Sulaiman Moola – Malice And Jealousy

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The fears of poverty and sickness drive many people to feel the greatest fear of the virus, and the negative impact of jealousy on society, including depression, jealousy, and the loss of privacy. The negative impact of negative behavior on people's lives, such as embarrassment and hesitation, on their relationships and relationships, is discussed. The use of jealousy in religion and religion, as well as negative behavior, such as incest and punished death, is also discussed. The importance of patience and avoiding negative behavior is emphasized.
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In Al Hamdulillah in Alhamdulillah Hina no one is telling you when to stop if you don't want me to behave when they wanna rubella human Cerulean fusina woman, Dr. Marina Mei de la, la la, la la vida de la la ilaha illallah wa de hula Sri Kala wanna shadow Anissa de la Maulana Muhammad Abu hora pseudo ameba, Coca Cola la Mota Baraka da da da da da well for corneal Hamid Bella Humana shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, wala Tata, man Noma for Ba ba ba ba ba Kumara bam. literature in Makkah Sabu Nisa, maka saben what Allah has been properly in Allah, how can it be cliche in Lima, McAllen Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is very new Allah Kava, Kava eg conville kita man 13 Nicola

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de Amati Massoud aka masala honey sada.

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Honorable Ana microm respected brothers and elders if a survey has to be conducted on an every demand beyond religious grounds across the globe, if a survey has to be conducted on an average man, beyond religious grounds across the globe, to ascertain the fears that haunt him the most, by and large, you will find two things that will feature commonly and extensively there is the fear of poverty and the fear of sickness, the fear of poverty and the fear of sickness. If we look into the hadith of Nivea creme de la Valley he was solemn, which is a reflection of the fears of Nabi sallallahu wasallam. Then you will find very ironically, while poverty remains our greatest fear of

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Allah, his greatest fear was well,

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while poverty remains the primary fear of a man Today, nearly Sam says My heart has many fears with regards to my own Ma. But if I may isolate and single out the greatest fear that I have the divine to give me a bit dunya aku Maha for Allah Mati the greatest fear that haunts the heart of your nebby a sort of fee him would imagine that there must be abundance of wealth and there must be absolute effluence for every person that is my greatest fear. Then the Navy of Allah outlines why this is his greatest fear. Why only Viva la familia de hacer Dune when wealth will become common like this, then jealousy will be part of it, then jealousy will be part of it. And when jealousy follows with

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affluence failure alone, then rest assured they will coral fight are unique in one another also,

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Han says a precautionary measure the nephew of Allah has said in the hurry that I've quoted before you instantly know Allah. He can build Hitman, do your metas secretly find Nicola de Amati Massoud every favorite man is targeted with the genocide. Every favorite man is targeted with the genocide. And the VNA tsunami has also said he jacoba has said save yourself from jealousy for enlasa akula Santa Kamata akula, narrow hottub that jealousy will destroy your good deeds just as fun you will destroy wood just as fine you will burn wood in the very same way Genesee will destroy your good deeds navionics Serato Sam says in the event of Bazar de la come down to Miami cabela con is the

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sins and devices of the previous nations f creeped into my oma when I say this I refer to two sons primarily Alibaba one has to do number one melas and number two jealousy. Then the Vla Salaam says if I may like and if I may liken melas to something physical. Well, Baba Oh, he'll highly one What about Bob? Oh, he'll Hi, Lisa. Hi, Lisa too. Sorry, what I can Chanukah to Dean. And Melis is like a razor like a razor. But then the vlsm says don't get me wrong. It won't shave your hair. Actually it will shave your EMR No.

