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We come now to that part of the program which many are looking forward to Mashallah the keynote address by none other than Hazrat Maulana Suleiman moolah, Sabha Davila hazard molana is one of the most renowned, prominent, recognized, acknowledged, revered and respected scholars and auditors in the world today and it really humbles us that from the first time we had the Sierra jelsa in 2011. Up to now, every single year has Maulana has accepted our humble invite. There are many other places in the world, where his presence is sought, where there would be bigger and perhaps greater and more enthusiastic audiences. But yet every 100 Ala Moana has accepted our invite and for that we are

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eternally grateful. And we make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala, to bless him into his family, and to bless all of those who have played a part in bringing him to where he is in his own life. And we make dua that Allah continues to prolong his shadow over us, and may we continue to benefit from his pearls of wisdom and his profound advices for many years to come. After Maulana Stoke they will be the DA and then immediately the Isha Adana will go and then Isha Salah will be performed about five minutes thereafter, and then meals will be served in the in the adjacent halls inshallah, one brother has left his car keys behind unless your wife is upset with you and you want to sleep in the

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middle state. Then your keys or whatever amounts of Milena admits a big dream. We will now move on to the keynote address for this evening Mona's topic is the miraculous nature of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was we now call upon his mana Solomon Melissa

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salli.

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ala nabina Muhammad Ali he was happy woman he

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superhero home what was the key in Bihar was him in a sollatek second Ola home in la sala Taka second one la who Samira. Nadine, we're calling the BU sallallahu taala alayhi wa sallam Rahim Allah hora jhulan Samhain is a ba, ba, ba ba, ba ba ba in his father to was Salam. Honorable scholars respected brothers, elders, mothers and sisters and their esteemed listeners of radio Islam International. In every Sierra talk, I endeavor to dedicate my address to an exclusive angle from the impeccable legacy of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and today be no different. I want to focus on the amazing and miraculous nature of the drama and the application of the messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he sallallahu wasallam was instructed to go into book and the journey was far the heat was intense, the numbers were great of the enemy. And Allah instructed the Sahaba to follow it was the inferior arm as we would say a general address for everyone to leave out and mobilize. Essentially there were five categories amongst the Sahaba there was the first category that applied and levina terbaru FISA, our ideal those who followed the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the hour of darkness in the hour of difficulty, and the restaurant in the hour of difficulty. There was another group amongst the Sahaba who were initially reluctant and hesitant, but

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subsequently they followed on membaca de marca de iezzi hokku boothferry. The main home after a group from amongst them was somewhat reluctant, a third group from amongst the Sahaba with those who wanted to participate who are genuine, sincere, devout but due to lack of resources they could not participate, and for them there's no blame or any reproach Walla Walla La La Vina a drama atoka Lita, Milan, poodle tala, Ajay Duma, familia con la and there is no blame or reproach or consequences or repercussion for those who come to you. And they ask your prophets Allah doesn't give us a mount and you say La Familia Kumar LA I don't have anything to one No, they turn What are

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you gonna demonstrate while tears trickle down from the eyes of hazard and out of intense grief allergy to my uniform, that they are unable to find something which they could contribute. Then there was the fourth category amongst them and that was the Manasa t

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Category there were some that made initial excuses others were those that didn't take the trouble to come and make an excuse. waka de la de la casa de la hora Sula, some of them the likes of Judah Benitez he said, Oh Mohamed Salah ism. I don't mind joining you. But my only issue is the Roman woman are very beautiful.

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The Roman woman are very beautiful and if I participate properly, I might succumb to that temptation. You know, this woman said I wanted to buy my husband a gift. But it's so difficult you don't know what boom what men one men one other woman.

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I don't know what to buy him for my husband. But now that's the challenge with men. Woman no one maniapoto Valley while at the Finney alliance will fit in at soccer through woman home and amongst them are those men who say eventually please give me permission and excuse me while are testing me and don't trap me in a vise in a sense I'm going to come with a woman or two beautiful and then I might succumb to it. Allah behold Qf infinity Sokka to your non compliance to the prophetic decree is no less a fitna and a crime and an offence. So that was the fourth category, then was the fifth category. And they were genuine, sincere, honest Sahaba, who had no valid legitimate excuse, but

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unfortunately, they did not participate. This category was further divided into two, seven out of them when the prophets of Allah and I'm just, you know, expediting it to get to the point. I'm like, nervous of my time at the beginning already. Anyway, so seven out of them when the prophets of Allah cinema return, they tied themselves to a pillar. They tied themselves to a pillar, and they said, until Allah doesn't live in our Toba, we won't unshackle ourselves. And after a few days, Allah revealed a Toba and Allah revealed the verse of the Quran Haruna Dada fu be the new be him holla to

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say, what are her own and others?

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To be him? They conceded the offense. And let me stop here momentarily and say to you, my brother, while you breathe in, if you concede guilt, then it will help you. But if you concede guilt post your demise, I'm afraid that would be the common slogan of all the disbelievers far lower a banner, a meta net net, a

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net net a factor of Nabisco novena Isla baru barragem in Seville, every capitals Oh Allah, Allah, I realize apologies, actually. Now I understand my mistake, my mistake, but I'm afraid it's too late. So these Sahaba they conceded guilt. Then the Toba was revealed they were unshackled and the other three they Toba was deferred because they didn't take the bold step of repenting immediately, but they repented after a period of time kerbin Malik Hillel been omega and murghab and Robbie hora de la Mancha and the tale continues and Allah speaks about it in great length. These seven Sahaba after they repented as a token of gratitude on the acceptance of the Toba. They offered all their wealth

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in charity, only of Allah This is the money we own. These are all my assets. This is my wealth. I'm so elated, ecstatic, 2 billion and overwhelmed that Allah has accepted my Toba and forgiven me for my offense, not a portion not a third not half, not two thirds. This is all my wealth accepted in in in charity and I hope that that would atone and compensate for my mistake. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said no no I haven't been given any command from Allah tala at the stage. Hence, I will exercise caution and I will not accept your wealth. Subsequently Allah revealed the verse hosemann unworldly him sada Patton, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam take a portion mean the very academically

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linguistically grammatically mean debris takes some of their money, which means the third as the movers Syrian say, take this as charity, Takahiro home what was the key in Bihar by accepting this it will purify them it will clean them it will elevate them and as you accept their donation and their contribution simultaneously make to our for them your arm means magic to them

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was suddenly I lay him and pray for them. I feel elated. When my teacher made a vow for me. I feel like static when my mom made a drive for me. I feel overwhelmed when my dad bought his house in my favor. Can the words of any language encapsulate that joy

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That euphoria, that excitement when the messenger sallallahu Sallam makes in a solid circle alone by Allah not only the DA even in the ayah this piece, there's this sukoon I mean the entire Quran is replete and brimming with sukoon. With the words itself, Imam Ahmed makes mention of integration and spend money Korea Lohan who says, Shaka Alan and saw an hour in higher two Sahaba in the first volume towards the end on the virtues of unsought, the references of Muslim the ultimate. So the unslotted found it difficult to use the camels to constantly draw water for irrigation purposes, such as Mr. Oyama, they assemble one day and they say let's go to the messenger sallallahu Sallam

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and asked him requests of him to make do

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that and asked him to dig a canal and a river for us. So that that could ease our crisis when it comes to irrigation. And yet karela who runs the province alarmism can dig a canal we could have easier access to water. So they agreed on the appointed time. They come in with a common agenda to request the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to dig a canal as they advance in the VNA. Salam stands up mahabang Bill anzar marhaba will answer or a warm welcome to my anzar la luna Leo mushy an attorney to Kumu who wanna La La comme si n in a Bonnie, listen what ever you asked me today, consider it approved. And whatever I request on whatever I request allow on your behalf consider it approved.

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For carlebach only baffling is attorney Mujawar celluma Sarah so they come in they're having an issue with farming with irrigation they need a canal they need something physical and tangible they received with this warm embrace and this warm reception and hospitality coupled by the confirmation that whatever you request is a done deal. They said to one another discreetly make the best of it. Leave the river leave the canal leave the water access Let's ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to make granted Allah forgives us

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I was his direct opposite you meet demand and supply to make love us in the harem Allah forgive us It makes God then you go out and you exit someone say but you know what a pious man that is you telling me now I needed to tell him about my shop man.

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you telling me now I should have requested him I got a new thing coming up and everything I would have put that forth before him

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anymore make the best of it was

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the messenger sallallahu wasallam left his blessing and hands my body freezes. Imagine a loss of Islamism tapa OC was asked kulana Shay and you shall we Bona lol Jana. Tell us something that can motivate us, inspire us propel us to Jenna youngsters get together. Tell us about the dangers of gender like gentlemen, tell us more.

