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Feb 2017


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The transcript discusses the history and importance of Islam, including its use of "sallama" and the importance of avoiding the idea of being a woman or a woman in a womanate. The speakers emphasize the need to take care of one's followers and avoid accidents, as well as the importance of avoiding harm and not letting anyone get out of the way. They also touch on various incidents and their causes, such as the man who claims to be a Muslim sister and the woman who refuses to admit her mistake.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa rahmatullah enemy Nabina. Muhammad Ali he was having he woman is such a big

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for the college in Nevada kita Hill Majeed woofer corniel Hamid wilhemina chiffonier regime Bismillah al Rahim. wobbu de la Vela sushi Kobe. Oh bhilwara Dany externa por la jolla. thermowell Misaki. Well, Jerry well, Jerry Angela wasafi bill Gumby woman is Sabine. Omar malakut a man who call in a man Hello, you should both men can lend support or sort of a lot of lobbying honorable scholars, respective brothers friends and Algis. If the easiest quality that is dear to allow beloved to Allah, then surely it is the quality and the attribute of generosity. generosity is such an amazing attribute that it can compensate for many shortfalls in a person's life. While mining and

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withholding is such an evil trait, that no good quality can compensate for the deficiency of what old if someone came to him and said to him of a lie and asked for some advice. And in the human cell theory, Rahim Allah says, We're in trouble you can feel balaia was sort of like a cocoon Allah Zippo.

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This Safari for couldn't live in Yuba City kamati This

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is a chance you live the life of Sal. And when you look back, you don't have fond memories of your life and you regret that I the views I exploited I had wasted my life and my youth. And I really want to expiate, atone and compensate for your quickest, safest formula to expedite your spiritual growth and find new proximity to your Creator. Undoubtedly is generosity. Hakeem good example of a loved one who, prior to accepting Islam, by his very temperament and nature, he was a generous individual. So he once came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he said, Oh prophet of Allah, will we be rewarded for the good we performed the three Islam before I was a Muslim, the good

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actions that I carried out, would there be any reward for it? And how profound was the answer of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. He said, it was the very reward of your generosity that allow me to Muslim.

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It was the very reward Absalom de Allah, calling hierin Allah endowed you with eemaan because of the goodness and the generosity you displayed pre Islam.

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The verse that is a science it is a verse of the fourth June 36, fourth chapter, verse number 36. Allah subhanho wa Taala outlines in a very comprehensive way. The many talents and injunctions of de la Budo La la la la sociedad Coby he say, and most of Allah and do not ascribe any one with him. And that is the key of our faith mono theism the doctrine of one God, so heed oneness and exclusive belief of Allah subhanho wa Taala was the message with all prophet scale. What about the law? Well as to Sri COVID, a

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and then Allah says kindness to your parents, and the scholars teach us that among the many things through which we appreciate the importance of an injunction is the context in which it appears in the Quran. So you see, this is the repeated pattern of the Quran, that when Allah speaks of mono theism, the drop three of one Allah so hate, beyond which there's no injunction, constantly Allah capitals, this injunction was kindness to parents, which speaks volumes on the obligation we owe to our parents. That a lot capitals, it's mentioned with obile Valley, the Asana wabetainfo by your relatives one at a time as often we'll miss it the poor wizard until

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the close neighbor, the distant neighbor, was sadly been done. I'm just running briefly through look at the beauty of our face. We talk about human rights we talk about human rights we talk of neighbors. Tip number one is to say that too hot in Java for in a house if calmness, a boon Oh my son don't argue with anyone. But one person you never argue with if your neighbor because everybody else leaves easier to stay.

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So you enter into good relationship with your neighbors. Then a lot of saves and a lot impresses upon you kindness and goodness to a fellow passenger

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amid flex

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Over the all embracing nature of Islam, and how holistically it has been legislated By Allah, you own a common vessel, you own a common code using applied together you sit in with someone, and the phrase is any person next to you even a few probably this etiquette that govern how you manage yourself to the person standing next to you was perfectly been Giambi woman is 70, then the traveler from America a man who can endure subjects and your subordinates. May moon rock michelotti just to say such an amazing statement. He said to me, your subject and your sub ordinance was such kindness, that if hypothetically, Allah chooses to reverse the tables, and Allah give them authority over you,

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they have no reason to take revenge from you.

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I mean, can you imagine that there's an employee there isn't subject to someone under your authority, and is only dreaming for him. It's a dream to imagine one day I'll be independent of the smell leave alone having muscle over him.

