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Sulaiman Moola
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nanfang gorilla in Alhamdulillah in Africa Do you know when a stock photo movie when they when

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Sharon fusina woman say, Dr. Marina Maria de la dama de la

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dee da

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ilaha illallah wa Shri cadang when a shadow anessa Donna Maulana Mohammad Abu Mauro sudo. A mavado con la Mata Baraka wa Taala. In Quran in image ad well for me,

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Bella Mina Shea Panera Jamie Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rafi minella manera de Sakuma de la de familia

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cavanna Babu amin homie, wha wha Videla upon interview sallallahu taala. He was Salam in Allah hayata jen Lin waiata jell o be back green ha sung outcome at La da de Salatu was salam o la vi Masada karasawa Suman Nabhi you will carry one afternoon Allah de kameena shahidi in our shark Irina Al Hamdulillah, Europeana Demi, honorable Auto microm respected brothers, elders, mothers and sisters. When we refer to Abubakar and Amaro, the Allahu anhu References made to them by using the honorable title of Shane. I don't think it would be incorrect for me to use the term Shane with regards to the honorable speakers that have spoken before me. And just as the Sahaba used to say in

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the presence of Shane nobody else can speak. We have amongst us the to respected honorable scholars and contemporaries of our time May Allah give them Berkut in their health in their wealth, undoubtedly the shaping of our time may Allah take them from strength to strength. Let me then say well, you know Tati and Marina sabitha T, Bobby Boone, Yoda, we what puppy valido that it is, in essence, a person who lacks piety is advocating piety. It is like a doctor who is treating a patient yet he himself is sick. While they Rosati in Yamato NASA bit tatty a puppy born Yoda we want to be able to do you do with regards to the Sahaba Ekrem Allah makes a clear distinction in the Quran.

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Lannister we mean common for common cappellini fatfield

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la Cava mudaraba tamina la Vina and firpo mimbar Joe Paterno. What could Loma de la la while long will be my madona hobby that those Sahaba who responded to the call in the early hours and those who responded after the conquest of Makkah. Perhaps they have been in enjoying the privilege of being referred to the companions of Newberry Salaam. However, those who responded in the early hours the merit the virtue the privilege they enjoy. Like the poet said it's so beautifully in need or a Baba have seen what she had he come up with a bonati econ Sahih Bukhari what are the 211 ma Moto Z to be totally safe if it could lose Sahaba tissa T one more day for halali Joby has alko luminary I wish

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you could comprehend this in Arabic. The poet says in the orthok Baba have seen washing it he I love very passionately say that Homer and his family come out of it Bharati Khan Sahib Kalahari, just as I hold in great merit, the noble companion Abubakar the Allahu anhu workato de Tolly and Watson and I am more than happy in accepting say Denali as my leader, Mr. Ravi to be totally shake it daddy and I will never condone the brutal murder of the innocent halifa Othman even have fun. In essence, let me conclude my couplets by saying could loose Sahaba tissa t all Sahaba the entire galaxy of Sahaba I mug my guiding stars for halali Yeah, because Elko luminary, is there anyone to comment on what I

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have said.

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When we look at the verses of the Quran, Allah speaks in, in the 17th Jews in Surah tahajjud Allah Vina imechanica whom Phil Allah Vina immaculate MacKinnon fill out the Obama Sonata Otto SOHCAHTOA, Mr. RUBIN maruf. What Mr. RUBIN Morrow, if you wanna

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come on in lyonya, Tibetan Omo, Allah speaks about this. This verse was revealed after the Sahaba made his way to Madina, munawwara but Allah painted a picture a picture that was to prevail in the latter part of the latter part of Islam and

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What did Allah say in this verse Allah Vina those Sahaba in makena, whom Phil if we ever have to given them give them authority on this land, by virtue of authority and position what would they establish Acoma Salah, they would establish salah and they will disturb Zakah they will invite towards good and they will forbid from evil. In other words even our salon in Romani it is written he used to say Santa Monica Bella Bella in Allah has praised those that will deserve this honor way before ally engage them. And of course, we all unanimously agree that this error became a reality and was transmitted and manifested during the qualifier Rashidi Alma de

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just to single out the life of Satan Abu Bakar the Alanna very briefly,

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I will speak about basically running through few Sahaba highlight in some virtues and in some point of reference through which we can do some lesson seven Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu took the reins of the Islamic empire at perhaps the most critical and crucial juncture in the annals of Islamic history. At the time, when we no say that Sophia or the Alanna said it so beautifully on the demise of nebulae Salaam. She said, Well, lahemaa can never be an mot. He was keenly hora jinba Katia wala Hema abeking nebia d mo d e one Kinley hora Jin to follow hon Archie Akaka. baneasa na wala Qin Maru kannamma Leah. She said I am not lamenting only the death of nebulae Salaam, but rather what I am

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lamenting that he is death orphans, the entire oma

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the challenge and the catastrophe that stays at the oma fellow and not Belarusian avena certainly the NA. If Allah only pro long do stay amongst us a bit longer, it would be our privilege, but then the reality had to prevail. The time was decreed in audain when King Umbra who can Amalia like the couplets come to mind with regards to consoling someone they say in a lot in Nima Zika la Niala tsikata Minal Hodo de Warlock incident method Dini thermal masabi bottom bottom, a Yeti one of the more has the weather Russia, Isla De Palma de la Ilaha Qaeda. Razia Tomalin. Oh, Pharaoh Habibi, oh my brother, I'm consoling you not because I'm going to live on but because it is the noble teachings

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of nebulae, salaam, neither me nor you will see eternity. What can I say this in essence is the nature in the pattern of life. Sometimes it's a beloved sometime it's a belonging we have to separate from both.

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abubaker The alano came at this critical juncture and rescued DOMA and consolidated this oma in the words of my mother. I saw the alarm on her, she said, Lakota, nessa brb mylonas de la ville, Giovanni awasi de la Ha ha, on the death of nearly Salam. The challenge that rested on my father was so colossal was so memory was so waited while I if it came on the mountains of this world, even the mountains would have shattered into pieces.

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The vision of Abubakar villano the maturity of Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu that he sits with nearly saddam these a symptom of recovery in the last moments, he takes consent to go and visit his other wife who's on the outskirts of Medina. When he barely gets the The news is broken to him that the number of Allah sallallahu wasallam has passed away. None can appreciate the pain that Abubakar delana went through for the simple reason that none had that closeness with nearly Salaam like Abubakar Viola one vote, yet he comes there composed, totally composed comm can we imagine the the sentiments the pain the agony words cannot really do justice to translate the emotions of any Sahabi

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nevermind Abu Bakar at this juncture, he comes to nebulae Salaam loves the blesser cloth, kisses his blood bless it ahead flip it to Haiti and we'll meet up whenever you have a law you will unique when you are alive when you equally unique now that you're gone, moto t hire to learn for the law kata moto moon Welcome to the poet says the death of a Navy is actually life. Many people have physically died but yet they live in our thoughts in our minds. But the motto woman woman fitness, yo, Ababa karate, aloneness time, in essence, was very short, very two years bare belly. But at this critical juncture, the manner in which he consolidated the oma how he united dama any interest in a united

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oma brothers as a father you find bickering in your children. As a principal you find bickering in your staff. As an employer you find bickering in your employees.