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I don't know that the fear of the Quran but what does that mean? I'm just asking, you know, curiosity on that verse. Cool and unusual with tuna. lol Jana. Tell us something that motivates us is that I got nothing more to tell you other than fee ha rasulillah internet is near a Salam ala

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rasulillah Assalamu alaikum Rasul Allah joaquina Rasul Allah here to look at

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even shakaama fundamental surgeries

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are en el Hoda. Ama Baku buena de mattina. an AMA

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up to you Jaffe, john Babu Wang Fei Raji he is a college bill machinery kienle mapa de Rue up like vowed I'm not going to be translating the poetry to carry on with my dog Forgive me about that. Anyway, the Prophet sallallahu makes this not a real vow in case I translate Allah who will answer

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when he abandoned his answer. When a banner a banner will answer Willie as Virgil and SAR when eg Ronnie

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Allah These are my answer, interfere Romani under this verse. Johan levena, Amano kuno answer Allah. Allah Shabbir Ahmed Othmani, right so amazingly, Allah said oh you who believe become the helpers of Allah. He says the answers are delivered on this call. so diligently

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That domain name became unsolved.

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The request was become a helper they became such a helper is that you know you eat burgers You look like a burger.

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You know, you when I think of unit I think of chocolates kuno and sarala become the helpers of Allah they became such helpers they named became ALLAH forgive my answer. Forgive their children forgive their grandchildren, please forgive their partners and because of them forgive their neighborhood, and then the quotation and the couplets of Abubakar vilanova the way he pays tribute to the answer, just a lot more

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foreign pain was lifted to banana aluna lil was in a facility about a meluna wallow an own manner to learn the levy legato minimality I have to translate this and I will endeavor because so much has been captured in this year. May Allah reward the answer just Allah May Allah reward the answer painter to be nice banana Luna when our feed started staggering and slippery, little while in when the infidels were in ambush to pounce upon us facility and our feet was sliding a bow a Luna Whoa, whoa, whoa.

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What has been captured in here is beyond my words, a bow a meluna? Well, no an omen not to not be legato mean. At the answers supported us when the odds were against them. They refuse to abandon us. They refuse to launch us. The odds was so intense. Even our biological mothers would have said my son I love you, but I won't able to stand with you anymore. But the answer didn't forsake us at the point that even our mothers would have ditched us, Willow and mana to learn the law.

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at second generation Buhari

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ability, Abele jarred alboreto the Allahu anhu as Lama over to Phil and Mr. Minelli, Hijri. He accepted Islam in the seventh year of his era. What can I mean? So far? He was from the people of suffer the hadith of Bokhari and an obeah sallallahu wasallam aka hoody, no one gave him one dinar Leia study shotgun, go buy me one sheep and come. So he took the DNR and he went, he applied his mind how can I maximize the benefit from the Vla? Salatu was Salam.

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So he met a person for PSA one two Sahiba, who I negotiated with him for sorry two men who shot a Navy DNR. I managed to secure two sheep for the price of one DNR for Asuka Houma, I took the two sheep and I was bringing them along Phillip de la jolla on the way I met someone. When your intentions are clean, and you want to generate revenue for others. That is the time Berkut falls in your lap. This is a good friend of mines you might be hearing this year and it is you're in good luck. There's nothing bad. He says every time I fly with my family to Durban or Cape Town or elsewhere, I don't hire a guy by a car is in the trade. I buy a car. Lovely and then I use it. And

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then when it's time to fly back I sell and the money I make covers my costs going come in and driving. Good luck, my brother Your hands are blessed. That's Noble. That's brilliant. But the day you do that for someone else, then you see how Berkut enters your life. I don't have any issue. Do it for yourself and take your family and splash and enjoy and party who stops you legitimate within the boundaries of Sharia. He said I ran my mind I said this is the nibio of Allah. Of course I could oblige and comply and buy one sheep and give him a dinner. But how can I maximize for him? How can I become selfless? What they say I might not be handsome. Although my wife might disagree she I'm sure

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she finds between some but anyway. I might not be handsome. But I can give my hand to someone.

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I can give my hand to someone.

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So I came back to LA Salaam sallallahu wasallam dinner in Russia till I came back so no people like yours, your sheep yours at dinner. Or Really? Yes, I went and I said how can I benefit you? How can I help you? This online has fallen because it's moved away from selflessness into selfishness.

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From generosity to self centeredness and from common growth to individual advancements, so that is why this woman is in the shed in the shambles in which we find ourselves.

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Literally salon made while for him for the iron ahora sobre la his Alison bill Baraka and the vibrato bill Baraka, Lisa, Bill katra. Doesn't didn't say abundance or additional or extra or surplus the visa Some said May Allah bless it. May Allah bless it for narrations for generations. Number one for Quran Allah wish Tara Robin Laura be happy. Or worthy. Alanis Hendricks became so placid if he touched sand, it became gold. Some people touch gold it becomes No

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no, no this is real. You buy you know there's no bad luck lashonda but I don't know where you come from sakana lavista Robyn Lara be happy. If he would lay his hands on sand, he will generate revenue number two gentlemen aksaray lilu Fatima LA. It was only days and then Ottawa became the wealthiest individual and resident of Kufa. Number three kana Yoruba who Aruba in Durham Kula Yomi berkata in Nabi sallallahu sallam, his net profit daily was 40,000 tirans purely because of the draw of nebulae Salaam. Number four, the hadith of Bokhari, he would go in the morning to the marketplace, the words of Alexandria Alonso muslimeen, aka muscle mostly me.

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So Paul, muslimeen, como Sol Muslim in the Muslim marketplace, and the Muslim Masjid is the same in the sense you get nobility in the masjid you get serenity in the masjid, you get tranquility in the masjid you get it in the masjid. You get the same in the marketplace. today. The same analogy applies but in a different context. There's a rivalry in the marketplace. There's rivalry in the masjid, they seek in position there is seeking there's lies there is lies. People are hoarding their posts they are people are holding the post here. We've been told in the Quran hold on to Quran and Sunnah we only want to chase in seats and positions at Islam Bill kitabi was so not bill Percy.

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He would go to the marketplace every morning. I man when I was reading this to just trickle down my eyes as he's walking into Can you imagine this? Or why he is walking and from the rear someone calls and who's that someone of the life now Omar and other leidner Zubair for your polar Yara Shrek nafi by Eric, Ashley, Rick for him Rasul Allah HIPPA de la capital Baraka please aroa whatever your deal is today consider us a partner to eat we know whatever you're gonna touch will be profitable for us there's a risk factor for you it's a guaranteed deal. Now again to get by on the door you must own your own doors my brother

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know for you

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For you Sreekumar come Allah. He gave me a toy for Obama sobre la one deal and he will generate the revenue of an entire camera. Second narration Muslim men when Jaffa Delano passed away, maybe a Salaam exactly from Allah Shakti Muslim, its effort satisfies the credentials of authenticity of women Muslim that's the academic right up on the Hadith when Jaffa delana passed away and to be honest, Allah May Allah must look for en si la Allah who must look for an Tanaka, Mara three times.

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Gonna be coming home and making to Allah.

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LA. I was just thinking to myself, sometimes we have emotional moments in life, and we break down and we probably, you know, turn to a teacher, a senior, a parent and we cry. Can you imagine the honor of Sahaba you're having a tough day and you come and take refuge and shelter in the lap of Muhammad Ali was one of the people I had a bad day I had a tough day I had a challenging day. What was it with my spouse, with my kids with my neighbor, whatever it was, and you come and take shelter in the lap of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam My mind was just running. What was the honor and the privilege and the marriage of Sahaba so nearly Sam comes home Allahu

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Allah you bless and you become the deputy of Jaffer at home. robotically Abdullah Naja farfisa, faculty, Yemeni and Allah now his son Abdullah, he's become in charge of the demands of his father. Whatever he touches, whatever steps he takes, whatever moves he takes Allah, my God is guiding him, bless him and accept him Allah. Allah bless whatever he does. The narration of ebony Kathy albida when you hire us

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See the nine volume? first job Allahu FASTA job Allahu la mattina bheegi. Needless to say that Doha was accepted, or barakallahu li Abdullah Edna farfisa puppeteer meanie. And then did my Allah bless the hand of Abdullah idna Jennifer fee basically he was Shiva he was. He was a fatality he could leha anything and everything Allah bless. icon I mean acraman nurse woman as a nurse, he became one of the most wealthiest of people, but he didn't stop there. When I read this. I was blown away.

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I was in Sri Lanka about two three weeks ago, after the talks, they took me to one brother, very wealthy, but very generous, very generous. So this man is very, very humble. He says we are nothing more than glorified beggars. People salute us but we are glorified beggars in the dojo homie nalbari, Yeti miski Nobu miski me in a levy and Joe hoomin Albury, Yeti miski no bueno miski. The one you're optimistic from is just another level of a beggar but he's also a beggar. So the narration goes on to say

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your appeal aka Al Jazeera what is

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the amazing thing and amazing feat of a black ninja for and this is no mean feat. Abdullah Abdullah Jaffer would give large amounts in donation and always considered his donation trivial. We give small amounts and always think we gave the most

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in Arabic They say al Mahabharata is

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Kathy enough sick with a stick third will mean Habibi.

