Haitham al-Haddad – Don’t Belittle Yourself

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The agenda in Ghana is open for all of us to compete for the top status. The success of the Prophet sallahu deism has led to poor people being punished, but women are important for achieving success. The importance of being a good person and not just a good person is emphasized. A woman named Apollon claims to have been a worker of the backwards beast, but she refuses to admit and refuses to the idea of being a woman. The success of the Islamist movement and the importance of women as a source of reference is also discussed.
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My dear brothers and sisters, I want you to know Allah is just when I have no more buka there is no justice except it is coming from Allah, Allah Allah. And we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, laughably Albion Allah gave me an elaborate taco. There is no superiority of a person over another person. Even an Arab over an an Arab except by taqwa.

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And there are many evidences that confirm that the people are equal before Allah, Allah Allah.

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And Allah, Allah Allah open to the agenda, the genome for all of us, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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in one had a robot

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moving metaphor, above law, you know, XML or whatever, you might find the person who is poor devestated people do not respect him with uncontacted, and I am clothes may be very cheap clothes, a person who is simple, who thinks that he is enough?

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Let me say that again. He thinks that he is what? Nothing. How many people might be your brothers and sisters, they think that they have nothing. Why? Maybe because they are liberals, laborers, maybe laborers, maybe they are

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poor in terms of money. Maybe they don't have a status. Maybe they don't have a position in the society. Maybe they are maybe disabled, they might have some other limitations. So they think that they are nothing and they look up to maybe rich people, people with high status, people maybe with some skills, they think that they are the best people in the dunya and the best people in the era. Allah Allah Allah says, No, this is not the skill. This is not my skill. My skill is what taqwa

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taqwa that's why if we look at the Quran and survey the Quran, we see that Allah Allah Allah opened the door for all of us to compete for the aphylla was earlier with Mr. Farah can never become a llama karate mirrabooka, modernity and alcohol the same as the he addressed all of us compete. Be quick, to what to the agenda which is open for all of us, my dear brothers and sisters. So the principle in Islam that we are all have equal opportunities to excel and to have the highest status in Ghana.

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And there is no room for anyone to say that I am nothing.

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And in fact, those who believe that they are humble, and they do not have the status, biggest status, they might have a bigger opportunity to win in the on the Day of Resurrection.

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So the bottom line, my dear brothers and sisters is don't belittle yourself, don't belittle what you can do. The agenda, as we said, is open for all of us. The highest place in Ghana, is given to those who work hard, not to those who have a certain lineage, not to those who are rich, not to those who have certain status, not to those who are known among the people.

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As simple as this,

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but what can I do?

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I am a senior person, I don't have a big amount of money, maybe I don't have a status. What can I do? My dear brothers and sisters. Many of us think that Allah Allah Allah holds us accountable, according to what we achieve in this dunya so that rich people can spend more so they have a bigger chance to get a higher place in general. Some people think that the leaders they can achieve better than us because they are leaders and they can get higher places in general. A group of poor people hurt out a group of poor people came to the Prophet sallallahu deism and said the others will Allah the story below, the rich people got all the reward. The prophets I seldom said why. Then they said

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Dr. rasulillah jasola. They pray, we pray. They pray, we pray and

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They have surplus they have some amount of money. So they can go for jihad. They can go for healthy they can give sadaqa and we don't have that. And that is positive. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was amazing. He said, shall I tell you about something that you will catch up with them?

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Then they said, really are Sorolla then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to set the tone Allah, what am I doing Allah wa to cap it on Allah after each Salah 33 times or in one narration 25 times. Then the rich people heard about this. They said Are we going to leave this opportunity to the poor people? No, Allah Allah Allah says wafi de la Casa Latina faasil mata nafi soon in our Allah, Allah kiambu daddy Fufu him number 10 knife use on me to say tomuu misc wahida kefalonia Xr, xR t. so light is nothing but a competition between all of us. So the rich people when they heard about the virtues of test beer, and, and and attack the year after this Allah they said we shall do that

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again. Look what happened to the poor people. They went back to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said

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look what happened. The rich people heard about this, and they are now doing it. So now we have no virtue over them. We have no advantage over them they know this. Then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, this is the father of Allah, Allah Allah This is the bounty of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah grants it to whom He wills or he wishes jell O Allah. The point is what my dear brothers and sisters, there is a huge room for all of us.

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For the person who is the caretaker of the masjid. The person who is very poor, the person who is working for the kingdom, the person who is working as a cleaner, the engineer, the doctor, the businessman, the lawyer, the politician, there is a room for all of us to compete for our alpha. So don't belittle yourself

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at all. Allah Allah Allah told us about the story, which I always like to quote, a very richest story, the story of the people of the town, mentioned inshallah to

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Allah Allah Allah sent to them to prophets, and then still they did not believe in those two prophets Allah Allah Allah sent another prophet to them while the diploma

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saloon adoption Allah him recently forget the Buddha says Anna Vitaly, we sent two prophets still they deny them and we send to them a third prophet is still they did not believe Allah Allah Allah said, what I mean oxwall Medina Tierra de esa Allah Amitabha Omar Sadly, this person is nothing he is not a prophet. He's not a scholar. He's not a big man. He's not a leader is not the king. He is not he is not he is not Allah. Allah Allah said Raja Raja.

