Sulaiman Moola – Lockdown Reflections #8

Sulaiman Moola
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh the listeners, let me also reiterate my sentiments of appreciation and gratitude. I've also received messages of that nature. Someone said, I wish you continued for five hours and someone said I wish the entire night. May Allah reward each one. The key thing my brother and my sister is implementation implementation. I often use these words of our housing rahimullah when

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soleimani Abdul Malik said to him z denim in mobile, robotic z denim in mama robotic, that addressing him that your advice is so profound, it's so pertinent. It's so relevant, it's so contemporary,

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you know, increase and give us more give us more advice. So he said in quantum in a Hillel is the Java papadopoulou tilaka. Murphy hilkiah in quantum in St. Java for Coca Cola Coca Cola Murphy Hill Keifa. If you are a nation that he needs what he stole than adequate has been conveyed. We're in Limpopo Mina Hillel is the Java from a jamboree, an army and closing lady Salah ha what Ron? And if you are not someone who responds and takes it to heart and implements it, then why should I empty my quiver arrow after arrow and it's not hitting target. So it's obviously meaningful and it's rewarding and it's great that that fervor still is active within us. And people want to listen to,

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you know, good talks and discourses of Deen. But at the same time, we cannot stagnate at that level. We cannot stagnate at that level. We need to take it to the next level. And it should not only be a form of entertainment, it's awesome. It's noble, it's great. May Allah make us amongst those people whom Allah says for bashira arriba de la Vina yes Tammy rune Allah tala fire, una Santa La la la de nada, Houma, la, la eco whom? Alba for Bashir give glad tidings everybody to my servants and levena those yet to be Runa code who follow the message for yet who NASA Yes, my own. Listen to the advice for your own App Center. And then they follow the best advice that has been rendered to them. I

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mean, you're a balada mean.

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We move forward in the discussion and we still speaking and enumerate in the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu Sallam captured in this Kitab

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pertaining to the virtues of those who have been tested by the almighty regardless of the nature of the test or the affliction etc. So the Hadith goes as follows on Muhammad, Muhammad and Avi and JD a call call Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In the lab there is a Saba patella whom in Allah He Manzella tune. lamea bloga Javi Amelie ebbitt Allahu la houfy just a D o female he ofI Wella de forma sobre la la liga you believe Oh, who else menzi lotta lotta Saba patella hoomin Allah, Allah who Abu Dawood okoma, Kalani, his Salatu was Salam. So this hadith is also very amazing in this regard, and it gives great comfort and solace and I was sharing this hadith very recently with

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someone. Mohammed bin Khalid, a tsunami or the Allahu anhu says that he narrates from his father who narrated from from his grandfather who narrated from the messenger salallahu alayhi wasallam.

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in which it is said that when, when a bondsmen is going to be granted a certain status from Allah, which he could not reach through his own own good deed. Allah subhanho wa Taala afflicts him with some calamity in his body, or to his wealth or children, and then grants him suffer and patience, until he reaches that status, which has been determined before him so behind Allah. So what's the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that Allah out of his mercy, he fixes a particular abode for a person

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and I I beg for your undivided attention because I want to address something very pertinent under this heading as well. You know, referencing an email that I received today which concerned me and perturbed me, and I just had a very detailed Heart to Heart chat with my family now on the table, and my hearts heavy about this emotion and that's why I want to shade heavy in the sense concerned about it. So what is the Hadith the Hadith is that in the lab that either Sabatino human Allah human Zilla tune when when Allah out of his

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Gracious mercy and His kindness upon his servant, he decrees a particular abode for a person in general that I'm going to give him this high ranking genda. And this individual falls short in performing the necessary actions to warrant this elevation in general. So either he was not so compliant or diligent, or there were mistakes and sins etc, in his life, which compromises the position that Allah had decreed for him, so allowed of His grace then expedites his growth or her growth to that Jana, which he out of his kindness had decreed for that individual. And how does Allah do it? Allah subjects him or inflicts upon him certain difficulties from a sabara who then

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Allah gives him or her the strength as well. And by virtue of their patience, and then Jordans, they attain that abode in Jana.