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So justly and fairly with them that if ever Lattanzi, and sometimes it won't be a direct turn, where the men who are under your employee becomes your employer. But as time moves down, you know, he becomes an employee of your grandson, or he becomes an employee of your son so things can turn. So be so kind to them that if Allah gives them authority, they have no reason to take revenge. On my team, this injunction, Allah impresses the importance of these different people. And then Allah says in the law, whether you're a woman, Callum Australian for Allah Dena, Yamaha, Luna, moon and NASA bill Hall, Allah despises the proud and the arrogant, those people who are minded by nature. Now the

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scholars of the seals tell us what is the correlation? What is the sky of speaking about the crowd and the arrogance and the miser after all, these injunctions Be kind to this one, A, B, C, D, E, F, and then Allah says, I don't like people who are proud, and I don't like people who Mize and the scholars say a person who is proud or is a miser, he won't able to execute these, these acts of kindness, because your pride will hold you back to be kind. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, If in your heart there is an iota of pride, Allah will not allow you entry into paradise. So pride per se might be one evil, but it is an opening for so many other evils. I won't apologize. I won't

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accept the apology of anyone else. I will accept the invite of an humble person, all my pride will become an impediment and an obstacle. And the second person that Allah saved is the miser and that's the focus of my talk. So the animasi there are four types of people under this I in methodical, transvenous mentioned, one is ultricies the hadith of tyranny the messenger sallallahu Sallam said, ledger hidden something you have in Allah him in hobbiton, basilian. ledger hidden.

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A man who is simple knows the basics of Islam, not very profound, not very academic, not very journalistic. He doesn't have all the details. He complies with the basics, but he has a generous hand he has a free hand. He has a loose end he spends on people. He is much closer to Allah than a man who's a devout worshiper. But he's a miser by nature.

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In fact, there are narrations that a disbeliever who died is was Cooper, but due to his generosity, if there's anything that will give him a reduction of torment in hell, it is generosity. So that's our belief because of Cooper, I personally will not be granted deliverance that we ask Allah to preserve our faith. And we ask Allah to take us with Iman. But if there's anything that would give marginal reduction to the torment of ages, believer in how, surely it is generosity, when say, even a masala in salatu salam when to mount to to receive the revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Long story short, in the interim is nascent, got involved in the worship of the cup, and in that

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Allah subhanho wa Taala modestly admonished him. So Krishna Moosa arrived at at Mount or Juana de la tomika Moosa almost always makes you come earlier before the time I came in anticipation to meet you and arrive prior to the time that was you know, allocated for me, unless it almost you came to a flee but in your hastening and coming here, your nation got involved in a gruesome crime in a serious offense for in Napa

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Valley. Murray, from justice college did use that as a mentor as a guardian. As a custodian as a cable holder. You need to take your flock with you. You

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might be going ahead and you'll be coming early to the mercy to perform Nepal Salah which is meritorious, but if you come to your property your children behind won't make a proper

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use of an old make it for us. So rushing and coming away in its place is wonderful but it is the flock behind you and you the shepherd, you need to take good care of them. Otherwise almost a you've arrived early which is meritorious, which is brilliant, phenomenal, amazing. But your nation has got involved in either worship, and then save now Messiah comes back. And then he addresses each one of them individually. He first engages his brother Harun because he has deployed and appointed in brother Harun yahara local Navy Tony was Nicola Sabine, Alamo city. Oh, hi, Ron. I'm going I'm meeting you in charge. Please look after him. I'll be back. I'll be back. I'm coming with this aura.

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So when he comes back, he says his brother Harun. Yeah Haruna ma, ma ke is Dr. Balu. ferraro's I gave you clear instructions to maintain discipline, order and behavior among them? What stopped you from living up to my legacy? And the scholars center so amazing and this is the beauty of the Quran. We learn from every letter of the Quran, from every phrase of the Quran, from every sequence of the Quran. So when say even a moose and held Harun the verses of the Quran, aka the rocks, he should rule LA. He grabbed onto his head and onto his beard.

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So say even our own said last

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year he kept the garlic verse of the Quran. Don't hold on to my beard. The scholars say this verse is a subtle indication to the lens of the beard of our own because if it wasn't long, you can hold it.

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So while there are many other things that could be understand, it also gives a suggestive indication to the length of the beard of Aruna a Salaam that he don't grab me by my beard, just like check off my brother. Give me space, hear me out. And what did Harun say yada?

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yada now old the son of a common mother. Oh, my mother son. The scholars say this. Harun didn't say Oh, my sibling. Oh, my brother. He said Oh, my mother son. The word mother was an intervention for kindness. The Kenyans we say one mother.

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So what did you say in a posse to either support? Dr. benavente is for a lava lamp terracotta Cody. I tried to stop them, but they wouldn't have lines. And I found that if I'm gonna use force, it might divide them and if I divide them, it might result in two divisions and factions in the oma. Now this is academic language, but in a nutshell, the EGT Han the logical analogy of one proper can differ from that have another profit. So Haruna is column thinking was the let me keep them together and try and stop them instead of this resulting in wide division. While masala Salam had a different view, but then he respected Okay, okay, I hear what you say. Leave her on one side. I understand

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your thinking. Then he says breathe and stuff and the so called God that you worship Lando Hardaway fundable to malelane cPanel finnian milaca ability to access any document in the water and this is what an audacity upasana Holly colavito will be too long for you to wait for me to come back to mount su that in the absence you needed to start something like this. What for both your shenanigans.