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What is love? What is love? Is the color is the color. Blue is the color is the color little Kathy Roman nuptse Muhammad is that when I give my dad or my mom a million, what's it it's trivial? It's insignificant, because who I'm giving it to when I do for my teacher, the man who taught me Hamad Rahim, Allah Mama, Mama boo hanifa said, masala to Salatin Illa TAO to the hammered. I haven't offered a prayer in my life, but I've asked the Lord to guide and protect my teacher and tutor and mentor her mother.

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Kindness is not only enough sake, when you give a large amount you consider it trivial. What is the Tallinn mean Habibi. And you consider profound something trivial when you receive from a great person, a prominent person. I remember in the days when we were studying in madrasa in the early elementary years and then start was impressed and it dropped you a coin or ran and you tragedy then you valued you didn't get sentimental value and you kept it. There is innovation a beggar came to the Vla Salam levy system gave him a date. He set a date for what has shabbiha he said no data is not going to impress me. And then another beggar came and nobody saw some gave him a date. And he

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said tomorrow 10 min rasulillah not too far a pony ha ha tomorrow mabati a date the dude from the nephew of Allah Oh, this will never leave me for my original

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Maasai Mara delana was working visa Some said give him 40 their hands on massage and gave him 40 Durham's generation goes on it was only a matter of time he became the wealthiest man of Medina nebulae Salaam Mitra and Allah bless him, afar Rajan, Aruba Allah de na. He gave a man 4000 dinars gold coins, the camera rotten visitin he gave a person charity 60,000 Walmart Ratan Tata bl fe Lv This is in Alberta when you hire the ninth volume. He gave him charity 2 million Durham's third generation imagery here.

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Attend nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and nurse Amina Liam and some people from Yemen came to LA Salaam.

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They said a bath fee now may You forgive una de where you are nimona sunon confini vikita Bella

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Bella we're looking for someone who can teach us who's reliable who can develop within us the understanding of being inspire us with Quran and Sunnah around the enemy of Allah was this real Rizal was the men who was shaped and groomed and were molded so it was as simple like this intelity early

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on him as soon as can see him vikita villa. Okay, Ali, these people came from Yemen they request please you just go. It reminds me of the Novation it's in higher to Sahaba in the fourth volume under ITAR attorney Ronnie lagom how the fire was subservient to the Sahaba Maria, Bihar many Mojave vihara Hatano, Masai llama

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He was the son in law of Masai llama he defected from the army of Musa Anima. He then came to Medina and he took the alano in Nita if I repent accept my Toba, Amara delana said okay, I've accepted your Toba is the hub go friendsville Allah Medina, you can go stay with the noblest people in Medina. Vanessa, Tamim diary. So I went and I stayed with the meme diary or the alano, Sabrina manjunatha hotdesk myself intermediate or the Alon, we're busy speaking and chatting is Rajaratnam. Suddenly, there was a volcanic eruption. So, Amara, the Ananda said to me, just attend to that volcano. So Tim said mana

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volcano, what are you talking about? I don't know. You know, that friend of mine got married. And then he said, Only after I got married, then I realized there's a wrong way of putting milk in the fridge.

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Yeah, you don't even know how to put the milk in the fridge. Say only after I got married. I really deserve it. And there's a wrong way of putting milk in the fridge. I didn't know there's a wrong way. That is the correct way of putting milk in the fridge. I'm like, okay, 20 years of milk milk. How do you place it? Okay, right. So please, my Thank you.

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So I'm like, What do I do? Say normal searches go. So I went for karma Yahushua habia de and he started motion in the volcano with his hands until it retreated and settled in and then save now Omar said limitedly have a boca Ababa.

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O Baraka Tamim daddy. It is for emergencies like this, we keep you on standby.

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Hi, hi. Can you imagine that galaxy is the hub Dr. Li

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Li Mama sunon. Sometimes when I'm reading this, my mind just starts wandering this group of Sahaba sitting and the delegation comes in, and my nappy tells Ali stand up and go so Eliseo Anna shabu pazhani. Owner, viola, I'm a young man you dispatch in me in a hallelujah man. Tom, Tony bill Papa Mallory Mallory during the Ebola, I am naive. I don't have the necessary skills. How am I going to manage the CR fedorova NaVi Ubisoft de la cumbia. cumbia, my NaVi just gently put his blessing hand on my chest Allahumma sabitha Babu

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Babu was a bit lisanna who alive dispatch Ali take care of his heart and inspire his tongue from Chicago to feed Kaaba in the PSA. From that day I never doubted a decision till I closed my eyes. The narration of bei hottie the narration of baby hottie there was a woman her husband was gone out can use the halala people frequently visiting her for uncorrupt Rama Rue de la Amara, the Alon objected on this and he said summon the woman that What's this about? We need to know what's happening? So they went to the woman and they said a GB aroma sister Rama Rolando has something new. She's like Monday when the aroma Monday when the honor Amara, what am I gonna do? No, I cannot go to

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Omar What am I gonna go? They said no, you got to respond. To me. He's called you in. So she stands up for Bangla here fit 31 she's walking Bara battle. She goes into premature labor.

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She enters a house well at the heart she gives birth to a child premature saharsa b use a cotton outside attain. The child gives off a cry is allowed in Arabic is they allow the first cry of a child minister Allah the child gives off a cry or two former he passes on for special as far

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as carbon Nabi sallallahu wasallam Omer is disturbed and Potter what's the way forward? Am I liable? Am I not responsible? there were issues she was alone her husband was gone. And many people were coming the Novation doesn't say men or otherwise can do the Holla Holla Holla Holla people were visiting you know and Mubarak frequently for anchor he objected.

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So some of them said lay Sally cache in Mr.

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Obama you're not liable you're a governor. You remain in power and authority and you summon her to discipline her now if this What happened then tragically and unfortunate but you are not responsible for this

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we're stuck at it Holly and Alia Ilana is silent now we you know what? You see the person sentiments are not too good and everything you ideally skip him and you carry on because you know you're gonna potentially get an opinion there that might not suit you.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:57

So remember the Alanna said Oh, Holly, what are your sentiments and what is your verdict on this occasion? He said in car new car do he him for

00:34:58 --> 00:35:00

you home? What

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

Call to fee her worker fermions ahuka.

00:35:04 --> 00:35:24

If they said this on the strength of the choice opinion of a verdict, then I'm afraid the earth in the ruling and if they said this in your interest, then I doubt they have said the best in your interest or an idea to allay the unknown of xacta will

00:35:25 --> 00:36:09

be sabich owner without two opinions, I believe you responsible. you summon the woman, you put her into panic, you put them into anxiety, you put her into stress, a body went into spasm and because of that she went into advanced labor. So now Omar accepted the verdict of Satan earlier of the alano and then the D The Blood Money was given estado de la Mancha bill taba fatahna Abu Bakr in Warhammer Othman yesterday, noona behave in other than even Abubakar and Amara northmen radi Allahu anhu would consult with say Denali when it came to pada foot narration of delight now above, we're talking about the Tao of Nebula is Salam. But then I'm going to bring you to a point how you can earn that

00:36:09 --> 00:36:50

draw. You're going to say, Okay, this was amazing, but how do I get it? No way. Our Deen is complete, there is an opportunity for you. And there's an opportunity for me. I was abroad and I was speaking to my mom. And may Allah reward her and bless her and Granta Shiva, and she was making too hard for me and a brother next to me was there and it's like chef asked your mom to make dua for me. I'm like, okay, that's fine, my brother, but you need to get your mom to make draw for you. Hello, my mom can make but the magic is when you've earned the two of your parents. It's fine. You have the opportunity knocking your door. Hey Brahma, the scholar of this Alma de mundo para para de Samba

00:36:50 --> 00:37:39

Abdullayev numbers with a couple 170 he was born three years before the Hydra of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam wacana Elijah Tasha sanditon is Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and he was 13 years when the messenger sallallahu Sallam passed away. on appeal. He was fair skin tone he was lanky jesseman was Sima yet striking beauty for see when he was articulate. He was articulate. omo unmodifiable who his father was above his mom was on my father. I just have a flash of an incident. When I've been serving Allahu anhu came prior to his revision to Islam. He came to as a reinforcement to assist the infidels in the campaign of butter. And then he was intercepted by the

00:37:39 --> 00:38:23

Muslims. He was intercepted. And then he had 100 gold coins which were taken his booty thereafter, when he was taken as a captive. He had the choice of earning his freedom by giving ransom so he negotiated with Libya a Salam ala when I came from Makkah I had 100 gold coins and your Sahaba took that 100 gold coins. Consider that as mine ransom nobody saw some said no Oh, my uncle a boss that came when you came as a disbeliever to fight with the disbelievers against the Muslim that is booty and that is you know mother's limit for the believers. You need to give ransom in addition to that, and not only on your behalf, you have to also give a t lipner. Vitaly, your nephew and no Felipe

00:38:23 --> 00:38:38

nihari your other nephew. So our bus wasn't a Muslim Rolando at that time. He said if I have to give so much ransom I'll become a pauper. So now visa Luddism said and what about that money you gave to your wife woman fatherly when you will live in Makkah in the darkness of the night.

