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parlor car had

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the Golem and falcata Allah, Allah

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Zaki young boy enough's la casa de j Itachi and okra sakalava larvae. So the journey has commands Musa and Khalid alayhi salatu salam had boarded the boat they needed to cross the river. The people recognize the Hadith Allah His salatu salam took them on board without taking any compensation from them for hammer Lu Homer B Lady nolin at some point at some point hora baja alayhi salatu was Salam dislodged a panel of the boat, Guadalajara da da da, da da da verse number 71. A quick reflection and recap. musala in salatu salam responded by saying ahaha Did you remove break dislodge the panel from the boat lead to the raitha aha which would ultimately potentially result in drowning the

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occupants of this vessel? Lapa DJ Tasha and Emma, this is something very, very strange. This is very, very strange. And then verse number 72. Javier Allah His salat wa salam reminded Moosa Carla lm apple in a gallon does nothing I'm Maria Sabra, did I not alert you did I not forewarn you, that you will not be able to bear and persevere and grow with me? And we concluded on verse number 73, in which said now masala is Salatu was Salam extended his apologies. He admitted that he had slept up and he forgot Guile Allah to Sydney, Bhima Knesset, Guile Allah to Sydney be my seat. Do not take me to task because of my forgetfulness.

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While to reopen him in ambry also Ah, and do not be harsh towards me in my matter, do not be harsh towards me in my matter, and the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Ghana tiene una min Moosa. Nice, Yana the truth be told Musa alayhis salam literally forgot Musa alayhis salam literally forgot. Okay, we move on and that is verse number 74, which I have just recited before you now and actually this is the concluding verse of the 15 Jews of the Quran, not the chapter on Surah tolka have the 15 Jews of the Quran. So, masala Salatu was Salam and Hadid alayhis salam continue fun palapa they both proceed they both proceed. Hi, Eva Lottie, hula man for Tata Allah until they

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both fine observe a child Valaam. When I'm in Arabic refers to a minor ROM in Arabic refers to a child a minor, someone who has not reached the age of puberty. And again, I just have a quick flash now of the famous hadith of pyramid they were Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was writing and Abdullah Abbas radi Allahu anhu was mounted Wakanda or de funda bu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was mounted behind the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then the Prophet sallallahu was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him Yeah, voila, oh, young boy. Oh, lad. Oh boy. Oh, son, in LA Maka calima. Let me teach you a few words. And I've often said this in my dogs. That

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number one we learn from this that the time we are traveling, we are on journey with our family. It's such a great time to bond and use these moments objectively why we can also indulge in meaningful recreational discussions or just to lighten the mind or some you know what games etc. And I'm not talking of electronic games, but I'm talking of You know what? Sometimes it's a riddle sometimes you lose in one another. But Subhan Allah Abdullah birth is mounted on the conveyance with the messenger sallallahu wasallam in the words or Yahoo alarm, oh lad in the limo. Kalima, let me teach you a few words for the La Jolla, Father God that protect and preserve the orders of Allah and

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he will protect you. If Allah had dejado. Jog

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the villa in your coffee shop if it should obey Allah in prosperity and he will respond to you

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In adversity, and the famous words that if the world in its entirety intend, inflicting harm upon you remember only that harm will come your way what Allah has decreed and ordained for you. And if they intend benefiting you, they cannot benefit you beyond what Allah has decreed. Rafi it alarm The pen of destiny and fate has been lifted. And the Scripture is dry just fell kalama Bhima who were caught in so hola refers to a young boy a lad. One who has not reached the age of maturity and puberty. Fun palaka they both proceed had a lotta hula, they both find a boy falcata Allahu alayhi salatu was Salam killed this boy. Now the Quran says for then katella killed who him the Quran

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doesn't say in which form the killing took place.

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And the scholars have explored different opinions what had actually happened and in which manner, Khalid alayhi salatu was Salam executed

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this task that was assigned to him the status that was assigned to him, as you know what in the subsequent verses, it will be elucidated upon by the very text of the Quran. So when Javier alayhi salatu was Salam took this child who was yellow I bow, my lil man according to the narrations, he was innocent child playing around with the kids, and herded alehissalaam separated him and then killed him. Musa alayhis salam had an outburst. Karla alpha delta Nuff said Zeki a dumb beaver enough's. Have you killed an innocent soul that has not even claimed the life of any one locker, DJ atashi and nohcra, you will have surely perpetrated a great round. This is a serious offense.

