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Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The history and culture of Islam is discussed, including the use of "will" and the importance of not giving opinions on religion. The deification of people who do not know anything about religion and the need for people to be prepared for events are emphasized. The deification of Allah's name and the importance of giving one's opinion to others are also discussed. The deification of Islam by men and women and the pressure to give deeds is also highlighted. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a recommendation to stay quiet.
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One of the greatest blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has granted us

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is the favor of the Tunc.

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With this become a Muslim with this that we do dhikr of Allah,

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we do tell out to Quran,

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we praise the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So for many,

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this is amazing Name of Allah subhanho wa taala. But on the other hand,

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the tongue is such that it is that thing which can take you out of the fold of Islam.

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It is that which causes destructions. You know, the tongue is that words come out your mouth, as soon as they're out of your mouth, they're no longer in your control.

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And then the damage, the consequences of what the mouth and the tongue say, often Subhanallah ever lasting those actions, you can't take them back. So this is the thing, which, when you have an acre,

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you bring two families together, when you divorce, a separates two families. This is how major the tongue is.

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The hay that you can do with the tongue is amazing, but the shadow that you can do with the tongue, the evil that you can do with the tongue, it's also unbelievable. And this is why we should be very, very careful. We know

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that we should back by we shouldn't slander.

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We shouldn't speak ill about individuals. But sometimes sometimes what we don't really understand.

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What we don't understand is when we speak about religion,

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and we would speak so openly about religion, like we are an authority on religion.

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Now understanding that this is also something which is grave in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. So the sin

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is also grave

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which is perpetrated by the tongue.

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That and when it comes to matters of religion,

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if you're not qualified to give opinion, don't give an opinion. But the problem is that we all think that this is something light so we can all give opinions on it.

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The problem is Allah Salam was asked,

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what is the most beloved place to Allah subhanaw taala on the earth

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a humbled will Danny Illa Allah were unbelievable. Valdani Illa Allah is asked what is the most beloved Praise to Allah and what is the most despised Pradesh Allah? The prophet is Allah Salam, the message of Allah is Allah duty, I don't know.

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I will ask you Brian, I will get back to you.

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So debride came to the message of Allah Subhan Allah Allah He was alum and the message of Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah wa salam was informed. And the prophets Allah Salam said, I have bull beloved in Allah He messaggi Doha were above or below the line, a Swaha, the most beloved place to Allah subhanho wa Taala is the masjid and the most despite Praise to Allah subhanaw taala are the marketplaces but look at the message even the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was careful

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when it came to matters of the dean, because these are grave, Allah subhanaw taala says, what a techie for my lay silica be ill do not follow that which you have no LM about in the summer, while bussola will father kulula, aggrecan and homeschooler. He said,

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the sum, the a the hearing, the eyes, the heart, all of these things you will be asked about.

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So this is your general rule in life.

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What you think about

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and then you perpetrated an action, what you hear what you see,

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Allah subhanaw taala says all these things, on the Day of Judgment, when you stand in front of Allah, Allah will ask you about every one of these things.

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In another verse, Allah subhanaw taala says now more specifically, more specifically, Allah says Allah to kulula matters.

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Has the halal will have the Haram Lita Pharaoh Allah Allah in Canada. In the medina you have Tarun or Allah Allah Hill caliber livelihood.

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Allah says, Do not say falsely

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that your tongues falsify that this is halal. This is haram

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So you can falsely ascribe to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah say those who fabricate anything regarding Allah subhanaw taala law you flee home, they will be destroyed. They will never ever be successful.

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Now you see here

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Allah subhanaw taala says Don't say this is halal This is haram.

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Who gave you the authority to say this is halal and haram? Allah say this is fabrication. You are fabricating something towards Allah subhanaw taala and those who fabricate things towards Allah Subhana Allah law you floon

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They will never ever be successful. Now the question is this.

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Why is it that in matters of religion, every person thinks he's an authority.

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Everybody gives verdicts. You're sitting in a gathering, you got an opinion. He's got an opinion she's got a premium on matters of religion, although this is the gravest issue.

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This is the gravest issue. Allah subhanaw taala says regarding the plots of shutdown, what does shutdown do, he says Allah says in an AMA yeah Miracleman su e will fascia shutdown command G with Su evil will fascia lewdness were Anta Kulu Allah Allah Allah Allah Tala moon

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and that you say in matters of religion, regarding Allah subhanaw taala that which you don't know

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that you're not qualified to say that would you have no preparation?

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But because there is no duniya we consequences to our actions.

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You're gonna see no duniya we consequences to action. Therefore, there are so many people

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who are not prepared who are not qualified, but they will give their opinions regarding this. See, people who stayed in the company of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam understood the gravity of this, and this is why they were very careful in what they said.

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Abu Bakr believed Juma Abu Bakr is regarded as the most knowledgeable of the sahaba.

