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Hardening of the Heart

2017-06-15 – Ramadan 2017

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with Hungry

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Hungry larnaka or salmonella I got it

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for fun, I'll see you later. Cebu City will Hotham in via Bala early he'll Ischia wasabi headed to another.

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There's a beautiful supplication of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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where our messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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All law I seek protection in you from a heart that does not fear you allow me to become involved in law or law save me from a heart that is not connected to you. And then right after that, the next part of the prophets of Allah when it was said of me it was Allahumma inni Ruby kameena I in in LA or LA save me from I that does not cry in your remembrance. Oh, Allah saved me from I that does not cry in your life. It will Avraham a hula hoop Tada. He states that these two things being brought together, the profit first making law for a heart that does not fear a law that is not connected to a law, and then making law, your law protecting you from an AI that does not cry out of the love of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala out of the remembrance of Allah, these two things are actually connected. And he writes in his body,

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that the connection between the two is very clear. He says that when you see that the eye is facing a drought. The reality is that it's actually the heart that's facing a drought.

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When a person's heart becomes dry, when a person's heart becomes far from Allah subhanahu wa tada and distant, then the eyes are no longer connected to Allah subhana wa tada as well. You know, as an auditor, the poet said, US Loki is about homemade ether joola that led my tears, translate the emotions that I carry in my heart. Because these two are directly very clearly and also intimately connected. Giving a clean heart will also result in a person being able to very easily cry in front of a lost time without that's what their mission is. They say that children cry so easily. The reason is because they're young, their hearts are very clear. Their hearts are pure, they haven't

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been played, they haven't been played with what our hearts have been plagued with. One of my teachers teachers just handed it to him Allah tala. After also salon, he would sit amongst the students and you know, they would just spend some time together generally, that was the time where people from the community would come to visit him. So he would sit people will come and ask them questions. The students who wanted to be in the gathering, they would sit nearby, maybe drink some tea and just sit there silently listening to the advice the chef would give to the people. So what my teacher says one day when the people of the city gathered together, there was a line of people

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waiting to come and ask their questions. There was one person who was standing in line and he had his baby in his hand, and the baby was crying and crying and crying. You can imagine how embarrassed his father was probably sweating beads, thinking that everyone's looking at me. What are they going to say? You know, they must be very uncomfortable. The shares are sitting there. He's getting disturbed by this baby crying so much. So the father became frustrated with this child and he started getting angry at his child. He said,

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hush, don't cry.

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So as a chef Rahmatullah, they said to him, Ronaldo, Ronaldo,

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he said, let the child cry. Because there are a few people in the world that cry these days, the adults have forgotten about crying in front of Allah subhanaw taala. They don't have tears coming out of their eyes anymore. If the children cry, be for one reason or another, at least they're crying in front of us, at least they're crying with the eyes or using the eyes. At least they're still alive spiritually. You know, young kids, you say one thing that offends them, their hearts become soft. They start crying. parent, holds them accountable a little bit, says one word or two words a little too harsh. They start crying again, because hearts are very soft. But then what

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happens to us is that we go through the world and we look to the cycles of this world, and our hearts hardened our hearts. They hard enough and they hard enough and they're hard enough. They become so hard that if you stand in front of a person, and you and a and a body is carried to the graveyard, even then that person will cry. We were being told that it's a Genesis and I once went towards another career believe this or not, I was initially not standing in line for our father for the janazah my friend's father and at the janaza prayer

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Someone had the audacity to start doing a fundraiser. This is not a joke. I stood there and I said, What?

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What happened to the hearts? I thought that janaza prayer was supposed to be a one time of the one definite time that people would just reflect over the dead. No long lecture just standing there reflecting over a brother who left us thinking that I'm next in line, but even that is gone. We have gone so far we've gone so far away, and the time comes for us now. Those of us sitting here those of us listening to this to reel ourselves back in. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala make the same law our lady said a lot of it was made when he made the Glock along in our little becoming Pinilla. Oh Allah save me from an eye that does not cry in your love anymore. Do we not see? The joshy heard the ayat