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It won't shave your hair it will shave your emotion away. And it is Melis after which comes jealousy. It is menace after which comes jealousy. While law as long as they is melisande jealousy in our hearts, even brothers are not brothers. And believe me when malleson jealousy comes out even strangers become brothers. Hence the Quran says one as Anna Murphy pseudo remains in Lin one as Anna Murphy pseudo Rahim means killing one another Surah rimutaka Bini Allah make us among the fortunate people that will be privileged with Jana. prior to entering into gender there will be two springs people will bring from one spring and then it will cleanse all the spiritual melodies it will free

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them of jealousy, of pride of arrogance of

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animosity of rivalry so a person would literally see his brother higher than him in general but not harbored jealousy against him. Allah says when we will remove this one and then they will become through brothers, then they will become through brothers Allah Suri mata karbolyn soufiane Mariotti alone, who told his son Yamuna jacoba said in Nagoya tobyhanna figa coupler in Yatta Yatta Yatta we are my son save yourself from jealousy because it will become apparent in you first before it becomes apparent in your arrival. It was become apparent in you first before it becomes apparent in your rival. And for the summer Kundera Lima, whom Allah has written laser Shea Amina, Sheree a ver

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ruminal hazard Leanna who yes La la la la CD, Aruba, Roku bottin cabela s de la la la sudima crew one

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amongst all spiritual illnesses, the worst of which is jealousy, for the simple reason that it will bring about four difficulties and tragedies upon the jealous person prior to harming his rival in any way. So the person that is why someone said, I have not seen any oppressor who resembles an oppressed person like a jealous man, because while he is a victim, or while he is a victim to jealousy, he is also a victim he suffers more than the rival and I will explain it now. What is the explanation he says Ramon lion kata, the first thing that grabs a jealous man his unending depression. So he is suffering more before before the rival can suffer. He is suffering, what is his

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suffering, constantly trying to curtail the progress of others to suppress the popularity of others to suppress the honor of others. And it needles him It hurts him It bothers him. So every time he's trying to institute measures to suppress others, but now it's not within his reach. It's not within his reach. So he suffers depression, he suffers more than that person more than his rival suffers. Let's use an example in the commercial world. I mean, this has happened in rivalry and jealousy in the commercial world is very common. In fact, I must mention May Allah save me when one in all otherwise it is written in key terms that jealousy is most commonly found among scholars in learned

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people. It affects the learned before it affects the name and that is why money kidney Tina Rahmatullah used to say Shahada Toluca, mokopuna frequently say Allah Shahada to bother him Allah about that I will accept the evidence of a scholar openly provided it is not regarding another scholar. If one scholar if one learned person gives evidence regarding another one, I'm afraid it will be contaminated with jealousy.

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So what does he say? Ramon Lyon, Kati, an Indian depression. A person is a king in his business. Let's use the example of textile. Allah has given him so much he's an export import. He's an absolute authority in his field. And yet another person opens up a small shop and he feels intimidated. He feels threatened if he's threatened by this person, you're on a small scale where his income is minimal. His his scope is minimal. You know, the Quran speaks very beautiful about those two disputants, who presented in the court of Santa Ana de vida de Salatu was salam wa Taala. Canada.

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Well, hello, Canada.

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If someone will rob that within Islam had divided his days, one day was exclusive for about it one day with his family and one day he would resolve the disputes of people the day way he would devote to him about it, no person could come close to him. There was a tight presence of security around him. And that day would be exclusive to the worship of Allah. One day he was engaged in the borders of Allah when suddenly two people came barging if the server will matter of this scale, the wall is the hawala the fuzzy I mean home, when they entered like this year that really some became very nervous. And he you know, he became suspicious that perhaps these people have some, some hidden

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agenda and some sinister motive behind them coming because this is not a day that they should be. So they come with him and they said, I don't feel costs money bah, bah, bah, bah when Foxconn banana bill, we just have a method that we need you urgently to resolve. We are disputing in our partnership here. We are partners and the one of them came forward and he said has money Ba ba ba ba ba ba in my partner has done injustice to me in our business and our trade. What is it in essence it entails echo the words of the Quran, in da da da da da da

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da da da da da da your stands my brother. He has 99 sheep not actually refers to a female SPC meaning us. He has 99 us when he now

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I get one wakita and I have one view. So he has 99. I only have one, but he's so jealous that he doesn't allow me to have this one. He's trying to get this one from me and make his 100.

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Now, we might frown upon this, we might find it strange. But let's look into our lives. Are we not victims of the very same thing that another man starts off on a small scale, instead of encouraging him promoting him helping him we try to suppress him.

