Sulaiman Moola – He Loves Allah and Allah Loves Him Too

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the irony of man being perceived as a whore and the importance of having a good relationship with Allah to avoid disappointment and loss. They also mention a social media campaign targeting people to have a good relationship with Allah, including a series of messages, advertisements, and a woman named Hope. The group discusses various topics such as the award of the Social Security Administration, the award of the United States Congress, and the award of the Social Security Administration, as well as the success of Hope in winning a prize.
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R Rahman r Rahim rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad.

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One of the ironies of human nature is that at times we invest so much energy with people who do not really like us or reciprocate that love to us. And we are somewhat withheld and averse towards people who are fond of us and do so much for us. mm Shafi Rahim Allah said women are shatavari and to him, woman to hit boo boo out to read the havenly insane Eva, you read with it like, it is part of the misfortune of a person and to hit by that you love someone woman to hit your head. But the person whom you love he or she loves someone else out to read or hire an intern or who you read, and you intend benefiting a person, and that very person intends inflicting harm upon you. And people

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would say just back off and leave him and move on or leave her and move on. And why would you take a loan and why would you beg and beseech and humble yourself? So this is part of the irony of man that at times, you know what? He gets veiled and blinded by different motives that he continues pursuing. Now I just want to focus or divert the lenses and speak about our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah is independent. So Allah doesn't need a relation with us. He is summit summit means and there is not an explanation. There's a translation. And this is where we appreciate the profound nature of the Arabic language that at times you need to have a sentence to translate the word in

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Arabic. So if you open the dictionary of summit, you will find it means a bean who does not need any one at any time yet everybody needs him at every moment. This is a translation not a covenant, not an explanation. Right? Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What up bouken Ronnie Yo, lo Rama? Wow, your Lord is self sufficient, yet merciful. Anybody who is independent and self sufficient? Generally, it breeds a sense of arrogance. I don't need you. You need me. You need the employment. You need the perks. You need the privilege. You need the favor. So you greet me you beg me I don't need to do I don't I don't need to humble myself before you. But Allah says what a beautiful honey

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your Lord is self sufficient, though Rama, Rama He is merciful and kind in Arabi. Rashi moon will do sure anybody's salams sentiments are communicated in the 12 Jews of the Quran. He said, Verily, my lord is merciful and loving and interested in earth money it is written, that my lord is merciful. He will forgive you for your sin, but then he will love you thereafter. He will love you. You know if you had an argument with someone, and then you apologize. Best case scenario is he forgives you and that's about it. It's not going to it's it still has a bit of a reservation the relation is not the best of it. Because there is a bit of a tension in the air etc. No, my Lord will pardon you and

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He will love you. And then Allah says man, Attorney MC, I tell you to hold her voila, whoever comes walking to me, I will leap towards him. Obviously it's metaphorical and it's not literal. That means I will embrace you on your shear and devil of reformation. So that being said, My focus in my brief message today is how many of us Aspire you to have a good relationship with our Allah. I want to be close to my Lord I want to have a personal relation with my lord I want to have a bond with my Allah. I want to know that my Allah loves me later. Cata who will hire to marry euro will at Qatar bar will move the Babu when a lady veiny verbena kurama rubini ouabain ally and Amina Hala boo for

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INSA hum Inglewood Duvall, kulu Hey, you know what? The Torah the Torah boo, the Prophet says, Oh, my Lord, I wish my relation with you is sweet. A person pursuing an illicit relationship, just a smile from his beloved, just a bouquet of flowers, just a chocolate just a little message, just an acknowledgement, just a hug. He or she is you know what? elated, ecstatic, overwhelmed. They are so happy and excited. Just a little acknowledgement. Oh my Lord, I want you to be pleased whether later, later Kotaku will hire to marry and when

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you are pleased, even if the others are unhappy with me, you know, that's not going to bother me. For instance, I mean, canwood Falcon Lucia, you know, if you are happy, then everything is accomplished. And if you are unhappy that nothing has been accomplished. So there is this occasion and campaign of hybrid that takes place Abubakar the Alanna has the bending in his hand, and a battle is fought and unfortunately there is no

