Forgotten Etiquettes #20 – Frankness

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Islam promotes an open honest, Frank, candid and transparent relationship, so that there are no misgivings later in the equation. Pull them out as a newcomer lay him in urgent warmer and Amina LaMotta Ken Levine, say unto them, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I do not seek remuneration from you and I'm not from amongst those who act and pretend sometimes we just act like it's okay it's fine, all is good. And then later you have issues and you have arguments. So in the journey of Musa and river Allah imam in Allah here a Salah to with the Salim Satan our father made a condition on Musa he was frank with him he was open he was candid and

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said Oh Musa if you want to join me for lettuce Eleni and che in them Don't ask me anything had already said like I mean who Decra until and unless I don't initiate the discussion. In Guyana Quran it is written that etiquette we learn from this is a sterile tool to boring Allah Tabori is the ultimate boring alligator bury that the leader, the teacher has a right and the authority to impose a condition on the student and the follower. Sometimes a person would say to you listen, you're traveling, I need you to take a parcel. And you're like, okay, it's fine. Now you're not open and frank, you feeling awkward and uncomfortable. And you just say yes, but you don't limit the person,

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you don't put any restriction on the size or the content of the puzzle. And then when you get to the airport, La ilaha illallah he comes with a bag that is oversized, and now you have to pay excess luggage. And this is purely because you did not put down conditions. So it's perfectly within your right and your space to put reasonable conditions when somebody is seeking a favor from you. In fact, my scholar one of my scholars used to say that there are two types of feeding people. One is it haram Allah civilian Ekrem you feed in a teacher or a senior then he has the right to dictate the conditions I'll come to your house, but it will be a Friday lunch. These are my dietary requirements

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and you need to oblige because you're trying to win his happiness and one is a prom Allah severely ill Hydra that a poor person comes and he says I need food. And I need my family also requires food. It is within reason to say to the letter, no problem. I will provide you with food. But please come eight o'clock in the morning and I will have a meal provided for you. So that's the beauty of Islam. Be frank, be honest, be open. There's no ill feelings so that there are no arguments