The Mysterious Protection Of Allah

Sulaiman Moola


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the protection of Islam by the M everywhere movement and how it is a result of the presence of the M everywhere movement. They also touch upon the deformed threat of the Islamist movement and its impact on people, including the message of trusting Islam.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once said to the young lady bonobos are the Allah and Houma for the La Jolla, Fugu protect and preserve Allah meaning the deen of Allah. He forgot in return he will protect you. The protection of Allah in the favor of his servants happens in many ways in the 13 Jews in the 13th chapter, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, level more at the bottom in mania day he went on holiday that Allah has assigned a group of Mullah Aika to protect us mean umbrella umbrella by the command of Allah. In fact, gabaar Rahmatullah Allah says, it is due to the intervention of these Mullah Aika that we are rescued from the rebellious

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Jannat. Otherwise they would make our lives a living misery. How often don't you see a person had a narrow escape in an accident, and then you realize the help of Allah in the presence of the Mullah acre, or take children for that matter running across the road or standing on the balcony or stone being hurled in his direction or about to touch live current and in the nick of time he moves away or he falls and he is rescued from much greater harm. And then you realize the help of Allah and the presence of the Mullah a god. But today I want to briefly touch upon another form of the protection and the help of Allah. And this is the in a disguise deformed, and in this regard, ignore Raja

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hanbali makes mention of the quotation of Abdullah bin Miss Rudra. Viola one world in which enormous roadworthy Allahu anhu says in a lab Dahlia home mobile Emory minute ijarah sometimes the servant intends to go in a particular business Avenger. Allah says to them, Allah is reformer and who divert this deal from my servant. So he makes multiple attempts, either the meeting gets called off or it gets cancelled or somebody becomes ill or there's a hiccup or there's a glitch or there's a snag, and ultimately, the deal is dropped and it just doesn't materialize. This man feels very disillusion and disheartened. And he says, sub bunny fallen on wha ha, nanny full on. You know what he did me

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down? He was dishonest. He defaulted. Where does Abdullah bin Masada? The Allahu anhu says one man who are in love for Allah. These individuals were nothing more than instruments for the execution of the plan of the Almighty. And Allah saved you from that deal. Because if you embarked on that deal, destruction was inevitable. So what's the message my brother and what's the message my sister, trust your Allah. He is always protecting you whether you comprehend it or fail to comprehend