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We know what a daunting task it is, when everyone has a passion towards you. You've got to accommodate the sentiments of every person. And the ultimate is that peace must reign amongst those people at a juncture, when the forces of evil were thriving when they were exploiting, when so many evils had crept in Abu Bakar sharing the greatest grief, but what vision what integrity? What was the the till today we enjoy this unity because of the contribution of Abubakar the Allahu anhu in the throes of death he calls upon and Subhana Allah He says in this tough laughter in this tough enough to better the Homer rabanal Hot Tub for in Adana for the COVID ni fi, we're in Java, but de

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la fille hirato so behind Allah, he goes on top, he says I now hand over to you over Homer. If you will exercise justice, then that is my expectations from you. However, if you fall short, then Allah knows my intentions were Noble.

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Allah knows my interest was the beauty of Sahaba after noon, talkin Lofa, there was nothing like formality in their life. There was nothing like formality, Satan or belagavi alone who goes with his brother to propose now we go and propose we know how fancy we go. And then if the opposite party doesn't comply to our standards, we feel offended. Look at how many we went see how few they were to deceive us to get our conscious look at how they received us. We get offended. You listen to a CV like this. I doubt you've ever heard it. They said less than an Avalon. Hahaha. Aloha and Avalon. See, he goes to propose to his future father in law. Abaddon Amina

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cannavale. Fahad and Allah, what could not be the father can Allah in turn kikuna fan hamdulillah we're in termina, owner for love.

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This light comes in higher to Sahaba and Abelardo nwaba fee, I am banana and this is my brother have done you mean an option nothing fancy to Abyssinian slaves. We will astray Allah guided us. We were slaves, Allah liberated us. If you give me the daughter of your hand and hamdulillah if you decline Allah is sufficient. We're in termina hoonah follow Akbar with the grace of Allah had the privilege of traveling with Mr. Chavez up in the Middle East and and hamdulillah we went to the grave of Satan apalagi alano brother brothers one law you will only cry and sob like a baby 1000s of miles away from Madina, munawwara Babu Sadie, we entered into the smoke bar in the presence one hour, I had the

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opportunity of traveling with manana. When we look at two more scenes of this oma line in this graveyard of the life Neo member tomb and pillar the Allahu anhu one has no choice but to be moved into sentiments. So Sahaba had no tecolote you take the famous Hadith that comes in Bukhari comes in a Buddhahood on the occasion of the conquest of Makkah, when the Vla Salaam had made his strategy and his intelligence and he had an army of 10,000 Sahaba to invade Makkah, and everything was discreet, and a Sahabi by the name of hottie Bibi Balta, was overpowered by emotions, and he made some in arrangements to go and divulge the secret of Navy le Salaam to inform his family members so

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that they could protect themselves and take adequate measures against the potential invasion. Nearly Saddam was informed by a revelation nearly Salatu was wrong call Hasib altavia llamando. Now a mistake that he had committed, but look at how clean they were. He said you're a soul Allah Listen to me on the way over La Mancha four to one.

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Let me start off by saying Allah be my witness. I haven't forsaken you know, abandon you. neither confirm nor any gate has entered in me. My plans to divulge your secrets were not because I have opposed you. I have no inner threat to you. Let me open up the reality to you. I was overpowered by sentiments that are the Sahaba who have relatives in Makkah. I had absolutely no relatives. I could not see planning taking place here to invade Makkah knowing very well that that planning will go against my relatives, and hence I have done what I have done. I beg your forgiveness. Nearly Sam said Mahabharat sadock This man has spoken the truth I have pardoned him nobody harass him. So

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Sahaba had absolutely no the Caliph, save now Marina de la man who takes the reins of the Islamic empire. Prior to Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu becoming making Homer in charge he asked the Sahaba I want to make a homer in charge. What's your people's opinion? They all said we are happy with him only one thing is very stern is very harsh, Abubakar, the alarm said I swear by Allah the burden of Philip it will soften him the burden of * of it will soften him. Someone came to Abu Bakar Satan Amara, the Allahu anhu and he said and the Hey, you don't mean to be back? Our Homer. Not this is the point. You know, I'm looking at my time. But anyway, inshallah we'll try and condense myself. I

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thought I share one quality in the life of every Sahabi one quality of Abubakar the Alanna with reference to the rewrite of Buhari Sharif Abubakar

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The allowance profound love for Quran Wakanda Abu Bakr in Roger de la yum liquiline He is an Abu Bakar when he read Quran he cried profusely, brothers Allah give us true love for Quran when Abu Bakr was leaving and he doesn't I met him on the outskirts of Makati said come back I give you CELTA and I give you amnesty and then he gets his the people of MCI and he said if Abu Bakar leaves Yeah, you know how society will shun you? And then he told Abubakar Abu Bakar I'll give you amnesty and I give you protection. So the kuffaar abubaker They told me no does you know we don't have any problem with Abu Bakar only one thing here is Quran so beautiful that a woman cannot resist his recitation.

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For in Natasha if Tina Nisa Anna Anna Anna Maria Baba crane folia Buddha bahuvida. De tell Abu Bakar to worship Allah secretly abubaker with Ilan agreed from Medallia be Bucklin. But we see our young boys like Eva to one in all who are listening to music or listening to potty who are listening to around cannot suppress evil. How can Abubakar suppress truth? How can Abubakar suppress truth? Who seen Quran being revealed? So abubaker started reading Quran loud again. So the Cofer came back to ignat. Davina, and they said in a journal Ababa Korean BG worry, we honored the security you extend that to aboubaker on condition that he recites Quran secretly so even though the Xena came to

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Abubakar and he said don't make my meta difficult for me, I'm one side respecting you again I have social pressure I have domestic pressure satana Abu Bakar the alone and I read this in a lobby my witness I cry. I've read it repeatedly. But the man I find the statement brimming with a man he said for any Rue de la casa de la la, la, la la la for any era la kajiwara big bar in LA wore a suli I returned to you your amnesty I returned to you your safety the safety of my Allah is more than sufficient. May Allah favors with the love of Quran in the early part of the morning Allah describe the Sahaba Kanaka de la mina Laney Maya own cannon kalila minalima Javan what Bill is hiring

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yesterday. They slept little by night. In the early part of the morning they were reciting Quran amarapura Hot Topics the reign of the Islamic empire, we return back to the Hadith. So someone said that you are better than abubaker Now again, we learned great advice from these people. Somebody comes in praises us regarding our contemporaries regarding our peers. How is our reaction we'll say the next time I say it louder.

