Sulaiman Moola – Respect And Mannerism

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The importance of manners, etiquette, and codes of conduct in shaping behavior is emphasized. The manners of manners and respect towards Islam are also discussed, along with the need for a culture of manners to avoid offense at events and the importance of respect for older individuals. The speakers stress the need for respect in older individuals to avoid negative consequences and avoid disrespect. The speakers also discuss cultural differences and the importance of avoiding disrespect in the United States.
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In our family law, in our family law in

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Marina May

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Allah Allah Allahu Allahu Allah, the hula sorry. When I said when I say

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Mohammed Abu Rasulullah

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sallallahu tabaka

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Hamid Bella Mina Shea Panera Jamie Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, ma monokuma todo de la hora Waka flocka

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McAllen Wu sallallahu taala alayhi wa sallam a W of beef Sangeeta DB O come upon Allah in His Sunnah to a Sarah, honorable scholars respected brothers and elders, there is no stage in the life of a human and in particular in the life of a believer that he can become complacent with his progress and his achievement. In essence, the effort to better ourselves to improve ourselves is unending. It is a lifelong effort one Abu Bakar Kalyan Allah says in continued worship in your Allah until death overpowers you, and really speaking, when a person has the passion and the desire to better himself to improve himself, then will lie he will learn from all circumstances whether positive or negative,

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everything will leave him impressed. Someone said it very beautifully in English, a positive thinker finds an opportunity in every difficulty, and a negative thinker finds a difficulty in every opportunity. Let me repeat that a positive thinker finds an opportunity in every difficulty, and a negative thinker finds a difficulty in every opportunity. Say even a documentary is Salatu was Salam. O Allah devotes one chapter of the Quran to laquan alayhi Salaam Subhana Allah and from the many advices that he had disseminated. Allah selected few and Allah gave you place in the Quran, Yamuna Yaki masala, Marbella roofie one Hanuman Cup was below Hana masaba in nada de come in as many

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more on my son establish Salah invite towards good forbid from evil Emperor severe what comes your way? One and Two sorry, the Deccan Enos and do not be unpleasant and hostile towards people. One item chief in the mirror how to not be arrogant on the earth. Someone asked to look man Look, man, you are so wise, you are so famous. Where did you get it all from? Where did you learn mannerism from it? That's what I want to speak on today. manners, etiquette, code of conduct, where did you learn it from all? He said, I learned it from those who lack it.

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Where did you learn manners from? I learnt it from those who lack it. People said can you elaborate? What do you mean? He said every time I seen someone doing wrong and evil. I said that looks wicked. That looks despicable. That's so unpleasant. So that is what I must avoid. So that is what I must avoid. If it looks wicked to me when he does it. I guess it will look wicked to others when I do it. So as I looked at the flaws of people I kept on learning and improving and bettering myself. Now on the reverse you and I when we see the faults and the flaws of others, we latch on to it and there goes the propaganda so we don't learn from the whole thing. We don't learn from the whole thing. We

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will say this man you know he's an authority he abuses his authority, only to know the day Allah puts me in authority and was then the one that said before me. So we are not learning what the look monolines salam say, I learned from those who lack manners that is where I learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said at Devaney Robbie Sen Devi my alarm molded me my love fishing me and my Allah taught me manners and my Allah left nothing on my left nothing shorts in moldy me in tutoring me in teaching me my Allah Allah have nothing short, Satan Aria la mano. It is said that unfortunately, we haven't studied the language of the Quran because of which we have been barred from volumes of

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Islamic knowledge. So you cannot appreciate the couplets of Ali radi Allahu Akbar, and you cannot comprehend what he had condensed in his poetry and conveyed through the message. There is a Kitab exclusive to the poetry of scenario the Allahu anhu amongst which I share something relevant to our topic. He said ladies and gentlemen to be a swabbing to the you know na. laser jammer up a swabbing to z noona in JAMA Jama lock label as a bee. It is not beautiful clothes and exclusive homes that adorn us and beautify us but rather you

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It is a good conduct and mannerism that adds value to human life.