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So he burns it into pieces and he holds it into the water. Then he calls Tommy Lee the man who initiated what got up your sleeve? What happened to you? Are you looking for some quick pain to just get yourself excited and promoted or the former

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Marine Corps officer suprema alumnium soupy

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Minh after reversal. He said I've seen the ones that are gibril come in. And as is also as gallopin verses of the Quran says the sort of power has 16 years. In fact another name of the suta is Surah Kelly mini Musashi Salaam and wherever the horse would place his moves, they would be able to freshness and growth and greenery. So I realize this some effects in the convenience of gibreel I just can't stand the need the roof of the house of the messenger and I said this is treasure This is something I hold close. Okay that because So will it be enough the May Allah guide one in all we live in in a world where it wants to speak come to your ego? You know, the youth. So he said, for

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the fee for the bus for the kids for the for the excitement, why did you pop up? We were buddies. We said let's just try it out. Why you did it. It was a Saturday night we would tell you within the gophers. Why? We were just I was just you know what playing

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With the center and just flipping through the different centers, I curiosity pushed me That is what he said curiosity. So when a Xeon Utley enough see my ego, try something moves has gone You never know you know what to do something and this is what I started Metallica and encouraged him. And he said you will have to live in isolation. And in global mahana intervention mutalisks granted, I wanted to kill you and execute you. But my Allah told me to hold back because of your generosity.

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My Allah told me to hold back because of your generosity, if it could spare the life of a disbeliever in this world, generosity, coming back to the point that I was saying, Allah say there are four types of people. One is Brazil. And for three live, Allah, he couldn't imagine he will or you can eat from his mouth, and nobody else must eat from his mouth. May Allah save us from that. Just being a mind that has no association with a believer, this is no time. This is no time with a believer. And that will mean money, whether you call it like any evil quality. If you don't stop it, it gets worse, as a good quality. If you nurture it, it grows, it develops, it evolves it matures.

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So if you start off having to

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refer to Lana has written, the greatest harm of a spin is not really the punishment as much as it is that it takes you closer to a greatest value.

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So once you started one wrong, the bias the penalties, the consequences is enough. But the fact that you started doing this and associating with people that you're only getting closer to a greater sin and a more heinous crime, may Allah protect us. So vocal when you don't control it, and you don't regulate it, it goes deeper and then it comes to say, Allah de la you call me Mary, hey, Allah, you can remarry. He reaches a level when now he cannot eat his own wealth and nobody eats as well. Now the thrill is to amass and to die with so much money May Allah save us.

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Now, excitement is as many people if you buy something, you can wait on it next year.

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But you bought it you need no no no, that's the format. If you purchase it, the body cannot use that is that is that is your ad lib omega omega. This is the first of the 20th juice into the process in methodical can be in Sudan Caboose, Allah, Phoenicians, whosoever He wishes and Allah which is whoever he wishes, Allah necessary rights, you are giving me sir will be

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removing yourself.

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There is a host of the manifestation of the inflictions of a llama can inflict on you Azov in many ways, and one of his Eve greed in your body where you just want more and you can't even use it. And Allah can put you in many ways and amongst the many ways through which Allah sees you as he gives you contentment. So the second person is that he becomes certainly way he doesn't eat himself. And nobody else is, wildly coldly whom as as you know Meza, will be to the one who speaks ill of people in the presence and in the back. Yes, terrible and lamola who up the ladder is the foolish notion that the greater his empire the longer his life? He has this foolish notion. We move on the third

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person is Jude, Jude IV enter the academy Molly Will you call me Maddie? He eats from his money and others eat. So he enjoys and others enjoy and this is how his life loves. But then there's one even greater and that's the focus of my job. This was a preamble.

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Maybe you can do me man he could only Monday. After Jude it reaches a level of support. The third person is eat and others eat I eat I give I eat people come to us. But the fourth is it reaches the level where he no longer is from his wealth. He's through an excitement is to see how others eat from Israel.

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When he becomes selfless, and not selfish. Now the excitement is for others to enjoy from the empire that Allah has given him. May Allah grant us that condition. Caboose, he says I was making a while I met the youngster from both and he was a pious when they used to meet each other days to update one another with spirituality. So I asked him brother what's the definition of zoo? Zoo has loosely translated as just inclination to the things of this world. How would you translate this over what's the definition of the word he said is our did not occur in our pocket in October now when we have we eat when we don't have we persevered. isn't really that how you defined it? Well, that's how we have

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it. Okay, don't take offense to it. But honestly, I would

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dogs in my city satisfies a definition.

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Our dogs hakala kinaba Well, the dogs of the city have both when they get food they eat when they don't they roam the streets. I was taken aback and I felt a bit offended. I said, Okay, then you tell me what is what is it that either was a dinner without proper dinner savarna when Allah gives us, we just become those to facilitate to pass it on to others. And when we don't have we joined those who never had

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the three people who were stuck in the cave.

