Reflections – Fearful versus Fearless

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. As believers we all know that our faith revolves between hope and fear. The Quran is replete with this there are many verses in this regard. In the 15 Jews in Surah, Bani Israel, Allah subhanho wa Taala says they do not matter who you're called funada that they are optimistic of the pardon and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala or your call funada. And they fear his punishment, his chastisement his torment. Likewise in the 17 Jews in Surah ambia the chapter on prophets Allah subhanho wa Taala says, regarding the galaxy of the prophets, yet our own and our Robin wa hubba, they supplicate us with

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passion and with fear. So the life of a believer revolves between hope and fear. However, as a believer, we need to also know that at no time, should we allow complacency to set in, that what I have done is adequate. And the position in which I find myself I'm safe and I'm secured, I'm anchored and I'm insulated. No, not at all. That's the trait of a monastic that he feels that what he has will remain with Him forever. A believer is one who constantly fears that at any time Allah can seize Allah can snatch Allah can withhold, and Allah can pull the plug on me. Hence you will find the supplications of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma Tanzania sorry Hama

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apatani Allah I beseech you and I implore you do not seize what you had given me. Allow my Indiana to become insolvent in ametek what the Holy alfia take what for jt necromantic with Jimmy risultati Allah don't divert your favors and your bounties away from me. Allah I seek your protection from your sudden punishment and torment has an adversary who was known as the greater Berry. He used to say a lot meaner Gemma or a son or chef Putin will munafo jamara he said,

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there are two distinguishing factors of a believer and there are two traits of a monastic. A believer is one Gemma is a son. He is one who lives a life of nobility and and virtue chef upon but he constantly fears constantly feels I don't deserve I'm not entitled. A lot can withhold like in seeds, Allah can strike at any time. While a monarchy is one Gemma is a Amnon, he lives a fearless life. He lives a life of sin indulgence, violence, transgression, and his body language, his attitude, his demeanor, His disposition is no nobody's going to do me anything. Whatever I have will remain with me. So you're alert sounds a strong warning. And this is in the eighth chapter in the

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nine Jews in verse 9798 and 99 Allah subhanho wa Taala asked a question Amina Cora.

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Suna. bieten Hua Hua imune do the inhabitants of the towns and the villages referring to the disbelievers and the infidels? Do they feel safe and secure? And yeah, do that. So now that our punishment and our torment cannot afflict them? We're not immune while they are sleeping? How often don't when you're an earthquake happens by night or there's a lightning that strikes by night, or there's some wind that blows or there's some tornado that comes? So? I mean,

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to whom?

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Do they feel safe and secure that while they're sleeping, nothing can happen to them? Or then the second question allows our camera to Suna Lohan, Wilhelmina Boone. Today feel safe and secure. That admitted morning as the day progresses while they engage in their activities. We cannot strike we cannot seize we cannot grip we cannot destroy them. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the final warning and this is really what I wanted to communicate in this brief message. Allah subhanho wa Taala says FME new makalah filaria Emmanuel Macron la he in LA Omaha soon do they feel that they have been protected insulated from the plot and the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah

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cannot strike at any time. And amongst this and this is what I read in biannual Quran where the Hanafi him many of the Torah bicone his Sahaba nyssma when amea have his stellar baja for a year, he Yaga and Amanda who fulfill Me and hoval within hovi UMNO my word wow this is just beyond me.

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So the Quran and this verse sounds a strong warning that any

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Anyone who feels I am safe, I'm secure. I'm insulated, I am pampered, I am protected.

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Allah says, Do they feel that they save for a man no matter Allah Hillel formula has a rule. It's only the News's that feel safe. Now in biannual Quran under this ayah, it's written, it doesn't only refer to safety and security for physical, tangible, apparent boundaries, it also refers to and it also sounds a strong warning for any person whom Allah has endowed with a lofty station of piety of spirituality. You are a teacher of 1000s of students. You are a mentor of 1000s of disciples. You are a chef in your own capacity. many people's lives have been reformed. We're the Hulu Fie him many piccone hisako nyssma He says, I'm a man who has spirituality, what is Stila Baja, and he doesn't

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feel that Allah can strike and seize and Allah can snatch and unlike in humiliate for a Yaga Yaga. The author writes, beware Be vigilant, don't ever feel that you are safe and protected. And these are the the highlight of the entire discussion, fulfill m ne l hopeful

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in claiming or assuming that you are safe. There is great danger. What Phil Sophie, and in fearing that you are vulnerable, this great safety

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fulfill me, let me repeat that in assuming or claiming that you are safe at home. There's great fear because Allah says if you think you're safe, I will strike. And if you feel that you are vulnerable and susceptible and Allah can strike, then that's great safety, fulfill me and hopeful, fulfill, hopefully unknown. And yet there's another verse of the Quran in the 15 Jews Allah says, Allah insha Allah Allah and Allah Habana beenleigh do hyena LA, Allah says and if we want or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we can seize the revelation from you and then there will be no recourse for you to retrieve it. And again in biannual Quran under this is the mufa satellite fee I should have Allah

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Selby my ruzicka had been a nice but he will come out. The IRS sounds a strong warning for any person who is rendering any service of Dean that he must not consider himself anchored. He must not consider himself insulated, and he mustn't think that he has a monopoly over this institution or over the services that he is rendering. Because Allah addresses the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Fela mahalo whoa diva nebby yo Salalah alayhi wa sallam for a woman who, when Allah addresses the messenger, sallAllahu wasallam and says, I can see is what I had given you. Then where Can anyone else feature in this regard? We asked a lot to give us the correct balance, that we have

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hope and fear. And we ask Allah never to seize or snatch the privileges, both material and spiritual, that he has conferred upon us. But the key word is fulfill me and hopefully fulfill hopefully anew in fearing that you are vulnerable lies great safety, heading assuming that you are safe lies great danger.