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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah salam alayhi wa sallam, we're back

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amongst the many misconceptions and misgivings that exist about Islam out there in the world. One is the false notion that Islam impresses upon its followers and believers to perpetuate a culture of hostility towards non Muslims. Any person who studies the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam will realize and understand that the love, kindness, empathy and sympathy that he displayed to fellow non Muslims was unprecedented. Now, generally, this type of thinking would stem from one of two reasons, either due to bigotry against Muslims. And in this regard, unfortunately, again, we have to admit that they there has been an element of irresponsible journalism, where Muslims have

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been profiled, and it has created a sense of resentment in the hearts of people towards Islam. So people have this perception and this notion that Muslims are hostile to anyone and everyone besides their own. And the second possible reason why people would have this false notion is that if a person just has a cursory glance, a cursory glance over the text of the Quran and Sunnah, then he or she will arrive at this false notion, because he's taking verses out of context, he or she is taking selective verses. Hence, we embark on a series where we hope to discuss hope to discuss the interaction of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, with fellow non Muslims and I want to

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discuss those verses as well in which Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us how we should address or interact with non Muslims. So there is a verse of the Quran and there are many such verses in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you have Latina Amanullah, Latina todos de la ku, Riba mean and Latina o to Nikita mean tabela kumoko feronia What taco la enquanto move meaning this is a verse of the six Jews in Surah Allah, Allah says, Oh you who believe Do not be friend, those who mock and scoff at your faith, and do not make the disbelievers your friends and your allies. In another verse of the Quran, Allah says in the 28 Jews in Surah mujer de la la dejado may or may not have been he

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only a woman theory you

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do naman

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de la hora Sula, that you will not find a nation that obeys Allah who believes in Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that they will be friends with those who have enmity against Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even if those individuals are their parents or their brothers, or their relatives. In another verse of the Quran, Allah says, Yeah, you have Latina Amanullah to be parnetta mean do Nicola Luna, come ha, Bella, oh, you believe Do not be friend, anyone besides your own? Now, this is a clear verse of the Quran. And in these verses and the likes of these verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala has prohibited us from befriending the disbelievers, the

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polytheist, the

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the infidel, etc. The question is, what is meant by not befriending? What What does it mean? Does it equate hostility? Does it equate harshness? No, not at all. And I think this is where unfortunately, people give off the wrong notion. So Islam tells you do not keep a dog as a pet, keep a dog for security reasons. But it's a grass Miss interpretation to say that Islam advocates cruelty to dogs. This is taking things out of context. The prophetic narrations are explicit that a woman who lived a life of immorality was pardoned and forgiven, because she provided water for a dog. Show me one religion that advocates this level of kindness and care. And yet, in contrast of that, the messenger

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sallallahu wasallam says that there was a pious woman, but she had ill treated a cat and because of that she was detained in hell. And because of that, you know, Allah was displeased with her, etc. So it's a gross misinterpretation to say that Islam advocates cruelty to dogs. Islam says do not be friend, the disbelievers. What did what does

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This mean, when we look at the life of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had friendly cordial polite relationship with just not the disbelievers. But with the leader of the monarchy, the hypocrite Abdullah bin obey even salute, who had caused him untold pain and affliction in Malmo nephew Tina Fey Duncan is 20 min and now the Quran says that the hippo Chris will be in the lowest level of hell, yet the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so tolerant, so tolerant, so the the claim or the accusation that Islam is not tolerant or there's no room for bilateral, you know, relationships with Muslims and non Muslims. It's an absolute mess and it's an absolute lie and it's

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a total fabrication. That being said, the scholars of the field tell us that there are four relationships. There are four relationships between Muslims and non Muslims. The first is that of Mala Mala means an advanced level and an intense relationship and an emotional bond and a very private relationship. This relationship is forbidden for Muslims with fellow non Muslims. In fact, it is not only forbidden with fellow non Muslims, many scholars have seen the likes of Mufti Shafi grapheme of Allah has made mentioned in merryfield, Koran that an intense, very close, a very personal, a very private, very emotional relationship is restricted to true believers, not only to