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And then each one of them has to call on to Allah through the intervention of some good deed. And like it or not my brother, the reality of life is in every moment, we find ourselves in an absolute crisis, where we know our context, our monetary muscle, I will know how our skill all fails us.

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It just tells us that someone with a chronic condition that someone was a rebellious child is a court case that spending all your contacts are just depleted and exhausted your head against the wall now you waiting hoping and praying for a miracle and that's the time you need to tap into your spiritual reserves and take out from the and present it to Allah and ask Allah through the intervention of that provided you have a reserve and provided I have reserved and provided it's blooming in which you have adequate beneath your natural when you can just step on instead of Allah you know I did this year when I was a young boy a lot. lateral direction for this opportunity.

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Please align my head is against the wall alarm really. I'm breaking my head alarm plate in my head. I'm tired. I'm exhausted. I'm the 30 Km lame Allah, please, I need your help, urgently, my alarm. And those three people called on the heartbeat is famous. It's called a service to the llama is fairly harsh intervention through the agency of noble action. And it's unanimous across the scholars. There's no two opinions on its permissibility it's an authentic liberation and the bow the block and they realize there's no way coming out and each one said, Okay, brother, do you know have you done anything good in your life? If you ever listen, it might have been a secret to till today.

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But today, you got to spell it out because we need to come out. And I'm not going into all three, the one that I want to focus on myself, I can share some other incidents with you once at Alabama in a vuca Li, Allah, Allah. I don't know if we're gonna be living. But you know, I did want to extend for you a lot. There was a man who worked for me one day, Allah casual labor, property this time of the year, people come and do casual labor is trying hopping around jumping was one day was one day, two days here one week, Allah, He works for me. And he left one day, two days, and he was going to hurt his body. And he left behind some basic money that he worked for one day. And I thought to

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myself, What if I owe him the money? That's the deal. And the other thing is, let me look through his lenses. Let me look through his eyes. Why not invest his money for himself. We all want to grow and climb the economic ladder. That is a selfish mind. But when can we become selfless and think how others can go. Allah forgive us we become such, we don't have the strength to see others grow, nevermind facilitate the growth of others. You weren't supposed to climb the ladder, it doesn't happen. I only supposed to be anchored in this position. A lot of men work for me, I took his little remuneration. I invested it, my intentions were clean, his label was pure, you put Berkut in it,

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money grew into money and it evolved and evolved. Sometimes even if you start off something clean, and you invest for someone else that matures, then as it progresses, you start getting contamination in your thoughts. Now your mindset change in Asia is lucrative, you know, this is lucrative and really influenceable I didn't make a binding agreement. So if I pull it back also now and that's where the bucket is gone. It's just gone, disappear since that pollution, and that's the test from Allah. So I took his money and I invested it. They say a society grows great. When you plant a seed, knowing very well that you won't live to see the fruit of the tree, nor the shade of the tree. But

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you know, down the generations, one young boy will have his lunch there. And one waiter will pluck a tree branch and pluck a fruit and that vision is is adequate accomplishment for you. That is when the society is growing great that I'm planting the seeds right my great great grandchild somebody's passing by will eat a lambda that's good enough for me. Somebody else made it.

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And I invested it aligned and grew. And then this man got into a crisis and one day said hey, you know what, let me open up somebody owes me money. Let me go. So he comes he says Brother, you remember many years ago in December, I worked for you one day, and I never came back. You know what probably

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You have that little money I can just take care of one nice meal. And he says yes Yes brother I know you're exactly the words of Buhari Mohamed Salah ism could no matter Amina eBill was the first one I mean as a brother You see this whole Meadow Do you see the capital? You see the camel? You see the lamb? As is your daddy goes on he says brother Don't mock me. Don't mock me. I'm asking you for a lesson asking you for the keys of the guy. No, I won't even own a tire. I don't even own the tire. No, No brother. You see this fleet? You see this fleet? The showroom in yours? No, my brother please man. You know what he says? The ob the lot of friends of Allah and others who are just listening.

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They listening they don't know it's been hidden in the cave in the boulder has blocked you. I'm saying my brother even if you put that money in your pocket, money wasn't gonna help you know because he couldn't move the Boulder. But being invested in somebody else's and setting the heart of someone else that is not going to come to your rescue. aligned this man took everything and he went I could have pocketed that money but for your fear I did. I asked you through the medium of this act of kindness Allah rescue me and the messengers alarmism said he prayed the other brothers observe the bowl the turn and off the exit from the cave and unlike give them a fresh breath of life

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jury replay until especially useful have a llama

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remember when we makes mention of it is common to the Muslims. by appealing

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Nikola Muslim, I pledge to the messenger sallallahu Sallam I'm going to be kind to every believer the focus of my talk my brother he that we need to become selfless humans and we need to become come out of the selfish you know restriction. They say he who gives teaches me to give you can give without loving but you cannot love without giving.

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So I pledged to the noble I'm gonna be kind to every Muslim. He says the servant of obeah hos it's mentioned in the commentary of Muslims very close the servant goes in by the hostile foreign drums he comes back. This is your last This is no no no no. Take me back to the cellar. It goes back to services and managing you've undercharged me.