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It doesn't matter what his status he has in this dunya and this person said what? You're committed to mercy my people listen to the profits. It is no kumanovo don't Romani Allah Buddha de facto Ronnie, wherever he took down How can I don't worship the one who created me? And then at the end of La Jolla and SSP led Colin Jana.

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It was said to him, yes, go to Jana Talia later. komiya Anna moon Bhima ferrania Robbie.

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Look at this. Yes, because of this, Allah Allah Allah granted him a status in Ghana that he wish all his people to share with him or to share him with which means that he got a very good status in general Subhana Allah, he never belittled himself. He never said I'm not a prophet I'm nothing What can I do? Yes, three prophets today did nothing. No, no, no, my dear brothers and sisters, Allah Allah Allah doesn't look at this. Allah Allah Allah Allah looks at your ability versus your effort.

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Please let us remember this equation, the ability versus what versus the effort. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in one Hadith, said aka Dr. Harmon, Miata, Alfa Durham,

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and one reality of sadaqa might be better than 100,000

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The reality of sadaqa

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Hmm, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, a person has to realize to their hands. Yeah, yeah. And he like two deals, he gave one of them as sadaqa. And the other person is so rich, he just grabbed it from his money. Yes. And it happened that this is 100,000

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their hands already out. Now who achieved more?

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According to our maybe calculations and our standards, the person who gave 100,000 rounds, has given what more and more people have benefited from him. Yes, because this is according to our standards. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said no, that might be better than the 100,000 reals out, because the person who gave one real, he has given in fact, what 50% of his wealth, so his ability versus what versus the effort, how much he had and how much effort he had put, not how much he was given. So that's why allegedly Allah does not hold accountable the leader, as he held accountable, the cleaner, the cleaner, he has a lighter, a sub and the leader has a bigger result. So the cleaner has

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more chances to what to win in general. So don't belittle yourself. Subhana Allah, in the Quran, we read also in the story of Musa Allah, Allah, Allah said about the story of Moses when the people were plotting to kill moose Allah His Salah, again was our origin mean after Medina kepada Musa meraviglia, he saved the Prophet mouza just by what a simple statement.

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He went to Musa and he said Moosa, be careful, they are plotting to kill you. So moose, the prophet who is among the main prophets. Yes, musala salam was saved because of a statement from what from a just a normal person who might be one of you, who might think that he is nothing and Luke Subhana Allah. The story of Suleiman Allah He Sarah had either been Emily Milan

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Roma, Sakina, comme la semana con Suleiman would you know,

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the story of Suleiman with his army or big army, they were

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going for an expedition. And then when they were walking, they were about to step over the houses of the ants. I don't know what they are called.

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One on one single and not to No, no, not at all. Did she belittle herself and said, What can I do to save my people? I can't do nothing. This is Suleiman and his army. Just to use

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one statement, she said, Are you hanaman or arms? Be careful, Suleiman is coming go down. So you will not be killed by the army of Selena and they are not aware of you? Because they are not aware of you. So she saved her people just because of what because of a simple statement. Did she or did it belittle herself or itself? No, not at all? Not at all. We know the story of the hood that I don't know. I forget the name of the hood in English. Sorry, the Hood Hood when he won't. When he went to sell a man at a salon? The bird? Yes. When

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they checked the birds. And he said Where is the Hood Hood? I don't see him and then the hood all of a sudden came and said Oh, Suleiman. Yes. Good to come in said that in whenever any update in new or get tomorrow in India.

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I came to you from Sabah. Yes, the kingdom of Sabah. And

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he mentioned that they used to be confirmed by Elias doula. They were not prostrating before Allah, Allah Allah as a result of this Subhanallah My dear brothers and sisters, so the man Alayhi Salam sent to them at that hour, and then the devil came to their queen, and then the Queen came to see a man. And as a result of this, the whole suburb people, big nation, they accepted Islam, and who knows who is now Muslim because of their ancestors. And in fact, all of them became Muslims because of what because of the hood. He never belittle itself.

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Again, my dear brothers and

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Sisters, the message is what? Don't ever belittle yourself. Allah, Allah, Allah told us about the study of Miriam.