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So what does he say for Karla filmi? How was Danny feel? He thought he's trying to get this one somehow manipulate and prove that this one also belongs to him. And then the dilemma I face is he's more eloquent than me in speech. So if he argues, he will convince you that this one belongs to him also. So he is more profound in his articulation. He's more wealthy in his possession. I have one little one and he's not happy to see me Oh, he is not happy to see me only one sheep also. So the first impression that will give a jealous man is how he will try his level best to suppress the prosperity of others. Number two, mercy button law your HR Allah is forever in pain in difficulty

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for which there is no reward. Number three, yes, kotwali yurakucho. Allah is permanently displeased with him. And the worst of all is to inequality Abu Tofig, Allah then divinely deprived this man have the ability of obeying the law. He is divinely now deprived. He is divinely deprived nabire salatu salam was sitting with the Sahaba and suddenly he just lifted his gaze. And then he paused and he said, Listen, he actually ran a command on Manhattan for Georgia. domina genda. Can you see from that direction the next person that will walk in this gathering from there? I promise he is a fellow of Jenna Sava says I will you know we raised our eyeballs in anticipation in anxiety. Who is

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this person? I mean, what a presence what honor what a privilege and suddenly Fatah Judo mineral and SAR. One Ansari man came in for the woman who's in a water dripping from his beard. Corolla kya de

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la FEA * holy in his shoes in his left hand, very simple in his appearance. He came in he sat down knowing not what the viola said regarding him for Salah he greeted and he sat down, everybody looking at him and when him admiring him, the gathering terminated this person left. The next day again we sit in front of makan Amina lava. The nappy of Allah makes the very same statement and no coincidence the very young Sahabi comes again. It happened for three days. Mr. Ignacio lon who says my aspiration, my anxiety, I could not contain it. I excused myself I kept the gentlemen I said, you know what I'm looking for shelter you think you can give me three nights to stay at your place? And

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the only reason why I wanted to ascertain what was outstanding in the life of this man. What was so unique about him that then a B of Allah said, so I asked him for him right and turini If you give me shelter, I would like to spend three days he said, Come home. Anyway, I got to his house. Assuming that perhaps the night will be in touch with the day you will be in fasting. The day will be in Salah, but to my utter surprise film Yahoo yaku Moomin Alicia, he slept throughout the night. He slept throughout the night. I was somehow disappointed because I know who I will acknowledge even kalevala Hiroshi Corolla Tada. I found whenever he would toss a turn at night, he would take a last

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name and this is something we should learn also. In other words, tahseen Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah wife tahseen I admired him, but I thought this is not that action that could privilege him for Jenna. After three days ahead. leps for llama Marathi fella. What came to an after the ramen? Oh, and I was on the verge of trivializing his piety. And I said, Yeah, Allah, we have I come, I tapped him and I said, Listen, my brother let me divulge why I have come here. You know, the three days you attended the gathering of Nebula Salaam, in three days in succession, he assured your entry into gender. You want to be kind to disclose what is that secret by virtue of which you enjoy this

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privilege? He said mahu a llamar. ita. You seen how I love I have nothing more than this. I have nothing to hide. philomela will later I was about to leave Danny. He said come here are. You see this? You want to know? I said please tell me this is the formula to gender. This is okay. Listen to me. Ronnie la dee da da da Minal Muslim, ina Hassan one audition, Allah say you're in love. I swear by Allah. I don't have much actions as per se. However, Allah be my witness. Never has my heart harbored jealousy, or malice against any Muslim in relation to the effluence and the privileges Allah has afforded him. And we've now said here, let the beloved big one here let the law lutie This

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is the very thing that made you escalate the stages. And this is the very thing I know I am devoid off. I am devoid of nearly salami held the hand of Ennis and he said Yanis * tatata

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Don't say What does well is a fatal because shortly after the middle Muslim in Africa, I wanna see if you can do me a favor. Let me use a medical phrase. If you can monitor your heart monitor, not your sugar, not your cholesterol. If you can monitor your heart in the morning and the evening is the word of God, do me a favor, monitor your heart in his data and don't see what to say. When a Sufi tell because it's shortly after the middle muslimeen if you can monitor your heart in the morning in the evening, and you are you know, you are confident that it does not harbor jealousy against any person. Then Rest assured and as you have revived one of my greatest teachings, and you

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have done that you love me you love me You with me, internet. You will love me You with me in Jannah nebulae Salatu was Salam Tony Sahaba lesson my Sahaba do me a favor. Don't carry the tails of other people to me. Hi, fi con Wanda Sally Masada. So when I make my presence before you, my heart doesn't think otherwise regarding you. But if you come in tell me this about that person, then it's a natural reaction the next time I face demand somehow I'm going to be skeptical in my approach in my method, so do me a favor don't convey the tales of others to me.