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The most knowledgeable regarding the Sahaba Abu Bakr was asked one day what is forget what a Burmese Abubakar was asked, you know, in the verse of the Quran, what is faqeer? What is a Brahmin? Is it I know what faqeer means? But I don't know what Abba means.

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The price and said here about your Abu Bakr

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you know, you say to the Messenger of Allah the longest you're the most knowledgeable give it a go.

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Abu Bakr said and you sama in to the loony were able to Kilaguni local Tofik tabula

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is it which which, which sky will show to me? Which Earth would carry me and pay me if I say in the regarding the book of Allah, My Allah Allah I wish I don't know.

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Which I don't know. Because these people understood the gravity of this.

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They understood the attributing anything towards Allah subhanaw taala or anything regarding the deen of Allah subhanaw taala it's not light.

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Today you have you know, somebody passes away. There's everybody sitting there every god this movie, this movie, this movie, everybody's giving fatwas on the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. When you're not you have a what gives you the right

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to have an opinion regarding halal and haram when you've never studied the Quran and you never study the Hadith. When you never studied the Rasulullah fig when you never studied the ASUW for fatawa what gives you the what gives you the right?

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Imam Ghazali mentions

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that there will be 120 Sahaba in a gathering

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and they will ask the question

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120 Sahaba nobody wanted to answer it.

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The first person the guy asked 100 attendees, everybody was hoping that somebody else would answer.

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Why do you think Abu Bakr the Alana stayed the longest in the company of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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But he has very few Hadith

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because they were worried that they will attribute something to the Messenger of Allah which was wrong, because the Messenger of Allah said man cares about Allah Yamato ammidon Julieta Baba

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Kaduna Nara

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and this hadith twatter.

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The Messenger of Allah said whoever attributes a lie to me, then let him prepare his place in the Jahannam

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So brothers and sisters, regarding matters of deed, be careful what you say.

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Mr. Malik, Malik Malik

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Mr Malik was asked a question he said I don't know so the person said to him but it's an easy masala

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he said he said is it easy masala? He said what is in this deen of Allah

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and my Malik the giant

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that the man regarding mama Baba is Allah Salam said that there will be a man on Medina that the people will beat the backs of the camel to seek knowledge from this man.

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So if you aren't famous more had this and I swear by Allah, that man at the mercy of Allah was speaking about was Malik the teacher mom humble the teacher of Imam Shafi, the author of the water. The whole North Africa follows his Fick. So you should watch what he said. The guy said it's easy. Come on yo, is easy.

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He said what's easy this deen of Allah subhanaw taala Am I blind Eva Rahmatullah LA. Well, one said is that if it was not for the fair, if it was not for the fear, that knowledge would be wasted,

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I wouldn't give my opinion.

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We will not avoid the fear that knowledge would be wasted and we would have to stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala I would be careful and give you my opinion regarding the deen of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Today because listen, because Abu Bakr because the Sahaba because people like Imam Malik understood

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that this is a grave issue.

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This is a grave issue. They were careful. And the reason that we don't regard to the grave issue, that's why everybody has a premium. Ah, this guy's out the fold. This guy's got a deviant opinion. Here's my fatwa. This is halal. This is haram. So if you aren't familiar, either the famous more had this. He said, he said, and sort of nasty Phil put here, a column element. He said those who are the bravest in giving fatwa are those who know the least.

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Because if they knew the gravity of giving opinion, and a fatwa, they would be very careful. But because they know very little, they don't care. And this is why brothers and sisters, very Be very careful. Two things.

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careful in what you utter regarding the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. And careful where you take your knowledge from.

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Google isn't your place to take knowledge from online isn't your place to take knowledge from it's never been the case.

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You will find all sorts of people online.

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This Dean has always been transmitting teacher to student and you can watch some videos but whose videos

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you just decide I'm gonna watch this guy's videos and I'm gonna watch this guy's video and then you you don't realize that that person has nothing to do with traditional Islam.

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This is a grave issue the verses of the Quran the prophets Allah Salam said in Allah Allah yet L in desire and wala Kenya Jakob is or becomes a llama her lamb you get an element where it has a Nasser Austin jehlen for Su first obey the Illman

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the best of you Allah said knowledge won't be taken snatched up that your books will disappear. Is it knowledge will be taken up by the taking up of the Allah ma Jota lamb up element until a time cam that people won't find a true ally

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where it has a NASA Oosten jehlen And people will take the ignorant people as their leaders.

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Anybody who's famous on a line he becomes a Mufti or she becomes the most dear.

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For Sue, they will ask mercy.

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For Sue first obey the ailment and the mercy of Allah said that these people will give a fatwa without any knowledge. Why?

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Because he people who are quick in giving an opinion regarding the deen of Allah subhanaw taala as Sophia Lena said, so nasty Phil foot here callaham ailment.

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Those who are the quickest in giving fatwas are generally those who know nothing. We're the least in knowledge

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because if they knew the gravity of the situation, and then of always Allah said and finished the Hadith, he said they will tell you the ignorant people as the leader first obey the element. And what then the rest of you Allah said, the Luas don't do, they will be astray themselves and they will take holds with them.

