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None kondalilla in a country la

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de la

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fusina say Dr. Medina, Leon de la la la la

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la de la la la ilaha illallah wa

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ala molana Mohammed Abu pseudo

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along with the Baraka with Donna

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Ponyo Jamie Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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bardhan shoes and

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for doctrina Halima Filipina Halima use the hobbit you know who masala was sold

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for so sure.

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Nala Hakuna Matata Luna subito recording Wu sallallahu ala alihi wa sallam ladies Amina Madhava

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Eden okoma. colonias. Salatu was salam, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and held his Islam by its very nature and temperament advocates and promotes peace and reconciliation between with one's Friend or foe, a lot of police that makes mentioned in the Quran, what in general is selfish enough Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, that if the enemies at any stage inclined towards peace, they know Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam you also inclined towards peace? What do you do if the ruca innospec Allah and if you are afraid that perhaps they will deceive you under the pretext of peace, then put your trust in Allah Allah will be sufficient for you. Amongst the many contentious issues which the

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Western media ideally must interpret to air to the anti Islamic campaign is the critical issue of jihad. Among the many issues with the ideally must interpret the quotation of Satan Aryan or the olana, which appears in a letter to Dalia very clearly illustrates the Muslim viewpoint on the issue of jihad. Secondary Romani used to say, naka de Kandahar boo boo Lita manana Allah amoraim, Dr. Omen and tozawa Dina woman and whenever the Muslims fought a legitimate war justified war, it was for one of two reasons. Either the land was being invaded or the deen was being trampled. Otherwise, the Quran says for any

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fellow McCarthy lucuma alko in a coma salam, Sonata Allahu Allah subhanaw taala that if the enemies withdraw, and they surrender, and they make peace, the option then all Muslims, Allah has not given you any legitimate grounds to wage war against them. Now very seldom dispatch a group of Sahaba in a particular direction. They were about to smack the enemy when one amongst them stood up and he says all Muslim, please do not hit me I'm a Muslim, and he recited the kanima sabhas debated amongst themselves is this man genuinely a Muslim or easy reciting and pronouncing and articulating the kalama to protect himself? After much debate, they decided that no, this man is leading the caravan

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with ulterior motives. And they went ahead and they hit this person and they killed him. When they return in the narrator. He told me on a Salam he was extremely disturbed and perturbed, and subsequently the verses were revealed, while articolo por la como salam, Allah Stumbo Amina and don't ever say you are not a Muslim to a person who surrenders to you office peace to you and recite the Karima whether it is genuine or verbally from his tongue, Allah is responsible. But as soon as the person negotiates with peace, it is the duty of a Muslim to drop down his weapons on the occasion of a via Livia creme de la Salaam, said I swear by Allah in whose control is my life. I

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will surrender to any police proposal made by the kuffar provided it does not infringe on the orders of Allah tala and with regards to reconciliation amongst ourselves as the Quran says, What in effect Are you mean? I mean a potato for us a probe a llama that Muslims are currently in amongst themselves, then it is the duty of other Muslims to come and to reconcile between these two quarantine parties. There is a hadith which Imam Hakeem Rahmatullah is narrated Satan Allah and so they are allowed to say we were sitting with Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam when suddenly there was a broad smile on the face of nobility Salam said nama, sigma haka, Sula, La Jolla. Very strange.

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What is the wisdom of your smile? the VNA, Salam said, Omar, what can I tell you? I am actually visualizing a scene that is to prevail on the day of the AMA rajani mean Almighty Jessa yada, yada, yada, Eliza, on the day of the Arma two of my followers will kneel before Allah, one will say to the other in the court of Allah Yara behold, Lima Lima team in a z. Allah my brother had oppressed me and you had promised that justice will prevail on the day of Tiamat ally when justice to prevail in the matter between me and my brother, Allah will intercede on behalf of the other person

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insane. Martha's not will be a fake one. I mean her sanity he say, What are you trying to claim from your brother the man has absolutely no credit to his account. So the letter person will answer by saying our law with respect to his situation, but I am desperate. If he cannot give me his credit fernleaf mill Min nozari, then he must lighten my burden by sharing some of my son's net here is Sam said this, and he started crying profusely. Well, Father Dinah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a bill buka and then he said in the valley, Kayla Yamuna abeam indeed that will be a great day, that desperation of men will know no bounds. They will get so desperate if you cannot take my

