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The speakers discuss the struggles of marriage and relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the importance of having a source of wealth and the need for people to trust their abilities. They also touch on the use of words like "will" and "will" in Islam, and the importance of healthy eating and sharing one's values. The transcript also touches on begging incidents and a begging woman claims to be a woman and gives a brief recap of them.

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned.

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There is a boom of Imam Shafi Rahim Allah in which he says that McCann was demonic kathira me han was demonic. kathira Latin Cody was Surah huya at Coachella de that the trials and afflictions of this world never end Meaghan Rosa Monica, Sierra Latin Ali was Surya at cackle yadi while the happy moments and the blissful moments will only visit you occasionally, like the two reads that is the reality of life. Yeah, you held in San Jose in a caca de Haan Ella Baker Callahan formula T. Amen. You will toil and toil until ultimately you will meet your Creator gumming up De Niro Joel Bashara. abdulah hola Hazara. Welcome in Aberdeen, yada yada yada doula hola Bella. The Arabic poet said that

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there are many people out there coming up the near Julie Bashara hoping for glad tidings but on the contrary

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you're Julie Bashara tabula rasa. He has to contend with loss with failure with destruction. I was speaking to a friend of mines earlier today from Sri Lanka. And we were talking about the financial strain and he said the economy is not bleeding there's simply no economy there's simply no economy it's a fresh start. Start all together start all together. Welcome in AB De Niro. Jolla appa yup de la bella, sometimes the person is hoping wishing anticipating for a gift for a reward for an acknowledgement. And then he has to contend with a setback with a snag with a challenge. So that's the brutal truth. That's the reality

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kisi Naboo Chaka dunya aapka. conehead, Monica halachah hota sub apne Allah channel otoconia ponnani when times are good then yeah, everybody is with you and when times are tough, then pretty much you are on yourself. And this is why we call out to one in all that during these tough times. when when when the things get the tough, the tough get going. A believer displays unprecedented character at all times. Remember the time in Medina when there was drought and famine and there was an economic crisis. And people were in great panic and say Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu said before the evening of today, Allah will open up an avenue for you and precisely to the glad tidings of Abu Bakr radi

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Allahu anhu a caravan had arrived in Medina laden with goods and laden with with with wealth and food and provisions. And this belonged to say the nourishment of the Allahu anhu. So those that had the economic muscle they came to say the northmen and they said, Listen, there's a crisis here we will offer you something. So say now if Monrovia learner said what can you offer me? They said that what land Did you attend? Durham's will give you 11? Durham's. So say now with mantra, the alarm said kudzai, Danny, I have a better offer on the table. They said, Okay, we'll up our offer, and we'll make it to 12 say now, Fernando Alonso said Casa Danny, I have a better offer. And they went

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back and forth and they negotiated and they said we can go up to 15. So you'll have 50% profit. So said now remember the Allen who said Casa Danny, I have a better offer. So they said to say the Northland or the Allahu lamea Butterfield Medina, T to jar in Medina, there's nobody else that has made cloud muscle wealth, it's us. So if we are not be nosy who has offered you better, because we're curious to know that, because it's only us that can offer it. It's only us. And this was the beauty of Sahaba that, what their wealth, what their wealth, it was a source of them coming closer to Allah. So again, now my mind hops to something else, but again, in the interest of what we're

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discussing, so the poor Sahaba came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and they said they have to do to build

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your sumana command. Assume Wait, wait, Assad akuna before duty to him, I want to be of Allah, we have a problem and that is the wealthy amongst us. They have secured all the reward and we don't have that options. Can you imagine? Back in the time of Sahaba wealth was synonymous to virtue. Today it's almost in this mind words the habit $100 bill fool.

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Were owning wealth and I'm not generalizing because there are many people whom Allah has blessed with phenomenal abilities kindness, selflessness, generosity, and I've seen them I've seen them across the globe and May Allah increase them in grant them all goodness

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I've often mentioned about this one brother and and and you know, may Allah preserve him, he has the habit of surprising people. So if he makes a commitment of giving an X amount of money, he will double his commitment and surprise. And when you ask him, like, you know, generally people make a commitment and then they under under deliver that, that that's the world in which we live, right. I'm sorry, I committed subsequently, I realized.

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And it's always better to under promise and over deliver than to over promise and under deliver. And that's one of the challenges we face in our marriages, why our marriages breaking up. People are entering the institution of marriage with elevated hopes. So why the marriage broke up? Yeah, well, he's not like what I thought. Okay, so what you thought, Oh, well, I really thought the world I thought he's gonna do this for me. Number one, if he went to go, you know what fake this whole castle, you know, they say there's no problem building castles in the air. The problem is when you want to enter the castle,

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and there's no problem having castles in the air as long as you can put a foundation.

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So he tells me it says, Every time I surprise people, Allah surprises me.