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And let you say

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He alone is not an orphan whose biological parent has died before he reached the age of puberty. He too is an orphan who sees the presence of both his parents but devoid of mannerism and conduct in Melia tema yet to me well as Debbie, and if you explore on this definition of your themes, I'm afraid this world has become full of orphans. It is a word of orphans. There isn't any parent left, when you analyze, often under the definition of the Allahu taala. And so any, if mannerism will come the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, said at the nuku Adam, another name of religion is manners. Islamic Islam, in different words is respect, conduct. There are certain things that Allah has instilled in

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the human a child is born, Allah has put it in born into him that I don't call my mother by her name. It's disrespectful. Allah has inherently put that into the human being, but unfortunately today respect has been defeated totally. Now there are certain codes of conduct that we ought to display to Allah subhanho wa Taala respect to the being of Allah. Then there is respect to the symbols of Allah be the Quran beat the house of Allah beat the Kabbalah, there is respect to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with respect to seniority the senior people amongst us and it continues. Let us first briefly look at the level of respect that we owe to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now you

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can imagine I recite that Allah said Ma, la, la, la la nueva Cora, what is the matter with you, you show no regard for your Allah, you shall no regard for your Allah. And again, when we want to understand the code of conduct of respect between us and Allah or between men and men, our point of reference, like always is the prophets. Our point this is also an important issue, we need to remind ourselves that our point of reference for navigation or the profits, so when I look for guidance, when I look for saunas, when I look for options, I've got to look at the lives of the MBR and that's about it.

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So what does that teach us regarding the life of Satan? Salatu was Salam when you presented before the Tyron King, and he wants to introduce Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he introduces his creator in the following way. And levy Kala Pani familia de la dee, who are you to rimoni via Spain, ye de Maria for mu and yes, Finn feed my Allah is the one who has created me hence he guides me. My Allah is the one who nourish me, and hence he sustains me. And perchance when I become sick, he is kind enough to kill me.

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Now the owner might elaborate on this point. It is an article of our faith. That just says prosperity comes from Allah adversity also comes from Allah, while rehiring he was a really good and bad comes from Allah had Ibrahim Alayhi Salam said, Allah makes me sick and Allah He owes me he committed no crime. But look at the inborn respect in the heart of the Navy for his Allah. He did not choose to attribute sickness to Allah simply because it gave an external flavor of unpleasantness. So he opted to say when I become sick, he is kind enough to kill me. That is the respect to the being of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is the ideal situation, minds and your

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situation is the most tragic situation. It is the most tragic situation. So what do we do is, we attribute adversity to Allah, we attribute it there is a calamity, there is sickness, there is a tragedy. Allah knows best if Allah wants to test make dua. Allah knows best why he says this on whom he says it. So there is totally from Allah, there is the expression. But when it comes to prosperity, the minimum we can do, if we don't have the gesture of Ibrahim, then let's at least have the decency to say, when adversity comes from him, then let even let us attribute prosperity towards him. And voila, that is the definition of a loyal servant. Let me ask you, my brother, you have

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sons, I have a love give our children. If my child speaks of me, someone says Who's your father, the one who beats me, the one who's always chanting and angry with me, the one who denies me my my privileges, the one who got upset with me, and that is, which is which is correct, but obviously it's a half side.

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If my son goes around introducing me in this way, or your son does that to you, what would happen to your heart regarding your son? Have you not become a victim in this disrespect towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and let me leave you on this note by saying I asked you

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My brother, do you judge a lot by what he has given you? Or are you still judging him on what he hasn't given you?

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This is respect to the being of Allah subhana wa Tada. So ideally we attribute prosperity towards Allah satana. You buddy is Salatu was Salam.

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Really, it takes the heart of a Navy. It takes the bosom of a navy and it takes the discipline of a Navy to say what needs to be said, say that was tested by a law tested how the roof of his house caved in, causing the instant death of his children that were 14 in number causing the loss of everything. Then he developed an illness and a sickness. His wife then tells him Don't you think it's high time you know, ask them not to solve matters here. The tunnel is darkened in the night is getting darker instead of raining, it's pouring. Those are the phrases people would use against a law against Allah subhanahu wa tada

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a human a solid with respect to Allah. He says that my Allah gave me the privilege of prosperity for 80 years. And my Alliance has only tested me for eight years. Respect demands that I patiently endure till eight years lapse. Respect demands that from me, I can't expect otherwise. But the wife continuously exhausts him that make dua make dua so he said no problem my wife I will make dua but I will not trespass the limits of respect when I speak to my Allah so the Quran coated his what was his de una go through you know, you cannot even make a comparison in our problem to that problem. There's no comparison and then we hysterical and then we we entertain negative thoughts about