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credit that at least lightened my burden of sense. Allah will then tell him Okay, leave your brother do me a favor glance in that direction. He will lift his glance he will lift his gaze alone ask him what can you see in that direction? It says La da da, da

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da da da

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da da da da da da da da da da. I would like to see penances of gold and silver. I can see rivers and beautiful lakes over lava. Which property Have you designed this? For? Which muttering have you built this for which Siddique is this exclusively designated? Allah says no no in and out the summit. It is for the person who can give the price this palace belongs to him. Kala Mamma mia Casa de como la who has the price for these palaces, kala anthem Lika who Allah telling you have the price allow me Tell me what it is and I'll give it to you now. Allah will then tell him forgive your brother in the genitals yours. This is a life I forgive him It's mine. Allah says yes. It says okay

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ally have forgiven him. Then Allah will tell him now you hold your brother's hand and both of us going back Jeanette levy I said and then set it up a lot of us live without a nickel for in Allah useless for being a Muslim in fear Allah and reconcile between the Muslims. This is such a noble action, even Allah will do it on the day of the ummah. Brothers when reconciliation is so desired, with our friends and even foe, can we imagine how desirable it will be in our marriage in relation? It is often the day's antagonism. There is some rough day some misunderstanding, but this is the ideal opportunity where we compromise and come to reconciliation. More so when the hadith of Libyan

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a Salaam in Muslim Syria who narrates Libya, a Salam said in the Ibiza yada

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yada, yada Yahoo daily the devil displays and puts down his throne. He sits on his throne and then he dispatches his agents to go and cause evil on this earth. For the noun mean human skeleton album.

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The closest to the devil is the one that can perpetrate the the greatest wrong in the evening, they come in return and report back to him. So one person comes in. He says, You know what, I managed to influence this man into something toxic and the devil says okay, you did something but not very impressive. What about you? I managed to convince this man to commit this crime. He praises him but he says that's not ultimately what I wanted. A third person comes in he says mazzara to

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obey number 80. I seen a couple they were united and managed to show enmity between them the seeds of enmity and hatred. I provoked one got him angered, upset and in a fit of anger he divorced his wife. The devil stands up embraces him salutes him congratulate him. He says you have understood the object of my mission. The Quran says in it Karima that I recited before you were innumerable

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shows and if a woman feels this inclination from her husband phenomena Halima

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masala, then there is no harm upon them that they should try to amicably resolve their disputes was soulful, higher and elite conciliation is the ideal situation, the league conciliation is the ideal situation. Now let us look into the life of nearly Salaam ideally, the husband and wife should try and resolve their problems internally amongst themselves. The Quran speaks about bringing an outside arbitrator, but that is the second option and not the first option. Ideally, they should resolve it amongst themselves. Let me give you a balanced perspective from Quran and Hadith where the wife compromise to safeguard the relation and likewise the husband also compromises to safeguard the

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relation and to keep this marriage intact. When sodar Viola one one of the honorable consulting spouses of wt Salaam had aged and for whatever reason which the Hadith does not disclose Libya, Islam intended divorcing her. Now look at the compromise this woman made reconciliation demands compromising. If we are not ready to compromise we cannot reconcile this woman the wife of nearly 17 and she said you're sued a lot. Have I hurt your feelings? Nearly Sam says No, you haven't hurt my feelings. Whenever you ever lie, have one request not to get the vision of this woman.

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Have you ever let do not divorce me what I Kinley, Oba,

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Oba manisa, Yama, Yama. It is my desire that I die is your wife and I stand up as your wife on the day of the omelet. I am ready to make a compromise to save this relation don't divorce me. The night that you were to visit me you can go visit your otherwise I shall be Allah wa Khadija to Yomi min Kenya, Libya, Karim salatu salam accepted the proposal on the sentiments kept her in his Nika for Ghana Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam yuck Simoni Ayesha yo main Yo mama yo Masuda they often very seldom used to visit I shot of the olana twice. One was her night and the night of sodaro de la Mancha. Another incident compromised from the wife I will explain the other aspect is when