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of the Quran and he started crying. He cried and cried so much that Allah subhana wa tada revealed an ayah to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam regarding a man who's crying and Abyssinia. The Prophet said allamani was sent him as an Arabian, he's in Africa, he's crying. Nobody knows that he's crying. Tears are coming out of his eyes. It's not on an on any ban on any banner or any flyer but Allah subhanho wa Taala his tears don't so much that a lot of revisit i a way that seven year old mountains Isla de la grasa de la you know, the phaedo Mira dump in moto for men and Huck that when they hear the verses of the Quran, they started crying. And he cried and cried because he was

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hearing that he was hearing the canonical Muslim hunter without it. And this had a profound impact on our hearts have become so hollow from within, that we very easily cry at everything else in the world. But for ourselves. How many times has it happened that you've been watching a movie, and you see a sad story and a tear comes out of your eyes. You're crying at the seat of other people, you're crying. That's the idea of sadness. But the irony is that idea of sadness that you're crying at very possibly actually might fit your own life. If you were to look at it from the right perspective, of the betrayal and love that the human being has given to Allah subhanho wa Taala of the disobedience,

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the ungratefulness if you were to look at that very same paradigm and apply it to yourself, we should be the people who cry over ourselves first and foremost. That's why the scholars are saying that in order for a person to be able to access those sincere tears, the question that needs to ask that needs to be asked is why have these tears stopped? And if you reflect over this a little bit, you'll come to the conclusion. It's actually because the heart the heart has gotten heart. And now the heart because it's become hard. It's lost its ability to do why Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala created it for. So now this begs the discussion. Why does the heart become hard? Why does a

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person's heart become very tough like a rock? The scholars have given many reasons and the truth is that this is a very lengthy discussion. If we were to go into it with detail, we would continue probably probably till the end of Ramadan. And I don't have an intention of doing that. I just wanted to list a few things for you today. A few very important points that many machinists are brought together from the military Rahim Allah Dada, Rosario de la YALI and other masters of Ischia. They bring this issue of the s bar, the reasons why the heart becomes hard. And the first thing they write on that list is cutthroat. We're talking a lot speaking abundantly, always wanting to hear

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your own voice. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said with us haba la took serial killer divided the killer for in the Catholic era and decided the killer cos watsonville called ye nabba Nascimento Allahu taala

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that don't speak abundantly without having the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala present in that discussion of yours because the person who speaks abundantly and does not have Allah subhana wa tada is remembering the majority part of that discussion, that person's heart becomes hard, and the furthest person from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Were in Nevada nacimiento Allah, the furthest person from Allah subhanho wa Taala is the person who talks too much, the person who's always talking, someone asked a man the wise, how did you became well, how did you become so wise? He said, I stopped talking. Allah subhanho wa Taala opened up my heart, you know, reflecting spending time not

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speaking, but his internally thinking about things and the world that surrounds us and the reality of our relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada, the eyes of the Quran and so on. And we'll talk about this more in the next few days. The second thing they say, Gustavo, laughing alone, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw a group of Sahaba laughing, and he said to them, lo talamona Marlin, lava Hickton, Allah Allah Katyn kathira look at the towards the hidden calida one phrase one applicaiton cateel. It's as if the two are on the opposite ends of spectrums that either you cry up on Monday and laugh little or you laugh abundantly.

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Cry little, it's kind of like a seesaw effect love the Hickton kalila, Walla K through kathira. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has had you to the Salah, if you knew what I know, if you knew when I know you would laugh and cry more, What is he talking about? If you knew what I know, what is the Prophet talking about here?

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That we have gentlemen? He's talking about the sit off. Stop standing in front of Allah Subhana horadada the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is talking about Johanna and the pains of Jana. He said if you knew of death what I know if you knew of all of the things that are to come ahead what I know you would laugh little hospital busted was once walking past a young man. And the young man was laughing You know, he was laughing so loud like lol and caps haha laughing is laughing himself away. So the hospital busted me he came up with this guy and asked him that, have you passed the ciroc yet? You guys know the setup. The setup is a bridge that will lead a person to paradise underneath

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it will be the fire of hell. It will be thinner than a hair and sharper than a blade. And only that person will be able to cross it. Well, lots of hot water has showered has mercy upon Hassan mustard asked this person. Have you crossed the street already? This person responded back by saying that. No, I haven't crossed it up. So hustle and bustle lolly said that if you haven't crossed your set off from a habit, what are you laughing over? The What is there to have joy and pleasure in life. And if you don't know whether you'll even make it to the end of the bridge, or whether you're going to fall inside the fall down underneath the bridge, and the companions the hustle and bustle the

