Your Bff on the Day of Judgement

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The speaker discusses the concept of a BFF in the context of the Day of Jury, where everyone who has one will be considered their BFF. They also mention a beta program for Hydra, which aims to make people aware of the importance of being a person who is pleased with their friends and family. The segment ends with a statement about a hellfire in the upcoming days.

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your BFF

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everybody has one except for people who don't have one. Now the one that you have, you know the person who you love so much and you spend so much time with, are they going to be your BFF? On the Day of Judgment? That's the question, are they going to be your BFF? Are those people that you're going to want to associate with or you're going to be people who are going to hold hands and be next to each other on the day of judgment as you walk into paradise together? The province of Allah Allah azza wa jal, he says, Allahu Allah, who you will meet in Bardhaman Nevada and I do. Allah says that on the Day of Judgment, Allah you know, the holiness of Helene is a close, intimate personal friend,

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the closest that you can get BFF before anyone else, all of those things combined. That is what a phellinus and Allah Azaria says and aphylla those people on the Day of Judgment will be enemies, they will hate one another. They will seek to harm one another. Why? Except for the people of Taqwa Elon Moutoku, the only ones who are still going to be BFFs in the Acura I'm just gonna keep saying BFF because it's so fun to say and Bae and all that good stuff. The the only ones who are going to be like that and continue to have that relationship and the asset is if their friendships were forged on Dukkha because they reminded each other to pray because they helped each other gives the

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cause they distributed food to the poor together they did these things. They encourage each other to do goodness. Their hangouts weren't hangouts of sin, their presence together wasn't presence of sin because those people will hate each other on the judgment. They will hate and they will have remorse Allah Allah just says you owe me I'll go volume ID. Of course we are a tennis dot tomorrow. So it is a beta. Yeah, wait attack may 25. We're gonna Hydra on a day when an oppressor will bite onto their hands, not just their fingertips, but their hands they will say, I wish that I had taken a path of the messenger Yeah. Oh, wait, that's how it will be to me. I wish that I never took food on. I wish

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that I never took so and so as a hottie as a close, intimate, personal BFF. So make sure that your friends one that you choose them well, and to the ones that you do choose that you make sure that they are people that you are going to be pleased with on the day of judgment, and that they are going to be people who watch all that data will propel you to paradise and will not propel you to the Hellfire May Allah azza wa jal to protect you and die from the hellfire.