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On evening, Abdullah

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Abdullah one day went to visit further lipner mohalla. So further lipner Mohammed have asked for some advice he said let me share three advisors with you quickly. Number one iacobelli refrain from being OC Allahu be save yourself from priorities the first century which Allah was disobeyed. For example, not in Milan, he cut his judo. Judo in LA he believes that the devil refuse out of pride number two iacobelli cable iacobelli cable for in noho arthralgia demeanor agenda and save yourself from save yourself from greed. Because it was as a result of greed that Allah tala took Adam out of Jannah are them in hawala salat wa salam were taken out of Jannah. And while I'm speaking about

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this, let me just digress for a minute and share. We are in about the new legislation to encompass the gay marriages and to encompass this and that someone told me a very nice thing. He said, look at the pattern of God. When God created he created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

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When God created, he created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. We find what he's featuring in the media nonetheless. What do you say is save yourself from greed. It took them out of Jenna ye aka well hustle for in nama katella Avenue Adam aka Hina Casa de who, then that our them son killed his fellow brother when jealousy came into him when jealousy came into him. Allah microm you have written different stages of jealousy, the worst of which is and yet Amanda Zavala, and now we're in Canada, Yun de la cuchara. To where you passionately desire that the next person be deprived of what Allah has given him, even if I do not have it, but this man must not have it in this is the worst of

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all stages, that the next person must be deprived, he must enjoy the privileges the honors that Allah has given him, that honor must come to me that respect must come to me. Number two, the second one, as a man as a while and now madly in love, but he feels you desire that the next person must be deprived so that I can have it so he must divorce his wife so I can enjoy that woman or he must go into insolvency so I can get into the market, I can seize the opportunity.

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And what this regard we speak about the incident of Satan I use a valley his Salatu was Salam. It is such an evil sickness that even the direct descendants of a Navy were not protected. Imagine the direct offspring of Satan I jacoba is Salatu was salam, the children of nav, the brothers of nav, what was the what was the jealousy? What were they unhappy with? If Carlota usofa

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ella Amina Amina wanna know Spa in Luffy balani movie in our father has focused his love on Yusuf and his brother Binyamin whereas we are talented people, these small brothers are more a liability than an asset to our father, but strange our father focuses his love on them, we need to get rid of this use of what your vehicle yakugaku a vehicle. Now this is this is how the mind of a jealous person works. He will not for a moment think that this man enjoys what he enjoys because Allah has favored him. So let me inculcate those good qualities so luck and privilege me also No no, his mind thinks in the opposite direction. Let me strike him. Let me deprive him. Let me let me see how I can

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curtail his progress so that I can secure it for myself. So what they decide they come to the Father cutting a long story short, the Quran paints the picture in detail. Yeah abana

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Amana yourself. Yeah, Ivana

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moluccana Amana, Allah use of our Father, what is the method that you don't trust us in the metal of use of when Allah moulana see when we are His well wishes, why don't you release him and send him with us we will go and play. After all, he's our brother or sister who might wanna send him with us tomorrow. He or he will eat really sleep for what are your thoughts on what you love and he will play. We're in Laguna happy though, and we will take divine care of our brother. So Jacobi son was very skeptical. Number one, he was young, his mother was late, and use of a jacoba salami realized in relation to the vision of this giant that there was a bright future. So he told him, Listen, my

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son, I'm a prophet, and I know how prophets are nurtured by Allah. There is a bright future don't relate your vision to your brothers. But a child Allah knows best he goes and divulge his that secret to his brothers. In the end jacoba ceram release his use of First he expresses his grief his concern, but then he says okay, you can take him. So the brothers very happily that they've convinced the father they take use of they take use of the tooling is with us. It comes in to rewire in front of the Father. They carry him showing a spirit of unity. No sooner they were out of the sight of the Father genese the children of an abbey, the brothers of an abbey, they drop this little