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What the second Abu Bakr radiallahu say he said what la de la la la to mean Abby, but we're young. You don't mean Omar? Omar. You said I'm better than Abu Bakar I swear by Allah one night in one day of Abu Bakar is better than a woman in the hot tub brighter progeny. Someone came into an even further into Sahaba destroyed comes you are better than Abu Bakar he said la Deacon Abu Bakr in a theobromine refill misc. Juana oven, Lumumba, Lee Abubakar he is better than musk and was then the camel of my house. And who was Omar Abner Katara de la Mohan who, when he accepted Islam in kandalama in the 11th volume under the monotony of Omar the Alanna days that he wanted gibreel amin

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descended and he said look at his sub sharabi he knows sama Viola. Never mind you people rejoice in one live in Dominica happy over the amount of armor. On the night of our finale Sam gathered the Sahaba he said in the La Habra have been nasty Ashiya talofa lava Javi Omar Hassan Omar I must tell you last night Allah was fascinated with my sahabas performance. And Allah was boasting to the Sahaba to the melodica about you people but Omar, you you you were the highlights you were the highlight of alpha. If Allah boasted about anyone individually it was you Omar. Baba ha ha ha ha so can we imagine what was the privilege of saving our morality alone? There is one revised one DVLA.

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salamin higher to Sahaba this revised comes nearly salatu salam was set in what's even Alma de la one Whoa.

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Maybe Elisa Lam said Omar what will be your condition when you will be lowered into the grave?

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And two angels will present before you Moncure and nickeil

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pissaro Houma kalburgi wasswa Tahoma corradi their site is like lightning their voices like thunder. They will have one sticking their hand Luigi de ma Holly domina lm UT Cora if all the people of Mina tried to lift it they weren't able to carry the stick, but they will be shaking it like how I am still shaking the stick of mine so Homer low carbon copy hopper button to see Ruby ha Ramadan Omar if they eat you one you will be reduced to ashes. Omar what will be happen what will happen to you and you will be loaded into your grave? He pondered he said only be available I be in my senses. Now VR is some said yes you will be in your senses is that only Viola then I have confidence very calmly

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I will handle the situation. Then in higher to Sahaba there is another unit after vasanta Abdul Wahid fee kitabi

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It makes mix mentioned in this guitar top seed. Save now Omar said this the gathering ended he took few steps in the VA Sam called him and said come back to your home or listen to me gibreel dissented now and gibril told me when you will be lowered into your grave, then the angels will come to you. And when the angels will come to you you will tell the angels Allah will not be from an Akuma well Islam Houdini forma de nakoma Mohammed una ba from and NaVi Yocum. I've given you the reference of the study that you will tell the angels Islam is my religion What is your religion? By the way Alliance My Lord you want to tell me who's your Lord? And if you don't forget Mohammed is my prophet

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you want to remind me who's yours? They will say why are Java net reversal na na

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na na? Really we don't know has Allah sent you to examine us or is Allah sent us to examine you? yet that very Omar said Luna de una de la comme de Luna Jana in La Jolla and baja de la to an akuna Hua. Well, if an announcer announces from the heavens, everybody destined for gentlemen, but one exception, I'm afraid I'll be the exception. When he became the amine. Then he wrote all the governance. What did he say? He said Lothar, kabu baritone and this rewrite comes in kitahara laughter Cuckoo Cuckoo baritone, and when I tell basura you can when Arthur kulu Natalia, wanna talk lipo Ababa ha ha nos you have been made in thrusted. Lesson don't drive in exclusive or don't write

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exclusive conveyances which is not unique to capoeira. Don't become proud and haughty. Don't wear fine clothes and don't eat excellent food which is nothing you need to know. Don't become lavish in this world. And don't ever shut your door from the needs of this oma if you've ever done this restaurant is on its way. What kind of a coffin in the kita Villa divide comes in Bukhari Sharif, someone was sitting and someone said something to him or the alarm blood gushed into his cheeks. Another Sahabi came in he said whoa de la Mora bill hora

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de helaine Omar overlook and ignore that's the hubby said work on or walk off. And now in the kita Villa, the sudden halt that Omar made emotions building into him anxiety, frustration, anger, everything coming to a point he's about to vent it in the Sahabi read in it meant law, what kind of a cough and even the Kitab Illa when saving Alma de Alon was in the throes of death. So much can be said regarding the life of Satan Alma de la Han Whoa, how can we condense it into hours? Well, why is the greatest injustice we've done? We haven't read the lives of the Sahaba they cannot be a great injustice we have done that we haven't studied the lives of these people. When say dharmaraj the

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Alon was in the throes of death. He sent a message he said go and as I said the cara de la Mancha. If I can have the opportunity to be buried in the neighborhood of Libyan a Salaam, the son of the lightning Omar comes to Isla de la presents the request to our respected mother. She says this was my desire that I be buried next to nobody, salam, but Allah be my witness and what is that individual for whom all privileges can be given? mahabang ameerul momineen berhubung The ameerul momineen right of Buhari he is performing Salah when Apollo Medusa comes and strikes that spear and he falls any becomes fatal. When he becomes conscious he says the whole sudden little Muslim moon al

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Fatah, the further that was interrupted because of my illness has that feature has been completed or not. Has that feature nama has been completed or not? What what what was the the fear? What was the accountability? What was the vision? So after his death, just in the last moments, he tells his son perhaps out of a mark of respect my mother Ayesha has consented after my demise go back to her house and don't say ameerul momineen is that the door say automotive nahata is at the door asking to be buried. If she accepts privilege me by resting next to my nebby otherwise put me in Berkeley with the general Muslims are sleeping.

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That was the vision of Omar Abdullah katavi Allah subhanho he had such respect. He said whenever you have a lie when my father hottub to accept Islam, and you want your uncle abuzz, I swear by Allah I'll be more happy that a Abbas accepts Islam because I know it will bring more joy to you.

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I will be more happy he came to the Sahaba he said so Fulani is a Fulani get me married get me married people said to who? They said bintelli get me married to the daughter of God alone. Now you know the age gap between Satan

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and Satan or you know the loved one Whoa. And then the daughter of Satan Holly whose name was on Maputo Maria la finally the Nicole was performing to get 40,000 dyrham says met her and then after that he went to the people and he said Allah to honey oni Won't you congratulate me? People said Why? They said that. He said I got married to the daughter of Satan adira the Allahu anhu And do you know what motivated me behind this married some food for thought for the young people that have gathered here? Sometimes we think they cannot be any other reason of getting married. What did say the home or the Alanna say one hadith of nebia A Salam Ian Katya akula suburban when a Serbian in

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suburbia, Vanessa B on the day of the Yama all lineage and all

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The relation will be severe, but anybody who is related to me that will avail him in the spirit to become part of the family of navionics salaam. I got married to the granddaughter of navionics Salatu was Salam so that my bond with him remains intact even after my eyes close.