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students who say from out you know foot a ba ba he can. That person was never seen laughing again. In the city of hustling busty. Because hustle and bustle he taught him a very powerful lesson. Now, I'm not saying that you should spend your life crying, that you spend your life in tears and normal laughing no more joking. But there needs to be a place in time for everything. Some of us Unfortunately, our whole life revolves around humor and laughing and joking. We don't like seriousness. We don't like moments with ourselves. We don't like reflecting over our own selves in our own state. So this is what the prophet said a lot of a sudden was warning us of that don't

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become someone whose entire life boils down to a few jokes and a few laughs. The third thing the scholars they say.

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Bishop Hart says there are two things, the lack of means eating abundantly, Bishop and Hart says, I have seen two things in my life that make bahaar hearts very hard, and nothing matches them in their effect on the heart. What are the two things he said Capitol Hill column, because we're talking a lot and eating the money. That's why you'll find amongst them a shout out. So this was something they used to do remember was was a quote from other workers to decode their loved one in his album within that abubaker syndicate your loved one would keep I would keep a stone underneath his tongue. And the reason why he would keep a stone underneath his tongue was so that he wouldn't talk a lot.

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His tongue would be busy pressing that stone down, so wouldn't go down his throat. And as a result of that, he wouldn't talk a lot. And that will actually cause your loved one as narrated in many authentic narrations. Sometimes he would be standing and he would hold his tongue and he would say, you've put me in a lot of trouble. who's saying this?

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What's his name? What do they call him? By the way? They call him service. By the way, if you didn't get the memo, they call them Sybil. And he's saying, Oh my god, you put me in so much trouble. If that's Albuquerque Guardiola who I'm saying how the levy or the Neil Mahal if that's him saying that the What about people like you and I shouldn't we cut back from speech, not speaking less necessary. And the whole discussion of the tongue and speech is a very lengthy discussion that I won't engage in.

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The third thing, the fourth thing the scholars they say it's cultural to volu sending abundantly Allah subhanho wa Taala says no Quran and sudomotor 15 caliber uralla poopy Macario the hearts have rusted because of the action that the human being gulla in the humatrope bihu Yama even the module Boone, so repent regularly to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the last thing the scholars they say so but to sue having bad companionship, you see what the wrong people you'll have the wrong effect on you. They say a saw he will set a saw he will sokoban which means I mean the cooler someone pulls so how because they pull in a direction okay? So they pull the wind and they pull the rain into the

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inner direction the clouds have are called clouds. So they say the friend will pull you he's gonna tug on you. whichever direction Your friend is in that's the direction they're going to take you in. If your friends are forgetful of a law if their hearts are rock hard if they know if they don't have any interest in trying in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. Then you won't have that and you either. But if you sit amongst people, have any of you ever been to the huddle before? Anyone here been to the huddle? komagata Madina munawwara Yeah. Tell me if this isn't true. You're standing in the mythos where the falafel occurs, surrounded by people that are crying, you feel like crying you have

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no idea why.

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Your hearts just soft, it's like it's kind of like margerine it's just you don't know why it's so soft. You just poke it a little and it starts reacting. someone reads and I have been on shift. So this reason I have been put on he has great voice. He has a great voice by

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But come on, you have an awesome mic system. He has a good voice and he has a crowd that's like overflowing with sincerity every person that in that crowd is waiting to cry and he says oh my god I feel heavy and what happens in the whole crowd

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but I you know him to feed them in a dump there's tears start flowing because of the energy that each person carries. And we bring together as an oma when we are sincere, so these are some points I wanted to bring four or five points or pray that Allah Subhana without because I still feel and allows us to refrain and stay away from the above the means that take us to a state of heart that is forgetful of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is rock hard solid, Allah subhana wa Tada, wash away that runs from our heart, remove the darkness from our heart, soften these hearts and give us the joy of being able to cry in the love of Allah before the day of either writes for us so we can truly

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celebrate our success of the month of Ramadan. So along with that, I see that I'm harming someone