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Because Allah, Allah, Allah wants to add to this women as well. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, as we said, gave opportunities for everyone. Male, female, young, old, rich, King, leaner, leader for all of us. Allah, Allah, Allah told us about the study of Maria, and her mother, her mother, she wants to have children. And she wanted to have a child who will be a servant of beta muck, this correlator been in order to laka Murphy, our Taco Bell woman, she wants to do the minimum. And, in fact, it is the maximum for in the sight of Allah, Allah Allah, many of our sisters might be brothers and sisters. She thinks that she has to have a big career. She has to be a big

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doctor, a big engineer, in order for herself to compete with men, in order for healthsouth to prove that women can do something. And the they belittle the role of mothers, their abilities, the role of mothers, and they don't know that the role of a mother is the best role in this life. The most important job is the job of the mother. The most important job, it is not the most important, it is not the job of the leader of the kingdom or of the Amir of it is the job of

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the mother.

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So why many sisters belittle their role? So the

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the mother of Maria, she wanted to have a child in order to work that the child serves vital muchness? Because this is the maximum that she can do.

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Allah, Allah, Allah as a result of this, gave her What? Because he knew of her intention, gave her Whoa, Maria, who is Maria,

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the mother of who have one of the great prophets. So the mother of Maria, when she gave birth to Maria konnikova be nearby to her when he said the Caracal onza. Allah wants to teach her a lesson. Because she thought that Yeah, look, this is a female, and the female is not going to do jihad. She's not going to be one of the leaders. She's not going to do something big. And also she's not going to serve beta Magnus.

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So she thought that she has not achieved much. And then Miriam, what became the mother of Asia Allah Allah, Allah called her she's the only lady mentioned in the Quran as a diva.

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Yes, what Omaha's a diva? Can I a colony,

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that the mother of Isa more or other even with Maria Maria has set up. Even with Madame la Hassan. Allah, Allah Allah wants to tell us a lesson that you need to do the minute you need to do what you can do, even if you think that it is minimum. So when Madame la Sara became pregnant with Isa, yes. And she said, Yeah, like anime to our country.

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She was in a very terrible situation because her people will accuse her of what of fornication of Xena. So, she went, and she was about to give birth. Allah Allah Allah told her, he wants to teach her to teach us to teach the whole of humanity that do whatever you can do the maximum you can do, and I will help you. Yes, well, who is de la cabeza de

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la que Robyn Jenny Merriam, now you are in a terrible state situation or whatever and you need to have some food and you need to relax, etc, etc. all what you need to do is just shake the trunk of the tree. A stop date will drop on you. Money I've never said yeah, Allah, how can I do this? I am a very weak woman in this week in this devastated situation. She did that. And de la jolla. Allah relieved her from the pain. Don't belittle yourself and don't belittle what you can do my dear brothers and sisters. That's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said

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lanta, Tehran, Nananana roofie Shea

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until a Huckabee watch him. Don't belittle any amount of good deeds that you may do. Even if you made your brother in a smiley

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cheerful face and the other Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, at Panera when we shut the camera put a shield between you and the fire of *. How, how? By what? By giving one date as a father, it might be the shield between you and the hellfire. And also the prophets, I send them say to women, don't belittle anything you can do. Even if you give your neighbor some of the food or soup that you have cooked. That might be the reason to help you on the Day of Resurrection. My dear brothers and sisters, we can talk a lot about this important principle in Islam, which is what every single one of us has a role to play.

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Every single one of us has a role to play in the society in the oma in raising up the status of the oma and Subhana Allah, we need every single effort, the oma needs every single effort. Don't sit just like this. And you are bothered about nothing. No, no, that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam said, What mermin como con 30 over a year Whoa, big pain. Let me stop let me stop. So because if you see something wrong, try to change it by your hand. If you can't, then by your tongue if you can't, then by your heart and this is the weakest position of EMA which means what which means do something don't accept to see wrong things around you. And you just sit and

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watch because you believe yourself. You think that you are nothing no, every single one has something to do. And the other hand is which is amazing Hadith the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said kulu Sula, kulu sudama minima, equilibrium and topography shamcey Allah sada colo Salama means In brief, every single joint Yes, every single joint you have, you have to give a sadaqa for it from Hannah law. In one Narayana Boudicca said jasola How can we do that? We don't have money to do that. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there are good obeying Athena in a sadhaka you reconcile between two people who have a conflict is a sadaqa. You help a person to ride his camel is

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a sidecar. You left his good is a sidecar and honorable maluca enjoining the goodness of sidecar forbidding the evil is a sidecar. In the other Hadith the prophet SAW Selim says Roku,

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Roku, Roku tiny little soda every single test we have taught me Dr. Lee is a sadhaka do something my dear brothers and sisters do something and a conclusion never belittle yourself. While law he you can do a lot and a larger law Allah is so generous. And Allah Allah Allah promised all of us in Allah Allah you do a German accent Allah, any single thing that you do a lot the Lord Allah will not let it go waste in fact, Allah Allah Allah received it in his right hand and increases that for you. So you see it when you really need every single has an hour on the Day of Resurrection. Don't belittle yourself, my dear brothers and sisters.

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