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Hello, we need more people like us here we will you come from is it No man you need to take more. Okay. Make it for 15 I think it's still under price. Raise it to five No. Is it more 540-640-7748 Okay, here's 800 the buyer is ecstatic elated. They say give more than the man deserves and you're a winner.

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Give me more than if you're a winner my brother you're a winner because he walked out of there with his heart full of jobs for you. Last week in my Juma talk I said long story short, when when Subramanian Abdul Malik he had met with about housing and housing demand even as a medic was the king he told a man about having a treatment plan up for me please make while for me. So this finance person said my general rule see what we used to do only what is it that you want me to make dua I have no problem. I'll make one now. But what can my god do for you When the man who's a victim of your oppression is cursing you behind the door?

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I'm gonna make it twice Allah bless this man. Give him happiness. Give him goodness. But there are 1000s of victims of your abuse and their desperation doesn't allow them to speak. You must you exploit to expropriate they are against my prayer. My prayer was no strength, no muscles a curse in your face. If you don't have people to pray for you, at least don't ask people to curse to my brother. If you can touch someone's life don't damage someone's life. So he said 800 so people get what you pay 800 you crazy man? You know that's like

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when you're looking for a car nobody finds it. Then when you buy Why you didn't tell me how I got

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you on a plan to get married. Nobody elementary school girl has been told me to find a good boy. Hey, I couldn't get accommodation. Oh, I'm sitting with loads of accommodation, man. You know when when you're looking, nothing comes your way. And suddenly when you commerce and everything falls in your lap in your blue qumola have a look at the back of this ayah Allah says he tests you by the commitments you made. Are you going to fall short on your word because someone has dangled something before you or you're going to be mad enough? So they said to Jerry you paid 800 I would have cost you two horses for the same price. He said I could get it myself. So then why would you pay 800

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because I pledge to my Navy that I'll be good to every Muslim and kindness to the buyer in the status will give you way beyond he was expecting those coralayne is traveling the Quran speaks about him. The East and the West. Allah gave him muscle strength.

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ability is everything going. He comes to a nation. Although we are currently in a I do Java I do the move Sedona

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nazar Lula Kahala done Allah and Tatiana banana will

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also coordinate this a poor people ruled and governed wherever they travel. And among them was a little corny. Some argue that he was Alexandra the great speech as it may. So there was these people that come they couldn't really communicate this what the Quran says so easily through sign language or an interpreter. This is what the scholars have to see reconcile against his books, because the Quran says they couldn't communicate, they couldn't understand and then the Quran codes their correspondence. How do we reconcile the scholars say either there was sign language and they said yeah, well for me in order for me, karma could mean east and west it means either a hole it means

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essentially it has many meanings. He travels the east and the west and hence he was given this name in Maya Angelou just one I do mostly don't have our definition. We live in India. And this nation Gorgon Magog, they cause havoc on the earth. You know we live in fear we live in Delhi we live in in anxiety can we ask you we never thought you're gonna cross through your now you pass in you have all on your side. Naja Allah.

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Allah. Allah Banga na

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da You know, we've been saving money we've been trying these people come here, they invade our land, they steal they cause mayhem and chaos. Please, we'll give you something just help us just help us.

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Look at look at the wealth of a pious man. May Allah give us that wealth and May Allah give us that Hi, Mama. Can he be please let us know Don't insult me by offering me money. You are in a crisis How can I exploit your crisis by bailing you financially?

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You say no they desperately are take a price make a kill. Go for a you can go for it and you make a kill and you come back with that handsome monetary but I promise you that takes away goodness in your life. And that's precisely we all know holiday on a vacation and there's arguments there's no happiness. There's no there's no goodness in our families in our homes. Why? Because the element of Baraka goodness divine blessings is taken away. Mama telling me to give you a verbatim translation what my Allah has given me money is adequate. I really I don't know. What are you talking mama? Can you be here up beside

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me No need.

00:32:39--> 00:33:22

For what I do need from you people it helped me with physical muscles firing only before and john wayne acoem ouabain urashima I'm going to erect a solid wall. I'm going to erect a solid divider that is going to bar them, position them block them up and you will live in peace. For me the joy is that I just added value to somebody else's life. Probably a heavy downpour and someone's gutter has caved in and roof has collapsed. And for him he doesn't know when life will return to normality. And for me it is few extra rent. The other day this thought crossed my mind and it picked my heart. I said eola my desert and my briefs post me a more leverage than many people's actual meals.

