the Allahu anhu and rightfully so. It is no secret that say that we are the Allahu anhu and say, the NA Allah, the Allah Allah who had different views, and the views were significantly different. Nay, if you look into the very campaign and expedition of Safin, you will know the details. Yet when say you deny, the Allahu anhu was assassinated. I said more are We are the Allahu anhu asks someone to praise earlier the Allahu anhu in his presence. We live in such a sad time that we don't have the courage to praise a scholar with whom we differ and when others praise Him it becomes difficult for us to digest the praises.

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Say that now earlier the Allahu anhu is assassinated. Lit autoban vumbura alkyne ano de Alon who comes to visit more are We are the Allahu anhu more or we are the Allahu anhu says safely Eliya over are described earlier the Allahu anhu to me. Yesterday in the campaign of Syfy, a fight took place differences occurred, but look at how clean and how pure the hearts were a lot of what a cabal. So there are a lot of deals with ruffini I mean, median or middle meaning please excuse me say that why we are the Alanna says no, no, I insist and persist that you enumerate the accolades the feed the accomplishment of audio of the Allahu anhu. So he says can Allah He barrydale Mehta Shadi De Luca

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yaku. Fossella Kumar Abdullah yet a third Gen roaming Giovanni behavoir tentacle hikmah tominaga Hey, you're still fishermen adonia was a herati ha Yes, that needs to be Laney Ravana met a guy in our law he was in a laboratory in Africa. You can libcaca for Who were you hot enough so who you are people who mean and liberty my posture Amina Tommy my job La ilaha illa Allah, these are the praises and each one of them are voluminous in its own capacity that say the Now earlier the olana was one yet effect journal Elmo mean Java newbie, knowledge would burst from every limb of his knowledge would burst from every limb of his. Of course there's no comparison to the knowledge of Anuradha

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Allahu anhu overcome all the knowledge of Sahaba for that matter, but again, I say in contemporary times, in paying homage and tribute and extolling the praises of the late Mufti Baha Rahim Allah He was a man whenever he spoke, knowledge was bursting forth. And then he goes on to say earlier the Allahu anhu was that man, you can leave a gift for who he would rotate the spam, and you huntable enough so who he would address Tim's address himself. Your Employment and Labor Sima pasar. Amina Tommy my job. He ate simple food he was humbled by demeanor. So behind Allah when say you deny more, or we are the ally when I heard the praises of Ali for worker, do more and more are we at the higher

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de Maya maliko ha, Satan I'm more aware of the alignment I knew who was weeping so profusely, that his blessing beard was drenched with tears Miam liko he could not contain his outburst of emotions. Now we speak fondly about Sahaba and we have the genesis of Sahaba and rightfully so. But Subhana Allah, this is how they would navigate their differences. This is how clean their hearts were. He could not contain his tears, which are either you in a shift Shifu have become me. He took his sleeve and then he started wiping his steers work then Apple mobile bokeh, and the entire congregation was choked with tears and he said the haka Cana Abu Hassan indeed that's an apt

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reflection and description of audio of the alarm manual. And then he said Get on. What is your grief after the demise? What is your pain and your sorrow after the demise of earlier on the 11th annual so where are the 11? Who said what do you do man zubi ha ha ha ha ha la Tanaka d'amato ha when your school no has no ha my anguish, my pain my sorrow after the demise of Ariana Viola and who is like a woman whose only child was slaughtered cold blooded in her lap. A tear does

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dry up, and her anguish does not whether that was unity. That was unity, the muhabba of the hearts. May Allah bless the Alma wood through unity. I mean you're behind me