Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah An Naml #01 Happiness is dependent on self-discipline

Sulaiman Moola
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other day in

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our Sulayman knowing what all Al Hamdulillah

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Alhamdulillah Allah the Halacha Hello Polly Abu Wahab Baba la HeMan Amen Ali yes guru who was Baba and at him near Amma who volunteer are talking about when? Attendee yes guru sallallahu alayhi wa early he was sabe Alladhina Safi Boo who were not Saru Illa young mid Deen were bad. For protocol Allah Jalla wa Ala fakie Tabby Hill Majeed were furutani Hill Hamid are all below him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman Rahim pausing till Korea to local Ernie Wakita beam OB and who don't Busan, mini Sadat, Allah who love him Alhamdulillah once again with the grace of the Almighty, we meet on the forum and the platform of studying the commentary the exegesis the seed of

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yet another chapter of the Quran, this time round Surah two normal normal means and why the NAMA the colony of ends. And of course, the surah uncovered in the Quran as well spider there is feed the chapter on the elephant there is Baqarah the cow. So there are different names to different chapters. And in this particular chapter, we will be exploring the story the tale and the narrative of Satan as today, man Alayhi Salatu was Salam when he passed by the colony of Ns. So where does this chapter appear in the Quran, it appears in the 19th Jews, it is chapter 27. It comprises of 93 verses and seven section seven ruku as we would refer to it, that being said as the introductory

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comments, let's get into the the meat of it and let's get into the surah itself. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Pawsey so Subhan Allah like many other chapters of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala opens this chapter with Ruth mocha tart, separated letters, the meaning of which is mysterious, allegorical and exclusively known to the Almighty, but we have in our previous tafsir episodes, encapsulate encapsulated the wisdom of this it is not free from benefit by reading it one world we receive the reward promised on every letter of the Quran. And again, it just shows us that what may Allah muta Wheeler who in Allah, that absolute and total and perfect and complete and wholesome

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knowledge is only with Allah subhanho wa taala. So of course we have the motor shall be hot, water shall be hot are of two types, the allegorical and mysterious some of those that the translation is known to us, but the meaning in its actual form is only known to Allah subhanahu wa taala you're doing Allah He focal ad him Allah's hand. Well Ahuja Danny Camilla Paulo ala Hoonah while you're me know who JELA Daniel Emani so yeah, don't means hand. But obviously we do not visualize or imagine any organ or limb for Allah, as he himself has said in Surah Shura laser committed he che

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let me Akula who Khufu and I had Allah subhanho wa Taala is unique, so we can translate that but the actual meaning is that will and the interpretation of that is only known to Allah and then of course, porcine which is the opening letters of chapter 27 which is the topic of discussion, yet even the translation is only known to Allah.

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Furthermore, Allah says till two Kitab, Quran iMobile these are the verses of the book, the idea to look it up. These are the verses and we do know that Tilka principally in Arabic grammar comes to indicate something distant or something close, but to impress its significance. And yes, in the case of the Quran, nothing can be more significant and more important than the verses of the Almighty and the Quran itself. Tilka Timika appreciate the Grandia that it associates with it teleca these the majestic versus IOD versus Tikka to Quran these are the verses of the Quran Wakita be moving and they are the verses of the Clear Book clear as mentioned by you know in oil barrel make that clear

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in explaining the permissible

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On the impermissible the lawful from the in unlawful, likewise clear in its

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explanation for the abode of those who obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and the consequences for those who disobey Allah subhanho wa taala. So, the verses are there, everything has been captured there. Sometimes human intellect does not fully tap into it and grasp it or comprehend it, but it is there it is there, you know, simple analogy. I'm looking for my keys in the closet. I don't find it I don't find it and then I'm screaming and then I'm yelling, and then somebody else comes my better half or my son, Nick comes in he says But dad abou Yeah, it is. And then you realize it is where it was. It's just that I did not see it. So the Quran has absolute detail. For him, when he will ask

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serene, what I can call Surah tan who affirm Oh nurse, the human intellect is evolving gradually to grasp it.

