Zaid Shakir – How to Cleanse Your Mind, Body and Soul

Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The importance of gaining pleasure in life can lead to opportunities for work and money, and the holy eye is a reward for actions with great intention. Finding a way to get out of painful events and avoid painful events is a reward. forgiveness and graduation from the Hellfire are essential for all Muslims. The importance of graduation as a means of graduation for all Muslims is emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness and graduation for all Muslims. The upcoming trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen opposite route a lot of Lord of the worlds are crazy due to love God blessed us with the month of Ramadan. This life in a sense,

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involves two things.

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Of course, we could look at it in many different ways. One way we could look at this life

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involves gaining as much pleasure as the lab to benefit our soul. Once we leave this world

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once this body is is no more,

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then there's no more opportunity

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to use it to get a job for ourselves no matter what.

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Rahim Allah. He said, This body is like a net.

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There's gathering edge.

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And once the body is gone, that net is gone

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and is accruing forgiveness. None of us are perfect. We sin we sin, sometimes without knowledge, sometimes annoying.

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So we try to do the things that will SBA or wipe out our sins. And there's no greater opportunity for these two things.

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To gain as you're both the web will reward our souls and to wipe out our sins, then run.

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And this is these are the greatest perhaps the various manifestations of Allah Tyler's mercy. A prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, from

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the heart of wherever Russian when Ramadan comes, the gates of mercy are flung open.

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The gates of mercy are flung open.

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So let's examine these two things. Let's examine the edges that Ramadan provides us an opportunity to earn our soul. We relate the hadith of Abu huraira Toby Allah

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as found in the Sahih hain, and the two sound compilations of Mojave and Muslim and Abby hurayrah rhodiola one hot color Rasulullah sallallahu I

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have seen it

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in a sub emia Yes. All along was enough Brianna in the holy when SCB in the hotel Natasha Howard what was

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the site any Farhad hanging our hat on and the fact that he will enter the European citizen this Heidi.

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On the third is Abby Herrera. He says that the Messenger of Allah Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said currently every action undertaken by the child of Adam is for him. Otherwise, prayer, the prayer is a cat, the charity

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all of that is for us.

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And all of those needs are multiplied 10 times over and has enough to actually do that again 700 times over in a semi me or another Heidi mentioned

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many times over and beyond that 7000 70,000 7 million. The other thing Kira Kala law has who again, Allah says in

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the in the Holy, The in the holy that is mine, when hzb I will reward the servant with that. And then the Hadith goes on, we'll return to this. This The watermain will finish the translation, then the first in person has not thought of his or her carnal appetite of his food and drink for my sake.

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The first in person will have to delights the light, when they break their fast and the light delight when they meet the Lord. And the foul odor. I think I didn't mention it was a Hulu for me saw ad after Yahoo and the Lord Murray Hill Miss Mary Hill

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and the foul odor that sometimes comes from the mouth of the passing person is sweeter with the law than the fragrance of us. But to go back to the first part of the hygiene and so law says

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except best investment the relevant

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They mentioned that first thing here is exempted from the deeds that are multiplied. So 100 grams of

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the deeds are for the child about has enough to be I should

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be me I did and those these are multiplied 10 times over

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seven 700 times oh

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well call Allah

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and Allah says extract fasting so that remember I say fasting is exempted from those days that have a numerical some numerical limitation

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some numerical limitations and why is that because best thing is solver best thing is patient and their how does that relate that

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the Prophet mentor some Allah hi they will send them in a heartbeat then the compilation the journey of immaturity

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so blissful Southern fasting is half of all patients Ramadan

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Ramadan is the month of patients and so fasting patients is three things a Sabra Sabra several

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other nausea was several, and then under mostly that and looking at. So patients in obeying the law were patient and dealing with the difficulty that comes in obeying the law by fasting and abandoning, were patient and dealing with the difficulty that comes in avoiding them. However, a man in the Ramadan for that we normally normally is Hannah, is permitted. And we're patient and dealing with the difficulty that that might bring. And sometimes it brings pain and brings headaches, stomach aches, dizziness, joint pains, and we're patient and dealing with that pain. So we're on and on. This patient is 29 to 30 days in all day, prayer is five minutes, maybe it could be it could be

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longer for him and besides

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five minutes for badger Hodge is what four or five days, and during the day, most of the time isn't involved in the monastic in the rights of the Hajj. Most of the time is free time