00:33:23--> 00:34:08

And it freaks me out. I'm indulging in a Swedish I'm indulging in a drink I'm indulging in something which is my meal is over just just just to tell you to live my face but and that was the pie for an extra family of needs. And we know what's happening in the level and the heart bleeds and the mind drive. And we ask ourselves some serious question. How much pain does it bring to us? Mama's children up here up beside me because you help me I will put up this wall. Then the Quran goes down to explain the details of the construction process of Milan is wholesome as od zubaba Alhaji you bring me the sheets of iron Zuber she had he

00:34:09--> 00:34:59

had de la bayanus modifying the calling for hope and then he places it from the ground setting it right up. Then he puts fire and blows it and then he melts it and cements it together and keeps it you know firm and established and he raises It's so high because the humility look at the humanity. A believer in every attitude in every speech of ease. You will see a man and it is believed that you will realize it in his walk in his talk in his arrogance in his demeanor. Has this stage so much muscle so much authority. He is rescuing the nation that has been invaded by by the adjacent people for years. But look at his humanity. hats are either server calling football hazza halona on holiday

00:35:00--> 00:35:28

To the Osprey rally hippopotami from molten copper, and then he pulls it over. And then he cements it and the wall is not completed, concluded and it's done. And then what does he say, has rust metal metal Bobby, isn't that is not my ability. My Allah has been very kind to me, my ally has been very, very kind to me. I've done you know favor, this is all the favors of my Lord upon me has never been

00:35:29--> 00:35:30


00:35:31--> 00:35:31


00:35:34--> 00:36:19

Often when we do people a favor, we don't do a psilocybin I don't encourage him. So when we get the punch at UCLA, I don't owe him anything not a model. I'm just being kind to him. I'm just being kind. If the package is tough luck, if the chips are not pressed, I'm doing him a favor. No, no, no, he did a better job than you and I will do after we take pay for it. How many of us can do that my brother, how many of us can give somebody with such a heart with such goodness and completion. He said the wall is so solid that they weren't able to scale it is so high and it's so sticky that they weren't able to penetrate it. So there's just no way they can cross over from a star or a yerba

00:36:19--> 00:36:24

hiromu they cannot scale it almost Nakba and they cannot penetrate it then it says

00:36:26--> 00:36:29

this is the kindness of my lord is facilitated by

00:36:31--> 00:37:03

the gala whoo that was gonna be hot sauce. But the truth to be sold this one would stand the test of time when my Allah decides to dismantle this world and the planet will be dismantled we will my walls stand. If we commit at the same time. You military look at the gratitude. Look at the many lessons with for Elijah. Be when the Lord when the will of my Lord comes jala who my Allah will raise it to pieces are a dead he Allah will make it smithereens

00:37:05--> 00:37:47

Satan Abu Bakar the Alomar angle, before his father converted to Islam, Abu hanifa he used to liberate slaves. This was his good nature and practices to liberation slaves. So his father wasn't a Muslim at that time, couldn't identify with the motivation of his son and this is it. You know, when you have a man your whole approach changes, what is poison for someone what is food for us, maybe poison for someone else, your whole approach is now not your own investment into spiritual investment. A very liberating place one after the other. So his father came to him and he said listen my son you're doing this and just handsomely you know liberating and freeing people and they

00:37:47--> 00:38:17

can't give you anything back because they poor they don't own anything at least do this much that select those slaves who've got clout and muscle they strong, they're resilient, they robust so when you call on them, then they're morally obligated to help you because you've liberated that. So you don't make this as a condition you go to a man who is you know, setting the the poor to have a free he says Allah will hire an Angela linworth aqui aqui con was Apache Hanwha deadly Archie Murphy Villa Linda so at

00:38:19--> 00:38:58

large Luckily, with only the rubble and other amazing couplets. We're so happy for a tribute to the generosity of Abubakar villano. So all his father says Do what you want to your religion promotes advocates and encourages you All I'm saying is don't go liberate a man who's free, who's weak and feeble and lame isn't gonna help you anything money now because they bought a beggar. There's no way you're gonna get anything back. But it is strong tomorrow somebody intimidates you or threatens you, you just call them and they will mobilize. So what did Obama say? He said, my dad I consciously look to assist people in whom I don't see the remotest possibility of return. I can take it full from my

00:38:58--> 00:38:58


00:39:00--> 00:39:05

I look for a man I don't look you know, I don't I have this man by you don't have to worry the minister.

00:39:06--> 00:39:47

Tomorrow the cabinet changes my friend you don't know you can turn you know what cover your bed. No, Allah reveals the birth family in the home in Macon, Georgia, elaborative all over the hill up the hill. His kindness was not motivated to offset a previous favor. It was motivated exclusively to please Allah. I'm saying my brothers go out in the world and empower someone and let that be the joy of your day. The messenger sallallahu Sallam said to a masala honey help someone who's grappling in doing something okay you pedaling with this stuff this? Let me help you put the tire up and get the man back on the road. You grappling with this way. Listen, I don't have the skill myself. But I know

00:39:47--> 00:40:00

I can. I can introduce you to someone who does not only approach or assist someone who doesn't have the ability to do something. I'll leave you with the last incident. State law musante Salatu was Salam is in

00:40:00--> 00:40:00

In Egypt

00:40:02--> 00:40:15

and then there was two people that were quarantine Allah speak about this in the 20 of Jews. One was from the tribe of Busan one was the tribe of Pharaoh. One was a fit between and one was a sympathy. Sympathy was a descendant of

00:40:16--> 00:40:17

sympathy was from the people of Pharaoh.