00:38:39 --> 00:38:46

regeneration. What about that money? So he said Really? You know that under the mattress one?

00:38:49 --> 00:38:50


00:38:51 --> 00:38:58

How do you know whenever you will learn the resource and said my Allah has informed me and then Allah revealed the verse And Allah said tell us

00:39:01 --> 00:39:16

man up it can mean an Astra er Allah Mila movie todo become your take on Mima mean como la con while longer for me

00:39:17 --> 00:39:57

to say lemon to the one fee combos in your hand minella from the captives Ella mila woofie punto bacon. If Allah knows this goodness in your heart, it default of the mufa Siri it means a commitment to Islam and sincerity in your endeavor. Your take on Hiram mimaki Domine come, then the ransom you're given today is trivial. Allah will return it and multiply it and give it to you 1000 times more. And that's not all greater than that Allah will forgive you. The narration of Metallica Tenzin alamanda Sufi on this ayah right. Fatima Allah Rasulullah sallallahu sama luminol.

00:39:59 --> 00:40:00

Well from practice

00:40:00 --> 00:40:50

Rain came to nebulae salam, sama, Luna l 80,000 80,000. Tierra hum Taka Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam de sala de voz de It was awesome it just performed so for me to do my brain I don't know if you know what I'm saying my brother, my body gets excited I was gonna be made with Lou. He's going to leave that Salah the Sahaba around him this wealth has come in masala Hata for Rocco. He said spend and distribute this money I don't want to perform Salah while this is in my possession for ammeraal abasa Yehuda mean who he told us take from there for a burrito with a dream if milou Ilana took how much he could carry. And he said Haha, Me Me. Me me. Oh my Allah told me that if I accept

00:40:50 --> 00:41:03

he'll give me more this is way better than what my dad took from me. What an original mug syrup and I'm optimistic that my Allah will forgive me. He said and just Allahu

00:41:06 --> 00:41:06


00:41:08 --> 00:41:33

My Allah has delivered the mundane promise and the material promise I have no doubt he will deliver the other one. And at that time, Ubuntu alano had 20 slaves generation of Masaryk 20 slaves were in Atlanta home. Zero fee free shereena L and the servant and the slave who generated the least amount of revenue was 20,000 theorems in year 20 slave

00:41:35 --> 00:41:44

coolamon fee at con meenal Astra ialah mila woofie Polo become your take home

00:41:46 --> 00:42:02

income. So anyway, the young Abdullah abuzz, he says when he passed away I needed one man. I said come the companions of nebulae Salama, so many let's go and sit with them and ask them to teach us to inspire us. Hello my fellow

00:42:03 --> 00:42:08

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for in Makati there are so many

00:42:11 --> 00:42:46

uttanasana after Tirana, la no even a bus that is short sightedness on your part your OLED you're a young boy you think people are gonna turn to you know, forget about it. I was reading stuff hard to min sobre la la la la sada li li li the Kitab May Allah create within us the passion to lead. May Allah activate within us the passion to study our history in that on page 51 there is a poll of yBnL Medina. Medina, Medina asked him shabby min aina laka has Allah

00:42:47 --> 00:43:04

Allah gave you so much knowledge? What's the secret? He said four things. The nephele ottimo was say refill Bella was sobre la Mr. Babu, Rob. I'm like whoa, whoa, well 40s enough feel.

00:43:06 --> 00:43:08

I stopped relying on people.

00:43:09 --> 00:43:46

Honestly, my brother, Allah is yours, nobody else use yours. Allah is yours nobody else. Sometimes it's the better and happenings of life that make us understand even after people launch us and teach us and forsake us if we still don't turn to Allah when we'll return. Sometimes we need people to give us a heat hiding then we say Allah you the only one that gives me shelter my Allah you the only one I can turn to be Nuffield ottima rely on him in English. They say people don't disappoint us our hopes in them disappoint us.

00:43:47 --> 00:44:32

stop relying on people. Number one, number two was a refill bilad travel, travel ungrateful to the Almighty and I say this in the most modest form and humble way that Allah has allowed me to travel across the continents and across the countries and ask Allah to accept my noble and humble travels. I promise you travel has taught me a lot my brother, the biggest lesson it has taught me I never judge any person by his condition. Never judge. I was in UK Birmingham recently was a refill pillar travel. I landed at the airport. I was ushered out we were taken to a ministry to lead the Juma Salah. I entered the masjid, I start my Juma talk. There's a man in the first step right in the

00:44:32 --> 00:44:59

first step. This guy's got tattoos right across his entire body. He's got studs, he's got earrings, he's got this clothing that he's really flamboyant. While I'm giving the talk, my my curiosity my ego is telling me but why but how come but this is so loud. And in my thoughts. I'm telling myself but how do you Who are you? What no density. I'm also suggesting to myself in my psychology and I'm addressing my dog. Bit as it may I concluded my talk

00:45:00 --> 00:45:23

exit from the masjid the brother comes he hugs me Shan How are you brother? I come from a staunch Sikh family. I've accepted Islam three days ago my first Juma in my life all my alarm didn't eat my heart. Did it hit my art? This man he has a clean slate is closer to a lot and I could tell my last breath

00:45:24 --> 00:45:30

for Allah sake come out of this mentality if somebody doesn't ever hit gay he's deviated

00:45:31 --> 00:45:35

if somebody whose beard is not long enough he's lost easily man.

00:45:36 --> 00:45:48

I'm not saying abandon the teachings any qualify my statement hold on to what the nopee of Allah has taught you but if so leave room for this to reach Allah don't have a monopoly over the

00:45:51 --> 00:45:56

river the world everybody is not an Effie. Everybody is not of Asian origin but people are.

00:45:59 --> 00:45:59

People are gonna

00:46:01 --> 00:46:06

learn to tolerate travel has taught me this with the grace of Allah Trevor peace was a refill.

00:46:07 --> 00:46:17

My heart cries we need to come out of this year we start judging people if there is a freaky thing and this concession in it and this difference of opinion

00:46:18 --> 00:46:21

on that panel, respect.

00:46:23 --> 00:46:40

I have no knowledge and all I can do is condemned attack criticized and that's my deal. They are learned people they have understanding. Leave the TOEFL Kolko law in your Allah shakeela J. Cole Colonia mela Allah shakeela for a book

00:46:43 --> 00:46:48

that everyone do according to his own way and culture your Lord knows whose guidance

00:46:50 --> 00:47:38

again I say I'm advocating hold on to the teachings of Nebbiolo, a Salaam, firmly, but if somebody is not precisely mimicking the way You understand, don't conclude on his deviation. Allah will tolerate deficiency in action not in our thida hold on to your aqeedah firmly tolerance in weakness of Amal is accepted but not in aqidah aqeedah needs to be firm anchored established May Allah guide us and forgive me but this is my pain from my heart It just came out and Allah put it on my heart and tongue was a refill, Bella travel, Sabrina Mr. And the perseverance of a donkey or in nama horrible masala bilheimer the Sabri Allah, Allah hustle, a donkey, why did they say the perseverance

00:47:38 --> 00:48:15

of a donkey when you go hunting? My good friend of his son himself is here. I don't want to put him on the spot but the man who introduced me to hunting Allah bless him, you know, he's a man that is so close and I have so much feelings for him. Allah reward him and bless him. My honorable father is here as well. I asked him so much to come forward but he didn't take the podium. And a third person I would like to recognize in the audience is Dr. Shiraz. lmd who takes amazing care of my mom. I truly appreciate your presence Dr. Soft melody was was suffering for in America when you go hunting when you go hunting. Nobody say there's a donkey but rather it's if you see it Keep quiet.

00:48:17 --> 00:48:35

Right? Why a donkey is on its own grazers by itself, unnoticed nobody takes care of it. And that's how you got to be in the quest of knowledge. Don't wait for recognition. Don't wait for someone to applause don't wait for someone. Just do your thing. Do your thing. Or buku Rob showed up to the hobby he was for.

00:48:37 --> 00:48:58

The CRO it leaves early it comes early. Fall last sake for the sake to the youth in this gathering. And may Allah amplify my sentiments to youth across the globe. retire to bed early retire to bed early if you don't sleep early. That's a recipe for destruction.

00:48:59 --> 00:49:21

Start night your night early. Commence early. Put an end to your social media and engagement. Bring discipline in your life. It's beyond me how the youth of today could spend extended time without being productive and not feeling the guilt. In Neela obrigado rajul Lisa Amelie Tanya Willa Fiamma Lila Abdullah

00:49:22 --> 00:49:34

said I don't despise anyone but a man who's not doing anything constructive neither engage in something spiritual nor material. Anyway, after like Napa said I went to the people and I learned from them.