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negative thoughts about Allah. We start questioning our Eman una de capitolio Mini una voz de luces onimusha de la la vie me Allah How come does my brother if I look in my life and you look in your life, there's enough explanation to why these things are happening. There's too many explanations. But nonetheless what is the respect to Allah around be a nice must sunny a lot well and our hamura me, this is the height of respect Allah I have been afflicted and you are the most gains. Nothing more. Allah remove my sickness, Allah substitute my difficulties, Allah bring joy, no, no, Allah I am in pain and you know all

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that respect to nav, that's the respect you chose to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah was so impressed that despite his situation warranting making dua to Allah moaning and groaning, crying and lamenting, but the manner in the respect with which he presented his case, Allah responded with three words in the Quran. Allah said in our judgment now who saw the era

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in our data now who saw the raw nature man love that lab in Iowa? What a privilege May Allah show his choices, blessings on a human is Salam. Allah said in the NA who saw bureaux we sanction his steadfastness. We are giving him the certification of patience, we endorse it near my lab do again I wish you knew Arabic, how am I going to translate near Milan, in the most simply five closest possible near Milan means? Allah is saying a brilliant servant of minds indeed. I wish we can have that one from Allah. Rarely I have said it and I cry in my drawers and I say, you can say to me, my brother, someone else can say it to you, but it cuts no eyes. does Allah say any direct to you, this

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has all the credit that you need. This has all the recognition that it needs. Its direct from Allah, it's approved by Allah in no alarm, he turns to me constantly. But that's not all. Look at the condition of nav. Allah speaks of Allah is Salatu was Salam in the Quran. We know the famous incident the boat that was sailing. And this was by the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And just as Allah sends prophets and Allah, you know, designate certain tasks to them. Likewise, there are certain people with whom Allah familiarizes them with his hidden secrets. So the lifespan of this man, the death of this man, the decline of this dominion, the prosperity of this individual, and

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accordingly along a total history surrounded this man will be sailing on this boat, and ahead, there is a tyrant king that wishes to * this boat, so you go and defect the boat. Obviously, the defecting of the boat was to in to cause minimum difficulty to save him from greater difficulty, because the tyrant King would only * the boat if it was intact, and if it had any flaw or any defect, then he would consider it below his dignity. So physically Salam went to the boat boarded the boat took a ride

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With this person a cruise, and then when he disembark then he defected the boat. And then he narrated the whole tale to Musa alayhis salaam. But again look at the respective nav.

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When he made reference to the defecting of the boat, which was done by the command of a law, he opted for the words for an RV baja

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baja I by myself went in defected the boat and he did not say Allah commanded me to defect it. What did he say? Allah was kind enough to save him from the calamity that was coming ahead. So the command of Allah this was a plane instituted by law. This was a strategy put forward by Allah, but he attributed the defecting of the boat to himself. And then furthermore, he straightens the wall to preserve the treasures of those young children. So this obviously had an element of kindness and absolute mercy. He said for Boca Nova, it was the intention, the noble endeavor of your merciful Allah to preserve the treasures of those orphans. And hence by the word of Allah, I straighten this

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wall, I defected the boat, he attributed it to himself. What I'm saying is, unfortunately, today we have become a team like Satan and he said, someone said another couplets of the Alon who comes to mind, he said enamel Futterman, Jaco lohana de Fatah, maniapoto can be talented is the boy who can present what conduct and mannerism he is talented in skill, and there is no credit to the one who has no respect. And he says my late father was like this and my great grandfather was this, and I come from this social standing. What does that do what man is Do you have your father, your grandfather, your lineage, your family, your ancestry? They are all the nobility but what do you

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reflect in number four Tamayo ohana de Indian he is talented who has menus by himself.