00:40:18--> 00:40:23

He thought a solemn came it was at the time when people were sleeping it was midday siesta.

00:40:24--> 00:41:04

Well de la mattina tala Lessing, and Lima. Kawasaki hora Giulini a pata Ceylon two people are having a quarrel has amnesia it he does belong to the tribe of Mustafa Domine do we and this was his enemy foe and hostile. First of all the demon Shi t. So the person from is a Musa Musa Please come here. So metallicum went to his age and he was a victim, and musallam salatu salam then tries to discipline the victor. And in doing so Mossad extract was Salam gave him a blow, but it proves to be more fatal than intended. And his claim to fame his life and he passed on.

00:41:06--> 00:41:27

So obviously a levy the levy and he regretted what he did. And that also speaks on the volumes of the physical center of nav, the physical center sometimes we think we really pumping iron and we have it all going. The messenger sallallahu uses physical strength was amazing and had settled without the consumated the relation was all his spouses in one night.

00:41:28--> 00:42:12

The messenger sallallahu send them consumated with all his spouse's this was the physical strength that Allah had endowed a levy with the Hadees of Muslims read the messages a lot he was sleeping and there was some peculiar sounds. Doesn't didn't say get up and go see he got up, got onto his horse went and patrols that was our levy. This was I want to be what they say can I say hey cuchillo marry Roger man lovey lovey lake in Ponce and amazake cubby cubby Yes, a koosh log, mirror wagaman. lovey lovey. They can purchase a namaha stay make cubby cubby Navy cannon 17 June just ahead. Now Vika hokum soon a goon

00:42:13--> 00:42:44

Some people say the love of the messenger is my entire existence is immersed in the love of the Vla, salaam, my entire and naturally is drained in the love of messenger sallallahu sallam. But how ironical they support this. Suppose that claim by offering prayer occasionally, they use the name of naritasan they swayed they swayed with excitement with joy with jubilation. Yet when they hear the injunction of that very lovey, they disappear into an AMA ama protector.

00:42:46--> 00:43:28

Season our Mutharika, the lobby of Allah goes he patrols he comes back Sahaba gets wind of this peculiar sound. When the review is coming back. Nobody says it's asleep. Ivan is monitor the situation. Sleep Sleep that it is much easier though honestly. Imagine that. Overnight you only wish they would move alive. And he gets on and then he said in our dinner with a baja su explanation to the Saudis because he was riding on he said this is swift it runs like water, or it means the sound was coming from the waters. Everything is under control is nothing to be feared. The Navy over last stood up independently. They were resting beneath the three returns from a campaign he had at the

00:43:28--> 00:43:51

respective location. Whenever you have a nice three you score hanging on the branch above him. It does believe account just goes and he says is a perfect time. None of these men are closely I can ambush and strike him. He comes up close and maybe overnight in deep sleep Allah speaks about this in the fixtures in Surah An arm into Rama

00:43:53--> 00:43:57

Rama Coronavirus ally li li Khan is

00:43:58--> 00:44:36

able to lie come at a woman idea man can you believe remember the time was guerrilla Monica masala? The boon of Allah is the hammer when a nation intended to stretch a treacherous hand and offensive hand that comes close he takes the sort of near a Salaam and then he ambush is going to be of a lot of restarts and catch up with a sharp and he says medium now come in me now Mohammed moto who's going to help you your companions are all aside delivery of Allah was there you just turn around and somebody exploited whenever you have a lower delivery of in Lhasa Madison he says a law

00:44:37--> 00:45:00

that the man was recently said it was something else altogether the innovation goes the store it was a member that the hand of this this believe assembles and the sword falls and restart we'll fix it up. And he says now so who's gonna stay view now so cool. Now he can say a lot because it's all on his side. This is no no you know

00:45:00--> 00:45:10

We friendly. We go back a long way we mustn't fight. You know my late grandfather, your grandfather Oh, now the tune is stays the tune is different. The words of the

00:45:11--> 00:45:44

Prophet don't abuse the tool in your hand don't abuse the weapon in your hand. Now these are some of the issues that learn from me. Learn from me kindness, a minute ago, you on my head a minute ago you're under my feet. And this is what I have done is that really I'm thoroughly impressed and he accepts Islam. Anyway, that was the strength of societa Musa gives a little blow it proves to be faithful, he claims the man's life without some regrets. All about being a volunteer nuptse possibility under this idea in the series written I'm going to India, that

00:45:45--> 00:46:00

by jurisprudence segra Moosa had not committed an offense or a crime or a sin, because it was inadvertent unintentional, he did not lost the killing of this man, but unintentionally he killed yet he restaurants this mistake as a sin