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Now let's understand this year.

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Number one musala. In Salatu, Salam referred to the style as Nuff said, zakiyah. So nefs in Arabic and grammar is what we refer to as a feminine noun. And more specifically more Annette cmra, in which there is an any physical trace of a feminine feminine symbol to it. So it's just like how you know what in English, you would refer to certain things as masculine and certain things as feminine, you would refer to a car, she runs smoothly. She has a beautiful drive she gave gives me good service, but there's nothing feminine or masculine about the car is just an expression and it's referenced as a feminine noun. So in Arabic, there are certain what we refer to as monetary cmrra.

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And I remember in my study days, there's this entire poem that I had memorized, in which all the nouns of monetary summary had been gathered. It's at the back of coffee, and that's where I'd learned it. Anyway, that's for grandma. So Neff sin, Zeki Yat Sen zakia zakia, would be the attribute of knifes a pure soul, a clean soul, an innocent soul. And the scholars would tell you that there are two souls that are pure and innocent. It's either the soul of a prophet which of course, we all unanimously understand and agree LRS motto Lil ambia, that the MBR hemos Salatu was salam, as sinless Allah has protected them from sin.

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And the second set so that we would refer to as a pure soul, as an innocent soul as a clean soul, as a pure slate is that of a minor is that of a minor child, because the child is not liable or responsible, until the age of puberty law, you can live Allahu nevsun. In Lusaka, that

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soul will only be danced within its ability and and according to the teachings of Islam, that a soul is only dast and the rules only apply at the age of puberty. Of course, as parents as guardians we have been encouraged to nurture the child correctly. So once he or she reaches that age, they are groomed into that correct mode and and flow and rhythm of the obedience of Allah. Hence the messenger sallallahu wasallam said muru Allah The combi sala de Woonsocket Rossini womb, Abner Oh, the encourage instruct your children to offer prayer from the age of seven from the age of 77. So hopefully when they reach the age of puberty, then they are into the rhythm and the flow. So Nuff

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said Zeki a pure soul, be late enough sin. And then what makes it more complex and strange and serious is that it is a pure soul and the soul has not even hard

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Any other soul. So, number one, if the soul had to hurt or inflict or harm or injure or kill another soul, then that was one aspect to it. Yeah, it's an innocent soul. It's a child, it's sinless. And then this child has not harmed anyone. And yet, oh, Khalid, you will have killed you have killed.

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Now, according to the teachings of Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam as the Sharia that was brought to him, of course, this is not correct. This is not correct. However, in his reaction to her the alayhi salatu was salam, he did not tell her the rally Salaam, you will have done something contrary to the Sharia, you have done something contrary to the Sharia, because he knew that Allah had sent him to this person to learn from him a particular science and like I mentioned that this science was to deal with you know, what the hell the recovery, the illness, the growth, the collapse the the decline of an individual floods, rains, these type of things, which Allah subhanho wa Taala also,

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you know, from time to time assign certain of his servants to carry out these rows from you know, in different parts and in different situations. So musala is Salatu was Salam responded by saying Delta NF send Zeki yet m be right enough, just a verbatim is a different question. But Delta you kill knifes and a soul. Zeki APR big enough scene

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that has not taken any other soul. The soul is innocent love card surely definitely Absolutely. Jay Shay and nohcra you have committed and perpetrated a serious offense.

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Khalid Ali salatu salam responds yet again, and this time slightly stronger and more harsh than the first time and this is verse 75. In the previous one in verse 72. He also responded and retorted, by reminding Moosa I told you I alerted you I want you you will not able to persevere but if you follow the format of the grammar in that there was not the addition of the word laka tala lm our pull Allah lm I'll pull. Did I not say you will not persevere? And yeah, he erred on the edit on the word lucky alum of calaca. But Did I not tell you Did I not tell you?