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So this is the kindness This is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the response of a believer in this regard, again, we share a hadith that is mentioned in Sahih Muslim with Abu Musab al Sharia law man who says the famous incident of Aries where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sitting by the in the garden at the well of Aries and Abu Musab Sharia law said akuna Baba Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I decided that I will mend the door and I will be the butler whoever comes in with the consent of the Prophet of Allah, I will assure him in accordingly etc. So there was a knock on the door and then I went to the door and the messenger I inquired who was at the door, and it was,

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the person informed me that it was Abubakar. So I came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and I said, O Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. cedra Abubakar is at the door. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, then who were Bashir who bill Jana, tell him he may enter and give him the glad tidings of Jana. Can you imagine that honor and that privilege, you're going and of course, this is no coincidence. This is the word of Allah. And the actions of the noble companions are in one Allahu taala. And he shortly thereafter, there was a knock on the door again, and

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Abu Musab Sharia law says I went to the door, and I inquired who's at the door and the person answered that it was Omar, I asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he said, then Lucha Bashir who build Jana that tell him he may come in and glad tidings for Jenna. And it was followed yet by a third knock on the door. And this time it was none other than say the northmen there'll be a loved one who and the messenger sallallahu Sallam said and these are the key words and that is the reason why I mentioned this Hadith, the messenger sallallahu Sallam said, then who were Bashir who bill Jana Allah Belvoir to Cebu tell him that he may enter and give him the glad tidings of Jenna, but

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equally alert him prior to his death he will be tested.

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Now what was the response and the reaction of the Sahabi radi Allahu anhu say the northmen when he heard this, he came in and he said Allahumma sobre. And one narration he said well, Lahore, Pakistan, our like, give me steadfastness at the time, that I will be tested. So your Navy has for warned me and cautioned me and alerted me that I will be tested Allahumma sobre Allahumma sobre not questioning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, nor did he come in and nudge Abu Bakar like did nobody tell you anything? Did he tell you also have any test? I don't know. I was told. I wonder. No, no, that would be typical. Our type of assessing the situation? Why me exclusively Allahumma

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sobre. O Allah grant me steadfastness. And we know how steadfast he was at the time when the rebels had surrounded his house when the rebels had surrounded his house and Abdullah bin Salaam radi Allahu anhu Abdullah bin Salaam radi Allahu anhu had

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delivered that keynote address outside the compound of save Northland of the Allahu anhu. And he had won those assessments that when a Nabhi is assassinated, that minimum 70,000 lives will be lost. And when the successor of an abbey is assassinated, then minimum 35,000 lives will be lost. So understand if you are going to stay in your hands with the blood of Satan Earth man or the Allahu anhu it will have catastrophic implications on the oma going forward. In the world there are say either there are safe Wolfie Almighty.

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Allah yo Milka Yama that when one one Almighty will unsheath his sword against another follower, then unfortunately it will result in a bloodbath till the end.

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time. So the point I want to mention here, and this is where I want to tie it up with, sometimes when we run our mind too far, we run our mind too far, then people ask the question, but could Allah not just give you that position in Jannah? Why did he have to subject you he decreed a position for you. He is not answerable to anyone.

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So he subjected you then gave you patience. And then by virtue of your patience, he elevated you what stops Allah? This is the kind of question and this is precisely the kind of email I received from a sister concern sister, regarding another individual who unfortunately, has somewhat fallen prey to some of the negative media that is thrown out online against Islam. And many times these things come out in a very, you know, very rosy way of very appealing way, very appealing, very intellectual, very stimulating very academic, makes total sense. It gels with the logic, it has an absolute, you know, cause and effect, I need an explanation. So my, my, my long and short argument

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or discourse that I want to offer you is that the Anima tell us that Allah has revealed to us many times the Hekmat of his action, the wisdom of his action, but never has Allah revealed to us the hikmat of his Hekmat.

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So Allah has told us, and that is also His grace, because he doesn't need to tell us anything. So Allah tells us the wisdom, but Allah doesn't tell us the wisdom of the wisdom and nor do we have the capacity to comprehend it. So when we venture into things, which is outside our scope of comprehension, then that is only asking for for danger. That is that is only asking that is the risk in our a man at a level that that rarely we can retrieve it. So yeah, Allah tells us that this is the wisdom, why he often tests a person. Now each person's test that that remains in the knowledge of Allah. Was it because of this year? Was it to elevate? What was the reason? This could be one of

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the reasons this could be one of the wisdoms. Now if somebody wants to question what is the wisdom of the wisdom? Well, we don't know it. In fact, Rama have written that even on the day of the Yama the creation will not fully comprehend the wisdom of the decisions of Allah leave alone in this world. And the reason is that it's outside our

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it's it's outside our domain. It's outside our glass. It's outside our scope. I mean, we need to remember we servants, we servants we bondsman with creation, we'd hang on, hang on, while you open it tomorrow. Sorry. Are you the manager? No, no, I'm looking for a job. You're looking for a job and you're questioning my authority as the boss. Are you serious? Do you know what you're saying? And you're the discrepancy is just one is an employee and one is an employee. So I pray for the individual who unfortunately is in a bit of a awkward space to be euphemistic. And you know, where the individual himself or herself I be neutral, gender neutral year, we sincerely make dua that

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Allah guides the individual, Allah guides the individual. And I was saying to my family, now on the dinner table, that in order to rescue yourself from these confusing thoughts of the devil, it's not like you need to read more, you need to beg Allah for moto fi.