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Save in Amara. The Alanna leaves this dunya this a man that comes on to Earth man even a fan or a loved one who say the northmen like 101 and I mentioned the Vla Sam said loku nastran there's a wedge to who knows man. If I had 10 daughters I would have given it to us man radi Allahu Allahu Akbar, one of the greatest virtue of Satan out with mundo de la Monaco

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was on the occasion of what a BIA

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was on the occasion when the Sahaba were not allowed to were not given access and were not given a safe passage into Makkah enhance the pledge beneath the tree to place la casa de La La Nina. Nina is the Oba by owner gotta shut on la de la de la Mora mini the Oba you know Nakata the shutter on fire Lima Murphy khudobin him fans Allah Sakina Tani masaba hunka Reba when saving I remember when to negotiate the northmen when to negotiate and then they don't say the northmen listen we will not give you a prophet access nor the Muslims you come next year, but you are your make your mama and go sit now. earthman said my newbie cannot make oma and I must make hombre impossible. Imagine this the

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spirit will love for Sahaba the sentiments of nearly Salam was ultimate when they diminish the yahoodi Rabbi when he came and then he just wanted to examine one quality of nearly tsunami Yes, boo boo, boo hoo ha ha ha. That nearly cinema tolerance surpasses his anger. And he was very arrogant to navionics salam ye na huzzah do around the whites is Amara, the Elena's eyeballs started turning and then nearly ceram had a chat in the VOA Salaam said you could be more polite. The ble Salaam said you should have you know don't say that Omar Omar You should have told him to be polite and you should have told me to be prompt on my payments. So then nearly Samsung Omar you take him and give

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him whatever I owe him and give him extra because of your harshness. So as they're walking they didn't Asana tells Omar you know me. Omar says in my humble was the gist of that Hadith I don't know you and I don't want to know you.

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I don't know you and I doubt I want How can you talk to my interviewee like that? I cry when I read this. Like how can you trespass the limits of my inner be? I don't know You and I don't want to know you. Is it Omar? Listen to me hear me out. Hear me out. You heard about nativeness on the learned may say I heard Yeah. What What about him? He says you know what I am that men. She says then you so learned why you talk like this. He said I studied your Navy. I was convinced his ultimate human one quality was outstanding. I'm convinced he is the Navy armor. I want to accept Islam. Yes, all my wealth give it in the path of Allah.

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So Sahaba whenever the anybody trespass the limits of nwba salam, the Quran said in a levena una una camisa de la Yachty known in LA LA Vina Yuna Donna Kamara in karate actor whom Latino, those that were harsh to you. They don't have any sanity when our know whom sobre

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la la Cana.

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The etiquette of the discourses of navionics Salatu was Salam OS Monrovia Nanda gets married to the daughter ropa de la

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Riva incidentally ambia that one day he says after he got married to repair the lawn, I was sitting by my aunt's house sada, my maternal aunt, so she looked at me and you know, couplets amongst them were unique. So I just got married to navionics Shannon's daughter newlywed, so she looked and she said, appreciate what we eat a salad so we throw some masala song with Allison O'Hara from Moby Dick at Maharashtra Nikita Farah Babu, Peter Shara naka de la Hassan and Zahara wunderbit Quran one of the topics

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I wish you can comprehend this in Arabic, she says earthman a look at you like this atmosphere over For ye the Salah some wittra May you be congratulated three times from masala masala us an opera make it another three and add another three and one more make it 10 times some of your frolic at Masha Lata Syrah Lupita sha Allah favorite you with the greatest of privileges, and Allah save you from the greatest of hands, neck after voila Hassan and Zahra lakdawala, Hassan and Zahra Allah gave you what a chaste woman What a beautiful woman. What a pious woman. Allah did not give it to anyone else. These two daughters were also in the Nika autobuy in Ortega about listen to this brothers,

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Rocha. I know Michael Suma de la Mohan Kumar limitata put those couplets they were in the nickel of Ebola the daughters of the sons of Abu lahab then the verses were revealed tepatnya da de la habana. mahna mahna mahna

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Makkah, Allah condemned Abu lahab and his wife Ahmed Jamil, she used to condemn nearly Salam muda Manasa Umbra who abena de novo, Elena, when these verses were revealed, Abu lahab came to his two sons autobuy and Ortega. And he said, * glossika Haram in Islam to tarnish a pinata who lesson Mohammed's Quran that is my nephew sallallahu Sallam has condemned me I will never speak to you now I will disown you if you don't divorce his daughters. Both these sons then divorce the daughters of Libyan a Salaam. Allah had a great vision. Allah had a great great intention for Satan our mantra the Allahu Allah in privileging with this opportunity, when they say the northmen brother, your

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loved one who sent a platter of food at the house of oma Selma, nebulae Sam came home. Miss Alma said your son in law of Monrovia alone has given this nebulous term lifted his hand and he said Allahumma in North man.

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Oh Allah, my son in law of man is repeatedly trying to please you by impressing me, Allah you'll be happy with him. Allah you'll be happy with him one day maybe at a certain game and he seen or someone was massaging the head when he doesn't see Laura says enough. When he

00:31:09 --> 00:31:29

saw Mickelson. She was busy washing and massaging the head of consumer the law. We walk into the house of our daughter and we see perhaps our daughter is serving our son in law, how do we respond what is our duty? Now Vla Salam said carry on doing this year Oh my daughter, carry on serving your husband. This is what will earn you Jenna.

00:31:30 --> 00:32:05

Say the northmen rhodiola more and more anhu on the occasion of brother nebulae. Salatu was Salam exemption from participating in butter and then maybe la Salam are not ashamed of the spoils of the wolf was eaten out of man. See the Naropa era the Allah Maha passes away and say the night with monies arranged in the burial. They were just loading her into the grave and a horseman advances. People love the gays and they said that the Muslims have been victorious at better Libya a salat wa salam then comes back and then he comes to the grave of his daughter. He takes his beloved Fatima and she stands at the grave of her sister and abrsm stands at the grave of his daughter Ruth, a

00:32:05 --> 00:32:44

Yamaha his eyes become more instantly cries that I wasn't even present at the time when my daughter passes away. And then he cries he cries and he says ill happy beside Athena Ozma mother own go my daughter go and join the reigns of worth money no matter on one few days after that. He seemed safe and I was man. Very sad, very depressed. very lonely. He said Earth man What is the matter? Sedona Viva La I had the privilege of being your son in law. I had the honor of being married to your daughter. This privilege has been taken away maybe at a certain pause and then after that he said earthman gum gibreel has come to me Allah has commanded a gift mother daughter in unica

00:32:46 --> 00:33:25

these are evaluating via a Salam said Martha is a widget to say a meanness IE What does the widget to say a member knotty lobby Joaquin Gianni Bini gibreel Never did I get married to any of my wives. Now did I get my son in law's married but through divine approval from Allah the greatest quality in the life of Horace Mann was higher Manasa always speaks about this year that if we have to analyze and we have to take out one you know we have major problems but one on always points out if there's one thing to sum up all the challenges it is that higher has become Epson higher has become Epson you know the latter family and kill him arafat and Jimmy Suni Yamazaki in erotica Rama Oh my sister