00:49:38 --> 00:49:59

For our sub module I'm sorry, that I'm sorry man grew up Hata Ronnie Khadija Manasa holy and Allah turn the tables, Allah turn the tables. My honourable dad was saying to me yesterday, one of the greatest lessons of life is learned and I share it with you and to everyone. Don't everything somebody who is in need of you will remain in need.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:01

Have you for the rest of your life?

00:50:02 --> 00:50:19

Don't ever think I know this man he needs me. There's no way he's going. You You are living in a deception in a delusion. Allah will do it so systematically you won't realize your son will be employed by his son. You won't realize how things will turn.

00:50:21 --> 00:50:46

So use the law of delight Napa that's the foreword to who of the live nobis was he says I was by my aunt maimunah de la jolla Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the hurun I place water for NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he got up at night to offer nocturnal prayer. Manga Manga da da da who plays this water. Khalid maimunah to Monrovia Ilana said Abdullah Abdullah Abbas.

00:50:48 --> 00:50:48

He earned

00:50:50 --> 00:51:03

he qualified. He tapped at the right time. It's the era of Nebraska. It's the lobby of a law. It's the time of the hudud it's the youngest napus Holloman zakia Allahumma Lim

00:51:04 --> 00:51:34

Allahumma Lim who will refer to the Almighty Allah, this boy has touched me. He's and my two are inspire him with the interpretation of the Quran and grant him an understanding of Quran and Sunnah I was reading and I'm blown away. fatale body pneumoniae one of the Shura of the Hadith, right munez SEPA to do IE, Li

00:51:36 --> 00:51:46

Kui Allah was re Anima min, Gina T and Naboo Tara data baneasa LA City Oh, whoa, whoa.

00:51:48 --> 00:51:54

This Dean. This Dean is just too amazing, my brother. It's too amazing.

00:51:56 --> 00:52:40

munez Let me try and translate Muna sobre todo ignominy one of the shorter of the Hadith In fact, Gilbert he writes on this Why didn't he says him could make any drop like give him a good wife Allah give him Well, I'll give him help the resultant set align spine with the interpretation of the Quran and give him the understanding Muna SEPA to the person who he Allah worker he alma minifetti. And Tara data Bina talathi They say the young boss was juggling his mind between one of three options but for Barry, this is what the short was right? In in year 11. He Bill Murray Phil Hala, either the young kidnappers instinct is not yet valid. He was 13 when the novela passed away. So he's thinking

00:52:40 --> 00:52:50

to I take the water and reach into the area with an A B overlays relieving himself number one dot o Ll BB Leanna, Willa, whom in Corbin

00:52:52 --> 00:52:59

are then I leave it close to him in relative proximity that delivery of Allah can access the water is money in his mind. He's thinking

00:53:00 --> 00:53:11

only of alpha and I just respect his privacy and back off for attorney ofa. He felt the second option is the best and that is to put the water close by the NFL.

00:53:14 --> 00:53:41

Because the food is tantamount to an intrusion and an invasion when you get in right into the private area, what 30th yesterday in masaka 10 feet Alabama and the third is like where's the water I need to reach out. So the second was the most suitable, appropriate practical and pragmatic put it close by when he says he needs it he will reach out for Lou who didn't know he wrote me other series in E finance about a year.

00:53:43 --> 00:54:24

So he's action speaks volumes on how calculated he was, how wise he was. How amazing and intelligent and the Prophet of Allah gave him a tour are relevant to his intelligence, and to the words of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the young epner above then grows if not Asakura his narration, appa posts and Mujahid Oh man. These were the students and the disciples of Herbalife navbars could not to lose they say we were setting as harbor above the students of even above. We say you know what we want more common Institute from a common seminary. All we can do is rivalry and we know nothing.

00:54:25 --> 00:54:25

That's it.

00:54:28 --> 00:54:59

That's all we boasting about and bragging about. You know, I marvel at the wisdom of a smart being a woman is about the law. I marvel at the wisdom of a smart being to me she was the only woman who was married to her lover. She was first married to john assaraf Navy Polly, and then she went to she went to Habesha what safe Niger offer and then three children were born on Mohammed Abdullah and then after Chetna Jaffer passed away in mutagenesis and came home for the Allah, Allah and he brought the Baba and he cleaned the hair and then she

00:55:00 --> 00:55:06

Got married to Satan, Abu Bakar Delano and from the union Mohammed Nabi Becker was born and then Abu Bakr passed away and then she got married to

00:55:08 --> 00:55:35

Ravi Allahu anhu. So one day when she was married to a loved one who so Joshua was the first husband Ali is her brother in law for the Allah knows brother basic Islamic history. Anyway, she's married to say Denali, her two sons, Mohammed Nabi Becker and Muhammad Naja for the Allahumma they the son from the first husband and the son from the second husband. They are having a little argument called lava pool and I don't mean Kawabata. You mean, Abby,

00:55:36 --> 00:55:41

Mohammed Abdullah Joffrey say I am better than you. What it gets a paper a paper.

00:55:43 --> 00:56:01

I don't know. Probably it's outdated. But anyway, and after you don't mean you don't mean a big I'm superior to you. I'm Senior to you. And my dad was more awesome than your dad. So listen, these are your mother's children from her husband's please speak to your mother.

00:56:02 --> 00:56:16

You know I always say this year and I marvel at how selective we are. That when the sun excels then the wife is like I was my boy my boy man He shines he always giants the committee was here from the must eat I don't know what your son did again.

00:56:18 --> 00:56:19

Oh Enzo and Ababa

00:56:20 --> 00:56:22

I don't know what your son is up to.

00:56:24 --> 00:56:53

And so you don't mean kabisa you don't mean a big smile been to me she could become so emotional your father his ladies father is laid over good is not your job. It is not your my children. What No, no relax my kids Relax. Relax, relax. Morrow a to sharpen hiren minja Voila. cahalane Tyra Minami Bakker. Honestly, your father was the best amongst the youth. There was no young man like Jaffer. And there was no senior like Abubakar Delano Salida. Delano comes on board and what about your third husband?

00:56:54 --> 00:56:56

Where does the gentlemen feature?

00:56:57 --> 00:57:11

Where does he feature I mentioned the other day they say every husband by default is a farmer his survival depends on agriculture and agriculture increases GDP gross domestic peace

00:57:13 --> 00:57:23

Yeah. Encyclopedia for sale in computer excellent condition. Reason for sale I married don't need it anything wife knows it all.

00:57:24 --> 00:57:26

What the backup server mother in law.

00:57:27 --> 00:57:33

Okay, let's get on to focus brothers. So we set in, we set in, right?

00:57:34 --> 00:57:36

A person comes to get this gathering

00:57:38 --> 00:58:02

a buzzing fee even a second generation whoops. If not personally olana. Is performance Salah has been moved in anyone is the 12 million is Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa COVID de la mafia. We said leave the titles, Salama bodalla asked what you need to ask in economic boon to tell me how will

00:58:04 --> 00:58:08

you know every time I pass you read it's followed by a spurt in liquid?

00:58:10 --> 00:58:11

Khulna Olivia kuno Meanwhile, as

00:58:12 --> 00:58:37

we said, Is it the same type look at the modesty and the euphemistic approach is it the same * liquid from which an issue and a child and offspring upon he said now yes, we said illegal whoa slow. Then brother every time you pass your innumerous mucosal wa Jalla Ivana habazin fee Salah TV, we issued the verde and we realize if a bus started hastening in his Salah, for Salah, the end of the Salah Yara kurama

00:58:38 --> 00:59:23

just intercept the brother and bring him back quickly set him down to get the wisdom of these teachers before he rebuked us he said demand down into a state of being Ankita Bella, tell me the verdict you issued this man? Did you find your proof from the Quran? Quran Allah as Javi Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Do you can you substantiate your verdict from the companions of nivia? A Salaam, Allah we said no. So he said, Amen. Then where did you get your opinion? They said andreina Well, this is what we thought I was reading in hayata said ma t to be ra e mundo de la Tina Sana. For the last 30 years I never issued a verdict on my opinion.

00:59:24 --> 00:59:30

Some of us for the last 30 years we only issued verdicts on our opinions. My obtained to be

00:59:31 --> 00:59:36

a Latina Santa for the last 30 years. He said li donica yopu Rasulullah sallallahu

00:59:37 --> 00:59:59

taala shape an alphabet. That is precisely why the number of Allah says one Judas is more cumbersome for the devil to deviate than 1000 worshippers he said or it can mean he to shun a public. When you experience the spirit in liquid post union. Do you experience excitement in your body to experience last? Last he said love healthy

01:00:00 --> 01:00:00

Hi Darren,

01:00:02 --> 01:00:47

do you feel weakness and lameness? Post ups in Europe? No, you would see coming Hulu, one Budo is enough after every time you pass You're in no need to repeat, repeat husar the man sighs with relief and he lives there hamdulillah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam next generation, and so be nomadic Ravi Allahu anhu. And as a mnemonic, his father was Malik. And he saw the feta means his Sahaba. His kunia was Abu Hamza. His man was named bintan mehlhorn llamada Allahu bin Islam when Islam came as Lama she accepted Islam, Islamic Jihad, and she presented Islam to her husband father de ballet harsh he became he became angry was a sham. He went to Syria and he passed away there.