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the divine comes in Bukhari. I sorry, Ilana is the narrator of the Hadith. In Libya, Nissan's fatal illness which had lasted for approximately 10 to 12 days where his health was deteriorating. severely. Sarah was a very bashful person, he would not explicitly emphatically plain his need, but he would make some certain indications. And again, this is the wisdom of a woman if she can understand the indications of a husband and grasp it before he actually verbally expresses himself. Maybe Elisa asked his wives aina haina ANOVA. And tell me tomorrow by Who am I going? And the night after that it is by Which one? In other words, indicating I passionately anticipating the night of

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Isaiah. For Athena who has what you all the wives understood the indication of literally

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all the wives understood, and they willingly consented. They don't have your vanilla we forfeit our right and willingly you can station yourself at the house of ice or via levada. Now this again is wisdom from from a woman for Ghana if you beat the long run ha ha Tama Tonga, Libya, Sudan stayed at the house of Ayesha until he is blessing janaza left from the left of Isaiah in the house of is one of the olana the third Hadees appears in Ebony Amazon Nikita Monica listen to the compromise the compromise that has to be made

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via a Sam said laser me nah man ha Baba him rotten Allah zoji ha is that person is not part of my alma who incites and provokes a woman against her husband. That person often this happens now there are various ways of of provoking a woman wants to come to a woman what you're doing. I'm not cooking for my husband you met to do things like this. Gone are the days you must serve your husband me, I'll never allow my husband to do it like this. Now Vla Salam says that person is not part of my alma who provokes a woman against her husband, or comes and then praises other men before this woman and she'll feel that I'm in an oppressed relation. I'm a victim of abuse in my relation. My sister

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says that our husband is so kind. Oh, I better not sad. Or that person who provokes a slave against his master and employee against the employer.

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becomes angry with his wife Stephanie has to be alone. Hmm. But look at how concerned she was. She came twice out of the Atlanta she says you know what, myself in the visa we had an argument and he's not talking with me. I'm prepared to give you my night. Understand the sacrifice. Every second in the company of mine is better than 1000 years of evidence. Understand the sacrifice this woman made to patch up the religion. I'm prepared to give you 24 hours which was exclusive to me divinely allocated to me by your law. I will give it to you if you can patch up with Navy SEAL awesome for me. I Sharia law said I seize the opportunity. She enjoyed the closeness for the peace to him and

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can I mean the bus bhuvan I had one beautiful scarf which I kept for occasions. I said let me give them a viola surprise. I adorn myself put on this new scarf for jealous to Elijah rasulillah I came in and sat down by his side. Let me listen and glanced at me and he said LA County for NAACP Yomi go from your eyes. So what are you doing today is not your time. So I smiled and I said but that's the mercy of Allah for me. The mere assumption What do you mean I said Danica further like neodymium Ah, then she said I told le Salaam I believe you in Sofia not talking Subhana Allah have we taken time to explore the social life of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam unfortunately, we are reading the lives

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of Immortal celebrities. That is why it is jeopardizing our marriages. You won't find a more normal, you know, the kind caring, loving maybe and husband and then maybe have a lot. So she says I narrated it to nearly Sam and I said oh no, we have a lot. Sophia told me that I must split up and she gave me this one day. Then we got up and he was so impressed with Sophia the alarm on her on the proposal of peace and reconciliation that he spent the night with the long run ha and he pardoned severely Ilana permanently. Now you're against something very important brothers. That when either of the partner comes to us for apology can be over law says a believer is one who forgives him. I'm

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Sophie Rahmatullah used to say Minister,

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Mr. Minister via Phantom Yoda, who was a pawn, that person who is pro

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vote and incited and he doesn't become angry. He's not a human. He's some other creature. It's totally normal to become angry. Of course Islam says control your tongue and your hands, but it is human to become angry because it is external situations that provoke you. But furthermore Imam Shafi says woman is that person whose pleasure is being sought and people come in apologize to him, and he frankly, you know, elegantly refuses, then he is not a believer, he's the devil himself. And in the words of nebia, Li salat, wa salam, men,

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penicillin, that person to whom his brother comes in apologizes, the wife comes to apologize to the husband or the husband comes to apologize to the wife, then to be over law says

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Danica Murphy

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then accept the apology of your wife or your husband, whether he or she is innocent or guilty for in lamea file. If you will not accept the apology of your husband your wife or your brother loved me dearly Danielle How dare salon says the entire oma will drink water from my hands at my pond, you will be deprived of water from my hands. Such a person will not be privileged with drinking water from my hands. So this is the one side of compromise to make this relation work. Let us look at the situation from men. What can we contribute to make this marriage work? How we can look at mutual common grounds.

