Allah Decides Halal and Haram

Nouman Ali Khan


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Episode Notes

Nouman Ali Khan provides an elaborate lecture on Halal and Haram.

Allah has put many things in this world for us to use and consume and yet we remain thankless and show ingratitude. Good things are Halal and impure and filthy things are made Haram for us. The Halal things are actually a preview of sorts of what we shall attain in Jannah.

Halal is that which means permitted, allowed, lawful, or legal. Haram is that which is forbidden and unlawful. Determining what is halal and haram was a major issue before the advent of Islam and hence, many items were permitted that were impure and harmful and many things were forbidden that was good and pure.

What happens when we knowingly or unknowingly forbid something for ourselves or for others but it is Halal from Allah? The answers are provided in the most simple and explicit manner.



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