01:00:48 --> 01:01:16

After Malik had left her that's when they married about Palau and the famous hadith of Bokhari and Muslim continues are feeling valued in the Muslim generation of Muslim Saavedra Golan Who says I no longer told me the nephew of Allah once came home imagine Allah became home came to visit came to visit. People call me home to come visit make a dua Okay, good luck I don't mind but what can I offer you my brother but anyway May Allah reward you for your good thoughts or anyone else maybe you came home

01:01:17 --> 01:01:54

At home was no one ma Hua illa Allah wa Omi wahala te amo haram myself, my mama Mr. Name and my maternal aunt, that was only haram into my hand. So he said to my fellow suddenly become a stand up, I'm going to lead you in prayer, and this wasn't an obligatory prayer. So somebody asked a bit in ajala Anderson vinho were beaten up over the position and as he said, jala who are near me and he he put us right next to him with a tabula rasa seanie he was born before he dropped by 10 years. So at the demise of nebia, a Salaam he was doing t.

01:01:55 --> 01:02:02

So anyway, then epi of Allah, then perform Salah for the Alana bikuni hire him in hybrid dunya. Well,

01:02:03 --> 01:02:33

then he may do that every goodness of this world and after Allah must give us for Ghana after Amata Ali, the last one he made for me Allahumma Akita mala who were the two who were barakallahu li you give him a burqa in his in his wealth in his age and in his offspring. The Novation continues. We're in Neelam in XML and sorry, Marla, I had the most wealth from amongst all the answers, my time is running up, and I haven't even got to the real aspect of my talk, so I need to move a bit faster. The second thing is

01:02:35 --> 01:02:44

with regards to his age, with regards to his age, that difference of opinions. Among No, he says, a couple new Mattila Omri hit this on what is

01:02:45 --> 01:03:32

this difference of opinion from this age to that age, but the shortest lifespan that's recorded of him was 99. Everything is beyond that. And that he himself said we're in the wool, the wool, the wool D, my children, my grandchildren, which I've seen with my own eyes went over 100 you know, get old folks, how many grandchildren? Then that guy hit him with a stronger number. Then he said, Okay, how many great grandchildren? Then he try a new number. And he said, My children and grandchildren went over 100 the next generation 630s who was it? The amount of Anasazi Allahu anhu, the sister of unmiss today, her name was either Romania saw a woman you saw on her arm but the name was Roma Isa,

01:03:32 --> 01:04:13

he or Roma, you saw a woman you saw, she was the art of Anasazi olana, the sister of omnisphere name xojo bada she was the wife of a robotic arm at olana. She was staying in Cuba whenever an obese person would go to Cuba the Hubba Ella Muharram, he would go to visit omarama vilanova. She would then feed in the Vla. Salatu was Salam. So one day he went to Omaha Ron fadna, Vla Salaam, the Verizon eight for what are our so who he placed his head down and he fell off to sleep. He got up and his blessed face was beaming. It was always beaming like I always say, when my inner beam got up from asleep by a law, his mouth was more fragrant than you and I have to brush in it.

01:04:14 --> 01:04:54

And this is no exaggeration. The narration is in gela Lane, the novelist mounted on his conveyance, the conveyance of the viola passes up in a blue lightning urban saloon is there it blocks his nose and he says all the urien is given a stench and it's, you know, repugnant and applied marijuana. Hahaha said, Love bolo. hamari rasulillah chiavari hung me mistake a back off man back off, the urien of the donkey of the Prophet of Allah is more fragrant angiomas the narration of Ronnie asleep brother in law says gonna be a nice while we were four wives married to

01:04:56 --> 01:04:57

a salami.

01:04:58 --> 01:05:00

Okay, let me get back to normal

01:05:00 --> 01:05:02

Movie anyway, so

01:05:03 --> 01:05:39

so then the viola gets up, then a viola gets up, unless my guy in man takes good care of me. Then me over like gets up, and he's smiling. So only haram my Yoda Haycock on the viola what makes you smile nurserymen Almighty. Allah aleja mozartian fishability love your kabuna sebadoh has al Bukhari maduka Nana Silva, I just had a dream now, on maharam. I see men from my alma riding on the back of this ocean. They are kings on their thrones estimado una

01:05:41 --> 01:06:17

una hora de confit. Dunya. The two opinions given and they would be one of us in the path of Allah. Rasool Allah o de la pena, Jelani main home on a viola please make sure that Allah makes me amongst them. And here is some extra Allah make you from amongst them and he put his blood head and he went to sleep again. You say your child is sweet. You say a child is adorable. You say a child is innocent. Finally the language and finally the words how to describe the sleep of My Habib sallallahu wasallam I don't have it. He fell off to sleep he got up smiling again. On my forearm the wife of robot a Vanessa made the art of Anasazi Allahu

01:06:18 --> 01:06:38

Allah Allah. Allah what makes you smile again? Nice to meet Oh mighty burrito la casa de la Yakubu Napa Valley battery, or some people from my alma warrior striving in the path of Allah whenever you have a lawmaker draw that I can be from amongst them on my forearm. I already included you in the first category.

01:06:39 --> 01:06:56

For coverage, Moto G Ha. Oba de la Seaton, Phil Buhari fi Emirati Monrovia de la parte postman, how much it means Safina ribbit la hora de la cabeza en de bettinger formatted photo printed.

01:06:58 --> 01:07:43

So then she goes out in the period of Othman Rolando under the leadership of mahavihara Delano as a warrior in the path of Allah with her husband obata igneous Ahmed phenomena was Aloo Jazeera taka brous. They barely reach Cyprus, she exits from the vessel, the conveyance is brought up she hops on and as she's trying to balance on there, she slips off the conveyance and she passes away in the path of Allah precisely is going to be able to have when the Navy of Allah may draw it was an absolute reality. The Next Generation Saudi Navy waqqas a federal law tsereteli machete in a bill Jana who might never he said his agenda T and then a woman Rama B salmon, FISA been in law, the

01:07:43 --> 01:07:46

first to release an arrow in the path of Allah.

01:07:47 --> 01:08:31

Allah nabawi says, that has the human capital NaVi maternally Sadie, maybe because there was too much insulin enough stuff in the ledger. The deductions are so amazing that this is a great feat for Satan as a web workers in the permissibility of recalling your own accolades at the time of need. He was amongst those six people Jalla hamara Shu Rafi him that Omar had put the Shura amongst them affidamento shahida Padron well, could they be Yeah, whoa. He participated in better and whenever he said Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah looked at every participant of butter and Allah said, You've pleased me so much, nothing of yours is going to displease me now. He participated in

01:08:31 --> 01:08:37

offer a generation of he participated in for a big generation of Muslim la casa de Allah.

01:08:38 --> 01:08:49

Mini na EU by Eero Nakata, Tasha Jarrah, when 1400 Sahaba sat beneath the tree, and they pledge their allegiance, and my nebbia said unto

01:08:51 --> 01:09:16

you, 1400 as the most noble that inhabit the entire planet, today, you are the most noble. So anyway, somebody asked, When did your target accept that he was known as Mr. Java tower, he said it was better I was with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam I was releasing my arrow. And I was saying Allahumma sell sell at the Dharma home.

01:09:17 --> 01:09:31

It became what it became our law you create panic in the enemy, our law you instill fear in the hearts our law you dismantle the reins, the narration of measurement was Allah, Allah who missed the tip Lisa?

01:09:32 --> 01:09:47

Allah whatever is making unseen amin the narration of SoonerLater MIDI Allahu miss the tip Lisa, Eva da Allah when ever sad makes while while I'm alive, I'm gone. Except these.

01:09:50 --> 01:09:56

Please sit near behind him says the narration of hacking is happening behind him says I was in Medina.