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believe is to practice in true sincere believers, so it wouldn't be correct for a Muslim to be friend, a fellow Muslim on that advanced level, who's not practicing who is disobedient, who's living a life of sin, violence and transgression. And again, we get a cue from the Quran in this regard. So in the six Jews, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that in nama Walia como la Hua rasuluh Allah Dena manual Alina UTM una sala

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de cada whom rocky rune, verily your Li is Allah, therefore he's profit is your ally. And the pious believers the pi is believed Allah didn't just say the general believers in nama Walia como la yo Allah is Allah wa rasuluh therefore His Messenger and I'll tell you why we are adopting the expression of therefore, because it's incorporated in the Arabic grammar, which I will I will briefly expound on shortly. What are Sulu one levena Amano Latina yo t Muna Salah one Latina Amano and those believers and Latina up Muna Salah who established prayer What are you doing as the guy who disturbs the god welcome rocky rune and they bow or like many interpreters that they have

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humanity and horseshoe and focus in their prayer. So I alluded previously to a grammatical, you know, exploration that has been incorporated in this verse. So just to appreciate, you know, the context and what Allah is saying that our, our our clothes, our advance, our personal our emotional bond, is what our Creator is with our Creator, is what the messenger sallallahu wasallam is with the true believer, that type of advanced level relationship a believer should not have with anyone but Allah, His Messenger and through sincere pious believers. So there's a question here Allah says that in nama Walia kumala verily, your Li is Allah and His messenger and the believers Subhana Allah,

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just pause for a moment and I hope I can simplify myself for the benefit of those who are not familiar with the Arabic language to appreciate how those that are, you know, experts on the exegesis of the Quran, how they dissect and and and microscopically analyze every aspect of the Quran. So the first thing we say that MA in the context of grammar creates hazard and hazard creates the meaning of exclusiveness. So you feed if this also have a bill Malala you're only friends your only true close bond bosom emotional, intimate friends are Allah, His Messenger and the pious believers that union that bond that relationship is restricted to pious believers. It is not correct

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with non practicing Muslims. And it is not correct with non believers. But it does not advocate cruelty or harshness or hostility. That's a gross misinterpretation. And that's why we need to set the record correctly. Islam is a very practical, user friendly religion.

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And unfortunately, people selectively take things and they put it out of context and the CEO of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. is a testimony to that how he himself sallallahu wasallam conducted himself

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non Muslims. So anyway, the question here is that Allah says your friend singular, not friends, but then Allah highlights three friends, Allah, His Messenger and the believers. So there's apparent inconsistency between the adoption of the phrase friend, followed by three different friends. So how do we reconcile when the Quran has no floor? No blemish in it? There's no inconsistency in it. lemmya Jain lavon Kojima the opening verses of surah Kahan, there is no inconsistency there's no blemish in it. And the scholars of the field right so amazing. When I'm ujima and valley We're in candlemas Guru Gemma attend can be Han Allah and winner yet le la He is known when he's a reheated

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burn, when ot la in nama olio como la la mia config charania Aslan Villa de la vaca. This is amazing. The reason why Allah did not mention

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only are in a plural context that your allies, your friends, your close relationships, Allah, His Messenger and the pious believers is to indicate that your actual ally you're actually actual friend is Allah, your one and only an absolute close friend is Allah What did the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say Logan Timothy then Helene and Robbie let the hug back green kalila if I were to choose a friend besides my Allah, it would have been Abubakar but my friend is Allah and Abubakar radi Allahu anhu is my companion. So the reason of the adoption of a singular phrase is to impress the point that our actual friend is Allah. And it is because of that relationship with Allah hence

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His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is the closest to Allah, the paragon of Allah's creation, he is our friend. And again, it is because of that bond and that closeness and proximity to align His Messenger sallallahu wasallam that the pious believers are our friends. So that's the first thing that we need to realize and understand is that moulard that's an advanced level of closeness bond and relationship that is exclusive to Allah subhanho wa Taala and His Messenger sallallahu wasallam and the pious believers. The second relationship is that of masa. masa means kindness, care, generosity, empathy, sympathy. So there's a clear verse in the sixth chapter of the