00:46:01--> 00:46:40

because it was a crime of the land to kill someone. But by the teachings of the Sharia, yes, it was, it was a tragic situation. It was an unpleasant occurrence. But in principle, it was not a sin because he didn't mean it wasn't deliberate, it was not orchestrated, it was not calculated. And from this, the scholars deduced that as Muslims, we supposed to live like dignified citizens as well. You can see the write up academically, that we live in a land we live with respect and dignity, because we understand what we do and doses it gives the the sanctioning of Islam, whatever we say people perceive that to be the teachings of Islam. So he leaves from there because there's a

00:46:40--> 00:47:22

warrant of arrest against him. And he travels in the direction he doesn't know and he's traveling and traveling hungry, thirsty, unknown. And after a day's long days, he comes and he takes shelter under a tree and he makes this most comprehensive have been neelima and delta 11 so you didn't allow whatever however in any form of good you can help you any food and drink and shelter any place whatever you can offer me a lie Ed, I'm gonna grab it with two hands and really, my life is right there. You helped me be oh my lord me Verily, neelima and Zelda what you can send down inside in goodness for you. And while it's the entire exhausted, distraught, lay in the project, feeble

00:47:23--> 00:47:54

species that this community comes into this town called medion. unknown to him he doesn't know what the future lies ahead is sitting here. And shepherds are coming with a flock come to the well give it was enough to go into cities tired, exhausted, and his his two girls coming and descending and expanding and people are pushing in understanding. Because it's a system. Sorry, I don't know you you don't know me? What's this all about? Why don't you take your floor over brother You know what they are? Maybe we can rub shoulders with men. And we wish our father could come but we've got crisis our dad is all in a trailer and we

00:47:56--> 00:48:39

all have our possible coma. Our letter learn as they say you're still on a boon I say this element of kindness to go and empower the lives of others go make better for someone else. He says no, no, it's just a way to it doesn't allow me to see this year. So one side he takes the flock and he goes and gives it water. After eight days. You fly for eight hours inland and you know what yarmulke and then you take the flock and then he goes and gives it water. And then he says just as you can go go go, go That's it. No ask him for anything and he goes and Subhana Allah how Allah compensated the girls get home earlier than time and the dad is my honor Telecom. I've been here because you back

00:48:39--> 00:48:57

home early today and we met a gentleman they're very kind modest. And he dropped his gaze assisted And off he went. No, but you know, man, I didn't know how I brought you up. If somebody spoke Chinese a stranger, show some kindness go back and call him and then the Quran says how she came in the Quran is so amazing. For da da da

00:48:59--> 00:49:47

da. She came walking. But Allah said her walk was like she was walking on a convenience of modesty. One one personas and I'll leave you Sorry, man. I was reading the tafsir. When Allah speaks of Xena, and Allah speaks of text. When Allah speaks of the crime of Zina. Allah says the adulterous and then the adulterous. And when Allah speaks of text, Allah says the male sees and then the female. So Allah mentioned the same punishment. But Allah reverses the sequence as dunya to what Danny was sorry for was 34 to the scholars of the field, they go into the depth to potentially explore the hidden wisdom in reversing the sequence of male and female, understand the richness of our Quran.

00:49:48--> 00:50:00

Why when it came to the crime of Xena Allah said the adulterous first then the adulterer. And when it came to step, Allah says the male see first and then the female. See, the reason the scholars stay and who am I to say I'm only coating

00:50:00--> 00:50:46

What I've read that Zilla is evil by all standards and definitions, but for a sister is somewhat gravely an evil because Allah has veiled you with 1000 levels of modesty, you are great and the rest and rolled and and covered with modesty bashfulness and, and for you now to go beyond that and violate that it just makes your clients so much more severe. And you my brother when it came to steps, Allah said the main feed Now listen to this year in Islam if you stop the hands of a person unintentionally the crime is very severe you must pay 500 dinars because you incapacitated a man you broken Islam so that you didn't mean it probably the nice slap or the chocolate slipped and it

00:50:46--> 00:51:19

causes but you got to give him X amount of camels and so much amounts of money, because you got to protect him his life is sacred, the human organs are sacred. Yet when the very hand steals pretend theorems are more than the Islamic law is that you have to hand so the scholars say how, when you broke a man's hand initially unintentionally, inadvertently it cost you 500 dinar gold coin, and yet when the very man steals then something trivial essential items you've got his hand and they give the answer. Kindness Amina kindness, kindness

00:51:20--> 00:51:39

mechanic Amina wahana llama fairness, kindness Amina cell mechanics Amina, this hand was valuable when it has trust in it. The latter if you break it by mistake, you'll pay 500 dinars for when this hand became too slow. and the value drops so much in the eyes of Allah even pretend your hands dropped it on

00:51:40--> 00:52:18

the hand was valuable because it was honest, it was faithful it had meaning that's how it was preserved. But when you betrayed the ability of this hand, so Aladdin refers to a male first you early Why are you stealing a male? It's not right for a woman to steal but you're crying is most of you. In a nutshell, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those people that we come out of a selfish life and we become selfless human, where our joy no excitement comes to see others eat and take normal fed those people who set one side someone said go he said it gives me a joy to see others eat. It gives me a joy to see others have a life