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I love apple. Did I not tell you and and in Arabic, you know what etymology in surf, they will tell you that lumea brave conveys a greater emphasis than mob barraba those who appreciate it will know you know, a mouthful too. I did not say lm a poll date I did not say both would commonly loosely translate as the same lamb lamb a call I did not say multiple two I did not say but lamb a call. The adoption of this expression incorporates more emphasis. But this is something you need to know basic Arabic, it's difficult to simplify it otherwise. Anyway. So you're there is the addition in verse number 75. There is the addition of the word laka laka Alam upon NACA Allah Allah. But Did I not

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tell you in NACA Len does studying armario sobre. You will not able to persevere with me.

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Verse number seven. Now at this point at this point, Javier alayhis salam is not divulging or revealing the wisdom the secrets the mystery why Allah had tasked him to defect the vessel why Allah had tasked him to remove the soul of the stylist is just telling him listen, I told you don't speak. I told you don't speak when I initiate the discussion by all means, and if I don't initiate it, they just exercise silence. So verse number 76 musala is salat wa salam says tala insight into Korean shame by Donna Fela Tosa. Hey Benny by the Bella the Tamil Dhoni okay in Sal Taka and Shane. If I ask you if Sal to ask you and Shay in regarding anything, but after this two incidents have happened

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now on the third development the third instance if I speak regarding anything fell out to sahibi then you do not need to keep me with you. Then you can you can you can release me and you can free me by the by love the Tamil adoni or drop you have received enough excuses and from my path. You know what you are excused now, I cannot hold you any more to keep me in your company. I cannot ask

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ask you, you entitled to end this relationship? Because this will now be the third instance in this regard.

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So how did Allah in salatu salam agreed, and that was verse number 76. In the alto can che embed aha fella to saw a bunny feitosa Hi, bunny, de Bella, the Tamil ladonia Rudra. And yet again, we come back to the same relationship of teacher and student that the teacher can give a third warning can say Listen, if this is going to happen again, then I'm afraid we're going to have no you know what choice but to resort to ending the relationship and the contract we have to end the contract, where you are a former student at this institute. If there is one more demerit, then that would

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signify the end of this relationship. So they agree and they move on verse number 77. Fun palaka fun palapa. They both and I mentioned this yesterday that you shot a balloon was also worth but because he was stabbed, he was a follower. And he did not feature in the events. So he's not included in the discussion by the adoption of a plural expression, fun palapa. The two of them continue. Hi, Eva, add Daya until they come I Hello Korea to a community to a town to the people of a village.

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Historical narration suggests it was in Parque iya and Takia. Right this was the name of the courier is that Dima Aloha. So Baba is defiling Arabic mean stellar like is still farm installable. To ask for forgiveness is inside means fallible nostra to ask for help is discard valuable satiate to ask Allah for rain to ask Allah for water. So it's that the Imam means to ask for food. They were hungry. They were you know what they needed to eat. And it's that the IMA Moosa and herdade alima alima min Allah, He a Salah to what the slave, they ask these people, the occupants, the inhabitants, the citizens of this town in this village for food is that Allah, Allah Ha. From this

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we learn that fee Joe was also our work the Varroa and let me elaborate on that while Islam discourages to ask to beg to stretch your hand. But these were two legendary individuals you got Musa alayhis salam and Khalid and then him in Allah He Salah to witness remark and they both us the the the noun of asking or the verb of asking has been directed to both is that to Mr. duel? Both of them they both asked for food. So what do we learn from this fee? He was also our he was also our work the borrower allottee law says that it is permissible to ask for a lead for a necessity which cannot be delayed. Some things some things you can you can wait for.