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Then we look at respect to the symbols of Allah subhanho wa Taala. What is the house of Allah the Kaaba of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the grandson of Satan Amato, Yolanda Salim Rahmatullah. He was making tawaf on Dhamma path, and the king of the time he shall have the money came to him. So he said, Sally, nice to meet you. Those days, the Kings also kept a degree of contact between themselves and the scholars. So he said, if you have any need, please let me know. It will be my privilege to help you in any way possible. So sunny mathematical law gave him an unpleasant days and he said, How dare the height of disrespect. I stayed at the Cabo Villa, and I present my knee to

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someone other than a lot. This is the height of disrespect. Anyway, the king realized his mistake, after they complete the tawaf in the second violation, and they leave from the Kaaba and the exit from the from the king again comes running through said My apologies, my apologies. But really the offer still stands. The offer still stands, anything you need, let me know. So sorry, Rahmatullah said when you say anything, are you referring to material needs or spiritual needs? He said, Listen, spiritual needs. I think I have to learn from you more than I can convey to you but materially speaking, there's nothing you will be able to put on your table. So look at these people, Salim

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Rahmatullah. He said, Just for the record, let me tell you material needs I haven't even asked the law. Am I going to ask you?

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I haven't even I don't I consider the world too trivial for me to engage. for that. I consider too insignificant the need I had greater needs in my life. I have more things to do. I need my grave thing to be sorted out. I don't know how I'm going to fail before my Allah this word is too trivial and need for me to present before am I going to put it before you? There is respect to the being of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah speaks about the Quran, Lima Soho in London both on her own none can touch the Quran, but the pure, the famous incident of Satan and he when he was about to access it in our home are about to accept Islam, and he beated his his sister and his brother in law, and then he

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was about to touch the Quran. But his sister said listen, Omar, whatever you want to do, you can do but there is the word of Allah, you will have to trample over my dead body before you touch the word of my Allah. You go and take apart then you come in touch Quran, that is the symbol of Mariela Howe said a sight. Allah be my witness, my heart cries my heart cries when I walk into a Muslim house, and I must see the devil books and the most * material displayed and one side alone this wall and one side Mohammed on that wall and the Quran. Yeah. And the kita BIA, is this not the height of disrespect to align the symbols of Allah

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zuleikha the minister's wife, who intended seducing use of and solicit in use of a Salam before she advanced with the nasty motive, she picks a cloth and she drops it over something useful for us. So listen, I cannot come close to you, but what have you done? She said that's my idol I have I feel ashamed to commit or wrong in front of me.

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either an inanimate, lifeless object but conscious of this woman, her her degree her guilt bothers her. What has happened to the Muslim of today? How many youngsters that Veritas be that very Musab Bihar on which Allah has named mistaking is vibrating because of him blasting his music, respect to the symbols of Allah subhanho wa Taala does the Quran say

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it Allah

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insha Allah.

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Allah says a reflection of the piety of your heart is how much you will respect anything and everything that gives us an image or gives us a reflection of a last name to the extent and in proportion in proportion to how much value and sanctity you attach to anything that has a last name upon it. Accordingly that is a reflection of how much fear you have of Allah subhana wa sallam. So when you speak in there is the first level of respect towards Allah Fie boss, but the true respect. Then we look at the respect to the noble personality of nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam Satan our mantra the Allahu anhu asked one Sahabi Are you older or his name? He said a lot. He was a

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little older. He said, who I could borrow money as a new Minho to get the sensitivity with that I am older than the Wii sallallahu wasallam but let me remind you, he is older than me. I am older than him, but he is older than me. Let me get a Salatu was Salam in the fatal illness in his fatal illness. There were about 17 Salah that he could not physically perform due to his circumstances and his health. So he had indicated to Abu Bakar that Abu Bakar lead the congregation, Abubakar the Allahu commences the Salah, and when the salon comments from his blessing room, the curtain opens. There is movement that you shuffle there is a degree of movement in the congregation that the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam is being escorted and has been bought brought forward over karate olana from his masala lead in the congregation starts retreating through and start moving backwards after the Salah was under miscellaneous and then motion him with his hand and his gesture that continue continue after the Salah was over the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called Abu Bakar and he said Abu Bakar what was the matter during Salah I seen you started moving back, is it going to be over? I perceived that you were coming forward, Makana, lithonia kochava Makana, leibny kochava and you're suddenly been sorely lacking sallallahu sallam, it does not behold the personality of Abu Bakar, the