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You know, it's not like, you know, what up your act in terms of leading No, no, often you could be reading more and then you could go into other other situations, right? We know the incident of Fatah barakallahu axonal. Highlighting in the context of that is going to take up a lot of time. I don't want to go into those details. The point I'm saying here is when we look at the narrative of the tale of Satan or Moosa and whether, if Allah subhanho wa Taala did not reveal to us if Allah did not reveal to us the wisdom why Caesar was tasked to take a child apparently cold blooded, and then you know what, take his life. And this was Gollum and zakia, a pure soul so the child had not yet

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matured. And then Allah gave us the wisdom in the Quran, where Allah with regards to the child for Ghana Ababa, whom he named his parents were believers for hoshina euro Hippo, ma Tolkien and waka frog, we fear that this child was going to grow up and rebel and influence his parents into disbelief. So this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and I often use from this is a gentle deduction, just a you know, objective digression and coming back on to point that when when, when a child is not on guidance, then then it's very easy for him.

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sways parents in the wrong way. And when a child is on guidance, it's very easy for him to positively influence his parents on guidance. Often you will find that parents are on guidance and the children are not. And often you will find children on guidance, but parents are not. But when you compare the two, it is easier for a child to make a positive impression on his parents, then vice versa. So you'll find so many times a young boy Mashallah he changed his life for the better. He came out in the path of Allah. And then there's the he actually revolutionizes that whole house. There's a whole chain. There's a very famous friend of mines, a doctor in London, and he was a top

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doctor in a top position. He says, I was born in a family of, you know, medical practitioners. It was like a given everybody here is a doctor, and he was thorough. He was well researched, he was competent, he was skilled, he said, you will you will lucky if in my house, you found a Quran that was a very good friend of mine, and I meet him in London often. And then he said, My son took an inclination towards Islamic Studies, and he started studying any Daffy, then he memorized the Quran. And gradually, gradually the house started turning. And now if you walk in my house, it is a maktabah. There, you will find more commentaries of Buhari and Muslim, then you will find medical

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journals. And all three of his sons have become heifers and he says, You know, I still cannot believe how Allah made this a reality. So coming back to that point here, that Allah says this child was going to grow up and influence his parents into disbelief. So we took the child away, and then we gave the child Janna, a child passes away as a Muslim, before the age of puberty, then that child is injured according to the Hadith and if it's a non Muslim child who passes away before the age of puberty, then it is one of those aspects in which even Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah made tacos. Right, he said, I'm not clear about it. And many scholars debate it under this ayah lahmacun Vb na

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Hatton Abba Rasulullah. So under this ayah, you'll find the whole academic discussion of what will be the consequences of a non Muslim child who passes away before the age of puberty, we hope for the best, we hope for the best. You know, like someone said, there's a great virtue mentioned in this narration, but the narration is weak. So I said yes, the narration is weak, but the mercy of Allah is strong.

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The academics are in its place, and we're not being irresponsible, because, you know, mental illness is not luck, Allah, Masha, Masha, we are on board with the importance of having a chain of narrations. But that being said, let's not forget the mercy of Allah is strong, the mercy of Allah is strong. So we hope for the best when when the ease and opinion that suggests that a child from different faith passes away before the age of puberty, before he or she had evolved to an age where they are held liable and responsible. You know, there is a view that they will be in June, so we hope for the best.

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Anyway, we're not gonna move in the context of this tale of clutter. Allah said that we took that child away. So Jenna will be you know, granted to that child. And the narration suggests that when parents lose a child when parents lose a child, and the other day I was giving a talk and someone said, Why don't you do a dedicated episode on this or a dedicated reflection on just giving comfort to parents who have lost minor children because there are so many out there, and suffice to say there is a generation that those who have lost their children before the age of puberty when they will stand up from the grave amongst the first sight that will meet people will be these lads and

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these children who had left this world even if it is a child that was newly born or a woman had miscarriage, whatever it is, had to sit that's the word had to sit and sit the refers to a child that was miscarried by the woman during her pregnancy, they will be standing with with vessels of gender and it will be water and people will call out to them and they will recognize people but they will say I am looking for my parents. I am looking for my parents. They will then quench the thirst of their parents and after their parents into Jana. So for those that are in this situation, this is your ticket to Jenna and hence the DA Allahu Allahu Lana Farah Farah. So far it means a water scout