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Quran in surah Medina in the 28 Jews, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says la Yana como la de la Vina la Makati no confit Dini well am you free to come in dare come into the room What to proceed to enter him in Allah you have been in Makkah zipline that our does not prohibit you, Allah does not forbid you from being kind and caring and just to those disbelievers led me to come in dare calm who did not expel you from your land, who were not hostile to you in the matter of faith and terbaru home to be kind and caring towards them and to be just towards them. In fact, it is this very verse of the Quran, enter the room and other room that you show them kindness, that from that the scholars

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and the Judas deduce the permissibility of giving optional charity to fellow non Muslims. So when is the card that goes to fellow Muslims and then you have the option of charity which we've been encouraged and you know, exhausted to do in the in the Hadith and the teachings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In this regard, it is permissible to give charity to fellow non Muslims say now Marathi Allahu anhu during his reign, how he had established the Islamic empire and he had created so much good things. Part of that was a steppin and a salary for fellow non Muslims who are in advanced age, he seen a fellow non Muslim a moron hit a limit, who was living under the Muslim

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state, and he was begging and he said Ma and suffer now as the Muslim state we have failed you that you are all in your agency sit at home and we will provide for you from the National Treasury. So that is the second thing and that is mo Assad and you know, to be kind and caring and and to display sympathy and empathy. And then the third is that of mudaraba mudaraba.

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cordiality a fellow non Muslim is a guest at your house Islam impresses upon you to be kind, caring, hospitable towards your guests, Muslim or non Muslim. And there are in Arabic linguistically, also means to divert and avert. So in the meaning of modality it incorporates it incorporates the meaning. And this is referencing the third juice of the Quran. Let me know Nelson.

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theory not only i mean do remote meaning what mediafile Danica fellings amin Allah He fishing in in that boom in home Toka Illa and tech dokumen home tapa that you display an advanced level of cordiality kindness, generosity to safeguard yourself against a potential threat. So in a hostile climate where there is some fear and you perceive fear, and like it or not, that's the reality in which we find ourselves in the world, where due to stereotyping due to profiling due to irresponsible journalism, people have a sense of bigotry towards Muslims. So mudaraba is a perfect exploration where Islam allows you at times it's permissible, and at times it's men do it is, you

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know, preferable, where you display this act of kindness and additional hospitality and generosity, so that you dispel the myth and you safeguard yourself against potential harm. By way of example, the media runs with an article which profiles Muslims in a negative light and implicating the entire faith, and you display super hospitality to your fellow neighbor, which is part of mudaraba mudaraba. So for your neighbor, he will he will not buy into that media article or, or that particular caption in the media regarding negative images of the Muslim because he will say my neighbor is a Muslim brother, Mohammed Ibrahim a use of whatever it is, he's displayed amazing

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kindness. So in doing so, you are bringing him closer to the faith, or at its least you dispelling a myth and you're reducing his hostility towards Islam. This is known as medalla. Right? When you grow up in 18 Jews in Surah noon to divert to avert Dara Yatra Oh, but I believe that it's important and imperative at this juncture that I also draw a distinction between something which the fukuhara refer to as Madonna, those that are familiar with they still are hot in the terminologies of Quran and Sunnah they will tell you, Madonna is forbidden, Madonna is impermissible. In the 29 Jews, Allah speaks about this in Surah known what do you know, today he know for you that he knows they are

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desirous that you become flexible so they can become flexible. So here's the key difference between Madonna rock and Madonna. overdose, Vikram Mahmoud was decree mesmo infinite as well as the scholars right, that mudaraba is permissible and it's fine and it's great. While muda Hana is forbidden and impermissible. In modern art, you don't compromise your values. You don't matter down on your stance. You practice your religion, you love your religion, you're passionate about your religion, but you're equally tolerant to other people, that you can coexist with harmony, you respect their values, you respect their time, you respect their thinking. You allow them their places of worship,