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The first exam which appears in both Bukhari and Muslim Libya is Salam says Alma Touka villa. The woman Allah has created like a robe, looked at a lightness created indicate that the metaphor the parable, the explanation of liberalism, which naturally is curved, naturally has a sense of crookedness, that is not a blemish, this is not criticism to that rug, not to that woman. But this is the perfection of that love. That rug will function normal and efficient when it is in the manner that a line is created. And it is naturally crooked. A person says you know, I love bananas. It's a wonderful fruit but I don't like it. It's dented, I need to straighten it.

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No, no the beauty of a banana is that this is not a defect tree. Likewise a line is created a woman she has certain weaknesses but there is a beauty. There is a perfection. You know in English they say women are not meant to be understood they meant to be loved. Women are not meant to be understood. They are meant to be loved. This is the beauty of a woman. Allah has created her. The Vla Salam says if someone straightens that love, that love will not function. If you try and straighten that woman and try and remove from her what is really in her nature in the habita to play Maha cassata. Walk us through la de la cuchara. You will break that woman and you will break that

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marriage. Let me explain to you how the NaVi over line itself interacts on these sensitive issues of a woman. Brothers Allah has favored a man with intellect with competence what skills he is mature, he's responsible, but when it comes to the aspect of woman is he not weak? Is he not feeble is enough hopeless. He has no control over himself. So what he's weaknesses is part of the overall plan of Allah Allah. Allah has created a woman unique Allah His designer, she has certain weaknesses. Allah has given the men the sense of maturity, nearly Salam de soie jatoba only spouses join him. I shall see because Elena also joins him in his farewell hug as they are traveling in the caravan.

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saphira The Elena's dating was very heavy, and I showed her the Elena's begin was very light. On the contrary Sofia the Alanis kemin was very slow and sluggish. And I showed the aloneness between was like in a camel was very swapped. For the first thing the viola did not compare between his wives he didn't tell Sophia look at your baby look at ISIS bidding why you traveling so heavy? All he did was so that the pace of the caravan could be faster. He said how we know Madonna Sophia, Allah Germany Isaiah. Well, how do we know Mata Isola Germany Sophia, he told the Sahaba do me a favor. Take anxious bedding and put it on Sofia's camel, and take Sofia's bedding and put it on ISIS camel. Now

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this is where I want to draw your attention to understand what maturity and what role they played in in cementing the relation. When he did this ice out of the olana did not like the idea. And she said avala Patna hottie Helio de la la la just yahoodi woman this wife of nice awesome once again she got her way and she's dominating what she wants to do. I don't know why she comes with other options and motors and then she has to use my camera.

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Now we know severely Elena's father was a yehudah very staunch your hood so she made reference towards that and look at the statement and how emotional she got married at a salon said young man Abdullah in the Mata Ki phone. What matter was Sophie he said pollun Don't get so emotional. Your baby was like Sophie has buried was heavy. Your camel was faster Kimmel was slow for her well no matter

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what. Have my ta anabolic. All I did was I changed the bacons and that's all to get the competence and the composure of nearly Salaam. She then looks at me on Instagram and she says

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rule of law, but in don't you claim to say you're a prophet?

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So nobody says and said yes, I am a prophet why you doubt me Ayesha? fala Delta if you're a prophet wastelanders in which justice Mike mlms I carry somebody else's load.