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a water Scout, once it goes ahead finds the water identifies which is the 10 so when the entire caravan comes things are in order, Allah make this child one who goes ahead and sorts out matters for us in Accra, which Alana Shafi Mustafa one who intercedes and the intercession is accepted. Anyway, the point I'm saying here is that Allah says that we feared that this child was going to grow up and influence the parents into disbelief. So we put it and rescued the situation by taking the child away giving the parents over and giving everyone Jenna that's the wizard

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Why this child's life was ended. Now if you want to be too smart, and you want to be too intelligent, and you want to say now what's the wisdom of the wisdom? Right? So so could Allah not rescue and save this child save this child from becoming a disbeliever so that the child doesn't negatively influenced the parents and the child grows up to be a noble person and remains with his parents and remains pious. Now we are asking for something which is outside our scope and our grasp. A child is asking a parent something about why you did it like this? Because like this, my baby, okay, why like this? Because like this, yeah, okay, why, but when you grow up, you know what I'm

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saying? I can answer you three things beyond this year, you're not gonna understand this. Yep. My dad often says that. So many things of my grandfather of his father dawned upon him 40 years later, 50 years later. So the only disparity between between human and human is Junior versus senior juvenile versus skilled, right? Both are mortals and humans. And one cannot identify with the wisdom of the other. So it's not within our jurisdiction to probe or to pry into the wisdom of the Almighty. So you know, that that Islam is a very, it's a religion that calls upon you to understand what sound reason, so I'm not advocating blind following, right? I'm not advocating this. There was

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a person who was a non Muslim, and then he became an atheist. He was my dad's friend, and my dad often mentioned this to us. And years later, he met up with him and he says, The worst thing I could have done to myself was become an atheist. I had many unanswered questions in religion. And when I became an atheist, I had even more unanswered questions. So by you turning away from Islam, who's gonna answer that which you probably didn't get an answer in that that is the challenge that is the test that is that that somebody asked earlier? The Allahu Allahu Akbar any annual cadre Tell me about Catherine and destiny. He said, who are 31 Muslim on lattice local, it's a dark road, don't

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walk. He said, No, tell me is it not? The Alon who said who about Haruna? Nieto, Natalie? Joe? It's a deep ocean don't dive into it. He said a bit near and Patrick, tell me about Qatar. He said who was Cyril la, la. It's the secret of Allah, unknown to him, unknown to us don't probe it. So these are the words of Satan earlier the alarm on home. The point I am trying to expound on is that, as believers, we understand that every decision of Allah is full of wisdom, the wisdom that Allah has given us, we understand it and beyond that we accept it. And this is in as well in the Quran. Allah says the verses of the Quran are of two categories. They are the clear non ambiguous verses and then

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they are the ambiguous versus those who have deep knowledge they say both come from Allah. They understand the verses that could be understood and they embrace the verses that cannot be understood that this is divined from Allah and accordingly it is there to test us while those in whose hearts they ease crookedness and deviation, they persist on following the ambiguous verses the knowledge of which is only known to Allah. Right who Allah The Anza La La Calcutta, Birmingham Yato maka Mattoon oh no Makita be aroma Tasha been hot. For me. Latina people obey Him. zaven fire Tabby Runa mata shaba

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really, if there's one great lesson that I can take from my honorable mum

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and and I'll say it you know, as she would say to us in Gujarati Alana quaderni bolano Allah Nico dharani bolano Allah savannakhet maraka these are her words right and this is strong a man this is brimming with a man that regardless of what happens don't challenge or question your alarm. Don't question your Allah. Harness your tongue restrain your tongue. Don't understand your alarm dog Don't interrupt what Rob Robin was

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allowed to have done You are a servant I am a bondsman no but I want to know why did Allah do this year? or Why did Allah say this year? So what's the logic? But what audacity look like who are you to ask Allah? You know,

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time is running out.