00:33:25 --> 00:34:05

love with modesty love What? Allah praises Allah praises. I don't want to digress and exceed my time limits. But let me tell you what is higher. I cannot resist the thoughts that flow through my mind at this juncture. Allah speaks about sanditon Isla de la Mancha in LA Vina your moon Alma Sonata Rafi la mina, Antinori no fit dunya will Iran in LA LA Vina hormonal masana till Rafi la mina don't renew. Now if you study this verse, the word of our philosophy has come in the context of praise, love finance, those that are unmindful, those that are deliberately unmindful, but here it is coming to praise and mindful of the cosmetic world and mindful of what is happening in that dunya

00:34:05 --> 00:34:45

deliberately and under uses is in a praise of Mother You know among poor to be speaks about Sharia law. Haha, Allahu Akbar, let's say that I use who was accused with Xena satana Maria Maria Hassan was accused with Xena and say that and I saw your loved one who was also accused with Xena but the man proved to be rock metal and he says in the use of Allah ma Rumi appeal fafa Shah Baba who la vida de Sani Serbian filma de Maria Maria Maria Maria to belfor aphasia Barbara Holla Holla Lisa Ebony ha we're in nine satara de la la Maru Mia to Bill farfisa from de la barra de Sabine wannabe

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

from our Eau de la be Bharati sabihin voila Nepean that Satan I use was also accused with Xena on my mother, it's time on my sustained time you get your focus correct. It's time you stop making these women that

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

ideas of your life. It's time you make the waves of nearly salamah point of reference. It's time you relate to them. He says when Safina Yusuf was accused when Xena Allah made a child speak with Sangeeta Shah he don't mean Neha in Khan Academy. Soho put them in COBOL when Santa Maria was accused, Allah made Lisa speak, but when our mother was accused, Allah was unhappy for a child to speak. Nicola was unhappy for navy and he sent him to speak Allah revealed Quran I wish you could comprehend Arabic your hearts will pass if you understand mufa Syrian have written this is one of the only verses where Allah has come across so strongly is the lactone. OBL cinetic on it alicona

00:35:41 --> 00:36:26

obion cinetic on what the coluna before he can Marlin Salah can be hearing more de buena Whoa, hyena Mojave de la Javi him when you were circulating a slander and you will blurt in something regard in which you know nothing and you trivialize the crime, whereas in the eyes of Allah, they could not be a more major crime. That was the honor that Allah gave to Siddiqa. I saw Sydney acara de la Maha her relation her her closest to nabire salaam, I don't have time, if I exploitable run into hours, nonetheless, even hours mandra Dr. lavon, who he is favored with the second daughter of nwba Salatu was Salam. And at the time, when he was assassinated, nebulae Salam had told him that Allah will

00:36:26 --> 00:37:06

give you a privilege, the munaf it will try and take this out of you, but remain firm and meet me at my pond internets. remain firm and meet me at my pond in general, and he remained firm and he remained firm. And hence inconsolable. There is one rewired nabire Sam says I was sitting jabril came in the level of volume and gibril took me into the garden of my Allah. If drama to photography at one apple was put in my hand, filleted when filati tufa Tony Swain, the apple split into hurricane Maria one woman came out of this apple Lamar accent I mean, her husband and wife are adamant I mean hi Jamal, and to step back with this be ha I have never seen a woman of greater

00:37:06 --> 00:37:48

beauty who was praising Allah. I asked her Who are you and and for whom has Allah created you? She said and Amina, probably lane holla Tanya la homie Nuri Hershey, I am from that hole that Allah has created from the light of His throne. Then nearly Sam said for Who are you? She said and a little Muslim or fun. Allah has created me for the opera study for fun, but others May Allah forgive me and Luffy for you with what modesty was, what she would best fullness. The elitism of code higher is something that we elect totally Satan Allah The Allahu anhu the knowledge Allah had given him was unique was outstanding, under the commentary of this verse in the Quran, where Allah speaks about

00:37:48 --> 00:38:03

the the number of the people of La La, La La, La La Moomin la pelea. This difference of opinion how many members were there who slept in the cave? Some say there's some say that and then Allah concludes with regards that they were seven.

00:38:04 --> 00:38:22

And Allah says only few people knew the exact amount only few people say the knowledge of the Atlanta said and Amina Cuddy. I am amongst those few people. You know what knowledge it takes for others. There's not a claim. It's not like asking I know we all know today. Amina nassima yuja Dino fille de

00:38:24 --> 00:38:28

la kitabi Mooney, there are many people who chant slogans but know nothing.

00:38:29 --> 00:39:13

So he says and Amina Amina Colleen, I am amongst those few people. Let me run you through some couplets of say Denali, which is also advice I show you you know the knowledge the knowledge Allah had given him he used to say unassuming genetic term celiac fo abou whom are the mobile omo Neptune can have seen barwa from shakeela tournois vamana wholecut Fi ha ha ha Bo for economic aslim Hassan eufa zerona de facto you know, Alma Oh malfatti in La, La La La me in Houma, la alhuda lemon esta de la Oh, this is only half of the couplets. Nonetheless. He says, if this virtue and married that can go to any individual it is the Dhamma it is those that possess the knowledge of the and you know

00:39:13 --> 00:39:17

what knowledge Allah gave him. Some one day one person came to him and asked him it.

00:39:18 --> 00:39:59

Tell us what is the difference between corrib and Accra between worship and odor between SAP and you tell me what is the difference between all these words now there's a bit of Arabic grammar, but nonetheless I will simplify it for you. For us means compulsory what it means meant at our job something of greater importance is made of zil and then curried means close. A crab means extremely close sub means difficult. Assad means extremely difficult. So you asked a Denali, you tell me the difference, said now it says you want to listen to it one time he says yes, please tell me so you can listen for the Nanana ca to bow lock in nataka no Bo job. What does Rafi SRP rG waffleh tuna,

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59

sci fi

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

What's up rufina ibatis been lucky enough. otesaga Waka lamayuru tatari to mean good luck after all.

00:40:11 --> 00:40:16

You have to appreciate this in Arabic brothers, how can I translate this? I don't have the words.

00:40:19 --> 00:40:42

He gave everything industrial couplets for the Nanana ca tubo. It is compulsory for every man to repent. Lucky nataka de novo job, but to forsaken abandoned since that is of vital importance. Then he says What does roofie Sophie RG, the time the error in its deception in its attitude is rather strange waha flatteners II

00:40:44 --> 00:41:09

but the oblivious heedless attitude of humanity is more astonishing is more startling is more perplexing? Was sub rufina about Ebola patients in adversity is rather difficult, lacking love for the Sahaba Assad, but not to endure patience and for feed the reward is more difficult. What could Lama Yura Karim, everything been anticipated is rather close, we'll move to mean could live.

00:41:11 --> 00:41:18

And out of all the things that have been anticipated the closest of all is death. One thing saving our job you know the alarm came to the alarm.