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Probably you need to buy a car, you need to buy a house. Wait, hang on, try, save, see what you can do. You can delay this you can delay this year, but you are hungry you need to eat. It's not like something you know what? No, no, let's just wait for another week. No food is something that is needed at the moment. So when there is a dire necessity, then it is permissible to ask and this is what I keep on saying that our Deen is practical. It's user friendly. Don't make Dean difficult. Of course, I need to qualify that statement. When I say Dean is easy. Then there is legislated concession. And there isn't concession at my discretion. As I assume no, no, no, I think this is a

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bit too difficult. We slept late we diet. I think Allah will excuse us for further. No, no, no, no, no, no, that's not the case. This is now applying your own logic that this is taken concession to another level level this is abusing it. You know what my father has given me Liberty with the card to swipe it. I think it's fine. I know of a case that created a serious rift in a family where the Father had given access to his son and he got married and he went on his honeymoon and he said you know my son use freely but of course the father men freely and wisely freely and wisely and the son ran up the bowl and he swiped the guard and you know what? 10s of 1000s of dollars on a night 10s of

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1000s of dollars on a night first night. Just wanted to flash flamboyant show his muscle, his economic clout, impress his new spouse, whatever it was. And of course it resulted in serious relationships that were impaired between father and son.

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So within reason, within reason you don't you don't abuse it. So it's

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Islam there is legit there is concession but is legislated concession. And I think we need to opt for the concession because that's part of the beauty and the practical and the user friendly nature of Islam. But we also need to understand that it's not at our discretion. You are hungry you are you know what on journey you don't have funds or your your purse got missing or there isn't halal food available? No, no, I've never asked anyone for anything I will not ask there's a Muslim Brotherhood, or there's a Muslim sister with and and, you know, all it is Sorry, brother, sister, if you don't mind, you know what I mean? I know I've had interactions and Subhanallah I really appreciated it. I

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really appreciated it. I was traveling, it was a flight. It was the month of Ramadan. It was not a Muslim airline. The food was not halal. And it was the time of iftaar I was aware that you know what, there was a fellow passenger on the flight that was a Muslim. And as as the sunset, I opened the shutter I seen, you know what the horizon the sun had said, and I took out my dates and my food. And then a fellow passenger came up to me and said, Brother, do you mind if I can join you please? I said, please, by all means, by all means. And I didn't know the individual from above of blue. So but Subhanallah I felt so well. I felt so good. I felt so great. That's the spirit of Eman. In fact,

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I salute that that individual more than then then the gesture from my side, because that is what Brotherhood is all about. So it starts Ah ha ha. They asked them

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as I mentioned in Takia is one of the names of the cities identified by the scholars of the field. When I listen to this year for a Bo au by a food coma for about a year by a food coma. These people refused to host them.

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About they refuse to you by for whom a whole step. Can you can you imagine this year

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denial and refusal to host musala is Salam and herdade alayhis salam. Now I often say and I have not read this anywhere in any Tafseer but when I try and process the possibility of of refusal, right in medallic good Tenzin I came across this amazing quotation, shall rule pura allottee the hadoo belterra La ilaha IL Allah This is for for the lovers of Arabic, shall rule Cora. allottee tab berhanu bill Tierra. So Cora is the plural of the word Korea Taiwan Korea Taiwan is a single a town a place a village, the plural of it is is Pura

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like Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention in the 22nd Jews in Surah to Sabah that Ferrara dove our sadhana Allah Himself say lol Arima but dalna

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him Jeanette at the one day Oh, Colin Humphrey were athenee watching him incidentally. de la caja Xena Bhima cafaro New Jersey in America for what john bainer home ouabain l Cora Letty wotja buying a home ouabain Al Quran Lottie Baraka nafi Koran ba here I can walk a doll Navy has said, speaking about how the nation of Sabah with geographically is in Yemen. We're blessed with many towns and cities in their travel and how it was a very well established populated place, which would give off good fruit and produce and vegetation. Build that on paper. So the word Cora Cora is the plural of the word periactin. And then you have Terra Terra, which means hospitality. So, Chateau royal pura

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allottee mahalo belterra the worst of towns and localities is the one that would refuse common hospitality. That's the worst place that's the worst place. There are certain towns and villages and countries and places that are known. If you go there, they will feed you if you go there or you will eat the best of food, you will have the most lavish of spreads.

