How Does The Umrah In Ramadan Equal A Hajj

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni explains

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How does the Omar Obama equal to head

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remember hottie and Muslim

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reported that Ambassador they allow anyone to be said that the process of them ask a woman have an answer. Why didn't you join us and had she said you're a sort of law we only had two camels.

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My father in law and my son took one and she camels and they took me took one and they travel with it to make hedge with you. But the other rooms left to be used to be melt to use for the home as basically a source of substance on food. We can't use both so that's why I had to stay behind and then maybe some allow Elisa Lam told her from avant comes go and make a ma go and make oma because Amara during Ramadan will be equal to had and in Muslim to equal to Hajj with me kaha j to me and he as if you may have had with me that one that you missed

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out on a lot I have a different

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opinions and regard what this literally

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means or applied to who so some scholar said that this hadith only applies to that woman and in evisa salaam said it to her just to make her feel good and that was a gift from Allah to that woman through the prophets of Allah Allah you it was saddening and Satan debate, for example used to say that as have been handled by him, Allah said, What can support this position what a Buddha would report it that Omar was asked about this concept had arrived on will be equal to what she said had just had an ominous oma and was not going to be a hedge basically, is not going to be equal to Omaha. And she said that maybe someone said that to me.

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I wasn't sure if this is only for me personally am something can be applied to other people as well. But this narrations is actually weak as a matter of handle luggage. And the other position some of them I said know that he worked for around one equals two had for those who had the intention to go to head but something prevented them from going to heart. So if they go to Umrah it will be equal and reward to the hatch. And that position Ibrahim Allah mentioned and many scholars

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and I do have a reservation really about this opinion. Because you know what, if the issue about intention, you do need to make al-mulla to get the reward, if you sincerely want to go ahead and something prevented you from it, you already got the had the reward of that had

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been taymyr him Allah mentioned that opinion and he did not support it the third opinion which is the vast majority of the heavy the Shafi the Maliki. And many of the scholars of Hadith who commented this idea, they said no, this hadith is an general apply to all people all time. So if you make or make Ramadan during Ramadan, it will be equal to Hajj and even can be equal to head with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And

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among the thing that support this position, that many companions mentioned this concept, and mentioned this hadith without making only stricted to that woman, he didn't even narrated the story. They just mentioned that part where the process I'm said ombre endo Milan equal to head and this had it was reported by Eben ambass job that I behold out of the alarm on and as an other companions also people through history been caring to do aroma and Ramadan scholars and earn amount over time they care about going through Ramadan and to make you know

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during the month of Ramadan because you know it is special even though we don't know that the person ever made Ramadan during Ramadan

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and that's one of the argue that the first group said that there is nothing in the Muslim dead or encouraged or the Sahaba reported that they used to care to their own and

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hear the other parts which is what that means equals to hatch. If we say it's equal to what it means equal to hatch, when we say equal to hatch first of all it doesn't mean that it will take the obligations of hatch from you so whenever made hedge I said you know what I'm not going to go for how's it cheaper to go for Amazon for example, or easier to move around where I made I'm gonna cut off I fulfill the hedge no by demand and I'm not gonna nobody disagree with that. This is wrong.

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This is not correct understanding equal to hedge, it means in reward, but it doesn't basically take away the obligations of hedge.

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Being upon you to, you're obligated to do to make heart that will not take that away, but equal to hedge and reward. And what I mean by the word, a general reward, it's like when you say reading cola had equal two thirds of the Quran, no doubt the one who read changes verse by verse, the word is much higher. But as a concept as if he read the third of the ORAC because it had included a lot of other good deeds in it, you will not get by going to Mr. Like alpha, gamma art and the amount of dough off and say that you do based on the type of hides that you will be doing. So here we say, this is an encouragement for us to go for

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if we can, and we can offer

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