00:41:19 --> 00:41:53

So Satan earlier the alarm said these are advances and this is what I'm sharing while I save the virtues coupled with it other advisors. This is how we've got to bring. One of the tragedies of our times is we are measuring our piety with people whom Allah has not made the basis of comparison. And we wrongly console ourselves that we are pious. So I compare my wife to my neighbor's wife. And I say she doesn't put a scarf my wife at least the scarf is still dangling on her shoulders. So my wife is better. My son is better than my brother's son because he still comes from Muslim. My brother's son I barely see him for Juma. So my son is better than my brother's son. I am better than

00:41:53 --> 00:42:32

my neighbor because Alhamdulillah at least sometimes I read Quran that person I've never ever heard reading Quran from him. We are fooling ourselves Allah we fallen into a comfort zone. Allah will not meet your Ayesha with your brothers Ayesha Allah will match your eyes I would never get a salams Ayesha for an OB Miss Lima mentum behave according to Dong for innominate ob Miss Lima mentum behave according to the yardstick to which Allah will measure you will be the Sahaba match your alley with Dolly of NaVi la Salam Michio Abubakar with Abu Bakr of navionics salam, if they are on par they enjoy the same privilege. Otherwise we have deceived yourself my brother, you have deceived yourself

00:42:33 --> 00:42:40

and unfortunately there's the general condition. So saving it to the laundry setting with jabiru the Allahu anhu for this Forgive me I'm going to end inshallah,

00:42:43 --> 00:42:45

say the nandina the alarm

00:42:46 --> 00:42:52

is set in with who the alarm on Whoa. He says w Teva madonia BR BA.

00:42:53 --> 00:43:27

This derniers existence depends on for people, and even higher human knowledge, a scholar who practices on his knowledge and conveys his knowledge, a scholar who has knowledge practices on it and conveys it. Number two john Hayden, like Justin Keifa, yet alum, a person who's ignorant but does not find it below his dignity to learn. I share an incident with you one day one brother, he invited me one place for a lecture. When I got there after the program was over. He said, Man I want to read put on an elderly person in his 60s. So he started reading Quran

00:43:28 --> 00:44:03

then he started crying profusely, so I asked him What's the matter? He showed me a racing course. He says monona you see that place? Allah forgive me That is where I spend my life. And my children have rebelled against me. And I know why they have rebelled me because I have managed them what haram I'm only hoping that this systems flesh out the Haram I have put in them. He says one day I went in there, and I heard the mother of a son and there was clash of emotions and he steering while he's telling me this in our country, I went there and then he's narrating this to me. And after that, I thought to myself, how long would I carry on like this? So I heard the axon and I said, let me

00:44:03 --> 00:44:41

respond to it up to like now bassetlaw yongala Mana sumaiya Poonam Odin must para una Namo if people understood what this magazine is saying, never mind sleep, even slumber won't overpower them. I came to the masjid. I cried to Allah I repented to Allah. After that I held the Quran and I cried. I said Allah, I learned everything but I don't know Quran. I went to the local Imam of the masjid and I said, You know what, I need to learn Quran. So he said no problem very high profile businessman and that is why I say it with you. He said no problem, but I don't have extra time. If you can come in my regular afternoon times when I teach the children then by all means you can come. He said, No, I

00:44:41 --> 00:44:59

have no problem to come. It is my need. I don't know the Quran. He's in his 60s he said I will sit with the young small siblings and I will learn Quran. He says Alhamdulillah two years have passed my shop closes at half past two and I go to madressa with my Quran and Al Hamdulillah today I can read Quran. Then after reading Quran, he can

00:45:00 --> 00:45:09

And he said molana was the day come before I die that I understand what I reads. I said whether the day comes or not allow will give you that reward in relation to your passion.

00:45:10 --> 00:45:51

jehlen line yes thank you for Allah who does not find it below his dignity to learn the number three jawatan a wealthy man, but who suffers a wealthy man but who spends in the deen of Allah. And number four, you don't have to do a poor person who does not forsake his Deen. Then he said, Oh Java, if Allah has given wealth to any men, rest assure the creation of Allah will come to him. If he will respond positively and discharge the obligation of the weather that Allah has given him, then that wealth will prosper. But if he will hoard that well, then soon it will disappear. Then he said, Java, why don't I put it in couplets for you and listen to what I have to say? He said ma Oksana

00:45:51 --> 00:46:17

dunya, ye Kabbalah Ha. Viva La, La La La ha, ma Oksana dunya acaba de la hum and Nana ha malum Johansson nurserymen for the de agua de the body a cabana, ha. fathers' avant and familia Jabir what are the mean dunya common Salah for another Larose jazzy Luna, Hatha Yoga refurbish.

00:46:19 --> 00:46:41

Welcome Marina means a V tharwa lamea caballo b shoukry ba ba da da Juana dunya. BM Wally him waka Yato bill Buckley appa lo Shaka Rania Mehta. jazza boom, Matata. shokri la la la in Chicago to LA z the nakane lucky nama Khufu whom Voila.

00:46:42 --> 00:47:28

Again, brothers How can I translate these things? We haven't touched it in their ketones written on the couplets of Ali not want to keep tabs written. He said how beautiful this dunya is, if the one who has it knows how to use it. Moxon at dunya Kabbalah ha Illa Allah humma nah ha, the one who has it fears Allah mellem us in us I mean further li li the bar a cabana, ha, the one that does not discharge in relation to what Allah has given him, then very soon that wealth will perish that very well that he's coming will disappear from him. Then he said Father, fatherly Your job is to absorb it or Java you should the one that does not discharge in relation to what Allah has given him, then

00:47:28 --> 00:48:03

very soon that wealth will perish that very well that is coming will disappear from him. Then he said, Father azzawajal fatherly yarby of xrb or Java, you should fear that your surplus will be snatched from you, Marana satsop dama barakatuh. One day mentioned, the greatest tragedy of the soma today is it considers its leisure time and its surplus wealth is a personal commodity. The greatest tragedy of the summit is it consumed my time, my money, my time my money when the VOA Sallam said spin for in the Liberace jersey livin la vida.

00:48:05 --> 00:48:10

de la ha you know how Allah gives nebulae Salam said Allah is Allah is Exalted in you to give

00:48:12 --> 00:48:49

me said Yara sobre la ilaha stuttery Dona avani un annual curse? does Allah want a loan from us? The vlsm says Nam you re doing you the filler Kuma Jana allowance alone to give you an opportunity to get into agenda. He says okay, I have two gardens if Dharma be saphira when Robin Aria JAL to Manila, I have two gardens take it for a law one has 608 pumps in it. Now brothers if we need to give 500 also with respect to my sister's downstairs, we go to consult. We got to get approval, we got to get confirmation. So he says want to be able to take it now. vlsm says give me one in the other one you keep it. His wife and his children was sitting in the garden they were reclining he

00:48:49 --> 00:49:36

comes there and from outside he screams and he says to Holla Holla Timothy bitola man no multi daddy in Nevada in the mid Florida enough civil Allah de Waal bill Runa Shaka, hi Rosa in the mobile Marina mahadi. He tells his wife Listen, I can come inside now he belongs to Allah Come out Come out. She also was one ahead. She said pr sharika lahu be hiring origin myth Luca Darla de Mithra Donna De Luca dama de la casa Mata Allah will be a yachtie woman acapella hace soda he was when he tells her come out, and then she starts walking out nearly Salaam observing. Then she takes out the dates from the pockets of the children. She takes out the dates from the sleeves of the children.

