Muhammad Al Bizry – Hadeeth – Various Types of Narrations

Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various types of Hadith, including actions, mannerisms, and narrations, and their meaning, including prophetic, historic, and authoritative. They also mention the significance of the Prophet's use of the word Hadith to refer to the Quran and receive gifts. The speakers stress the importance of learning from the Prophet's teachings and the use of the head coach in correcting mistakes. The speakers also mention the significance of the head coach in the history of the Prophet's teachings and encourage further research.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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last term we ended Hadith by discussing what the word Hadith means, linguistically and islamically. What does the word Hadith linguistically mean? We said it can refer to three things.

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Remember one of them

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linguistically, the word had it can refer to an event good.

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News was part of another category we said at event.

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Something Yes, something new. Excellent. Something said perfect.

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So linguistically, Hadeeth can refer to something new, or it can refer to an event or it can refer to something spoken.

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That's using the Quran and the Sunnah.

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As an example, something new you say column Hadith, meaning a new pen sejarah Hadith a new car. You say sir Fatah to elope Nan Hadith and I traveled to Lebanon recently. So the word Hadees can be new, it can mean recent. It can even mean modern.

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was certainly not hadiza is used to refer to modern means of transport. So the word has it can refer to something new or recent. This is what we took last quick revision. What about a bit what's the proof?

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attacker, ha de su Musa al attacker had it last year referring to the events of old stories of Musa and also the event of Yeoman pm it's of Hadith was used linguistically here. The word Hadith can also refer to something spoken even in amea. slang, Arabic, let's say and the Hadith mark, say that have a word with you have something to say? How do you can refer to something spoke of kulu Mariota had to be the scholars of Arabic said the word Hadith is going to have to be anything that is spoken. So whether it's news, as you said, or a fairy tale or a fable, or a story whether it's true or false. linguistically, the word Hadith can refer to anything spoken. And we gave the proof in the

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Hadith, the prophet alayhi salatu salam said, many stemma illa Hadees comin wahama who carry horn, so Buffy, owner of the E. Anak yo malkia whoever listens to speech, a conversation of people who don't want them to hear. In other words, they are

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what are they doing? eavesdropping, they don't want them to hear it, that person will have iron lead molten lava poured into the ears on Judgement Day. So he's dropping his hat on not allowed the letter when we discussed that last term, and we gave examples of that, as people know you're working. Oh, what's this conversation going on here? All right, not allowed. Yeah, get a cup of salt just to make sure you get every single word, but rather than loud because it can create unnecessary problems. So that's what the word has it can refer to is Jani linguistically, as for islamically the word Heidi

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usually refers to what?

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sir, action sayings. What else?

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description and manners. Excellent. So we said, A qual what a file. Remember those three things in

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a fire while the sayings, actions, mannerisms of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and mannerisms include his physical description, and also includes his tacit approvals. So islamically when you he had these usually you think of the actions

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or sayings,

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all manners of the profiles were too slim.

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However, as we said in the exam, which hamdulillah most of you answered correctly, Hadith doesn't only refer to these things, we now have you can refer to linguistically something new recent an event or something spoken, or, generally speaking, the actions and sayings of the profile is so too slow. So that's what the word Hadeeth means. And that was a revision of what we took last term. And that's important. And we also said in the end, I'll use the word Hadith to refer to the Quran itself, further than the one will make you comfortable. We haven't had if a Lawson sort of column, leave me to the one who disbelieves and belies and rejects this hadith meaning the Quran itself. So

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I'll use the word Hadith to refer to the Quran. Interesting, interesting. That's what's very important you learn the Tafseer of is sometimes an eye it looks like it's referring to something when in reality, it's referring to something else. Like for example, what could an allegedly a law refer to? Or an fetchit? What would you think that refers to

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resort endocrinology? Yes, it doesn't refer to that refers to soil that will fetch it.

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So as you can see, just looking at the area on face value, you know, we don't apply our rational thinking to the ad, the scholar said, laughed at me the whole Bel Air journal for whole, don't rely on the minds go back to the stallions of this nation, meaning, the Sahaba and the Sahaba. Yet, the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim, male and female, the way they understood the Quran and the Sunnah.

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So that's what we took last term. And I'm using that to bridge the gap from what we're going to take this term, we said, we're going to start taking definitions. So that was the definition of Hadith.