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They will take holds with them.

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The Mercy of Allah was ready to say that at three Abu Bakr was ever ready to say Allah at three, the Sahaba and rated very few a hadith because they were scared that they may attribute something wrong to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and today open to every stone. There's a Mufti everybody's got an opinion, not on just basic things on her lawn and on haram.

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on major issues, they've got opinions.

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Why? Because we regard this matter as very light. Somebody came

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to Imam Malik Rahmatullah la ammaji. This Imam Malik

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the mom of Dar, Al Hijrah, Mama Medina, this man came. He said, Oh, Malik Malik, I've come from six months away. My journey has taken me six months. I've come specifically to Medina to ask Malik V. Malik.

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He asked me the question, my Malik setelah. Three laughs No, ha.

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He said, I don't know.

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And then Rachel mentioned here as though this man came to the man who knew everything

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says I don't know. So the man said, Imagine six months.

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In those times, you traveled six months to ask a question. If it was one of us, we would have blogged it. And I want this guy to go back to his place six months and say Malik didn't know I'm Malik.

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I don't know anything and I'll still issue the fatwa.

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Six months.

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Mr. Malik, he said, I've come six months to ask you a Malik.

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He said, Malik said I don't know. Is a woman going to tell my people

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is that telling your people that Malik does not know.

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This is why Allah elevated these people.

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Here today Subhan Allah,

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how easy we give fatwas Wallah, he, it's just amazing. And Wallah, he, the reason that we give fatwas for two reasons, one, there is no fear of Allah subhanaw taala that you're going to stand in front of Allah, Allah, Mr. Malik Muhammad, Allah, Allah said, if ever you're going to give your opinion, then before you give your opinion, make sure you feel like that Jana and Jahannam is in front of you.

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Make your husband in front of you then given a premium

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it'll be a lie. It'll be a lie was a tie between the student and the teacher of Mr. Malik. It'll be and I was one day crying. So somebody asked him a Mom, why are you crying for?

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He said, I'm crying.

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Because how easy people give their opinion today. They have no knowledge and they give fatwa.

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If they have done the humbly Khadi said 500 years later, on his words over a beer, right? It's a waiver of beer I came today What would he think?

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I say 900 years later? Why we will be Orion Rahmatullah lay came in our time, and he would see all these influences. They get a bit of a following. And they start issuing fatwas husband wife get a bit of following now they're giving Islamic marriage counseling.

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What did you study in Islam?

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Just because you wear a hijab, just because you made a few videos, Tik Tok and instagram videos. Who did you study by?

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What you're doing it for Is It likes is it clicks?

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Because that's what it is. Nobody knows you besides on that screen, and you're giving fatwas and there's people who liked them, they will buy liked and that's fine. That didn't make them a move d you're lapping it up the loo Waterloo the Messenger of Allah said astray and lead other people astray. You know nothing

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about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. You have these guys, these youngsters now coming on social media and doing robot tools?

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Rub button upon Robotron and they all starts and say and then because they still want to stay relevant. They will find some deviance where there isn't deviance

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and then they will go for the biggest share.

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got the biggest shakes even the biggest name

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you know, it's like the rappers a small rapper goes for the big referee customers him hoping that he'll respond so he'll get famous

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brothers and sisters talking about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala is a grave issue.

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You do if Torah Allah Allah subhanaw taala you're making Halal haram you're throwing people out of photo slum you're making people deal with when you have not studied.

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When you have not studied you try it in any other field in life. Do it in medicine.

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See how they don't burn you up?

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Do as a mechanic see how you don't get battered. And this is why I'll be alive. But Allah Allah you want said the Savior Bureau I was crying. He said these people deserve who give fatwas without knowledge. These people deserve to be imprisoned more than thieves.

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More than thieves because they're not spoiling only your car, or own your teeth. Or only your health. They're spoiling your akhira

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but because there's nobody to govern it, no one to see it. You get away with it in this dunya

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but there will be a day and then as Allah subhanaw taala says in the summer, while Basara will father Pullman Oh like you can on Missoula. Everything that you have will be asked about your eyes your age what you did. You gave your opinion Allah would ask you about this.

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So brothers and sisters, if you're not qualified to give opinions regarding the deen of Allah Subhana Allah, then do the old man do yourself a favor. remain quiet.

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C'est la vie, Andrey. I don't know. You don't have to give an opinion.

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Nobody asking you to give opinion by the ego, isn't it? I got to give an opinion.

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Give opinion about something believe the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. To those who studied a bit for those who are mathies

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the those who have spent three years just to the star, those who have spent their entire life giving fatwas, where did you come from?

00:22:20 --> 00:22:26

So may Allah Subhana Allah give you the toffee to understand the gravity of what we say. May Allah subhanaw taala

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give us the ability to follow Dean as we should follow the May Allah keepers unite dunya and reunited in Genesis robotic Allah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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