The Spiritual Ladder – The Ability To Heed The Call

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a culture where men and women wear common clothing and receive news about the success of their efforts to reform. The culture is centered around a message of pride and a desire to be better humans. The message is resonating with men and women, and the transcript uses examples of actions and quotes from the transcript.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. There was a time in the glory days of Islam, where a gesture was adequate for a disciple to get a message, and for him or her to reform himself or rehabilitate herself. The messenger symbolism walks by a Bowden, he asked whose building is this? And they indicate it is a particular companion or the alarm and was building his facial expressions indicate this approval. The Companions communicate this to the individual or the Allahu anhu. He comes back to that building, which is in process and he holds the entire thing and he demolishes it. Subsequently, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passes by any

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inquiries, there was a building here, yes, I want to be of Allah we inform the individual that you are unhappy, and he decided to demolish it to the ground. A dad would show a strong gaze at his son and he would realize that you know what, that's a red flag and I should desist from this or a teacher to a student, etc, etc. Unfortunately, today, we don't. We do not respond to the explicit

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teachings guidance and inspiration of our seniors. There is this amazing incident even as a kid makes mention of on the strength of hustle and bustle. He says I was sitting in the Jamia Masjid of Basra and the people were reminiscing over the golden era of Abu Bakr and Umar radi Allahu anhu Ma, Ma Ma. Allahu alayhi Mammon in Islam, but no terminal poem I inched closer for either for him I have no place at timimi and I found an evening place it to me me present and he was narrating an incident in which he said that a hydrogen or moroccanoil Hot Tub erotica la manga FISA de la Amaro de la manga had once dispatched us to Iraq. And we were victorious in this campaign and this expedition,

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we got some healthy booty we've got some clothing, some food items, etc. And we were dominant and victorious. So when we returned to Medina, Medina as procedure, we came back to automatic nahata to narrate the sequence of events and we had Italian ourselves with the new clothing that we had for Jana Omar hula you can leave Mona Donna big as we came excited, elated. We've got good news on the olana turned his face away, give us a cold shoulder. For Athena Abdullah we came to light Nakamura de la mano for Sha Kona la Jimenez and Bina Minelli Jaffa Ameen. amirul momineen. We said, Oh, Abdullah, very strange. We returned from an expedition we were victorious. We've got this booty,

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we've clad ourselves with some new garments, and we came to you know, report to your honorable father the ameerul momineen. But he's given us a cold shoulder and you know better you know, the demeanor of armor so maybe you can advise us. So Abdullah Nakamura the Alanna said in ameerul momineen alaykum lieberson lemmya Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam al Basu who the truth be told no in my father's nature, he observed you wearing garments which he never seen the Prophet of Allah wearing or Abubakar the alano as soon as they were given the alert where the problem was, they didn't challenge they didn't argue they didn't give a different perspective. I think you know, men

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as Ilana, NASA Makana Elena Amina Thea who feel visiting Latika Donna, we came home we remove the clothing we wore the regular the average the common garments and we came to armor. Immediately he stood up he embraced us you're an akuna Cana hula mirana Kabbalah Dali, as though we had not met before. So the message from Omar was I had an issue with your address. No sooner you changed it, I embraced you address the problem and not the individual as they would say, you know what, play the ball and not the player. And the message that we learned from these great companions was that as soon as there was an alert, they were ready to change their lives. Unfortunately, we in a society

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where we would prefer false praises over constructive criticism. May Allah make us amongst those that can heed the criticism that is given to us so that we can effect the change and become better humans. I mean, yorubaland me