Forgotten Etiquettes #29 Don’t Crowd Me

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The transcript describes a etiquette that is associated with Islam. The etiquette involves sending someone as a worker or as a member of society, and anyone can do so. The etiquette is also discussed, including the use of animals as carriers and the potential for privacy issues if not addressed.

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad that I learn, learn, acquire, improve, enhance your life fillet Sal Marula Lima because nobody is born learned. This is the stanza from a long poem of Imam Shafi Rahim Allah. Yet again Imam Abu Hanifa once said to his students, Abu Yusuf, who is his distinguished student, Abu Yusuf Rahim, Allah, mon Vana, and now who yesterday and it's the unknown funnily enough, say, if you think I know it all and I'm too smart, then you should cry tears of blood, because we all there to learn to improve to better ourselves. Well, today we share with you an amazing etiquette. If you send someone as a Korea, beat

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your child, be it your sibling or anyone. What is the etiquettes of this person, this envoy this messenger the Surya when He delivers the note or conveys the message, is there any etiquette that needs to be adhered to here? Well, the Quran gives us guidelines in this regard as well. Allahu Akbar. So in Jos 19, Chapter 27 Animal the colony of ends, verse 28, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the time when Satan has today man Alayhis Salam had employed Hood Hood the bird who as a courier to deliver the letter and the note to the Queen of Saba either have Biggie Tabby had that Take this letter of mines for LT la him and drop it by them meaning the Queen and her you know

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ministers etc. So matter Willa and home, then move aside move aside under this idea in Merryfield Quran Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah highlights that Islam impresses upon us the adherence of social etiquette, even if it is the court or the setting of non Muslims, then to Islam governs us by good values governs us by good values. So yesterday, man Alayhi Salatu Salam is tasking a creature a bird Hood Hood. But he says to the bird, when you drop the letter, move aside how often a person comes and he conveys a message and then he crowds you or invades you or imposes on you and it becomes so uncomfortable. You've been tasked to convey the message conveyed the message and step aside. If

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you're waiting for a reply, move aside, and if you have to merely convey and move on then move on. Don't invade the privacy of others.