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So now we're going to look at the definitions of various types of Hadith itself, various types of narrations. There are different types. Sometimes you hear this is a hadith. Sometimes you hear someone say this is hard It could see sometimes you hear someone say this is how they've never we sometimes you hear someone say this hadith is Fr. O hopper. What's the difference between all that we're going to take that now?

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So what are these types of narrations and different types of Hadith? Among the common ahadith you may hear of a hadith nebia that's the first time I heard this number we

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once had this number we translated to

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Yeah, prophetic Hadith, right, excellent.

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prophetic Hadith.

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So this is the narration which is directly connected to the Prophet sallallahu listen.

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That's how the temple

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Paulo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to her do the Habu beautiful Hadith towards give gifts to her do from hadiah to have book from hope you love each other. give gifts you love each other constantly give gifts. So that's Hadith number we usually just called Hadith or Hadith nabawi. Another type is an author,

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a saboteur.

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So the author is not connected to Rasul Allah, but rather is connected to the Sahaba or the tap your own, or the generation after them. In other words, the first three generations, so it's an aeration.

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Generally speaking, of course,

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which is connected

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the companions

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of your own battalion are those who came after the companions,

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those who came after them?

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In summary, first three generations.

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That's usually what I thought it refers to.

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So if you're a scholarship saying, well, Phil Arthur, he's not referring to the profile so to slim, unless he mentioned that specifically, you'll say well, Phil, Arthur, Annie Russell, that's different now. A visit in the author on the authority of the Prophet there to Hadith bumped up to Hadith Naboo, you get that? So generally speaking, I thought doesn't refer to the Prophet refers to who?

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The Companions, the Tiburon, or, in general the first regeneration, so Sahaba? Correct.

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Third, type hubba hubba linguistically means news. In other words, durations, like these button durations in regards to her, it's a combination between one and two. It's a combination between Heidi's novel and an author. In other words, it can be related to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, or the companions. So it's general it's wider in scope. It's broader in meaning it actually incorporates to.

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So the definition is far more encompassing and broader.

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That's common. So if you hear us say, in the Hadith, meaning, generally speaking, if he says, well, Phil Arthur is referring to usually

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Sahaba the companions or batavian are those that came after them? If he says, what will hover I can ask him? What are you referring to what is number one or I thought they could ask him because it can be either or? So it's broader, broader in scope.

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If I said for example, to make it clear said you're actually the teacher, you know, I'm referring to

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Jehovah Ha.

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Oh, the run amok can be any generation in any generation yet. But when you hear a scholar say in the hubbub, he's probably

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Referring to either the companion or the prophet SAW Selim, but if it says Hadith neverwet it's referring to the Prophet.

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This is mainly restricted to the first regenerations because they are the best generations. those first three generations of Islam are the best. So like I said an example if I said your upgraded teacher, you know, I'm referring to share your code and teacher, you refer to myself, but if I said your miaa teacher, it's wrong. I can include others Yes, I was psycho myself. So what's the myth or think of it like that? How about it can refer to either or? Okay, so this is a term to refer to yeah

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Yeah, it can include so I'll give you an example of this abnormal Rolando and how much time he would grab his bed and he will snip any excess hair from a face length that's how I would trim his bed at lunchtime

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what would that fall under how this number we are thought hopper has his foot or is it

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a sir? We said about the companions so that's something he did but there's no Hadith about this where the Prophet did it. So that's also an eternal Homer scholar said no we don't do that because the Prophet gave a general statement let the beads flow let the beads grow for Billy ha don't touch them in other words, so if normal will do this, that was from his he had he would clip any excess hair from the only the bead, whereas we find that from the companions, which they have but not the profits are sometimes order. See how it's important to understand what is a thought and what is not.

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So let's one more

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can you say it's combination? Yeah, yes. Come on is a combo Yeah, between cupboard is a combo between a thought and an additional? Yes. 100%?

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No, it can be either or. So if what I just mentioned if no, I'm not doing something, that's how about also or if I say a Hadith of the Prophet, give gifts you love each other? that's covered also. So how about is a general term that can be used for Hadith number or it can also be used for other statements of the

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Yeah, let's try

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this all narrations, different forms of durations. In other words, some durations are from the companions only some durations are from the Prophet. So that's what we're doing today. We're just classifying

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Yeah, that would be a normal Heidi's would have the senate then the rating it but it goes ultimately back to the profit. When it goes back to the profits directly. We said what is how this movie is directly? picked, remember, connected, once it reaches the profit it has eaten away.