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child whose mother was late and they start kicking him. They start kicking him. So he pleads for his life. Oh, my brothers, you are my bloods? This is not what I expected from you. So what they do they snap him after all you seen stars in moon, what happened to your stars in your moons? You had great, great visions. They kick him, then they start disputing amongst themselves. What should we do? Let's put an end to him. So they say oh, Cutolo use of Aqua to lower yourself. Come let's just kill him. Yeah, and that's the end of use of then we know Father loves us. And then like the devil always comes in he consults you. What's the corner member of the Coleman Sally hain? That after all, you

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can repent? Do this and it's over. If you won't send who will? Who will ALLAH forgive? So you can always repent. So why don't we proceed disputing should we kill him or not all as a result of jealousy?

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One of the brothers the eldest brother, whose name was Yahuwah he said no, no, don't be so merciless. Let's do this. Let's drop him in a well palapa el amin home Lata Cutolo Yosef while poofy via petty joke, let's drop him in a well, perhaps some caravan will come pick him and you know forsake Him and abandon him. At least we haven't killed him. Anyway. They decide they drop him in the well. Then what they do they play on the fear of the Father. They drop him alone. His mother is late. His father his age, he's a young person, but as a result of jealousy, they kill a wolf they take the shirt of abuse of stain it in the false blood of this world and they come back to their

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father pretending they come back to the watch Ah Oh Allah come easy. He beat them in catnip. They come back what what false blood stained on the shirt of use of and they say oh Father, indeed your fear is a reality the wolf had devout use of but after all, he was a Navy. He looked at that shirt and he said what an intelligent wolf. What an intelligent wolf we didn't even tear the shirt of my son. It only stained it was blood I'm convinced this is your ploy I leave the meta to Allah brothers to cut it long story short on a subtle note on a disguise note and this is what my will start one day told me remember, on a certain note, Allah will give you the greatest prosperity at the very

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hands of those that have a jealousy against you. So why they are planning your destruction on a disguise? No, they are paving your prosperity. If you objectively analyze who benefited use of the most were the very ones who dropped him in the well. From there he was taken by a caravan brought into Egypt auction brought into the palace ultimately into the kingdom and he became the king till finally Allah project in the life of those very brothers they came out their father and they said your avana stuff in lonato new bond Oh Father, really we thought we could suppress use of but what heights electric into today we come in, confess our wrong and ask Allah to forgive us. So this is

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the harms of jealousy. I share with you another incident. Allah speaks about our own in the Quran. If you don't know who qarun was, he was the cousin of Musa alayhis salaam, his father in musala. son's father were brothers. That's not all. Number two, Ghana half even with Torah, he had memorized the entire Torah. Number three when Musa alayhis salaam took 70 people to mount tour to be privileged with communicating with Allah qarun was amongst those 70 people understand the privileges given to him. And in the previous times to memorize the divine scripture was an exclusive feature to the prophets. Not like in this oma way. Alhamdulillah young young children can memorize the Quran

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and agilone Fie sudo Rahim. But jealousy grip he is hot that why is my cousin Musa a prophet and my cousin Harun is a prophet and I am not a prophet. So he always used to moan and groan and he used to question Allah

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decision in this year, I aha suddenly Allah and Muhammad,

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Allah Allah

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Leanna, coulomb todo de Lima, guava a jealous person over what Allah has given me. Do you know to whom you have shown disregard, not to me my brother, but you've actually frowned on the decision of Allah, you are unhappy with what my ally has decided for me or for him.

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or her suddenly Allah and Muhammad, Allah Manasa. So anyway, he was always trying to throw to curtail the progress of Musa and what Allah had given musala Salatu was Salam.