00:49:36 --> 00:49:59

She says now It belongs to Allah, the wife, husband and children adjusting every date because now my husband gave it to Allah. Now Vla Salaam looked at this, he cried. And then he said one thing come in resulting in what Darrin Fayyad in the EBIT da da. Allah alone knows what homes this family would have internets. Allah alone knows what favor

00:50:00 --> 00:50:24

Holmes this family would have intended but others I can say much more. I'm running out of time. What are these are Sahaba you know the Quran speaks about the Sahaba of Musa alayhis salaam. When they accepted Islam and they gave their lives it Nicosia explains it very beautifully those magicians and then they started giving Dawa. They started giving doubt because of the company of Maasai Salaam. Instantly they gave out in a woman Terra Bahama Jima

00:50:25 --> 00:51:08

Allahu Johanna la yamu to FEMA voila, Mama Yachty Hema Mina, Fatah, Mila Sahaja, economic Raja una, the one who will die is a criminal. He will suffer by Allah and the one who obeys a loving mother hi abodes. They just brought him on and they gave just this down with your as Mr. Shabbir sub mentioned the hadith of Bokhari. It comes in first volume on page 394 busara The Allahu boozer another Sahabi makes mention of it, that one person came to navionics Salatu was Salam. And he said only of Allah or slim okati must say bring Islam or Messiah fight I see you both are going in better what must I do? Now? VOA Sanam said Islam from Makati Why don't you do this accept Islam and then fine so do

00:51:08 --> 00:51:30

both for us llama for Katana folk with Allah. So he accepted Islam. He joined nivia A Salaam went into the battle was martyred nebulae Salaam said Amina Polly, what would you look at? He did little and got lots. Amina Pauline, what would you Rocketeer Sahaba the revised comes in Buhari second volume, they say could Nana Buddha Hassan,

00:51:32 --> 00:51:34

Hassan Hassan Minho, Alpina, who

00:51:35 --> 00:52:10

is the CO owner of one Tavi that we used to worship a stone, and this is solace for every person here that don't don't look at your past, the vision is open, Allah kindness is there. When you look at what the Sahaba did in the past, one could never imagine that they would climb to such heights and they would would read such status. They say we used to worship a stone. The next day, if we found another stone that had a better smock sparkle, we would forsake the first God and embrace the second one. So these are revised, we will know about American ichimura, the one who was crippled his son, Mahabharata, Yolanda accepted Islam. So he came to his father and he said, Oh, my father, you

00:52:10 --> 00:52:45

should accept Islam. So the father did not accept Islam. So one day he got ready with his other companion while depletable in Sierra de Mustafa is mentioned in great detail and reference of Buddha is given. So anyway, he took the God of his father and he dumped it somewhere. Next morning, the father got up looking for his God, where's my gods? Where's my god he couldn't find his God finally found his God cleaned it brought it back. And he put it there again the next day as it was ready Alanna was even a American. He took that God he threw it somewhere. The father next morning, got up search for his God found it. He decided today what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna put an X around this God.

00:52:46 --> 00:52:50

If he is strong, he must fight. If he's strong, he must fight. Otherwise he's hopeless.

00:52:52 --> 00:53:03

So what they did was the next morning they took the x away you name the Hershey of jelly and there's something very beautiful written for enamel yet the fall and nuptse he gave a yet the OBD II.

00:53:05 --> 00:53:47

That object which cannot move an x from its head. How can it move calamity from its worshiper? For enamel and FC he came for yet he. Anyway, he took the idol. He tied it to a dog and he dropped it in a well. Now this is the command of the Sahaba of nwba Salatu was Salam till today he worship did he only did he revered it the next morning when he got up looking for his God and he found the God was lying in the well. He looked at it. He paused. And then Iman flowed from him. Eman flowed from him. He said, Well, la de la quinta, Ilan, one la de la quinta de la. And he praised Allah at this juncture in a minute that you and I till today cannot praise Allah. And this was the song bit of

00:53:47 --> 00:53:57

nebulous Salam. While la de la quinta de la, la token and token Boone was the big green Faker on a film we'll talk Elon Musk and

00:53:58 --> 00:54:20

Tesla can so Alibaba and Alhamdulillah de la de Ville minun Alva Heber Rosati, the Yani Dean, who will lead the Anthony Minh company an akuna fievel matakauri Morton, we have metal mass de Nabeel motorman a todo el Allahu me ma ma ma stunted en la him when he was near when he when he

00:54:21 --> 00:54:39

was studying for Super Hannah, who are the dental hottie in our patreus sama Amita ra hudon you aka the queen to see we met in hatanaka the queen to fy 18 honey from annata gra one penny per se Bill pachadi Minh ceniza kaminari

00:54:40 --> 00:55:00

Kofi into da casa cabbie Madara Fahim, Denver shukran lahoma battiato a llama la meva Jabari, he re Tomita, Danica is puto Mahabharata Ly heafy dari, he prays the love brothers in such a way that till today if we get all our praises, it cannot be it cannot be

00:55:00 --> 00:55:40

Just of what he said. He said if you were a god you wouldn't have been humiliated in this Well, today my Allah has opened my eyes. Oh Allah May shower and play may may may you be praised and glorified equivalent to my sins and the sinners and the sins of the centers throughout the world. Look at how he praises Allah make Glory be to Allah subhanho wa Taala hace una vaca three sama hatanaka to fievel methine Allah guided me I was in darkness, honey for monotony. At some time I was watching worship in mana, sometimes I worshipped another stone. Allah guided me after my beard became white. Allah guided me otherwise I was to be lowered into the darkness of my grave. I say

00:55:40 --> 00:56:21

this, and I will say as long as I love, hoping that I can get shade under his throne the day I die. Brothers Sahaba gave their lives mean Alma manera de Lune Sakuma de la la familia humann cavanna Babu amin, Romania into their large subset in the Sahaba. There were only two groups under this it said there were only two groups, those that were martyred and those that were waiting for martyrdom. There was no other group among Sahaba there was no hope a brother a loved one who some food for thought for the young that have gathered here today. Allah has made it so easy when he was about to be executed. He said permit me to re record namaz today ALLAH forgive before an interview we cannot

