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In Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah honestly no one has told me nobody wanted to work on the

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Sudan fusina one say Dr. Medina many of the love of Allah mobile Nana oma in

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the era. When I said when

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the hula sorry cara, when I said when NASA Donna mowlana Mohammed Abu Maura sudo Amoeba Caracalla la Mata Baraka da da, da da da well for corneal Hamid, who will learn you mean as a foreigner Hajime Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim, amin and as even yesterday when Heidi to Penang Sabina lang

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musawah una llamada Mui. In Wakanda tala Valentina Elia tunas, Dora, Robin Laguna, Rukia Rama according to sallallahu taala wassalam estima on Milan marcion. What is Judo Swanee? Half is spoon waterless dooby Haku fron wa Salatu was Salam ala Nina young between Nipa fullfill palpate one leadin FC V and the Quran Allah Yun beta and in a man that will call become a young bitola will not be the outcome our calling is Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah Javi Masada kurosu Luna Yun Karim Allah Allah comunista he Dino Sakina Welcome to denying are behind me. Honorable Allah microm respected brothers in elders.

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An incident that allowable is that is discussed repeatedly in the Quran, is the refusal of the devil to bow down before the money is Salatu was Salam. We find when Allah Allah commanded chiffon to prostrate and the melodica to prostrate before other Marines. Salatu was Salam for surgery to the melodica prostrated compliant to the commandment of Allah. However, the devil refused and he declined, and he flatly said no, why Halekulani Minagawa doctor whom in plain our law I am a superior creation, and Adam is an inferior creation. It was as a result of him denying to prostrate to automatic his salat wa salam, then he was expelled from the court of Allah. At this moment when

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Allah decided that he was to be expelled from the court of Allah. He pleaded in the court of Allah of tyranny, Allah yummy Dean, our Lord grant me despite chance and grace till the day of the Ahmed, Allah told him you will have it till the Day of Tiamat Your life will be extended. And then he made a vow with Allah while leaving the court of Allah. He said Allah I promise you it is because of this very men are he cameras and levy kirwin Dahlia. This so called noble men awesome that today I have been rejected, like in a fortune Elijah milky Yama, la laughed and he can never return in Napa de la. I am going to go in this world and make such an effort, that I will leave no stone unturned in

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misleading and beguiling men, and I will make such an effort whenever they learn no one, I will mislead them. When a woman and a woman I will fill their hearts with false ambitions and aspirations. What a moron now whom I will wrongly guide them for the Euro knuckle kala, they will alter the appearance that Allah has favored them with. We were walking in downtown San Francisco while our brothers never in my life did I ever feel so afraid that the earth will swallow me when I was surrounded? What's that even like it was on the time, the arm that was next to me. he recited this verse. When you're looking at human beings you don't know what the humans are. There's some

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other creation, one of the plagues that the devil took that I will make them change their appearance, male to female and female to male and in such a way that they will be beyond recognition. You won't able to identify the gender of the person male or female. At that time when Shere Khan took this vow and he was subjected to expulsion from the court of Allah. Then Allah tala told him go go into whatever you want to what steps is minister Tata mean, whom be salty, don't mislead, whomsoever you want to by virtue of the voice that you have. Now what is meant by the spell? And did the devil was given to a politeness Rudra Yolanda says, oh, one la de La Nina, I

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swear by Allah, the voice of the devil is nothing but music. And that makes the focus of my talk today. I swear by Allah, what is this talent? By virtue of which the devil will mislead beguile people will be that of music? What's the MCs manuscript or semi numismatic? Well actually barley in in beta in a Kawasaki Kawasaki coombsville ama, even Allah. Allah says go into whatever you want to. But at the same time Allah Allah told him as much as you will try and as much as you will try and mislead men in now iva de la sala carry him so far. They are some of my selected chosen beloved servants, you will try any and every evil, they will never fall prey to any of your temptations. May

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Allah make us among those serve and say I mean brothers. The Quran has said many times of course we are living in an environment. A bad atmosphere and a bad environment is like the weather. We are going through a cold patch now. You can have a warm jacket you can have underfloor heating, but the atmosphere is cold.

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No person can say I have been totally protected against the code some way or the other, the code will catch up with you and it will hurt you, you will feel the atmosphere of coal. Likewise an atmosphere where singing and music and dancing becomes the order of the day. Study the heartbeat within the body of Allah meets the prophecies of Tiamat. In every Hadith, if there's anything common which has been repeated, then I'll be over law says wine will be consumed, and people will sing singing dancing will become the order of the day. So unless Allah told the devil you can go and do what you want to

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do, and the lack of common law, a great historian of the seventh century, and the prolific author, he writes in his mukaiyama, which is world renowned, and Allah Allah knows in Hungarian languages this Kitab has been translated until today, it is a thought in so many universities across the globe. At one aspect in this mocha domain desktop, he speaks about the origin reservoir, the drop in the decline of nations, and he highlights such person and principles, that till today, no author could add to the contribution that he has made. deducing the point that I want to in this summary that he writes, he says the final sign, the final sign of the destruction of any nation is when that

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nation engages in singing and music. Now there is none to save this nation from the evil fate that awaits them.

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What will happen along worshiper Libya, Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says is Thema Allah He McAfee atony on my Sahaba to listen to music is a major crime. While Judo swallow a nasty school, and to sit in such a gathering, when music is being played and people are singing is opened by relation to the commandments of a law, what the law is going to be hard to go from, and to derive solace and pleasure and happiness and unwind and relax by listening to music is tantamount and equal to disbelief and cover in a lot of bassani who don't worry metallian momineen My aligners send me as a mercy unto mankind and as a part of being mercy as a reflection and manifestation and expression

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of the element of kindness with which my lord has stayed with me while Mr. Ronnie Matthew Masami, well, our tar was salib Well, I'm real Jamelia. Allah has divinely commanded me that I destroy all musical instruments. This is a part of the kindness. Imagine brothers, that which was the mission of Libya a solemn, those elements and instruments. How sad is it that today singing has not become a common thing in the world. Allah forgive has become common in the life of a Muslim, how many youth are under today who while driving the car and have you know, impressed and obsessed with their system, and that music meet up in an accident. The last day boy was listening to us music. How many

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us have not met de fate in this condition, listen into Iran. In fact, it comes in one rewired? Of course, the narration is very weak in this difference of opinion. It's not an authentic narration Some even suggest it being extremely weak. But there are some weak narrations, the fact that it has been mentioned, then we have a large decline or had made mentioned that do not perform the janazah of a man who has a slave girl to sing for him daily.

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This was common in the previous time where a person would buy a slave girl. Today it is having cassettes and having them some people will not will not go on a journey until they don't have those cassettes and brothers let me implore and ask one in all there are so many children in America. I asked them I speak to them. I remind them that whenever you're going in the car, this opportunity in the car that you have is a unique opportunity to convey Dean, I believe now buses mounted behind the Nebbiolo on the conveyance, and the rear Islami held his hand while writing while driving What a wonderful atmosphere where father and son are my son radio Sura radio while it may listen to you, so

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many children, I had spoken to Montana I want to listen to Quran my father puts on the Indian music. Many people take solace from Indian music that it is a cultural religion. Its traditional music is haram even if it's in the Arabic language. Nevermind Indian music. How said one day I was driving alleppey my witness and I seen this year. Sumi has video world. It he heard my article today the pain hasn't left. I looked at that name. And I said once upon a time so many I mean the first moto of Islam. It was that Somalia who gave birth to Amara de la one. That might not be said in Amara mala Eman and mean currently he laughed at me he was the little man I mean, love me with me here. It

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just says blood flows in the human body image and flows in the body of Amara, the Alona once upon a time the name sumiya min martyrdom has this Muslim stoop so low as he degraded himself so much Oh my Muslim sister what has happened to you that to that extent she's got one name otherwise how common is it? The main selling music is happy the main purchasing it is happy domain playing that music is happy. Does he ever know that maybe you have Allah says lots of people okay not well, our tester ohana. Do not purchase a slave girl. Do not listen to her music. Today's time how many Muslims are dealing in this haram?

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Selling cassettes promoting evil promoting it, making it more common giving it more prominence than ever Yeovil law says that income that comes through music is totally haram and lawful and forbidden.

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dicey Kereama that I quoted in the beginning in wamena nassima yesterday lovable hottie amongst the people, amongst the prophecies of Tiamat the Navy of Allah said, a time is to come with some people in this omit will be disfigured by your law. Sahaba said a Muslim onamia rasulillah whenever you have a law, you're speaking about the believers of the disbelievers maybe or a Serato some says yes, yes they will be Muslims. Yes, Sedona Allah, Allah in the law, they will believe in the oneness of Allah. They will believe in my finality, your su moon, they will be observing pass in the month of Ramadan call you from Abuja rasulillah. Whenever you have a loving they accept you they accept the

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law what will be the crime that Allah will just figure him whenever you have unless his music will become common in those homes. Music will become the order of the day. They will not go to sleep. Allahu Akbar brothers what has happened to that soul? I swear by Allah never did music bring joy to any life limited music remove any depression yes it did it only intensified and it made things more worse and jeopardize the tension and the pressure in the in the life of that man, woman a nasty man yesterday. Well howdy amongst the people are those who purchase I do things legal bill and sabini law to mislead people interfere with money and likewise in a shop. It is written that design it was

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revealed regarding the person. This is was revealed regarding one person by the name of another been hired, who had some slave girls by his side whenever he heard that any person has taken some interest towards Dean as the enemies of Islam we have studied where the youth are coming for this go to force but go to Mayfair go on a Saturday night you won't differentiate are these Muslim faces or these non Muslim faces. Boys and girls allow work but you will cry if you go with a heart of pain if you go with a heart of concern. There was a time when a youngster had music and he came past the masjid he often there was a time when he seen an album he lowered his tune down today that time has

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come when he openly openly challenges the Navy over law says it's the umina law you have to hire Oh my Saba developed some form of reservation when you disobey your law. If you can, if you cannot withhold the disobedience, at least you have some skepticism in your stomach reluctancy some contradicting emotions do I or don't die, let something happen called when the nasty human Allah He will have to the law will be over law we all fear Allah now vlsm says no no it is not as easy as dead when I can now Amina La Jolla and de la putana Omaha will just put in monitor when Villa woman or a woman or a doll after a turkey let the dunia woman for Allah danika Socrates Steffi Amina Lai

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Huckle hyah Do you know what it means fearing Allah protect your head in every organ in that head? Let it not be that your eyes are looking at Haram. How brothers how many of us haven't died in this condition with a strange girl next to them listening to music on the way to a concert in a theater. This is the way this man dies. Let us ask ourselves when I address the youth here is this the way you wish to live your life as the time not come for you to abandon the drama in your life.

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Then Allah says these people will be disfigured. Allah will change their appearances. So this man never been heard whenever he heard any person was accepting Islam. He would take his slave girls, and then he would make them sing naturally align his face with the female with the sweet voice. They in their sweet, melodious, seductive boys. That is why you're not addressing the wives of nebbia. Like Sam said, Yeah, Nissan abls Tanaka has a min and Nisa always the woman of nebia A salam o the consorts of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. You are no ordinary woman. When any person comes to your house, do not sweeten your voice. Do not speak to him in a seductive tone. Of course, be polite. You

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don't have to be abrupt, but not in an additional sweet tone. Why? Because then evil can cross the heart of some person. So this man used to take his slave girls is to present before that man, they used to sing songs and arounds but that's what happens after Xena The topic is a totally different topic to digress into into the music and what is rave music done? Where there is no song only beats, which is purely and exclusively for dancing, which then translates itself into Xena, Xena into such a form that then you want to talk to me for a second volume, my inner peace Angela Yachty and Narayan Murthy comma tala Penny Israel has not only been gnarly recently, one youngster came to me.

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He says manana I don't know every day I have the king of Xena every day I have the clave of Xena. My first question to him was are you exposed to music? He says yes, definitely every day I'm in an environment where music is blasting loud. I said come out of their ability. Now Mara delana is moving on his convenience with the music student mm nappy, who is the start of in America when they pass by a locality when music has been played by others. If I can further add and elaborate many of us today are owners of Muslim restaurants. Recently I was invited by someone

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To open the restaurant, manana can make some blog. I gave a little one I gave a talk and I asked that brother and I make open requests at this gathering one side we have somehow proved one side we have the facilities and one side the music is blasting. What what what standards are we maintaining? We have a problem that our cell phones are ringing in MSG. Given It is natural, you might forget. But there's no concession for you to have a musical tone on that phone. Yes, maybe if it makes you know, it rings you slipped up. But if it doesn't have a musical tone, it will not be so disturbing. If someone had to say before the invention of the cell phone, a time will come when people will play

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music in the masjid. One will wonder how is this possible? Be the doorbell at home beat the phone letters. These are different forms of music ability number two is moving on is convenience. As soon as he came past this locality, he took his two hands and then he put it in his ears. And he started hastening the pace of his of his convenience. And he said at the smile Yeah, no fear at this Marianna honestly Can you still Yeah, he said yes. So I said move even faster. And then when we cross the place, he took out his hands then he told his student must I tell you why I did this. I was traveling with the Navy over law we passed by a group of people some people were singing

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whenever you will not to kiss Mubarak fingers. He placed it in his hands and he said let me move from this environment if unless Earth wellness as outcomes equals solo one in all, how sad how tragic How unfortunate. How many Muslim parents walked into homes in this condition? Brothers? There are those of us if nicotine is written 101 who you know II mean Colin OSHA in our in our in our 330. Mark was that in May he mean he is Ronnie. So many of us take our children out of the madrasa and then that very two hours, which was devoted to Islamic Studies, it's substituted by drama lessons. That man who drops himself so much so many people will die and wanted to listen to music, but

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there's the fitting of the jar, each man knows this is to prevail. Then, I spoke about the doll called omalu monologue. Whenever you have a noun when you stay on this earth for 30 days, Yeoman kasana. The first day the length of which will be a jar the second day the length of which will be a month, image and day which will extend this one year with the sun will not be sitting in words ever describe how perplex how confused how restless mankind will be. Whenever you will know what will be his fitna. Now who knows when our own paradise on his right hand on his left, he will move by on to vanilla who will form his followers those that love music. Whenever you will know who will become

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his army those that love music, they will respond he will sing such sweet song after like number of Yolanda is moving. You see one person singing a song. He said if the devil is to ever abandon his mission of misguiding people, he will leave a man sinking in music. If the devil ever has although he doesn't withdraw demand thrown in in circles, so the devil still further misleads him. But if the devil is to ever abandon must guide any person to say he's sufficiently misguided, I don't need to further mislead him, he will withdraw his effort from a man involved in music.

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Allah says FME da da da da da boo and brothers, given the situation of the article that has been circulated in the Sunday Times, let me tell you, the nibio Bella has prophesized where people will come and give you such rulings which will appease your ego. Nevermind only to give leeway, nevermind only to give leeway in music. I know of youngsters who came to my house. When I gave my wife three o'clock I opened the Kitab of sick I told him why you have been separated from your wife. The next day I seen that man walk in with that same girl. It comes to me says No no, I went to another own molana of miles and he worked out something for me while others nevermind for music. You can hear

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people to work out anything and everything. This is the promises that delivery of Allah woman has made that the things that are around people will come in distort my teachings, people will change the name people will change the appearance it will be that very same wrong it will be the very same around and it will mislead and take people away from a lot

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as amin hodel Haji Sita jawbone, what does the Hakuna Wallah sukoon Allah speaking about the quality of the pious one lady in Alaia, Sedona zoar those that do not attend concerts, those that do not attend evil places, so many elderly, elderly couples, brothers, people that are taken to be pious in society, husband and wife has come to that age, as the time not come to say no enough what's wrong and Haram in my life is sufficient away in a civil law not dawned upon you. Allah says the quality of the believers Elias Chateau Nazareth, they do not attend any evil gatherings they do not come close to it in any way. And furthermore, Allah speaks in another higher affirming has Alhaji Sita

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jawbone, what does the Hakuna Matata goon, the Hadith that I quoted, Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam says, music promotes and creates hypocrisy in the heart. Every time you are on in debt cassette, oh my brother fear Allah, that men who has no values no morals, I personally heard used to be snob when he came to this country. And he spoke many years ago. He says when I reached that time of my life, where the world took me as a celebrity as an icon, when I was in every concert and I was in every house and my poster

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was in every house. That was the goal of my life. I swear by Allah I was devoid of total joy.

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Never good music. Allah be the Cranleigh. He says my inner pillow, if there's something that brings solace to the heart that brings joy to the heart. It is the remembrance of Allah nebia Karim sallallahu wasallam says music will create hypocrisy in the heart, whether the NFC bat and the Quran and Quran and zeker one create a man How fortunate How fortunate are the other day one youngster met up in an accident and Alhamdulillah Allah saved him. He says, well, and I must tell you something on a lighter note, and on a good note on a positive note, I said What happened? He says if I had to meet up in an accident six months ago, it would have been a music cassette but this time I love him

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I witness it was put on, although I made up an accident, but but there was an inner joy that if I had to go I was listening to the words of Allah. What a change of mine. How wonderful brothers. Look at those two youngsters in the time of Libya. Kareem sallallahu wasallam Mauer has been opera who heard that Abu Jamal is speaking ill of near a Salam. And my focus is the youth. If we speak about the amount of money that is invested into that system into that car, you know, the sin of wasting and abusing is a sin of its own totally in Nanaimo barbarian economy, one sa Athene, what can I say? pannonia p capoeira. Allah says those that are extravagant 1000s of rands have been channeled into

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that system into those music cassettes. Allah says those that are extravagant they are the brothers of the devil, and the devil is doomed for Johanna.

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Those two youngsters heard that Abu Jamal was speaking ill of Libya, Kareem sallallahu wasallam undoubtedly, it's a human nature to have something to relax, to unwind. Alhamdulillah Yes, such beautiful innocent says what wonderful meaning that a person can listen to that which is soothing to the mind which is relaxing, but how is it permissible? The nebbia will also say is wrong. We have a pillow bring joy to your heart. At times you can sit and relax. But then the viola defines the limits of your entertainment cuando se in love with Tanya basilone. every form of entertainment is forbidden with the exception of three intervals you can call sick when you are playing with your bow

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and arrow to develop accuracy, which will help you in the midst of the better. What's it What can you foresee when you are training your horse? One motor habit to carry early and when you fumble with your partner in seclusion. Allah has divinely made this permissible amongst the Sahaba there were many that were posed and used to sing poetry. Undoubtedly, that is correct. That is permissible. One person came to me via Kareem sallallahu wasallam. And this goes up to those people that are involved in selling music. The brothers make Toba to Allah at this very moment. Abandon that soccer build in that life. He came to MPLS around. So one being omega is the narrator of the

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Hadith. Whenever you have Allah

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cookiebot Alinea Shaka, I am a very wretched man, for hours of Islam in Duffin and I have the voice the only way I can money is to hit the drums and sing that's the way I earn my income. would you suggest give me permission I want to make this as a trade and as an income is there some concession in the meta net we are a Salam said to Allah or enemy over law you are speaking the lie you are speaking ally naka de Rosa kokkola Allah and Allah is prepared to provide halaal for you, but it is you because of your deviation you are opting for haram go and look for halaal I will never give you permission in fact that this person says only be over like give me permission. I will not even sing

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a moral songs. Brother study the death threat messages. If you see the vectric messages, it's promoting zinna violence, evil murder, every music cassette has some message to it. And that is what is being filtered in the heart in the minds of our youth when they express what such arrogance. Then let it be known to you. It was the very time when you own the car I was sitting in in Australia addressing some youth Allahu Akbar. And then the topic of music came so I started speaking about the hands on person said Madonna with tears in his eyes. There's one Arab girl in this locality. She attended a concert and then she met with that singer for one month she says I will never wash my

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hands. What will happen when the very purpose of what Navy came to destroy the home it will honor and revere such people brothers, the hadith of nebia Kareem sallallahu wasallam says those that will give up music in this world. Allah will call them one side on the day of Tiamat and Allah will say aina levena Yunus the Muna smart home while besar on Amazon is Saipan. Where are those that loved music but for my pleasure subdued and controlled themselves. We are those that love beautiful sounds but for my pleasure. They did not listen separate them on Tarzan, Leone where you have the moon, they will then be separated those that gave up music for the pleasure of Allah then Allah will

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command the force of gender those woman that Allah has divinely created in nahoon inshallah, nevermind from the woman of this world. One last such woman. The nipple of Allah says no bus up at the bus button face up at the abroad. If she splits in the water it will become sweeter than honey. Lo Tory mp kalami have made yet if she calls a dead man he will stand up if she if she has to in the device of supreme law and a banana mean banana law. If a fingertip has to come in this world, the brilliance of a fingertip will extend

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the brilliance of the sun, such a woman of gender was the virgin now, the 49 will sit on your lap and then sing the praises of Allah or foolish man or for this young boy. Are you still tempted with the filthy music of this world with a modern music of this world? What has happened to you? Are you prepared to sacrifice the songs of the woman of gentlemen who will sing in a melodious song sound invoice, allow an afternoon Carlita to Fela Animoto ba da da da, da, da ba da da da da da da da da da

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da, da da da da toolbar demon con Elena Hakuna who we are those young boys who control the youth for the pleasure of Allah. We are young will never become old. We are yours will never become anyone else's. We will stay with you. We will never abandon you. You come to me and I am to you. What Allah is prepared for those that will give up music. I end with that incident of those two youngsters. And I implore the use in one and all that has gathered here for others. Let us make Toba from this year. As I mentioned Ebner Khaldoon was a great historian of the seventh century writes, The when a nation perpetrates the crime of music. There's none to protect detonation from the fate that awaits them.

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Those two young boys who heard that Abu Jamal was speaking ill of Libya is Salatu was Salam. Immediately they come in the battlefield, a bit of money nowadays, I was standing there, and the young boy gets me on my right. And he says yamatai for a battalion, Uncle, you know, who's Abuja and the boy the age of 12. I said, but my little boy what you want? He says, No, no in the semi auto and Ahuja sobre su de la, I heard the nasty evil wretched man takes the guts and the courage of speaking ill of a minor B, I have bowed with my Allah, I have made a pledge with my Allah. I'm going to hand this man down. I'm going to locate this man and I will fight tooth and nail to put an end to him.

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Either he goes or it goes the sky you can split the sky you can collect the skin split. I swear by your law, it's impossible that a man speaks ill of my interviewee. And I still love I barely could answer this man. Another youngster tapped me on my shoulder similar discussion. Abuja Hall passes by I said how does Sahiba conveys your target, both directed towards him, one slain his leg, one slain the legs of the horse. And then after killing him, they both come they were children. They came around into an aviary Sam and they said only Viola I killed him. I killed him. Let me say this and said Go bring your thoughts go bring your swords. I will myself Tomas a coma Did you wipe those

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thoughts? No, bring them when they brought those swords it was stained with blood that was from hug them, embrace them. And he said these are the youth of my oma. I call upon the use of just majima I call upon the youth of this gathering. Today Allah is not asking you to take a sword and kill any coffee. But walk out of your fall. Let's say you can throw that music cassette, you will have something to show along the day of Tiamat. That young boy put his sword before never got around, and the blood was enough to comfort the heart of his Navy. I swear by it Allah in His control is my life. If you can go home now and go through your time through the music. When the prohibition of

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wine came the Sahaba say the streets of Medina were flowing with wine, the man who had the wine in is interrupted. I asked the youth and one in all that has gathered here does not leave this gathering. Let us try and take a look. There are a lot this is the end of music in my house in my life. But as those of us that have brought videos in our home, I beg you in my application to the dean that Allah has given me put an end to it. Voila. If you cannot leave behind a good legacy, then don't leave behind pornographic material. As long as your children will see those filthy movies. You know what will happen to you in your cupboard leave behind foreign cells such that foreign in think

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of you, you've got DVDs in every room, videos in every room, cassettes, in every room that will remain after your death. Allah Allah knows what your fate will be in the grave. We make dua to the Almighty Allah He inspired one in all May Allah save us from this evil of music. May Allah Allah give us the awareness our youth and in the Muslims of the entire oma May Allah protect us from this nasty evil crime of music while threw down on us.