Sulaiman Moola – Gossip Is What No One Claims To Like, But Everybody Enjoys

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of backbiting and believes that one should implement it. They share a formula that can protect from evil crimes by being diligent and being true to oneself. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of backbiting for one's safety and suggests backfilling in one's behavior with a better attitude.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, sin vise and transgression is evil, wicked and repugnant in every form, shape or size. However, certain crimes are more wicked and evil than others. And one such offense is Riba and backbiting. May Allah save us from this evil crime, Armenian I mean, today I share with you an amazing formula, by virtue of which you can wean yourself off this evil offense if you implement it diligently. And these are the words of none other than the legendary scholar of Mohammed rozalia Rahim Allah, He lives and I quote, were young neurochem in rebuttal. muslimeen I'm Ron load of a capital V. And there is a formula that can protect you from backbiting others, if only

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you apply your mind diligently. What is it? And then voila, Ilana sic, analyze yourself and critique yourself healthy or even by urine? Oh, bartholin. Be honest and candid with yourself. Is there any flaw in you being hidden or apparent? Well, enter mocha Raven Masseria, 10 010, Javelin and ask yourself am I committing any crime offence or sin secretly or openly? And we all know the answer easiest for all of us. alikum enough sake, now that you have reminded yourself of your weakness, your blemish your folly, your mistakes, then tell yourself for alarm. Remind yourself, and I just who I need to nezu Hey, man, necesito LA. Hey, courage, Jake, what was the huka rubric? The reason

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your brother cannot detach from that crime. And he's in ability to wean himself off that offense is just like you're in ability to wean yourself off your offense. And he's excuse for that is the very same excuse you have. So you backbiting someone and you say, you know, that person is amazing to the entire world. But he's not a good partner to his spouse, or she is loving to the entire world, but she's not kind to her husband. And then you critique yourself and you realize, Wait, hang on. I'm good to my neighbors, my siblings, my friends, but my staff don't have a kind word about me. So the reason and explanation and justification you give for your uncouth behavior towards your staff is

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his explanation for his relationship with his partner. In essence, don't judge others because they send different to you

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