The Struggle

Hamza Tzortzis


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running out of breath

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I thought he was the Mohammed Ali of the devil. No bro Mohammed Ali is the Mohammed Ali of Tao. He is still learning the ropes. Do you think he'll get up? I hope so. If you told me would be in this position 12 months ago, I bit in your error.

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Maybe bitten more than you can chew Narborough, we've had over 4000 shadows all around the world create more than 60 teams and given down to over 40 countries wow and handling events, events, lectures, workshops, seminars, exhibitions over 1000 1000 Yes, sir. Dow material almost 400,000 and distributed to 100 countries 400,000 they're doing better than this guy. Start how many outreach missions you guys are 3636

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and what about this guy? He'll be 37 inshallah

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Do you think he's ready to rumble

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I think so.

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He jab jab wake up. Stay with me he jab he job wake up bro stay with me wake up stay with me bro. Wake up he just wake up bro. Come on. Hey, job. Come on, bro. Wake up, stay with me.

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champions are made in the

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champions are made from something deep inside that deep inside. Dream vision, desire. You have to have that last minute stamina.

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You have to be a little faster. You have to have the skill and the Will.

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Will must be strong.

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The Prophet peace be upon him said the struggler is the one who strives in obedience to God.

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He job wake up, bro. Stay with me wake up.