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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah salam alayhi wa sallam was that we all are familiar with the great Judas scholar and Legend of Islam. Abu hanifa Rahim Allah whose actual name was not a man but in service. In fact Imam Shafi Rahim Allah pay tribute to Abu hanifa by saying Lapa design and Bella the woman Allah Mr. Moody Muslim in Abu hanifa be coming in we're fitting yet is the Boo reef is suffer from our bill machinery training of hoonah v Ron Willa, Bill Murray benei wannabe Kufa parashurama Tora Bina Abba den la medalla yummy Margarita Siva. The tribute is so rich, and it enhances the nature of the tribute when you realize that it was echoed by a jurist himself. And that

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was Mohammed bin Idris, a Shafi and these people were amazing. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah used to say what they do and Hello pakula whom the Aloha the Lima Mini, Allah, Allah Yun sub Elijah Shea, my word, this is selflessness. I wish the creation can draw from me the knowledge that Allah has conferred on my bosom, and they can benefit from this jurisprudence, which I have formulated and presented on on the basis that they acquire it. They implemented, they executed, but they do not attribute accredited credit it to me in any way, my word. So learn it, understand it, and don't give me the credit or don't give me the benefit or don't direct it to me. We live in a world in the

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direct opposite. You know what, just give me the credit whoever does the work is fine, but give me the credit. Let the block have my name. Let the block have my name. sing my song. Lord, my praises extol my greatness unfortunately, and that is why it's more talking than then activity. So Imam Shafi Mohammed bin Idris says Lapa designable Bella the woman Allah in her immemorial Muslim in Abu hanifa laka design al bilad indeed the leader of the believers, the Imam of the oma Abu hanifa has decorated the earth has adorned the earth has been a sense of beautification and adornment to the earth. Mr. Moody Muslim in Abu hanifa How has he adorned it? We Ackermann will, Atherton will fit

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in, with injunctions with the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and juristic deductions from Quran and Sunnah is the booty for Sahaba just as the heavenly versus adorn the divine the book The zebu, which was revealed to Tao alayhi salatu was Salam from Erbil Masha in Ilona, we're on Reba in a coup for my word.

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I could not find a replica or a clone of Abu hanifa in the East nor the West. So I thought probably Kufa from where he came might produce another Abu hanifa. But even Kufa could not repeat another Abu hanifa for rabina Abaddon, la Vina Abaddon, Allah He may the mercy of Allah patchouli descend on the blessed soul of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah. So we all know him in his capacity as a Judas. But these people were multi talented. He was a great businessman, and he had made a rich contribution in the field of business. He was a wealthy individual. And that's the beauty of our Deen that you can have the wealth, you can have the knowledge and if you balance it out, there's no issue about it. Allah

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says in the second juice quotevalet can either have a Haida Kumamoto, in taraka hide adversely atone invalidate that Allah has decreed and ordained for you that when death becomes apparent to you, obviously you're in America if you've left behind, I'll hire you literally, you know, commonly translated as goodness and virtue, but you also could mean money and in many places in the Quran, the word hired has come in the context of money in Surah two la dia de la says, we're in the Julio hub belhaj really shady, and indeed man's love for higher meaning wealth is intense. In the 29 us speaking of woody dibner movie Ravi, Allah highlights him and profiles nine of his evil trades.

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Allah says men are a little higher. Mannering lil higher, which Allah minister feed my daddy qutenza since a Barfield he was held good meaning he was a miser.

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So anyway, Allah says if you are in the throes of death and you left behind wealth and versilia then you must move

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A big quest. So in via Quran under this ayah it is written in a topical ml. In the middle can Merle la unifi a duck welcoming poopy the fact that Allah is legislating a rule how your state should be winded and executed indicates that Islam recognizes the permissibility to die leaving behind well, so that means in the medical model owning wealth owning assets owning property, low unifi attack welcome it doesn't go against the grain of taqwa my daddy hobo he provided you discharge its obligation love as a ballerina eliminate

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the hadith of Muslim there is no harm in wealth provided the one who owns it feels a lot. So let me share with you an amazing incident and more so for those in the business field. And today everybody in some form, shape or size is doing some business because there's there's so many different forms and expressions of dealing and engaging in business

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as the world has evolved, so Abu hanifa Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah was in partner would have didn't have the ramen we're not gonna have some theory can be handy for the FIBA of eternity for Canada Abu hanifa you just you just his empty hotel kasi. So they would sell clothing garments. And Abu hanifa would would prepare the Rahim Allah, the the parcel, or the container or the shipment, and then he would pass it on to hepcidin Rahman Rahim Allah and he would then take it and go through the different cities in Iraq. What can you elaborate on the Moodle in Iraq. So on a particular instance, they entered into the partnership, the goods were given to him and it was told to him that this is

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the amount you sell it at. However, he was also alerted that some of the clothing has certain defects in it. It has certain defects in it now, we know the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said laser laser minim and rashanna Manohar Shanna Amina, the one who deceives us is not from amongst us. So in your dealing and your transaction, you need to be candid, you need to be honest, you need to be transparent, you should not be deceitful in any way. So he said to have Sibneft drama either Hammurabi by Rena, for being Enlil mystery mafia hamina or even that when you intend selling the defective garments, then inform the prospective buyer of the defects in it. And then proportionately

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you will drop the value and the price so that he understands the item is buying and it will be at a reduced price. He agreed in principle, he took the belongings, the clothing, And off he went. And it was a very profitable venture. It was a very meaningful journey, all the goods and the clothing that he had taken with him was sold. However, when nesea your animal, your animal machinery Nabina Phil adverbial Marybeth, you mean are you when he slipped up to inform the buyers that certain items in it had a defect and only after he had wrapped up and concluded everything and he returned home and he audited and he looked at his you know, revenue etc. Did he realize that I made a mistake, I did

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not inform certain people and we sold them that particular garment we took the full price, although it had a defect in it. What about the edge had enough subwoofer at the quarry region in Medina Burnham Theobald memory, but the film uflex he applied his mind he deliberated. But unfortunately, just no luck, no joy. Of course, they didn't have the ease and the technology today that you have the data, you have it in your hard drive, you have it on your phone, you can contact the person, there was no way he could recall and register. So he narrated the sequence of events to Abu hanifa Rahim Allah, Allah ma idema, Abu hanifa, Bill Emery, when Mr. Abu hanifa Rahim Allah discovered that

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this is what had happened.

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lumea stotra Corrado Willem de Vanessa, who had data such as man in matter, he couldn't leave when he realized that there was no way to now make contact with those buyers, who unfortunately would deceive. Although it was inadvertent and not deliberate or malicious. Then he was uneasy to take any revenue from the sales of that entire shipment. And do you know what he did? My businessmen, my brother, my tradesmen, my sister, whoever it is that the son of the man, Neel Mehta, he couldn't leave her. He said, Let's take the entire revenue and profit of this entire same transaction, shipment or container and we give the entire amount in charity Suhana law. Those were true

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businessmen. Those were true businessmen. Allah described the Sahaba regional totally he

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Da da da, da da running and the gorilla resolve they were through men they, they were through humans they were through men. Literally he him to Georgia. Business, commerce or trade did not distract them from the remembrance of Allah. Sophia Antone Rahim Allah under this I used to say, can you be rude when you're stoned? Whether you're the ruin of salvati Mockingbird? It means they engaged in business commerce and trade, but they did not omit the congregational prayer. And I'm delighted now Mubarak Rahim Allah used to say an hour that they don't have a min Shiva, boo la young to decline and refuse a doubtful Delhomme constitutes a greater form of piety then given 1000s of data humps in

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