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I'm just having a flesh of another verse of the Quran in the 25 Joe's in serratos Zoho fried gold. So we're at last one Nutella speaks about how meaningless This world is in his eyes, etc. And in that is a verse where the infidels of Makkah said because they had different allegations and one was okay, we accept that there is a need for a prophet. But we don't believe that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is the most suitable candidate. Now what Who are you to decide who's a suitable candidate? like like like where do you

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In this era ways your consideration or your recommendation fits into who should be crowned what profit would. So they said no, no. Between Mecca and PA if you know what? We've got a list and we've narrowed it down of people that are much more capable when Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah

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Allah Roger Lin minakari attaining a Allah rollin Avi Min minakari attain and they refer to

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a toughie or Abuja Whoa. So Allah gave a very amazing answer. Oh whom yet Simona ruff Mata Robic Nakano, Kasim Nabina, whom Maria to whom Phil hayati de la Ilaha, Illa Allah. So have they avail themselves to distribute my decision of prophethood for the record, I haven't entrusted them to distribute their own sustenance, how dare they come and suggest who should receive profit would you don't have a right to assign and allocate and distribute your own sustenance nanoka sam Nabina marisha, to whom Phil highlighted dunya. And in this Allah speaks about the whole social Islamic system, if you really want to somebody recently was doing his thesis on this year, and I gave him

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this ayah and the write up on this year and Islamic economic system. Yeah, it's amazing, where Allah speaks about the system of into obligation, that one is an employer, one is an employee and this is the overall plan of Allah to keep the Wheel of Life turning, and I decide who will be the employer and who will be the employee and that's my wisdom. And I have not consulted with you in this regard. Where do you come in decide on who should this f profit word? So in a nutshell, what I am trying to say and I pray that Allah grants us the understanding that as much as

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there's room for logic and rational thinking and applying our mind, and that's the vehicle to comprehend the tenets of Islam, we do understand there's a cut off point. And if we go beyond that point, and we don't cut off, then we go into dangerous terrain. Say that Omar said it the best radi Allahu Akbar. He came to the Blackstone the second generation of settling Muslim yeah Hydra. Anika Hydra. Oh stone. I know you're a stone, Martin favela de Boer. Before Islam it was stone we've moved away from it. Now we are believers. And I know you cannot benefit me or harm me. But Oh Rama Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has kissed the stone so kiss it.

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So the balance between logic and understanding this is divine where it's divine Satan, I almost said when it came to her day BIA, we had to surrender to such stringent conditions. By Allah. If it was not a revelation, I would have interrogated the person who agreed, I paraphrasing the narration because the Prophet of Allah was just a green and the green, green and the green. But this was revelation. So I said, Wait, hang on, this is divine. This is divine. There's just no room for my human intervention and logic. So my point here is quickly to wrap up here again, that at times Allah has decreed a position for a person in Jannah. And he or she does not attain that position by virtue

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of the actions. So Allah out of His grace then puts a test upon the person and Allah gives you the strength Allah gives you the strength, Allah creates the test and Allah gives you the strength and Allah gives you the reward. I mean, I have written so amazing under this ayah in the language terminal meaning I had another quotation we'll speak about that tomorrow inshallah. inshallah hasta la mina Mina and

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Jana Wow.

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So Allah says, that he has purchased in Allah Verily Allah ish Tara has purchased minella meaning from the believers and fusa whom themselves we anila homodiegetic in view of Jenna. So in other words, the price and the commodity, the price you pay is yourself and the reward and the compensation and the object and the lobby and the article is general. So logically speaking by the general common definition of a transaction, that ourselves ought to be given to Allah and then generally it is there but we weren't supposed to enjoy it because we the price of it.

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If you understand the basics, I mean, I use the money so now the item is mine, I can say use the money and give me my money back and give me the item. So yeah, Allah says his purchase so our lives then belong to Allah and generosity is in you. But Allah subhanho wa Taala returns that price back to us and returns the agenda to us as well. That is the kindness of Allah like I always mentioned under the CLA and Allah Allah Allah, Allah de Maha that it's not the blood or the flesh that reaches Allah but it's the piety of the heart. And what I give a simple analogy of this, you take your kids out or nephews nieces and then you buy them each candy or a chocolate or ice cream and then you say,

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okay, who's gonna give

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a boo one or who's gonna give mama one who's gonna give uncle one and one is it Oh, my ice cream fell down or mine is not tasty, and the other one says I will have mines and all

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It takes is that child's willingness to offer and you're like, Okay, my baby does Akela if I wanted, I could have bought one for myself. I just wanted to see if you're willing to give. And Allah says, Well, I can do another hood tuck woman come, I just want to see the spirit with which you come forward. So my takeaway message today is my takeaway message is that as believers Allah has given us in many instances the wisdom of his actions, and that is His grace and His kindness, because nothing is binding on Allah. Nothing is mandatory on Allah Kabbalah nuptse Rama, he ordains kindness for himself out of his own gracious nature, but we cannot tap into a probe the wisdom of the wisdom of

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Allah, that is exclusive to his knowledge. May Allah grant us happiness, joy and satisfaction on every degree of his amenable admin.

The Wisdom Of Allah in His Decisions

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