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Every time I surprise people, and imagine a lot of surprises you, wow. And when a lot of surprises and May Allah bless my mom, she always tells me this year she says, Allah will surprise you, my son, because of your servitude to me, Allah will surprise you. And I've seen this so often in my life where unexpected, unanticipated for Java to hide, you know, goodness is falling in your lap, purely because of the hours of my mom May Allah granted goodness and my parents both, you know, together. So I was saying that in the time of the Sahaba goodness of wealth was synonymous to virtue they have to do thornbill module. Right. And, and and and and today, unfortunately, it's the reverse of having

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wealth is like a more exposed to indulgence to enjoy into, you know, somebody said during this lockdown, I don't know if it is more scary to check my temperature or to weigh myself

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because for some people, lockdown is just you know what? To sit and manage and eat and indulge.

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I've been quoting these words of Abraham and Abraham Rahim Allah, where he said, I spent some time with the outer mind the Messiah is in.

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In Lebanon, who was known as the Zohan. His name was Abu is haka, Tamimi, and in that it was told to him that manuk Pharaoh Aquila, la jado, atleta woman yo quiero Noma LA, de la Mora Baraka woman, you clearly kalama la homina dunya be Salama that the one who

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eats a lot when you look through time who eats a lot? Then such a person La Jolla Tommy la de he larry bird that he loves that he will not find he will not find pleasure in worshipping Allah. In fact, the new mystery Rahim Allah used to say that man shall be a hidden enlasa ohama Bill maaseiah

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my shabby I had done in Lhasa, ohama Bhima, Surya, whenever the belly of the son of Adam was filled to its brim, either he committed a crime or he entertained the thought of a crime and how often we notice this year in the month of Ramadan, I often say you perform your Salah you are hungry, but there's meaning to it. And then at Muslim if you over indulge, you find that that whole spirit of Russia is gone taraweeh you lame you lethargic, you bloated, you heavy you're uneasy. And that's the advice I always give to people that

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you know in Ramadan or whenever you perform in an aroma, perform aroma on a light Tommy performing Roma on a light dummy. And I promise the benefit of that is just unique. So anyway, I was saying to you that the companion said they have 100 due to Bill Lu, only of Allah the wealthy are gone with reward your su manakamana, su matassa. Dakota before duty I'm worrying that they fast like us and they give charity then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam introduced them to recite that this the different test we had. And then the wealthy started observing the recitation of the test we had. So they also emulated that and followed that. So the poor went back to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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owner, the Overlord, the wealthy companions, they fast as well. They decide that this be hard as well and they give charity and the messengers a lot in terms of delicate formula. This is the grace of Allah. So coming back to the narrative of Satan or Islam or the Allahu anhu.

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They asked him that who has offered you better than us? He said that any law huzzah Baraka wattana be Cooley de la homina. Sha. Allah has promised me minimum return of 10 on every dyrham manner.

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10 so why should I then negotiate with you and then he gave the entire caravan in charity, he gave the entire caravan in charity. So they were not those who exploit and again, a quick reflection. I remember once I was sitting in Australia in Perth years back, and there was some fellow non Muslims and the topic came about interest in usually and compound interest etc. that acuerdo de ba,

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ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, do not eat interest, compound interest.

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So the person asked him, but why is it that in Islam interest is forbidden. And I said in a nutshell, without going into all the details, Islam is based on a system of mutual kindness, empathy and sympathy. And the bloodline of a system of interest is to exploit and murk the desperation of another. So you have X amount of money in your reserves, and the next person doesn't have the basics. I've been quoting this quite often, where BBC carried an article and a news caption that the world's richest 1% has the same amount of wealth like the world's remaining 99%. Now what's such economic disparity is this not going to automatically and inevitably breed a host of social evils in

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society. And hence the teachings of Islam is that if Allah has given you Well, that's a trust. That's the trust that Allah has given you. Like the ability that Allah has given me or given you're given anyone. This is a bounty and a boon of Allah, there was this arranger who used to conduct talks, and every time used to conduct talks, people used to enjoy it and praise him. So he used to enjoy the praise. So someone said that so in conceited about you, you know, people are praising you and you feeling great about it? He said, No, no, I consider this a praise of Allah, when they praising me, because this is the gift that Allah gave me. So praise Him is actually praising Allah.

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So I am grateful to Allah that he's made me a means of people praising him. So a believer understands that every bounty that Allah has given him is the net met from the Almighty.

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So as I was mentioning, that the savings are thermometer, the olana use the opportunity, and he donated everything to better the people. Now in the system of interest, you've got X amount, the next man is deprived of basic to want to grow your money, you borrow it to him, on the condition of him, returning it with addition, amount and surplus and exploiting him, and thereby making the poor poorer, and outwardly making the wealthy wealthy and I say outwardly, because we know the wealth that grows through interest is not meaningful growth. But islamically, we've been taught that when I borrow that money, without any return, or taken anything in lieu of it, then that means happiness,

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and I will bring Baraka in my life that will bring happiness in my life, that will bring goodness man under a mercy run over there and who the one who gives grace gives grace to the data, or he overlooks it and pardons it. I remember years ago, and I just have a flash, I had given a talk in one of the local messages and I spoke about debts. I spoke about debts. And I spoke about if you have debts paid and if somebody is owing you money, then be lenient. And I spoke about both of it. And Subhanallah after the talk, two brothers phoned me unknown to me, that one was the debtor and one was the creditor. And the creditor said that you know what, I am owing money to so and so and

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after listening to your talk, I have decided to clear out the entire debt.