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So I mean, you don't have to go too deep. I think you're confusing yourself when you go in too deep. And he had this level a statement of the profit or thought statement of the companion or the next two generations, however, can refer to both refer to both.

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And finally Hadeeth could see

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how do you could see Oh, and how do you see better than my character?

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Whether it's

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Palestine What is it what's

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what is it? What is it translated? translated?

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Yeah, holy, sacred land true and put

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out Alma de Vaca Deus, ex parte de Yes, but see something which is sacred, holy, blessed. So how do you think would see, you could say sacred Hadith and what are they refer to?

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Yeah, they are narrations of Allah xherdan. So the prophet will narrate on behalf of Allah that's what a hadith footsies

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Yeah, Bella, Sam is blessed to know. I'll just give you an example of the what puts you find how it's used. So the words would say Howdy. Some could say here, maybe not wholly Hadith, but maybe sacred, of the better translation. In other words, it's the Prophet narrating

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and narration from Allah.

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The Prophet narrates on behalf of Allah.

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So the profile is what some will say. Allah said, Allah said, so when he says Allah

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Then that's an example of how it could say, well Allah The Prophet said, When Allah said in the hot ROM to Bulma I'll NFC I've made oppression forbidden on myself. So there's something that Allah has made prohibited on himself upon it despite his power. His greatness doesn't oppress you find with the creation the more power they get, what do they do the more they oppress along with Stan.

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Look at what the leaders do. More power they get the more oppressive they become. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Except for those with taqwa. So,

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a lot hasn't been just stated that he does not oppress now it's a narration from Allah azza wa jal. So the meaning is from Allah What about the words is from Allah from the Prophet from the program know from Allah?

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from Allah?

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No, not necessarily. No, that's good. Yeah. So a lot of people actually think how's it good see is the meanings from Allah only and the Prophet worded in his own note, firstly, there's no Hadees to indicate that there's nothing to indicate the Prophet change that. So we accept it as it is. So we say

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and words

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from Allah.

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So when you find a hadith could see, the meaning is from Allah and the words are from Allah. So the way you find it in the Hadith could see is how Allah said it in Niihau ROM to boumalne NFC like that. There's no proof to say otherwise. And this is the opinion of many other

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amazing Allah said it. Yeah, it's amazing. Now you may ask Wait a minute, but what's the difference between that and not good and true? Isn't the Quran from Allah? Isn't the Quran word from Allah and meanings from Allah it is but there's a difference and that's leading on us to the next part the difference between Hadith could see and put an end will end

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sometime sometimes direct from Allah sometimes from god

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yeah Allah can we know suitors gopher was revealed directly the Prophet was asleep he woke up with a smile and his dial away smiling at us away said Allah just revealed revealed to the gopher when did a tally and even saw he said a pseudo was just revealed to me. So the golfer so it was direct doesn't necessarily have to mean when he's up there. Yeah, so sometimes directly can be on Earth. Yeah, without to be remember if we took Are you on here sciences of Qur'an?

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Yeah, of course. 100%.

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Yeah, yeah. And that's what all of these lessons as you can see how they're all linking together at what's very important not to miss lessons or if you have you catch up. We said the Quran and Sunnah are both revelation. Allah said about the prophet in who were in law who knew her. The Prophet doesn't speak from desire rather, it's revelation. So what the prophet says is revelation. Sisters, if you have a question, let me know otherwise, it's very hard to speak in here. But that's why all of these lessons continue and they all come together and they're linked together upon so has it put in a nutshell the words from a lot and the meanings from Allah your masculine how does that differ

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from the Quran? Natural we're going to explain you

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mentioned five ways if you want to write these down Go for it the difference between Hadith could see and knocker and

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let's see if you can help me out here. What's the difference? Yes, I saw

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you get to answer Yes. Let's see. Let's see what you got.

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Excellent. Mashallah. Yeah, the man is subjected to particular Shariah rulings. How difficult is not? what's an example of that?

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Okay, that's something else. Good. That's, that's the next point. We'll get to hold that thought. Excellent. Can you read? Can you hold the most half? Without without, for example, this something in the scholars different according to the 40 memes? No, you're not allowed to hold the Quran with a widow. But with the Hadith could see no problem. You can hold the Hadith could see with Buddha Buddha, also in a state of Geneva.