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son of Abu hanifa it just doesn't look correct. It's just not on. It's just not ethical, that I need a salah and mangabey is behind me in the congregation. This was respect. In fact, not that there is a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim sorry, to Sahaba for the law even and obeyed and eslami and another Sahabi by the name of a balloon, what are the Allahumma they are practicing archery, so the bow and the arrow in the practice in the vlsm happens to pass by he was a unique man, he puts them both and he says air movement he is smart in a vacuum can aurania Mashallah brilliant Go for it, practice it. Really insist in your ancestor that he saved tonight is my he was a great Archer. So excel in

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archery, and then nearly some just to add a bit of flavor. He said, Okay, I am on the side of Ivanova. So fidella it's me and Emma and you on that side, he dropped this arrow down is I don't have you over life, you're on that side, then I can challenge. The respect demands differently. If you stand on how can I be challenging your own ability? It's just not one, how can I beat it? This is the respect. This is the level of respect that they show for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Really I can speak much more I just want to touch on to one two other aspects.

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respect towards seniority level in salatu salam has taught us today you see how youngsters speak to elderly people. It is a painful sight. It is so hurting. It is so distasteful. When you see a youngster snubbing any elder. There was a time that you respected every senior man regardless of his faith and that is the teachings of Islam. In the mean age Allah Allah tala respecting Allah demands you respect the one that carries the word of Allah. I know of a very good friend of mines and elderly person, he will never sit in the front of the car. If there is a half is in the car. He will never if that happens, he's 15 years old. He will make sure that boy sits in front whether he sits

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in plays with his phone or does anything but he says he's got the word of Allah and I said, How can I stretch my legs towards him? demand respecting to Allah demands you respect the one who carries the word of Allah and you equally respect the elderly of society. The Vla ceram says in the hadith of Muslim Sharif, I mean if this respect becomes common, voila, life will become pleasant

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In a dream I seen I was making miswak for Johnny modula two people came to me for the fact to who illustrator, so I took the Misaki and I gave it to the younger of the two. And then I was told in my dream Kabir Kabir on promises and don't give it to the young one give it to the senior first. So, in my dream I was also inspired that this recognition to seniority, there is recognition to the seniors of society. Unfortunately, today This has become absent. We have also been taught respect in the manner in which we dress the manner in which we present ourselves, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was returning from a battle and then he told his Sahaba in the conquer the moon Allah quantum,

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firstly, hola second worry holla come Hakuna Khanna come shamaton fineness. Seenu returning neaten yourself, present yourself so that you look decent. Allah doesn't like shabbiness and neither does Allah like vulgarity, how beautiful a religion how you want group came to Libya? Everybody came hastening one man was very calm, very disciplined, very dignified. He arranged everything. Then he came around says I observed your nation I observe your tribe. Allah was very impressed for systematic and how many of you are Allah loves that. Now I come to a critical point and I end on this note, what is the level of respect two things. One is between our house between husband and

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wife, Islam teaches us and don't get me wrong, please. Islam teaches us that a wife ought to respect her husband, a wife ought to obey her husband. These are the words of the hadith of nabire Salatu. Salam, Allah to Eva salat, Hamza was so much Sha, Allah when a woman obeys her husband, and Islam teaches us that her husband respects his wife. If you study hard enough, then you will understand what I'm saying. We have not been taught that our husband obeys his wife, I'm not saying disobey. What I'm saying is Islam encourages us to respect. So in our differences, also, if we show respect to one another, then we will able to objectively communicate, but if we trespass the limits of

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respect, then I'm afraid too much is thrown out and then it becomes difficult to digest. And the point that I want to speak about what is the level of respect in the midst of differences?

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difference of opinion is inevitable. It happened from Sahaba to Tallinn coming right down. And I often say and I advocate this, the definition of the unification of this nation is not consensus on one view, simply because if if anybody has a motive to unite the Ummah by bringing them on to consensus, then I'm afraid it's a losing battle. Because To start off, that's not the definition of unity. The Sahaba were the most united yet they were diverse, and like we always say is the healthy democracy in politics. If there is diversity, it's a healthy democracy. Sahaba had differences but they respected the differences. the very depths of Nabeel a Salaam cause differences Abubakar said

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he passed away Obama said he did not pass away. Then the issue came about when he Seabury someone said gender will bother you. Someone said they said no. mokou illa to Siena. Hi, so cabeza, I heard him saying the property is buried when he passes away. And then the issue came about the nomination of a leader. So the Mahajan said mina amiran woman come to me and we want to lead a you have a leader, this difference of opinion. So this happened amongst them continuously. Abu Bakr and Omar were the greatest leaders in Islam. Yet there was difference of opinion on so many rulings. Abu Bakr radi Allahu was the opinion was of the opinion that the land that is conquered by the Muslims comes