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You know, penetration, and it's it just ends at night on both sides, there's just no victory. And then the banner and the flag is given to say the law passed on to another Sahabi. And again, there's just no victory and you know, nothing really takes place. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, Give me the banner. And because night has fallen, both armies retreat, they take shelter, they, you know, gather themselves and prepare themselves for a fresh launch the following day. And he says, No one yet other than Roger learn, you will learn how to love who you love and what else to do. Tomorrow I will give the banner to a person the flag to a person who loves Allah and His

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Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but Allah and His Messenger sallallahu wasallam loved him just so much. Both sides. This is the this is the accolade that the messenger says and confers upon the prospect of flagbearer. So they retire to bed, but he just alerts them that tomorrow, the banner will be given to an individual who enjoys the following privilege. You will learn how Warren Sula who he loves the line is misaligned. He was Hello. We all claim that. But the profits alarm goes on to say when you hit boo Allahu wa Sulu and align his Navy sallallahu wasallam loved him. The narration goes on to say for battle comb the entire group of Sahaba go to sleep. Each one of them

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you don't reboot Yahoo behind the Shut up. In his mind his running his thinking is imagining he's assuming he's fantasizing. If you're hoping that you're going to you know what to win some prize and probably a draw will be in your favor. And you've got some early hints that potentially you might be the winner in tomorrow's draw. At night Your mind is running. I wonder what's the first prize it could be a handsome amount. If I get X amount of money. I'll do this. I'll do that. And the narration says that the Sahaba retired to bed in their camps, waiting for the sun to pierce through and for the full of, you know for the crack of dawn in the flesh of dawn, hoping that this honor

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would be given to me.

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The Alanna said madam and me to America to Illa de Leone in my entire life I never aspired for leadership. But that day. Anyway, the night passes the long night comes the morning and

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it starts to fall for him. They stand in the rows, what am I let adult do him they are there in the numbers. But to whom they tiptoe and they stand up. It's a nail biting moment. It's a nail biting moment. Why? What will my words and what will my sentiments sometimes we invest so much. And I often say at times, we need to have an unpleasant encounter with a fellow human for us to motivate us to have a good relation with Allah. It's only when humans disappoint us and we realize how much we invest in humans and how they can launch and teach and forsake and abandon and be unfaithful to us. Then you realize that you know what, that Allah is the only beam to whom you rely and trust and he

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is there for one and all and that is where you invest all your time and your effort and your resources. So there is this pin drop silence was Shaka su Guna Soto Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then comes the blasted voice of the messenger sallallahu wasallam piercing through the waves of silence, and he says a Nally Ubuntu a Vitaly, where is it really a loved one and who and they say oh Prophet sallallahu wasallam. His eye has been injured, and he's experiencing difficulty in his eyes, and the messenger sallallahu wasallam philosophy. And he that's the narration, he puts his blesses saliva in the eye of a needle the alarm or angle, and then he gently rubs it in the eye

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of the pupil of the eye of the body of the alarm. And the narration say that he was instantly recovered, in fact that I became brighter in vision than the other eye. And this honor was conferred upon Satan and he and then he goes and yes to her love where Allah, Allah grants him victory and the Muslims are victorious. What about whom kariba in Surah, Mohammed in the 26 Jews and we gave them a closed victory. scholars of Tafseer say firsthand kariba is favored. That is why say Nirmala de olana used to say I envy it or the alarm for three things Allah has given me a lot and I'm grateful. But I'm green with envy for three number one dessert Whoo hoo Fatima, the honor and the privilege of

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marrying Fatima. rhodiola is something Allah gave to him. Number two should at work aloha all the private doors and entrances and an access to Mr. The number we sell a lot he will sell them will close but the access of say dinner earlier the door was left open and the third is up.

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Who are via Yamaha given the privilege and the honor of holding the banner and thereby qualifying for the rich accolade of being the Beloved of a lion isn't obese and alive It was a privilege given to say the knowledge of the Allahu anhu We ask Allah to give us the desire to instill within us the passion and the ambition to become the Beloved of Allah subhanho wa Taala for Surely if that is accomplished, and we've become the Beloved of Allah omega Cooney level men who are not able to let the lotto win how this will lead Elena will help the lady no

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matter who the one who is a beloved to Allah, from Abu alpha to let the law to Allah, then he has an army that will never face defeat, will Harris will lead the lion arm and he has a guardian that will never be heedless, will have the lead in your belly. Then he has a guide that will never deviate in any way. May Allah make us his true beloved's.

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