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One day he came to an immoral woman, and this is what happens to a jealous person. He came to an immoral woman on the bus and he says Do me a favor. The next time when Moosa stands up and he addresses the congregation in full public view, you stand up and you accuse Him and you tell him a Moses stop giving lectures when you slept with me. Now that's all as a result of jealousy that suppress the men cause it for him how many times don't we a person proposes the proposal is accepted and then they get some messages? No, no, don't get your daughter married. Yeah, you mad that's an evil man. Don't get involved. There is a rotten person. You deserve someone better than that. Just

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to come and jeopardize the marriage of someone else. masala is Salatu was Salam stood up. This woman stood up and he said oh people Musa is given big big lectures but he has slept with me. Now when you play in with the law, you play when you're playing with a nebby the force of Allah is behind that nebby musala Salatu was some terminated his lecture. He got to the site, perform to record Salah stayed in set it up. Then he stood up and then he said well send me another certain fee de la luna Baba, people heard a loud scream and the O of prophethood was transmitted. He said fear Elian speak a woman Have I ever come close to your caste and nasty glance on you that you accused me? She said

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Forgive me Moosa qarun provoked me because of his jealousy. Musa fell on such that he said Allah if I'm your nebby Then show me how you take revenge. Allah said Musa the land is at your command. He said Allah was at my command and solo qarun focus of NaVi dari hill or the earth split in he started sinking into hit the Earth. The Vla Sam says he will continue sinking till the Day of Tiamat, a man who had memorized the Torah who was the cousin of Musa who was the cousin of Harun who spoke to Allah but as a result of jealousy died is a coffee and everybody what witness what had happened to him. So this is the outcome of jealousy. This is the outcome of jealousy. I can share with you so

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many more incidents, the jealous people was it not as a result of jealousy that they even made? Blackmagic conviviality. Salatu was Salam. And what painted it cotrona Vla Salam. At times he started forgetting he became uneasy. And then subsequently, Allah then revealed the verses of surah Fela in Surah. Nas in which Allah expressed the cure of Nepali Salatu was Salam wamena sharena fossati, Filner occurred to strengthen the effect of the black magic the blue into those notes. And then when these verses were revealed, the Vla cinema read them. And the Vla Sam told them to open it and as it was open Nebula Sam felt a sense of looseness as if she was coming out of shackles. And so

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behind Allah like the poet says, is spirit Allah hustle, hustle differ in sobre la katella who is where Allah has a de la casa de for in sobre kakatiya Whoa, listen, be patient on the jealousy of a jealous man. I promise you your patience will kill him. Be patient on Be patient on the jealousy of a jealous nothing else will finish him up for in a sub Baraka katella. Who, if there's anything that will put an entry is your patience, your perseverance, when Allah cured maybe le Salam this person's name was levied and his daughters who collectively made black magic on nabire salam. So I Shara the Atlanta Sedona Viola Why don't you expose them Why don't you expose them over over La La via a Salam

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said Why should I expose them when my Allah has secured me? Why should I expose them whatever I got to do with them, my Allah has secured me. So brothers, this is my message, patience on whatever let us let us see that. The Quran says lion for romanova known eliminates a lot of people being silly. If you come with a clean heart, then Allah is ready to accept you. May Allah Allah purify our hearts. May Allah clean our hearts. Just as my opening comments were that the greatest fear of every person is poverty and sickness. Imam ismailia rahima whom Allah says right to our vision, I see one villager cut Bala

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Bala camino hombre de mi, Trina, Santa, and he was 120 years old. I admired demands help. I said Subhan Allah Tell me Uncle, what is the formula of your good health? He said tarak to Lhasa for Bucky to

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my heart does not harbor jealousy against any individual. Because of that I enjoy divine health. I don't know what is sickness. I don't know what is calamity. If there are physical causes to sicknesses, let me tell you the

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Spiritual implications also, if one of the causes of our sicknesses are in relation to our diet in what we eat, let us not forget these evil qualities also it affects our life in today's even physical evidence they say a person who enjoys a healthy matrimonial relation after a surgery statistics prove that he is recovering we will be faster than a person who is going through crisis in his marriage like colada with a Katara Allah is Allah to ha Illa de la de Caminha setting, there is a hope to put an end to every form of hatred and malice, with the exception of dead malice, the result of which is jealousy. May Allah Allah save us from jealousy, clean our hearts, that we die in

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a manner that our hearts are totally cleaned that we can enjoy the neighborhood of nearly Salaam wa to dawn on me

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