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Who came in he the one who held Abubakar Melania Baba creme Ababa can leave her

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wallet but only be able to look at the home she's talking How can she you know blatantly speak to you and back and say you know, we only Sam said no, Abubakar. Don't you know when a woman is overpowered by the sentiments that is natural in her she cannot see right from wrong or top from bottom. This is natural leave her alone. Look at the patience. I sort of Yolanda says when Libyan Islam got married to Nestle Mara de la Mancha has into first name shalida I became so sad so sad that I became sick and the only reason for this was that we openly tell you I said of the Ilana sales people told me she's a very beautiful woman. So I said I cannot enter the school today I

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enjoyed the privilege of now often this happens brothers you know for me to put it in a crude way in my understanding the greatest problem or the greatest reason of problems with the mother in law and daughter in law is because of jealousy. In a nutshell. It is a bitter pill for a mother in law to see the prosperity of her daughter in law. What irony of a situation we have when my son in law buys for my daughter What a nice sunny Lola reward in such a good person. But when my son buys for my daughter in law, you know not nice to say but the woman of today they put a lot of demands on the men if my daughter in law can only learn to love what little silver inshallah My son will be happy

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for son of mine just to run everywhere but on the contrary when my son buys for my daughter for my daughter, Allah reward my son in law What a nice person is it not jealousy that a woman but no this is natural? Now law has given men sense of understanding some people in every argument there was a lot features in every in every argument the word how immature are you?

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She says I went to go have a look at Mr. Mara delana when I looked at her for a long lie to haha for my Lucifer to live in and I found her to be 1000 times more beautiful than what I heard I got even more depressed and my depression made me sick. I couldn't contain myself I then spoke to one of my co workers I said haha you know what I'm going into a depression Yeah, my this other one she's very beautiful. So hacer con so I'm not talking of any sort. I'm talking about the concerts of nabire salaam Hassan Yolanda says no no you know what you becoming emotional ICU Miss Alma nothing to shout about. She's a good woman, but don't get too emotional about it. She says we went back to see

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Michelle Maria, Lana, and then I realized it was my emotions that got the better of me and it was nothing else.

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But this was the tolerant nature of nivia creme sallallahu wasallam.

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Said save now Maria Landry is busy sitting and speaking with his wife. And then his wife tells him Why don't you do this? So he gets upset and he says you demand into me and you dictate into me. So his wife back and says he will tell him the divine comes in Buhari

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atop Margarita entourage. Ya never know Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Omar I'm really astonished at you. You don't we must get cancer you but you know your daughter vacances Marisa Larissa miss you don't know you must go and find out. He says I live this and I went immediately to my daughter. I knocked on the door. My daughter opened up I said What's up? Your mother is telling me that you can send me an exam and sometimes he doesn't speak to you for the day. Is this true? She says nothing to hide one lie in Mandarin. raggio of course we back answer him. She says he says I want and I said well Hiroki obatala evoko Batasuna here. I am warning you that don't ever become a victim of the

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displeasure of Allah. And then he also told his daughter, listen, I don't want you to get ideas from Ayesha lever she must do what she wants to I don't want you to make Ansanelli salatu salam then went to the other way who miss Alma and from behind the curtain. He tells me sama My daughter is telling me that oh you whines you beckons and the reason about insulin, do you also get cancer? So missile Maria lonicera japonica Omar you like to interfere in everything now you want to interfere between us in the results and leave us with your daughter and go.

00:24:02--> 00:24:30

Amara Yolanda says I left and I came out Imam nawawi. commentating on this hadith of Bokhari says two things, a lot of things. One is we learned that a man makes effort to discipline his daughter even after she is married. Nearly Sam Tony's daughter, Lata coonan Mara, oh my daughter don't ever become that woman who constantly complains about her husband. And the second thing we learn is the tolerant nature of liberalism that he overlooked. He allowed his wife to bet on him and he was coping with the situation.

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There is a beautiful incident written, you know, with regards to patience and tolerance, about one one bedroom that got married when a when a man would, you know, give that peace and understanding to his wife that is the greatest gift that he can give. Like one person when he got married, he gave his wife to advisors, he said was a lot for me to study me my wife at home my wife overlook my faults and I promise My love for you is permanent. While our turn TP

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You walked in.