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is two minutes you write the check. Even if you have a farm and you're going to get some cheap from you're recently set up for sheep. And you go and get your sheep. And that's it you gather 510 minutes, grab a couple of sheep give it to the cat collector is done. Go on to your store your safety deposit bank good goal, this one will usually use write a check is done that can be done. But first thing is all day, every day for 29 or 30 days. So it takes patient. So why does the reward of patients have no level lumerical limit? What is the reward of up to me? Why is the water fasting? Why does it have no numerical limit? Because patience has no numerical limit. A lot of time it says

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in the wasabi rule.

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Bill Hader, he said no, he said the patient was will be given their work with no numerical limit. Also, we are limited. Our lifetime is limited. Our capabilities are limited, we might want to fly, we can't fly. You can't just stop flapping our wings like a bird. We might want to stay on the water for two hours. We can't do it like a fish.

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We might want to jump over the building.

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like Superman, we can't do it. We're limited. And so anything emanating from us is limited.

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So the reward from the fast that comes from us is limited all laws, no limitations.

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We love to do.

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There's no limitations to Allah, who I love punishing. There's no limitations to its power. There's no limitations to his knowledge. Our knowledge is limited our knowledge is acquired.

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A lot of times his knowledge and not acquire our knowledge is limited based on our experience what we've been exposed to a lot of time and needs no exposure to anything to knowing his knowledge is unlimited and therefore the reward for that which is his was formerly a cm Li when

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fasting is mine. I will work with seven from my unlimited resources

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last year, and who the enemy was.

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He said another version of this heavy

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Is any combination of email and we'll call and that version the Prophet mentions a lot of times what the prophet mentioned about the inspiration directly from a lot

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and lost the young car in a song, a song leave on a CD, every action undertaken by the child of Adam is an atonement for the deeds kept Pharaoh who

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now who

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illness see and accept besting a song we manage and this version the ruler NASA was exempted from the multiplication of are exempted from the the deeds being a cat bear that fasting rather is exempted from being a source of authority

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is not kept out

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cool the admin the admin level can

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Illa summon a song lead by an STD except fast. So what does this mean? So

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one of the great scholars from the cielo Salat Rahim Allah He says the Yeoman am when people will come that we've wronged and take from our good deeds as a hadith describe that I hadn't been hasn't

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been hasn't been. He will take from his duties what

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compensating those people press.

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He says some people all of the goodies will be gone.

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But shatter My head was the head.

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The head going wrong people that insulted this one some people get most of their life is spent insulting people.

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This is their profession.

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So people are shot in the head

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the wrong people in various ways. So Superman really says all of the good deeds all of the hazard will be gone. At that point a lot still knows that oh will compensate them and then Allah will return to them the reward from their best to know protect that because not ours. Cooney

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Ella, Ella song a song Lee when it's been the only thing some people will have love is the reward of the effects.

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The reward is gone, they're

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gone, they're

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gone, they're

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It's gone, oh my god, everything is gone.

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Except the reward from the facts.

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And he says you can be created that is at that point. Allah will return to them the edge of their fasting into paradise based on the report of the festival.

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That Hello, this is the most notable one Ramadan brothers.

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This is the mercy of Allah Ramadan.

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Then we said so a cooling center.

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The other half of the equation,

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getting our sins wiped out muster,

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our whether

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or not it's a month as a military simulation.

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What's up?

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Firstly, is mercy of Saku Mo Farah. The middle is forgiveness,

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ethical men and not and the last part is liberation from the helper in

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his book.

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he qualifies this.

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Natasha from the RSC Malema wessman Amina guava is a 100 page section on Ramadan. He said then

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Roku is fundamental not all of it is mercy all of it is forgiving forgiveness. All of this is liberation from the Hellfire, but these particular qualities they predominate at those specific times of the month. In any case, look at the gates of forgiveness A lot has opened us up for us in Ramadan men sama Ramadan,

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them in the den. Whoever first the month of Ramadan with sincere fail anticipating reward, their prices will be forgiving women Allah Ramadan, amen and 9704

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Emma, whose stands for worship during the nights of Ramadan and Paloma Ramadan with sincere faith, anticipate and reward. Prior sins will be forgiven. Amen Allah Laila to agree amen and watch the seven ofuro metta pattern a woman