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Subhanallah I have reflection. You know, this is this is the beauty of the Quran as we will explore and we've done previously. So yeah, we have chapter 16 Right. Surah two Nahal the chapter on the beat we talking of the NTA This is the chapter on the be

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induced 14 Chapter 16 surah Taha, and another name of this chapter is neon. So Allah subhanahu wa taala speaks about the different bounties and favors upon men. Well, an AMA halachah has created the animals for you Leconfield diff on from the skin and the firm and the wool you derive warmth Leconfield diff on woman NAFTA and many benefits woman had cologne and those animals that are permissible you slaughter and you consume, while a cornfield had Jamal on Hanaa today on our heinous raccoon. And there is an element of beauty and splendor for you as well. In the morning, when the animals go out grazing and the cover the meadows and it's a spectacle. It's impressive. It just

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creates a sense of beauty. Welcome and for you feel her in these animals German and beauty Hina to the home when they return in the evenings were in at the throne and when they go out in the mornings. Now look at the beauty here.

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Well Hyla well Behala wilh Amira little cabal How was Xena in these animals? Allah says the lions the horse. Well, well, Kyla will be Lala and the mule will have Amira the donkey litter Kabu ha You mount onto it was Ina. So it commutes you it takes you from point A to point B and things the sense of beauty and adornment in the brand, especially in horses. Right? The fine bred horses is really valuable actually you softener to God in another chapter of the Quran in Surah Surah. Allah says when fine bred horses were presented before today, man Alayhi Salatu was Salam. So in this verse, there's mention of the upper end mode of transport, the average and the most simple you're talking

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of horses, you're talking of news, you're talking of donkeys. Now look at the beauty. We will generally read through it a cursory glance, okay, Allah has spoken about some benefits, etc. But look at those with the deeper I look at those with the deeper eye and how they deduce. And that's what I'm saying. The verses are clear, the Quran contains everything. But are we thoroughly perusing studying? are we investing our time and energy into it with passion and diligence? I'm afraid No, but hopefully my respected listener and viewer brother and sister with platforms of this nature, we will insha Allah stimulate and arouse within ourselves that passion to study and understand and

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comprehend the Quran. So in biannual Quran does this amazing deduction media from the format from the format and the sequence the chronological sequence that has been adopted in the Quran? Era do who by the start of the Verratti Mina Duffy was it will menagerie will actually de lune Allah either me ivali costal masala has a dirty because the naughty will Jamari is I can have in her no room mineral muscley ha

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What am your confy no room mineral Missouri what the fall hooray. Well stick bar what is that Tallulah Maria

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de Salo Hello Who are you Hakuna Allah jurnee been buried in Minho Malam Tata has the NAFSA who were yet the Hubble were were yeah shadow beta v Bihar a che hold fatling Ilaha illa Allah, this is the beauty and this is what I keep on impressing upon my audiences and, you know, my students, and when we have these interactions

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that we need to appreciate how rich how profound how wholesome so the scholar writes Rahim Allah Who Ramadan was in that Allah spoke about Xena beauty adornment, beautification brand, that you know, you you you write in this convenience, it takes you from one point to another, but it also gives you a sense of beauty and a sense of pride and a sense of excellency. So that indicates to us that principally when we purchase something beta watch, beat the shoe, beat a jacket, beat the car, there is room for allowance of incorporating the intention of some beauty in it

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within limitation and that's what I want to endeavor to qualify and give perspective to it. Islam gives you that recognition sometimes you buying a jacket just because it's warm, but sometimes you're buying it because it's warm and you like the brand you like the brand you like the scarf you into that particular brand of cars. But wait, hang on, can you dive this into the brand? Can you pay exclusive just for the brand? No understand your ERA who but at the start of the Verratti minute Duffy was ill mannered me well actually, Delhi known Allah had me a very hostile masala hazhar indica zenity Will Jamal is a kind of her normally must be her cat that's really medulla. The fact

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that Allah spoke about beauty and adornment in the conveyance at the tail end of the discussion indicates and impresses to us that it is fine to incorporate that when the objectives are principally fulfilled. So you're buying a car because of a brand. But like we see with many youth, the car doesn't fulfill the purpose. It's not designed practically you cannot take an adult in that car. The car is not user friendly. It's just about a style. It's just about a look. It's just about, you know, blending in what what, what, what the norm is amongst the youth, but it defeats its fundamental purposes, you got a phone that is very fancy, but it's not practical. It's not user