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So now you try and process

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how can someone possibly refuse and decline and deny being hospitable to musar and Hadid, Allah hemos, Allah alayhis salam, one possible explanation they didn't realize they didn't know they didn't understand who these individuals were. But I also say and this is not mentioned on a general note in a generic context, is that if you've got the habit of refusing and declining and not entertaining, then sometimes you might refuse even the friends of Allah and if you have that

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habit of entertaining people for which there's great reward and every one that comes comes you know what his own sense of goodness and blessings, then you would often be privileged that amongst those people that come home and visit and eat by you will be some true friend of Allah will be true friends have Allah. And remember, each time the visitor leaves he makes a prayer he makes a supplication. So each visitors prayer will add goodness and Baraka. But can you imagine when the buyers come home and their blessings and their Baraka, it's just unique. So shalom Torah allottee tap the Hulu bill tear up the worst of localities and towns and villages and places are those who

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minds when it comes to hospitality. Okay, so it's permissible to us when there's a necessity. Yes, Sara Sara Bashara Tina Farah. Don't make things difficult where Allah has made concessions upgrade, ask if you need to ask. Take the help when you need to take the help. First step Ah, hello. How about you buy you food?

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They refuse to house them. Forward Gaddafi Hi, J Darren foward Gaddafi Hi, J Dhawan. They observed and found a wall there on the outskirts of that locality.

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Which was on the verge of collapsing which was on the verge of collapsing. For our dead Daffy Haji Darren you redo a and Canada on the verge of collapsing

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for our karma COVID Allah is Salatu was Salam then straighten it straightened it. And according to the hadith of Bokhari in Kitab would have seen the words are on the strength of sorry, Rahim Allah, that Massa who will be your de Massa who will be yet he has a really solid game and just gently You know what,

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straightened it and touched it and moved it and it was immediately straightened. If if the opinion is taken that hardier Allah is salatu salam was not a prophet, then this is his baton, Lil kurama if baton kurama lil Alia, this was a miracle for the pious and if he was a prophet, which is the more preferred opinion, which is the more preferred preferred preferred opinion and why this is the preferred opinion because the claiming of the life of a soul cannot be done through just you know what, a thought or an inspiration. This is done through revelation. So it is at this juncture that most of the scholars say that because Javier alayhis salam was tasked to remove the soul of a child.

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This means that the communication he received was the revelation was revelation. Okay, for our karma, he straightened it kita Buddha said Buhari on the strength of Surendra Allah, ma Sahaba de strengthened it with his ns da da da, da, da, da la he agera

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musala in salatu salam said, if you wanted, you could have asked them for some payment, some compensation, that you know what you assisted them that wall was about to collapse, it could pose a threat, it could be hazardous, etc. You could have taken some ad from them. Okay. There's one point of reflection here. And that is we learn from this year, and soon I'll jameelah lie you turaco Well, oma and Liam and decided in biannual put on my word. So this community refused to entertain Moosa and hardier. alayhis salam, and COVID alayhis salam did them a favor, he straightened a wall. He assisted them he benefited them.

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Logically, this whole thing apparently the puzzle is not fitting in place, because the people of the boat took us on a boat ride didn't take money from us. And Javier defected their boat. These people refused hospitality and COVID alehissalaam responded to their

00:29:24--> 00:29:38

uncouth culture by helping assisting and empowering them and straightening their wall. And from this, we learn that unnecessary jameela la youtrack do not abandon a good action. Well, Omar,

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even if it is with people who are uncultured people who are uncouth and uncultured and not dignified, he snobs you don't stop greeting him. He never invite you don't stop inviting you. He never helped you doesn't mean you mustn't help him. Allow and continue doing good even if the recipient

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Have your kindness are the beneficiary of your kindness is not a good individual. And that's the takeaway message which I conclude today. And I urge and I implore everyone out there Surely there's one person in your life if not many, who's been harsh, who's been abrupt who's been jealous, who's snubbed you who's inflicted harm on you. I urge you through the wisdom and the commentary of the Quran, which we are hoping to change and effect change in our life. revolutionize our life, make make it make a difference. Go out to that individual today my brother and meet that individual today my sister and do one kind gesture to that person. May Allah make it possible and accept from all

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mean your bill alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi emmalin al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen