Reward Without Action

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The transcript describes a situation where a man called Mo Skyn is being recorded and rewarded for his actions. The man refuses to respond to a statement from someone and becomes defensive, leading to a fight over who is harmed. The situation is described as a "ma'am on a bus" and a "monica."

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, the world in which we live. Everybody is looking for a quick option a quick solution easy way to make money. Somebody tells you work smart work from home and make X amount of money. Wow amazing how many people will be intrigued into it? Whether it is a deception or it's real is a separate thing altogether. But today I give you a tangible option from the Quran. Reward without action. Yes, the reward without action. So let's look at the verse of the Quran. It is chapter 19 Surah Maryam verse 46, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about Satan it Brahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam, inviting his father towards the deen with great respect on dignity, your

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ability my beloved father, my respected my honorable venerable father, in verse 46. Unfortunately, the father of Ibrahim as a retort in a very uncouth manner. He does not reply by saying, yeah Bonia my son He says, Yeah, Ibrahim, the LM 20. If you don't stop I will stone you and just back off and move away from you. So Ibrahim Ali Salam responds by saying Salam on Alec, if that's what you like, peace be upon you. I'm parting ways start Finola Karabi I will continue asking Allah to guide you in who can and be happier indeed Allah is Mo Skyn. In BioNano Quran under this is it is written fi mocha Bella to say at the bill Hasina. The ayah teaches us to respond to evil in a good way. For

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inner circle is at a little musi saloon not to harm the one who is harming you is an act of kindness. So somebody is calling your monastic somebody is calling you nasty things. Somebody is telling you dirty things and you just remain calm, calculated without responding. Allah is recording perpetual reward for you