The Spiritual Ladder – Success Without A Successor Is Failure

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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. One of the challenges we have in our organizations and institutions that we don't have any succession plan. In English they say success without a successor is failure. And this is the brutal truth. And if perchance there is a situation where there is some potential successor, lo and behold, it will be tainted with nepotism. So it needs to be someone of my ally, it needs to be someone of my cronies, someone with whom I have a sense of acquaintance, etc. Now, when we look at the Quran, again, it gives us a great q direction navigation in this regard. It's a verse of the third Jews in Surah,

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Allah imraan, in which the supplication of Satan, Zachary, Allah, his salatu salam has been mentioned. He said, I've been heavily militant casually yet and Paiva Allah bless me with noble offspring. And in the 19th chapter in Surah, Maryam he said, what you need to do Mr. Wiley Amala I'm afraid my relatives, I don't see any one of them capable to take the legacy forward. So it's great to be visionary that the organization can continue the legacy can continue, but blessed me with a child or Leah who is pleasing to you, URI Sony, we're assuming early on, who can inherit the knowledge, the sacred knowledge and take the course forward? Now in Romani, under this ayah it is

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written that Satan is the carrier alayhis salam did not only request an A or A son to inherit and continue the legacy, but he was quite specific on the attributes of that air that can inherit and succeed after him. He said play about probably Yeah, my son My aim has been noble and pious motto, Horton hauraton. mean no thing is deadly be su Manfredi data and Eva data, mocha de tener en Shahada, one who is clean, pure and noble. Bless me with such a sun hence a llama and Lucy Baghdadi Rahim Allah right. della Allah and Allah. Allah love min Shara EP ha ha de Sleaford La La Kony here. minzu li nessa Bo. It is quite clear from this verse of the Quran that one of the prerequisites of a

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successor, be it from your biological children or someone else is a person who is of high morals and values and not necessarily someone who has your surname or is of your blood lineage or is of the same family may Allah bless that woman with great leaders and noble successes. I mean, your anatomy