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around meltemi. Whoever stands for sincere for or worship during the night of power with sincere faith anticipating reward the prior and subsequent sins will be forgiven men,

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the men who are volcana walk spirit and lead whoever gives the fasting person something to break the fast with a camera even if there's a date. The prices will be forget

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in the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala is so great is related but no one

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is there to help more what I will do is rely on me who has the ruling of coming from the purpose of the Senate in the senate because it involves the description of a reward that Sahaba would never say on their own volition. So he says I will hurry what are the other one? Then you offer roofie in lemon yet that everyone will be forgiven in Ramadan except one who refuses

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women yet the other whoever whoever refuse ever word, men yet that as your alma mater refuses to ask the law for forgiveness. The only thing brothers and sisters between you forgiveness and Ramadan is because ask Allah forgiveness you have lost.

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That's not fair film. Okay, y'all know where to

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get the show.

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Love. That's the only thing between us the best and we could go on the entire football could just be on this one stuffing. How many pathways has a lot open up before us proper goodness, Rama.

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Nan, hello Allah. So you see

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That's what this light is

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and getting our sins removed, so that when we meet Allah, we're not carrying a mountain of sin on our back. Ramadan is the greatest opportunity we have with them. Take advantage of brothers and sisters, take advantage of this time. Take advantage of these days, take advantage of the opportunity to fast. This is a great opportunity most of humanity doesn't have

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you're blessed to be a Muslim. We bred the 2 million Muslims in the world 1.7 1.9 whatever you say to take the Allahu Akbar, for the 9 million people which means a Muslim as a small minority of humanity. Yes, there are 2 million Muslim

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people. So the majority of people on this earth are not Muslim. So the laws made you Muslim, I was given give me a favor. Allah has given you the opportunity to first Ramadan, Allah has given you the opportunity to have your sins forgiven. Allah has given you an opportunity to turn to a undescribable limited edger and opportunity he has not given to most of humanity.

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We should be grateful.

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Because if we're grateful, what is that that

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Shackleton that has he then

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when you lower proclaim, if you're thankful, I will increase you and my guests

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whether in a foreign tongue in the shed,

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and if you are ungrateful, if you just dismiss this opportunity, if you take every excuse not that if you just run away from the masjid, when it's time for the young

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men call Mr. Ramadan

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not give us tofik Milla blesses to be amongst the shaqiri this is what will be the final point as our time expires. The verses of Ramadan they start with the duties Allah Subhana Allah

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has imposed upon us. Yeah you

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cannot put the other lady in a public

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pool What does it include with the

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river to the end of the third verse relating to Ramadan

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in order that you will be thankful for this opportunity to fast cooked barley from

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the fish

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mela blesses to be amongst

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a lot of blessings to be amongst the Shangri La tala blesses to be amongst the

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and which tell Ribena.

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And the stock really in one stock

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affordable housing COVID was not provided when he said meaning your bonus

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how do we live in

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Australia it was in MLS

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early he was he was sending them in no longer women

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saw the ad yeah

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he was said he noticed the law and most when he was in Dallas

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Cobra over to

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Lord bless us all may Allah have mercy on this country. Every day we hear of another massacre being somewhere

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May Allah tala Have mercy on this land. mela time to bless us to be amongst those who bring a message of

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comfort to the hearts of people people's hearts are distressed.

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People are anxious

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people are fearful what comfortable what relieves the ancient the anxiety and the heart

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alladhina amanu

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LLB degree

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those who believe

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we should be invested

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in the heart spine comfort in the remembrance of Allah

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their hearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah. Allah be the key

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partner in close

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to the house mellow comfort our hearts

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with his remembrance amalco serenity and our account

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and our composure

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be a source of comfort for those around us which means what we have to be those who remember our long Ramadan CT n is

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to be a headwind call in the Hi What a human applying pressure mahalo makes you happy Herrera Abu hanifa

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for the Nephi test to be had to wash either 20 Ramadan cat LC test via hadn t Massa saying supernova glorified art now a lot is like saying that 1000 in Ramadan is like saying it 1000 times.

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So May we be amongst the dedicatee amongst the shag 18 months the swabbing in amongst the smart he mean, amongst this era wasabi rod or Shakira passes

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I'll give you a topical issue

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