01:09:58 --> 01:09:59

And I came to a place to say

01:10:00 --> 01:10:03

For a tuna sandwich I mean I seen people had gathered there

01:10:04 --> 01:10:44

so I asked him What's happening? They said no this man is the reviling and he's speaking ill of alira the alano is up but a sudden suddenly Saturday alone Okay, some people attacking the llama attacking the scholars attacking the learners and from then onwards onwards any we not saying that they are flawless and impeccable but I'm saying my brother Where do you go? Mm hmm rosaria Mohammed Al ghazali said, What is our eighth Island when you see a scholar you tell yourself give an akuna mithila who has a Bella Madame Abu walima madam alum, this man has put on an ad in his heart. I don't even have one chapter of the Quran in my heart and then I find it to sit in revile in attack

01:10:44 --> 01:10:59

and and condemn where am I gonna go with this? Yep. So anyway, Saudis Navy workers came forward for Afro doula who they gave some way and he came and he said kilometers to Mali Abner Vitaly, but why why would you attack the honor value of the Allahu anhu a woman Aslam

01:11:01 --> 01:11:03

Salam ala rasulillah salam ala

01:11:04 --> 01:11:54

rasulillah he counts all the accolades of Satan alira the olana Then he said, Allahu Allah to for the Legion to reaffirm katatak ally told this man he's not listening. I'm leaving Allah Don't let these people leave till this man learns a lesson for life. Wow. A curse of sudbin parts. It gives me a tremor in my heart. places near me housing says one lahemaa Ratana we barely moved he barely left Hector Safa de to fill out. We seen his conveyance sinking into the earth for Amato llf ajar exalted and flipped him off and dropped him on a rocky surface. Fun fella Kadima who I seen with my naked eye, his brains burst open Amata and he died there. jabby retinas, Samora says, Shaka Zulu fatty

01:11:54 --> 01:12:24

sadden the people of Kufa I'm moving fast and moving, I'm moving. Shaka Heroku, fatty sadden the people of Kufa complaint of sobre la No, you know, you get some people in our communities looking for a Harley man you know, whatever it is, whatever it is, please man, you know we desperate man we need guidance. Allah forgives. I don't know make the analogy but the Quran says that the people of Macau are desperately waiting for an NBA and when that movie came, they oppose the Navy the most.

01:12:26 --> 01:12:29

law in Nigerian law Conan

01:12:31 --> 01:12:35

Doyle Omen malama da Juana de Roma de

01:12:37 --> 01:12:39

la. Baron

01:12:43 --> 01:12:58

will be the most guided of people will do this will do that. Imagine the people of Kufa the community they said no, we're not happy with our Imam and who was the Imam had been a beaver pass and who was had been a beaver Casa de la mano he was a man whom I never he said he didn't

01:12:59 --> 01:13:40

take solace whoever is in the position of Mr. Mutt May Allah bless you guide you and may Allah guide everybody else who's running the massage affairs. May Allah reward you. I'm not painting everyone with a common brush the amazing people in every fraternity. They are amazing people in every fraternity for the crew and the hula yuxin who usually amongst the allegations they said about Saturday along with our mom, he doesn't lead the Salah properly. Hello. He doesn't lead the Salah. So look at Omar stern IFA as an au citizen. People are not happy. We don't want to create feuds and altercations. We don't have to dismiss you. Murali him I'm an attorney put in place. It's very sad.

01:13:40 --> 01:14:00

You just backstep because people are not happy. Is it? sorry to tell you about his heart. It was his kunia they say that you don't perform Salah correctly. He said I'm gonna suddenly became salata. Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. I'm not sure what's the definition of good prayer. I read precisely how the Nebbiolo let us fulfill

01:14:03 --> 01:14:41

our duty to feel fulfilled or am I lengthen the first two units of prayer and I shorter is a doctor by his heart. That's exactly what I thought. Then he said okay, let's just go to the other communities and see what's the feel on the ground. Was Santa Margarita Island. Mmm, no. He has also mentioned this narration in kilometer earlier in Rio de Salud. So he sends him and with him he sends a group of people so they go to different musti by what's your opinion of South Africa? No great man. Youth new nama Rupa youth Luna is a great man. At the Hello message didn't leave any apps in the enter into a community of bunu ABS for Kamara Judo, Nepal, hula hoops, tada, you cannot. Then a

01:14:41 --> 01:14:59

man stood up by the name of Osama portada was better known as abasa. He said Mr. Tanner, you asking me What's my opinion of Sardinia because I have three issues with him. Watch your tongue my brother you talking about genetti? You talking of Atilla T Mobile sharena Belgian law. I was in Canada now. I was doing the serious

01:15:00 --> 01:15:38

The use of muscles a large audience, and in that I got emotional and I started speaking about Sahaba and I started quoting some couplets. There was an Arab brother in the audience. He stood up and he started crying. And he just said chef repeat it, repeat it, repeat it. We need to hear more about the love of Sahaba and the mother eyeshadow de la innocent people are succumbing to this temptation and this fitna, and they are harboring negative thoughts against our mother ha estado de la Juana. So anyway, he said, for in the southern legacy rubis area when a yuxi movie Serbia, Philippa de la, no, he doesn't participate in the expeditions, he sends everybody else. then number two, when it

01:15:38 --> 01:15:45

comes to distributing the spoils of the war, he's not just and when it comes to executing justice and resolving a conflict.

01:15:46 --> 01:16:03

He's seldom impartial. You don't you don't see that impartiality in him. Oh, man, you're earning a curse at the wrong men. Alabama in Ghana, Africa has De Palma Casa Bella Ria and wasa Martin 30 long Bravo, bravo.

01:16:05 --> 01:16:16

Allah, I'm not gonna answer this man. He stood up, he is accusing me. Allah just give him a long life so he can suffer every second of his life.

01:16:18 --> 01:16:22

Give him a long life so he can suffer every second of his life.

01:16:25 --> 01:16:49

The narrator says, Papa SATA * bahala na I see him while his eyelashes were drooping. And we're in the Who? leotard was a little Chihuahua if it took old man, you would be flirting young girls and people would say what you're doing is as a saw but needless to say Dean sad is gone. But his curse is worth me.

01:16:50 --> 01:17:23

My brother way too from yo, what's it for me and you? Well, this is how you cannot draw a Libyan a Salaam and this is how I can earn it quickly three, four generations. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had made de nada de la homerun Samia Makati not na na na da May Allah keep in fresh May Allah keep him active May Allah keep him halen healthy. Semi I'ma talathi who listens to my teeth and my teachings for aha preserves it that we also know

01:17:24 --> 01:17:34

that we are also known for Doha. He preserves it and conveys it for her then hobbyzone matava Mr. Milan Allah

01:17:35 --> 01:18:25

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lemony stavola bissonnet de la Mila ha what Bella ha, we have you to your qunar Wi Fi su yakun word Yahoo. Moody and misshapen, fit dunya well, Sara Nafisa made to Allah keep him bright Allah keep him fresh. Would yo yo ma even now quiero tone ala beta na player en Allah says in general there will be some faces that would be radiant glowing. Some places Allah says most Fira muslera they would be bright. Then some places Allah says Na Ma they would be soft, gentle, Lisa Ihara, they are happy on what Allah has on the toilet and they efforts and then Allah says they would be then looking towards the countenance of Allah subhanho wa Taala from Allah

01:18:25 --> 01:19:14

beloved up to salt where he Amina Naga Ma, da, da, was tourney ba, ba were here mean another belying. So one is not brought which means freshness and brightness. One is not from the I mean, ideally, it will Gemma Allah is better at La tala. And that is amongst the proofs that we believe that the that the dwellers of general will see along the day of the young male lawmakers among them. Now VESA makes Damilola, keeping bright and Allah says those people in general they will be bribed, who commit yourself to Hades. Take 100 a day commit your life what we said the whole thing is about learning the legacy. There are atheists and agnostics in the world who deny Allah. How do you deny

01:19:14 --> 01:19:47

Muhammad sallahu wa sallam he came he inhabited the earth I'm not saying that you can deny Allah there's no way you can deny Allah you know multisurface have is made an amazing deduction that he refutes the fact that there is any atheist or agnostic color in the home or ever became Yeoman even lahmacun. I am wrapping up. I'm wrapping up Kela in humara, became yo made in June on the day of the AMA, they will be barred from the sight of Allah. So he writes under this year, you can only boss someone from someone if they believe in that person and they want to see that being.

01:19:48 --> 01:19:56

Otherwise it can't constitute a crime. It can't constitute a penalty. So Allah says Allah punished occupants of * Kela definitely one

01:19:57 --> 01:19:59

in whom Allah beat him dearly.

01:20:00 --> 01:20:23

They will be from the Lord Matthew Boone bale screen blocked off they won't be able to see. So this could only be a punishment. If they believe in Allah and they want to see your law. It is our belief that we will see a lion male lawmakers amongst them intercede imaginary I read something so amazing when Satan or Moosa asked Allah, Allah can I see you Allah Atlanta Ronnie, you cannot see me. But Allah didn't say la, la.