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friendly. So the Quran impresses upon us that Allah spoke about beauty at the tail end era hooba At the start of the Verratti minute definitely that you derive one from the skin of the animal was that you didn't manifest any and all other related benefits will actually and you consume it, the liloan other other me erotica, still masala huzzah either you could factor these things in. If there is some good motive in it can definitely Mandela that like is mentioned here, that sometimes by wearing a particular brand, you know you you refute the myth

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people might have that sometimes a person would say no, no, you know what a scholar, he doesn't have any prominence he doesn't have any social standing. He might be you know what reaching out for some aid or assistance or sometimes society would view you different. So at times, if you have something of a more branded nature, not all the time, not exclusively, and the fundamental objectives are fulfilled, and the aim is to dispel a myth. Imam Malik Rahmatullah Ali was one of the greatest Judas he used to wear fine clothing and stand up in tahajjud that had good etc. But there to the scholars say, why Dr. Llama Yong Wang, who will Moby Teddy, that often a person who is just traversing the

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path of spiritual reformation, he can often often become overwhelmed and proud, haughty and arrogant, by wearing or owning or possessing something exclusive. Hence, he should keep a safe distance from it until there is a degree of spiritual reformation, where your shadow will be Tassie behind a shithole. Firstly, no, and it takes somebody else have a greater level that can say in your time at your age, it would be fine for you to invest something of this nature. So you cannot become the advocate of yourself. Anyway, I digressed into this reflection on the note that the Quran is clear, but it takes the deeper of it, and it takes those that are erudite and thorough to fully

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comprehend and to draw the rich lessons from the Quran. So that's the first verse of Surah to normal

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till Gaya to Qurani Wakita been moving verse number two who don't want Bush rollin meaning? Okay, so what does this book principally and this chapter conveyed to us? Who then it conveys guidance? Yes, well, Bushra and glad tidings for who live meaning and there can be no doubt my brother and my sister, my listener and my viewer that alive, devoid and bereft of divine guidance is alive.

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Have misery, a life of indulgence. And I always say Ramadan is the perfect example. We all have this natural aspiration for happiness, right that this is a human thing. You ask someone, why are you pursuing this degree? Ultimately, I want to be happy. Why do you want to settle down? Ultimately, I want to be happy. Why are you relocating? Ultimately, I want to be happy while you're going for a holiday. Ultimately, nobody then further engages you and say, Why do you want to be happy? Because that's, that's intrinsic. We all are made. We have this inherent desire within us. But let's be frank, candid and honest. Throughout the year, we travel we enjoy we indulge, do we ever enjoy the

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happiness that suddenly is in our house for 30 days for one meal?

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Every body is there any month in the entire year, where you were so excited to eat as suddenly Iftar brings to the five year old in the 55 year old, the male and the female, there is a sense of joy and happiness, every thought and what's the answer to that? Moderate deprivation results in bliss and happiness. So because we deprive ourselves, regulate our self control our self discipline ourself, by the command of the Almighty, and of course, that's the aim. That's the aim of fasting that Allah says Taqwa Lala, contact the bone and I must make a qualifying statement here. Imam Shafi has made mention of this as well, that Allah says the aim of fasting is so that you develop Taqwa. Now,

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someone can say, well, I don't have to fast I can still attain taqwa in a different way. No. There is a Taqwa associated to every action. And the taqwa that is associated to Psalm and fasting can only be accomplished through fasting. So you cannot minus or exclude or met fasting and say I'll go direct to taqwa and

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I'll inculcate Taqwa. No, no, taqwa that is desired out of fasting can only be achieved out of fasting. So the point I'm saying is a life of discipline. Right? A person who has no discipline, is is a heartache to others and a headache to himself. There are too many people in the world with great talent, but no discipline, and because of that, they died as Pope was on the street. You You have so many people who owned wealth and had everything but lack of discipline, and Islam. In essence, the legislation of Islam is a life of discipline with verse number two, in chapter 27, out of the 93 verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala says this Quran this book, this chapter, who then it is

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guidance, and when you follow the guidance, Bushra, it is glad tidings Glad Tidings in this world of a happy life and glad tidings in an era of Jannah. So we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to make us amongst those people who follow this divine guidance, so that we can be deserving of that glad tidings. And here is a Hadith I leave you with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said but she will Masha in, but she will Masha in give glad tidings to those people who frequent the masjid in the hours of darkness of perfect light on the day of the Yama I mean your blind me

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