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And don't ever back check me when I'm angry. When I'm angry don't ever get checked me. I read a beautiful couplet. Yeah Hassan attell what he talks till Hannah love to within a Xena piscine a beautiful lady a harness your loose tongue. Don't take your beauty with your loose words. Or beautiful lady harness your loose tongue. La La to be doing a Z nabeshima Well, you

00:25:29--> 00:25:35

know an attractive lady look after your tongue don't combine two negative traits within yourself. Nevertheless,

00:25:36--> 00:26:17

what happens here he gets married he tells his wife don't ever answer me when I'm angry, and love to finish Sequa don't constantly complain photos have been hard this will put an end to our religion. When you're about a 31 coup de la boo. Let it not be that my heart turns away For verily hearts fluctuate. I haven't even spoken about the other aspect. My time is coming to two left. The other aspect is when we bring the negotiating parties when we bring an arbitrator into Yeah, again the Quran says in Uri the Islamic State Allahu Allahu Ma, the arbitrator should have the common goal of reconciling. If the intention is reconcilement. Allah says through arbitration Allah will reunite

00:26:17--> 00:26:53

them. Now I often mentioned this when we have to arbitrate in marital problems, both the parties come and give the grievances and that is why they separated rightfully so. But let us not give our grievances to justify a separation because then Allah will not unite, give our grievances to see how we can come to common grounds. That is the reason then Allah says he will unite. Now vlsm comes to the house of Fatima de la Mancha. Allah the alarm is nothing he asked Fatima is Ali. She says he's going to the masjid. Now this is also wonderful brothers in an argument if we walk out it is splendid, so that we do not utter anything incorrect. But remember, if you walk out you rather go to

00:26:53--> 00:27:24

the mosquito den stay in your house because the devil will exploit that situation. You walk out of your house angry with your wife, the devil is not going to leave you it is not a woman outside. temptations are greeting you rather staying in the house and back and said That's better. Satan came away to the masjid. This is something very important brothers. You are provoked you walk out but we are you going now? You say No, I'd rather leave it and make supper but what are you doing outside you've defeated the whole thing. He came and you lie down in the courtyard of mustard in Abu Dhabi or a Salam came and then seen him he used the gentleness and he said to me as a backdrop of

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lightheartedness, humor stand up or father of sand, you know, because there was little sand traces on him. Satan, it stood up now. vlsm took him home and then spoke to him and patched up. One day you heard Fatima and Ali had an argument. So immediately he came to the house. And then he said and then he reconsidered and he always encouraged his wife, his daughter did you give him Is your husband after all, after he picks up he walked out? Saba Selfridges dolla dolla dolla Han in Bucharest dystrophy what he, whenever you ever lie you entered said you came out happy. He said, Well, now you have not only love to be in a business. Why should I not be happy when Allah made me the means of

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uniting those two that are most beloved to me. And I swear by Allah if you can give your wife this peace and happiness and forgiveness, we have given us the greatest gift. I leave you with this beautiful couplets. There was this big one that got married to a very wealthy woman. And then he went into poverty the father took his daughter away. Anyway, the metro went to the governor Marwan Marwan looked at it woman he fell in love He forced a bedroom divorcing when he got married the bedroom now this is the weakness of a man the bedroom took the metro to the senior authority to the cozy into the church in Syria. He calls the governor the governor apologizing he says you know what,

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this is my problem. The judge looked at that woman he fell in love with that woman the bedroom and said you know what? I gotta take my wife and go from one after the other. You falling in love cutting a long story short, the judge then asked this woman look I want you the governor once you're in the bedroom once you make a choice, what do you want? You now have a salami Rufus reverse Sharpie, gossipy ohada Arabi up.

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But these are thought provoking words. And this is when you give your wife patience and love. You've given her the word. She said I'm either in Carnegie jointly was married.

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To a woman, Jerry, this husband, even in his check in his poverty is given me such love that he's more beloved to me than my own parents. wasafi Budaj Omar Juan romulo. What will be their HMI minimum machinery? This King what is going on his head? Or this governor? They can only give me Well, a palatial home with no love. There's nothing that can replace the love. I want this bedwin in his poverty. But as I leave you with the words of Nepali Salaam Salaam said a man is a pauper without a woman, even if he's a multimillionaire, and a woman is a poor girl without a husband, even if she's a multimillionaire. I swear by Allah your wealth is your wife, and all my sister your

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wealth is your husband. Let us embrace one another, overlook the flaws of one another. May Allah put happiness MacBook and berkat and strengthen our relations and save us from talaq in divorce. Walk through that one.