01:20:24 --> 01:21:00

I cannot be seen. And that's our belief for Bain nama houfy I see him was Suri him. Wa Rosato junta de la him moto pasado either won't be new, sir. You're in Ashoka via Qatari Hello Jana Tula. Namo de janela Allah Robbo sama, rotten tegile Allah home Robbo sama YT john rotten fire Sakura Bula harshita May you can limo one La Jolla Hakuna kena when you can you tell me

01:21:01 --> 01:21:24

Manny Jaco la sala de la con yes ma una Jimmy rowhome be as Danny him test limited either you sell limo yaku saloon name mastery for condemnatory to net in the in nanny Anna her or him for you Rp mhada followng who Akram for Yaba

01:21:25 --> 01:22:09

be bossy more I Jenin Nicola de for in contented three fatty kamasi but when we're in for in quintella three fatty liquor mostly but when we're in contented three fell mostly but to abajo anyway commit yourself to Hadith and you take the dog nearly Salaam second Allah Mohammed Mohammed at Allah have mercy on those who shave their hair when they go for Hajj and Umrah. Well, mocha Siri was a good friend of mine is probably easier. We were in ombre at a lovely hairstyle. I asked him he says no man, you know my hair. I'm like, Okay, no problem. You sat down on the chair. I looked at him. I said my brother. My brother looked at me. I said how can you deny yourself the 12? Nabeel is

01:22:09 --> 01:22:44

Salam. My Navy said Allah humara Camila Mohan Layton. Allah have mercy on those who shave their hair color will mocha Syrian, Allah What about those that shave? What those that from the resources then may draw again for those that shave? And then he may draw for those that Trump dogma says they have four academic debates here. Was this on the day of Lula da? Or was this it for the BIA has given the option that he could happen on both the days? The second is that didn t cells to make dua for the mortality twice or thrice. The third is held on by Rafi I will

01:22:47 --> 01:23:24

also make dua, may Allah have mercy on them or May Allah forgive them and what's the fine difference? And we're not going to go into that. And the fourth is Hallett. The CSIRO have been, I will help. What is better how autopsy that means to trim or to shave? And the view is consensus. eltima Allah Allah The to shave is more rewarding you underdrive the Prophet sallallahu wasallam halakhah Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what I mean as hobby. Of course even Abdul barro says that it's impermissible for a woman and that is Muslim a woman a woman would not say and even a person it alone who says Allah says in the Quran so many aku factor one then remove your dirt will have the

01:23:24 --> 01:23:25

Abdullah fee

01:23:26 --> 01:23:46

and by shaving off your you cleaning out and removing so to earn the draw of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam The second way My brother is when you go for Hajj and Umrah shave your hair simple way you underdog nearly some time is short so I'm just giving you 123 options. The third one is I coated in the beginning Rahim Allah subhana wa

01:23:47 --> 01:24:27

tada mela Have mercy on a man whose gentle is gentle to the extent that those interactions which are crude by nature, and that is when you demand in your view, to demand your money from someone is crude. It's it's unpleasant because you need to ask someone it's not easy. But the Prophet says instead he's polite in all instant Allah you have mercy on him. And then the Hadith goes on. There was a man in the previous times that he was wealthy and then he was very lenient and casual with people and when he passed away, and he appeared before Allah subhanho wa Taala what kind of inequality he has Java seems to overlook 4.000

01:24:28 --> 01:24:50

you know, I would give grace to the wealthy and I would overlook the poor person. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said that overlooking forgiving pardoning, that is my nature, because of that kindness I have forgiven you, I have forgiven you. Can you imagine this amazing thing is simple action like this year, and we can earn the laws of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam The last thing my brother

01:24:51 --> 01:24:56

if you cannot earn a draw of anyone, just don't need anyone's guess.

01:25:01 --> 01:25:06

If you cannot earn any ones do all you can to please your seniors, your parents, the buyers

01:25:08 --> 01:25:44

earning the draw that's the best I often say this year I am nothing. And you know somebody asked takimoto mine You can imagine him the request he had somebody said make draw for me make tall for me and you can imagine who Hakeem Oh My name is requests. This was so he said I coined it Wow. Allahumma Kula high liquidity Muslim or Muslim. Ah, Allah give every good to every Muslim. So people said no, no, no, I don't want the General Grant especially what is the anodyne, you must have a special relationship with me. You have a casual relation, and you want the special what I've seen in my life, people who have touched me, I cannot forget them in my drawers. And people who request me I

01:25:44 --> 01:26:19

grapple to remember their names. It just goes to prove it's not the request. There's a child who phones his parent every day but does nothing and the child who doesn't fall so often but sends something every second day who's remembering the parent more. So yeah, I was coming back from UK and this is move to Java is a good brother day and a good alum. They once he had the Sahaba conference in the UK and he invited me in front in the relation develop. So it gave me this beautiful Kitab Safina total faraja faema ha Ba ba ba lovely kita beautiful read. Anyway, I was browsing through it perusing, and then I came across this one thing and I shared this with you and conclude and the two

01:26:19 --> 01:26:37

hours. These are the few amount they are much more but time is short, but you could read the books of Hadith and learn it. But at its least my brother if you cannot make an urn, just don't provoke curses. You double pack someone outside the masjid. And then when it comes out a make make Muslim make a dua, I'm holding a curse. Make a dua

01:26:38 --> 01:26:46

you've offended me You've insulted me, you've delayed me and then what do i do i make you delay in my mind you I'm going for hombre you can with my money.

01:26:47 --> 01:27:16

So don't do things that will provoke a curse. Don't go and urinate under a Shady Tree where people will come and offer their lunch or sit down and have a social discussion. Don't do things that's going to earn and provoke curses. So in that there is this more repperton was rotten advice and admonishment. So there is an incident written of that this is the last incident, Mohammed ignacia Muhammad Nawaz, which has an adversary referred to as a neuron the beauty of the Quran. He goes to visit Bella live near the Breda

01:27:17 --> 01:27:42

Hashmi film in her in we're in the hotel. So Milan is with his entourage and his people and it's a hot day and he's got some eyes and he's sitting soft and everything is going good for him. And Muhammad Nawaz. He was this great sage of the age is to say loganlea the new breed dhamaka documented the new mini monotony rehab. If sins had a physical stench, you wouldn't come close to me due to the stench of my sense yet he was such a great giant.

01:27:43 --> 01:27:46

So Bill Alec nabee Breda asked him

01:27:48 --> 01:27:56

for a tuna you seen my house? What's your opinion? He said in a beta kelapa Yep, well you know two or three of Minho.

01:27:58 --> 01:28:04

In a Beta Kappa Yep, well, Jenna to active active Minho, with the crow nursery, you'll hear.

01:28:06 --> 01:28:15

He said how's my house is yours is beautiful, but gender is way better. And honestly, if you start thinking of gender more often you won't be making these comparisons.

01:28:17 --> 01:28:18

Okay. maltipoo Phil,

01:28:19 --> 01:28:36

what's your opinion about fate destiny? predestination for cadorna funny America the role in culture in kalapana Warby Parker, he said Gian Luca mean Angelou perfect to see him for in a fee him lishala

01:28:38 --> 01:28:51

you supposed to opinion on the pie your neighbor passed away and leaving this world sit and reflect and introspect. I think reflection on death is enough to preoccupy you and keep you away from the intricacies of destiny.

01:28:53 --> 01:28:58

Now, you know, these people when they get wrapped up, Ollie would only make a draw for me.

01:28:59 --> 01:29:10

He said, or my answer, okay. He was Alibaba caca de Vaca de Lune Colonia Kowloon in Naka Balam, to whom you're

01:29:11 --> 01:29:51

popular to a laptop limb with a 32 ie. He said I'll make the draw. But I've seen 50 people standing at your door all having claims against you. You've offended him. You've insulted him, you've abused him. I promise you they curse reaches Allah thrown faster than my draw. I'm not going to make a door. Stop cursing, stop provoking curses, stop offending anyone and you will not need my We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the love of this beautiful deal. May Allah instill within us the life in the teachings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, forgive me for overtaking my time I apologize to the honorable MC into all the brothers and the sisters and the listeners that

01:29:51 --> 01:29:59

have gathered here in the numbers and the scores and the multitudes. Obviously people are hungry and there's so many responsibilities to follow, but I tried in my humble way to say my few words.

01:30:00 --> 01:30:24

We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those who earned it was of nearly Salam on the house of our parents and our seniors. And may Allah save us from earning the curse of any person. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shortfill Mb he will study in Salina Maulana Muhammad Ali he was happy he a Jew marine opener Athena dunya Asana

01:30:26 --> 01:30:41

Asana Latina Agha been 11 miles left Elena Dean and a lady who ice metal Marina was left Lana dounia Anna latifi Maha Suna was left Lana en la de la, la la

01:30:43 --> 01:31:10

la la la la li la la Anamika leisure Allahumma in El Camino de la caminhar Abu Dhabi Yuka Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will now also be coming coalition him Mr. kamin horrible to kawana be Yuka Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and tell him Oh Stan, what Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah

01:31:11 --> 01:31:19

subhana wa barakaatuh bill it on the phone was Salam ala mousseline Allah hamdulillah European

01:31:22 --> 01:31:43

law 200 mana Solomon sup all the speakers in the recite is tonight and all those who have attended all those we have assisted contributed in volunteer. The issue at hand will go now the volunteers are requested to make the way to the whole the JAMA facility Alicia will be at 2210 sharp inshallah Chima will stand up at 2210 and after that meals will be served in the halls adjacent to the masjid strip.

Jalsa 20 January 2018

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