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falls under the booty and must be distributed, said now Omar said no, no, that is work of land that belongs to Allah and Abu Bakar distributed according to his vision, women are distributed according to his vision. So there was a difference of opinion but the hearts were not divided. The Quran says one Sha

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Sha one is alone almost anything if Allah wanted, he could have united everyone but differences are meant to happen. So this will happen. As long as the hearts do not differ, then we are prospering as a nation, we can end up from a meeting we can be heated as far as difference of opinion, but we can greet one another with the cleanliness of the heart. So when Ilana was in the throes of death, and he said I made a woman in charge, people told him Abubakar before you take your last breath. Listen, you making a man who was stern with us when you are alive now you're going in a free range, his range will be open, what's going to happen to us? How will you answer Allah? He said, If Allah asked

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me, I will tell Allah I nominated the best of your creation and save that tumor. That is what I have to say.

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I'm delighted I'm so old in

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the long run, who was of the opinion that if an adulterer in an adult adulterous, they committed adultery and then they got married, then the second

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legal they entered into wedlock, the first will be forbidden to live near Masuda very great Sahabi he was he was adamant on the opinion that if you committed adultery

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And then you got married, you still remain in adultery with that person. they differed on their opinion, but they had respect. One person came to a village near Miss Rose. He said, I want to learn Quran and I've learned some from Homer, a beloved apostle said, If you learn it from me, don't embarrass me by learning from me. If you learn from Omar, what can I teach you? This was the respect despite the differences, one two incidence and I end with this yet respect in the hearts of differences. So we can have differences but this woman needs to the hearts have to be united. The Battle of Jamal is a very, very sad episode in the annals of Islamic history. It was a very

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contentious issue and it led to internal unrest. It led to anokhi to a great extent, and it indulged eminent scholars on both sides, and it triggered by the avenging the death of Satan, I was man, there was difference of opinion, it was then exploited by certain elements, and it resulted in a * war. And it is known as Jamal simply because I should not have gotten to her camera to try and bring some normality. These were the differences and both sides were eminent eminent Sahaba and we should not open our tongue. These were great people, the Quran said of Allah and whom Allah had forgiven them. Someone came to our era, the Allahu anhu. And he said, Listen, these people in the

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Battle of Germany that fought against you, so what's your opinion as a polytheist? He said, Never. He said are they are they are the hypocrites. He said, Never. He said, what would you call them infidels? He said, Never. So he asked me then what would you call your opposition's your opponents? He said they are our brothers who differed with us. They are our brothers who definitely with us. So after the Battle of Jamal and Ilana goes to the house of talhah and he says, How you doing? How's your father? How's the family? Someone says you fight with the man's father, the better and now you come in ask him about his family matters. He said listen, there is a difference of opinion but our

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hearts are united. I make dua to Allah every day that Allah has said before the dwellers of gentlemen will enter into Genet one Asana Murphy sudo Rahim min Hill, I will cleanse the heart of the madness that is there. I hope from Allah that myself and your father will stand at the door of gender and Allah will cleanse the madness that we have in reboot will enter into agenda. So really that is what we call for respect in the heart of differences. Amongst the Judas also Imam Shafi Rahmatullah imaam, Abu hanifa, the vision was different, and we respect them as very diligently. But this was not to divide the oma and this is the propaganda of the nasty elements. While I have

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traveled in the West extensively with the with the facade of Allah, and this is a hidden agenda to take people away from the IMA to take them away from Turkey, when he

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came to visit the grave of Imam Abu hanifa, whom Allah He stood by the grave of imams of and it is his practice of joy to note in the Fatah Salah after ruco the teachings of Imam Shafi is to read the note, but he said in respect to the teachings of the dweller of this grave, I will omit the recitation of your note because I'm standing on the land of a great scholar by the name of Normandy breathability Mambo hanifa look at the respect they are amongst themselves and then we create this respect Allah tala favors with respect on every level on every platform, beat amongst ourselves in our social standing with Allah with loviisa lollywood selam Allah make respect a reality in our

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