The Importance of Stories – Qur’an Reflections

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The Maquis surahs

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they mentioned some stories, but when they mentioned some stories, they mentioned them. When Allah Allah, Allah wants to give an example of those who reject the help the truth. So the story is we're also focusing on the matters of al Qaeda not focusing on social aspects.

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Moreover, these stories were not mentioned that they frequent, okay. And they,

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in the in the mucky sorrows,

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in the mud dinosaurs, the, the so the stories are mentioned frequently.

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But in the murky sorrows, we do not see them mentioned that frequently.

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Here it is an example of a kisara when Allah when Allah Allah, Allah is mentioned in one of those his stories,

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as you know, brothers, that the Bible is full of stories, you rarely find the surah without What a story, you rarely find that and you'll find some sewers that talk about one story. So that Yousuf is talking about what the whole sewer except maybe just the last 10

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or 12 is the whole solar is focusing on what the story of us. So tell us is focusing on the story of Musa alayhis salaam, of course Surah Al Baqarah, you will find so many stories in Surat Al Baqarah. In Surah tailcap

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stories mentioned in Surah tilka. Even tap Bhatia da Vila have been set up it is a story, it is talking about the story of who of a Buddha and his wife and what will happen to them. And the which shows Subhan Allah that importance of his stories in that way.

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Not only that,

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see the survey of the Quran, and the number of stories mentioned in the Quran. And the way they were mentioned in different forms, shows the importance of stories in the data.

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And that people sometimes might listen to stories and they might not listen to just normal discussion.

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me as a speaker, I noticed this in the eyes of the people, when I start giving your story, people will start listening

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more carefully. And the normal discussion is that they are just listening to it. Especially if the story is a story that happened with the speaker himself.

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Other than that Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran wakulla na casa la kameen Amba Rosalie man who's a b2b for idac

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Allah de la vida mentioned this in Surah what

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are called La Casa la caja.

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surratt hood is not in solitude.

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Yes. And solitude Walker Lana Pasquale come in Umberto silly man who's happy to be here for that. What is solitude?

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solitude is the surah Okay, the prophets Allah Allah is Allah mentioned as what surah todo to ha turned my hair white.

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Okay, this is solitude, Allah Allah Allah mentioned in Surah tude in that surah that turned the black hair of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to be white wakulla an apostle and a common amber it was the man who said b2b for other

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women wherever the Koran little meaning Subhana Allah, then after that, Allah de la vida started what? Surat?

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What use it after Surah Surah Yusuf what is the beginning of surah Yusuf and if lamb rah kita boon

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Alif llama la tilaka kilka to keytab imovane in Angelina or an Albion the aliquam Tata don't what? Na na casa la Santa asasi Bhima hyena, la casa del Parana, one in condemning COVID ii domina law feeding

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the end of Seurat hood was talking about a story

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at the benefits story the benefits of his stories that Allah de la

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I mentioned those histories in order to Noosa bit behind for others to Mohammed to make your heart firm on the hub, the heart of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yes, the heart of Mohammed See, this is the benefits of the stories. And then Allah Allah Allah link, that the end of that Surah Surah would with the beginning of surah Yusuf

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and he mentioned that we are relating to you the story and the Lord Allah Allah mentioned what the story of surratt uses,

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known apostolic as analysis. So, there are so many benefits of the stories. And that's why

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Sahaba debate in the early generation they used to put attention to the stories I've done, I might even say I didn't know how to pass. He said My father used to teach us the stories of the mallozzi of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam, as he used to teach us the surah of the Quran.

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It was also narrated from one of the tambourine that they use to

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sorry, he said that they used to teach us the mallozzi of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as they used to teach us the surah of the Quran. The other

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statement of one of the one other scholar of the setup, he said that

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my father used to teach us the mahasi of the prophets, Allah laurentius element he used to teach us and he used to tell us, all my children, these are this is the legacy of your ancestors and forefathers remember them.

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So these are the benefits of a story. The benefits of the stories mentioned in the Quran. Of course, there are many other stories. There are many other benefits of his stories mentioned in the Koran.