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and You give them their freedom and respect and tolerance. You'll be hospitable you'll be kind, you'll be generous. They've been afflicted with a catastrophe, you reach out you assess, etc. But you don't compromise your own principles and values. You hold on to your faith, while in Medan Hana to appease you start mellowing down on your own values, you start compromising your own religion, you become weak and lacks in your own own value system. The latter is forbidden, the former is permissible. So there's a fine line between mudaraba and Madonna. We need to practice our religion with passion with diligence with commitment, but mudaraba allows us to respect and recognize that

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others also inhabit the earth. There is a beautiful explanation given by one of the scholars under this I have the Quran. And again, it's such an amazing reflection on the beauty of Islam. So in the 22nd Jews in Surah, Sabah, Allah subhanho wa Taala asked the question who my heroes Oh, Coco Mina sama yt. Well, or O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam asked them who sustains them from the skies and who gives them water who gives them provision? And the answer is only one Coleen law say unto them, it is Allah. Then tell them we're in gumla Allah houden ofii balani mubin it's either us or you, Allahu Akbar, either us or you that are on open guidance or manifest error. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam is being told that he should tell his opponent in dialogue in debate in discussion that listen between the two of us we are move ahead. We believe in mono theism the doctrine of one Allah you believe in polytheism multiple Gods it cannot be that both of them

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Correct and both are incorrect. So one from amongst us is correct and one from amongst us is incorrect now reflect the messenger sallallahu Sallam knows with certainty and we know with certainty This is our belief in our aqidah and that is the Quran that the messenger sallallahu Sallam came with the true message and in that his salvation, but in a discussion in a dialogue in a MANOVA in a debate a lot tells him when engaging with others, then what's the expression we're in NA And verily as GM or you, Lala, who then is on guidance of Ebola, the movie so one of us, either of us but we know for a fact that robots are awesome is an absolute guidance and in biannual report on

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under this ayah in Macedo salute, it is written fee, he mean Elmo, la

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mujer de Malaga. This verse invites us openly to adopt euphemism, diplomacy, gentleness and tenderness when engaging with others. So that's the message. That's the third aspect. So we spoke about Malala. Then we spoke about masa, then we spoke about Madeira. And coupled with mudaraba, we made the distinction with Madonna and the fourth last but not least, is the aspect of morality and that is social demons and interactions. So you could be an employee to a non Muslim employer or you could be an employer to a non Muslim employee, the messenger sallallahu Sallam had transactions they were buying and buying and selling the two plays in Medina, and that is totally fine and

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permissible. So these are the four basic fundamental principles in place that we need to understand. Now a quick look at one two aspects in the era of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Mr. Bahari makes mention of this amazing Hadith and every narration is amazing, but it will give you a reflection and that is why I say we need to look at the verse and the life of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. To understand the context and the semantics of the landowner. He demon Bukhari recorded gannavaram on Yahoo de Yun, Yahoo, domo Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that amongst the servants of the messenger sallallahu sallam, those that would serve Him and rally around him, the

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noble companions would give their life but there were those that would come and serve the messenger sallallahu wasallam there was a non Muslim lad there was a Jewish lead. This is the hadith of Bokhari living in Medina. He was one of those that would be serving the messenger sallallahu sallam, and the messenger sallallahu Sallam accepted his him him coming and serving, and then he falls ill for Merida. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam goes to visit this boy understand the coexistence the tolerance, the respect, it's a non Muslim he wants to come the messenger sallallahu Sallam allows him he enters, visits and then the messenger sallallahu simpang zema visit when he's ill. And it's

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looking fatal. It's looking critical and crucial. And in the messenger sallallahu wasallam looks at the boy and he says that Aslam accept Islam. So he looks at his dad and his dad says up there I will pass him at the pass him right obey I will pass him sallallahu wasallam the messengers allies and sons were name was passing will be he can you cannot and from there he got the pet name I will pass him and the young lad the Jewish lad accepted Islam who was the servant of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the messenger sallallahu wasallam exits by saying Alhamdulillah he lady and Qatar woman and now All praise belongs to Allah who rescued the soul from hell and Allah made me a means. So in

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a nutshell there are multiple testimonies to the character and the interaction of the messenger sallallahu wasallam with fellow non Muslims. We asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us the ability to reflect Islam in its pristine form, both to Muslims and fellow non Muslims.