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And instead of ritual impurity, you're not allowed to

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recite the Quran. Not to recite it even from memory. But has it could see can you recite them in a surgeon? never sure can you can read them no problem. Also, we know the issue of the woman's monthly she can't, for example, touch the ads, but with a higher difficulty, no problem. So as you can see, when it comes to particular rulings, the sacredness of the crown, Noda is far higher. That's number one that could be subjected to particular shadow rulings.

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Number two, what did you say sister Robin?

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Perfect. You can't recite Hadith could see in prayer, but you can start to cry.

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Annie pray you can't Allahu Akbar. In all Allahu taala in Neha ROM to vulva and FC. You can recite the Hadith could you recite the Quran prayer? So that's another difference. That's number two. The Quran is recited in Salah, not the Hadith could see.

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Would you like me to write this on the board for you? Sure.

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We said number one.

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We're currently subjected to particular shadow rulings.

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Due to its sacredness, of course, whereas the head coach is not. Number two.

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The Quran is recited in Salah, but not how these could see.

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Number three,

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excellent. The Quran is miraculous in nature, this jerseyan will challenge the globe and anyone to come after them to produce something similar to even a single soldier. That challenge does not come for the head it could see it didn't come as a challenge to mankind engine. It didn't come to claim to be miraculous in nature, but it rather just came as revelation.

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We sure did.

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it was That's right. Yeah, it's always good to go over these things again and to connect it to Hadith because it's related. So the Quran is miraculous in nature.

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Allah gave a challenge in the Quran there is not found anywhere in human history.

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What is that challenge? I lost les t Hill Belton mania day one I'm in hace. False who does not approach the Quran doesn't come anywhere near it, whether before or behind it, whether before or after ever, a lie saying literally between the lines. I dare you and I challenge you to find a single error in the code and whether it's via the placement of a at the structure of the solder, or word choice this word is better than this word or letters. Any way you can find the mistake belted falsehood in any way shape or form. I challenge you ID the most eloquent of adult could not do so. There were dumbfounded though stupefied, flabbergasted bamboozled for lack of better words.

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Allahu Akbar what an a la te Hill belted

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Seurat facilite that I have 42

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way a concert facility I have 42

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it's miraculous in nature. Now the book on the face of the planet has those challenges.

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What else?

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masala Yes.

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Yeah Santi, the Quran is motivated in nature. What what it is multiple narrations it has been multiplied narrated by the Sahaba whereas the Hadith which I could see ya, not necessarily there could be multiple narrations or that can be singular narrations. So the Quran is always no doubt 100% motivated.

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Grant is motivated meaning

00:23:16 --> 00:23:19

has been righted by numerous Sahaba.

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One more

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Excellent. Perfect. The rewards associated with the Quran are no doubt far greater. In other words, reciting the Quran is an act of worship in of itself.

00:23:43 --> 00:23:45

The rewards and you may even want to add virtues

00:23:46 --> 00:23:47

of the Quran

00:23:48 --> 00:23:49

are far greater.

00:23:52 --> 00:24:00

The Hadith could see has its virtues and rewards. But no doubt the Quran is far more virtuous and rewarding every single letter you recite and Hasler.

00:24:02 --> 00:24:13

We said show me a book on the face of the planet where the author will give you $10 for every single letter you recite, in fact 10 cents you won't even find your system.

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People have even challenged with further ot they've tried to with the Quran. Yeah, but they can't the Quran is far more difficult because it's motivated. And it's called us what we have now we know it's been confirmed by the Sahaba in North manuscript that will buckle script and the boldness of the innovators has no limits.

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Yes, if Good grief, which is distortion has two types. There's the Hanif in the word itself, or this the Hierophant meaning, so if they can't change and distort the actual

00:24:55 --> 00:24:59

because they'll be memorized. Then they'll try and distort the meaning I'll say this it means this out

00:25:00 --> 00:25:11

Rush man I lost our luckily I better try to do it doesn't mean a lot rose above the Throne it means he conquered the throne or he made something else that's not even referring to that I'll try and change the meaning. So yeah, that's something which is common also.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:17

So those are some of the different observations we said had this neverwet Hadith.

00:25:19 --> 00:25:23

But see no. And then I thought

00:25:24 --> 00:25:36

about good. And as for the differences between Hadith quoting from those are five among many Jews, I can locate them for your attentive listening szczepanik Aloha, Mohammed ignatia the one that I still filter one or two brilliant

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