00:56:21 --> 00:56:56

read through rakat namaz imagine at this juncture that he is about to be executed oh one woman suddenness Manson Nara cotton in the cotton Cobain. He performs to record namas how calmly he performs it. Then he ends that namaz. He said Lola and tavano and Nina Martha Welcome to jammin Elmo, Elasticsearch Amina Salah, if it wasn't for the fear that you will interpret me prolonging my namaz out of the fear of the sword. I would have gone on reading namaz but I don't want you to get the Miss interpretation the misunderstanding that he's afraid of death so that's why I kept my number short otherwise I was enjoying myself ah

00:56:58 --> 00:57:32

maybe Elisa Lam spoke to the Sahaba that john that he will come one day will last for one year savasana Viola did one day that will last like one year must be performed five numbers or numbers equivalent to one year you get the mind how our mind you know anybody talks of anything we did use money out of it you know is asking our muscles our mind is operating we can make you know mine is running somewhere else. Mine is running somewhere else all the time when three year old child I see Mashallah making. So the brother went to BC What are you making? He said, Wait, man, I'm asking Allah to Give daddy more money. hamdulillah it's good, it's good. But he said the only thing we ask

00:57:32 --> 00:58:10

Allah is that the only thing is that the only thing that we ask Allah this dunya has his temptations it has its challenges also, what when the vlsm made for his children, Allahu Allah, Muhammad in Buddha, Allah my family give them only so much that it keeps them alive. Allah give them so much that they are alive. However the long ends is to record namaz Allahu Akbar, a young man in the prime of his life on the call of the deen of Allah. He looks at them no brothers. If I give you time and I give myself time till the next journal sign I say you make some couplets till the next year we won't prepay, you know, how come you have to be how much ease you have to be for your mind to flow to say

00:58:10 --> 00:58:52

something. Yeah, he's about to be executed. A person today is just waiting for results that will determine if he's got cancer or not. And then you see the anxiety in that waiting room. The anxiety creeps in because that results are determined they are decisive. If it means that he's got great sales or the sales then it means a different life. He's all destinies change. Yeah, they're about to execute him. He says luffa Jamal Sabo. Holy, Kaaba Illa homeless tomorrow cola mucha Miley, they have gathered around me, they have exhorted others. They have gathered everyone. Yup, forgot the Jamaat robina whom manisa among Baku libitum In Jessamine tavini momen la sala de jamaa Oba na

00:58:52 --> 00:59:39

manisa home. waka rabbit Domingo Tavi moment. nahi Illallah jasco horiba t Makoto Bertie Omarosa de la casa de minimus Ravi. Further la Lucia Sabir Niala majura doobie Sapa Bertha Hola, me waka Barnum hatami he said Allah they have gathered everyone for them. It's joy for them. It's excitement. For me. It's my last moments. Allah they are about to slaughter me furnace to Bali this couplets coming Buhari also for the Stovall a Nevada new muslimah Allah you know, I have no problem as long as I'm beheaded for your deen Allah IJA Min candelilla humans journey he faced Qibla they turned him away. He said Allah as long as I died for you regardless of the direction they turned me I am happy. Then

00:59:39 --> 00:59:59

he said what are the higher O'Neal cofra Well, Mota donoho Walker the Hama Latina means a rematch exactly what might be a double multi in a llama Ito Wanaka heidari Jamuna de Mola le furnace to be moved within milada with a showman. Voila, JSON in Nila la him

01:00:00 --> 01:00:07

Originally, they telling me either become a coffee or then accept death, as if Kufa is an option for me.

01:00:09 --> 01:00:54

A lot of work were they telling me either become a coffee or then accept that as if Cofer is an option for me. What are the higher O'Neill cofra Well, moto Waka homina homina homina le, my eyes have become moist. Allah knows not out of the fear of the sod one ma ba da da mo de Nila mijito never am I afraid to die when I can Hadar Jacques munari mala phi. Yes I am afraid about the subsequent stages of the death furnace to be moved in little order with the horseshoe and voila. I will never succumb to the pressure of these people in humiliate myself saying this he said in the in the LA humor joy. I am on my way to my Allah and he took his last breath and he went away. But

01:00:54 --> 01:01:27

others it is time we reflect I have been speaking about this in the last many programs. hadith of nebia A Salaam comet that was shown at the moon, the manner in which you live that is how you will die. That's the show your daily routine and your last day will be no different. If your every day you get up after the sun has risen. I'm afraid the day you die you will also miss Fletcher that day. If your daily practice is then to go in the shower and shave your beard I'm afraid the day you will be lowered in your cover you will put a blade on the sun that have you on the beat that very day. There will be no difference to your routine. Your life says you love every day that is how it will

01:01:27 --> 01:02:12

be your last day. It's high time we change our every day. So if it coincides with our last day, it is a manner in which we are ready to meet the love. Someone came into Libya a Salam in Amman copper in Madeira qutenza this comes under the commentary of this verse 11 Okinawa Calvo Mata Magnum Bill eemaan so someone threatened Amara de Alonso he added the word of gopher so they came running to an aviary Salaam your Sahabi Amar has become a GFI in Morocco Tanzania is written nebulae Salam said Kala in Amman mulia. Eman Amar, I refute what you say Mr. Palmer's whole body is filled with a man was the only man who be left me with me he you might have blood in your body in a vat Salam says

01:02:13 --> 01:02:49

Amar his blood is a man flowing in his body. So this was the vision this was the condition. This is what the Navy of Allah sallallahu wasallam said regarding Sahaba kramaric voila image man, may Allah grant them a b 13 reward on our behalf. May Allah innovate they abodes in general May Allah give us the trophy that we emulate them we imitate them brothers when we travel in the Middle East Wherever we go, let us visit the graves of Sahaba let us visit the graves we were today we take our children leave sometimes the parents and leave the New York leave the Malaysia and the Dubai take them to the graves of these great people stay in by the graves of Sahaba and understand who we are who they

01:02:49 --> 01:02:57

work. Let me leave you with my last couplet holofernes Amanullah to be Miss Lee him an asset to me Nakayama muhfucka. Fear

01:02:58 --> 01:03:45

Allah for zamanda Tiana B mystery him Hanukkah yummy Luca Yamanaka cafe, that time the error claimed claimed that it could produce the likes of Sahaba I think this consensus that it has failed miserably it's high time they give capybara never will this world no the sun no the moon ever see the likes of Abu Bakar see the likes of Sahaba one day a Buddha was ahead of Abu Bakar Libyan a Salaam said them she a mama man ha ha you don't mean Kofi dunya? Well, after a Buddha it comes in control Omar, a Buddha you take the courage to walk ahead of a human who is better than you in this world and the ophira wala Hema Tanaka Sham Salah robot effect in Barton Nabina Wilma, Sally in the

01:03:45 --> 01:04:02

abdomen Abby buckle, I swear by Allah never has the sun risen nor set on any individual after the galaxy of MBR more noble than aboubaker May Allah resurrect us amongst the galaxy of MBR in Sahaba that we also enjoy the privilege of the closeness on the day of the Ahmed walk down and

01:04:05 --> 01:04:20

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