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And you know, it brings so much joy that the oma has capacity that Omar has capacity, and I just want to develop on that. Time is running out again on the aspect of Baraka Baraka, you know, as bleak as the moment is, as gloom and doom as the moment is Allah remains in control Allah remains in control.

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One of the great scholars manana Mohammed Omar, Saab Rahim Allah He used to say, he used to say in an earthquake, only that amount of ends will die that Allah has decreed.

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In an earthquake only leave alone humans, the number of ends that will die in an earthquake is also in the knowledge and by the world. And the choice and the decree of the Almighty is not out of Allah's grasp and grip and control. So Allah is in absolute control and higher to Sahaba. In the fourth volume they is there is a chapter on our resume in high school. And there is a chapter on illumine hydroelectricity and it is many incidents there. So just to share two quick ones, again to give hope to people that are taking strain and difficulty. Keep your focus to your charity and put your trust in the Almighty and he will

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Make an opening He will make an opening.

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So there's an there's an incident mentioned their alma lumen high school I have to say right or at least in high school a sip sustenance from unanticipated avenues and the famous incident of Jabba the Allahu anhu, where he says that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had sent us out in a campaign, the campaign of Vander Waal, Mr. Alena about Aveda and the messenger sallallahu wasallam. had made a Barbados Nigella a meal for the word nigera them in tamale we took a bag full of dates for Ghana aboard rubedo. Athena Tamara, Tamara, every day from the bank of date. We are in campaign we in an expedition the heat of Arabia we are 300 in number. And the provisions we have is no more

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than a bag of dates and a Barbados nigera would ration us and give us one date a day, one date a day. So for the cleaner yo manner in a nail, we would live on that one date from the morning till the evening we would drink water and that would suffice right now I often say and I really don't want to digress too much here. As much as as much as

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we speak about the simplicity and the contentment of Sahaba it also speaks volumes on how nutritious one date is.

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Contrast one date with one Bologna

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right or one track Adele or something else that today that is the you know processed meat that we eat and we consume one date, the hokum I have written and I'm no doctor, but I've heard this from reliable hakama. And from my start in particular, that one date has the adequate nutrition to keep a person alive for 24 hours. So bare minimum what you call in Arabic, Guatemala, Yamato, Maya, pseudo Rama, which just keeps you afloat just keeps you alive. So one date suffice to say that the date was the provision that Allah made for Maria Maria Allah and having given birth, we have all these fancy soups that we'd like to give. But this was the divine provision. And yet again, I come across, I

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have a flesh of another very profound reflection.

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So when you shadow the alarm, and I was asked, What did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam live on? She said, as well done. Right, which is what I'm literally for the benefit of those who don't know Arabic means to black things. So it refers to dates and water. Now, that obviously prompts the question that water is not black in color, water is pure, it's clear. So how do we refer to water as black? So the common translation of this is that this was Taliban. So Taliban in Arabic means basically, when you take the name of one end, it overpowers the other. By way of example, you refer to Maghreb and Russia as a Russia aim. Right, the two night prayer at Mr. Adama the night prayer,

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you refer to Muslim benicia as in Russia in or you refer to the sun and the moon as Sham saying or come rain. So one is the sun one is a moon, but you call both two moons to sun. So you refer to this as as Talib, where the name of one dominates the other. But, and I don't want a man will appreciate this year. It's a basic fundamental principle that you do not migrate to a metaphorical interpretation when a literal translation is possible. So this is the general thing wherever something can be literally understood, then you will always resort to the literal translation. So I heard from someone who heard from the great scholar Manasa Ahmed Rahim, Allah Muhammad and he and he

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said that why take this in the context? Why take this in the context of curly, take a sweat from Saudi Arabia pseudo and southern, your pseudo means to lead?

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Say you don't comb? And if you take dates, then dates is the CEO of mercola. And if you take my own water, then it is the secret of Mr. Robot. This is such a phenomenal exploration. I was like, Wow, man, this is just too amazing. So when are you shut out? The olana said, you know, and this is when you sit with the great scholars at their feet, then you learn from them, you know, this is this is knowledge that's transmitted from the bosom knowledge that is transmitted from the bosom. So are you sorry Alanna said LS we're done. And as we're done year could be taken in a literal context that both men two leaders, right that that that the data is is a leader in terms of akula and the water

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is a leader in terms of mesh robot, and we need to we need to up our date supplement and we need to up our our water supplement. And of course we need to become more nutritious and we need to become

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more organic and we need to eat things that are less processed and more natural and organic. So anyway

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you know the mine is hopping from where to where La ilaha illAllah. We were speaking about amber the campaign of Amber. So the companions went out they had a bag of dates, and about Aveda gave them one date. And he says for tech Faena, yamana Elaine, it would suffice for one day, we would drink water, and that was it imagine, and then that the dates were exhausted and depleted. So what we used to do Kunta, not brivo generation of Sahih Muslim con Nana, boo, boo, B or C and l Hobbit. So Malibu Bella, we would take our staff and our stick and strike the trees and then the leaves would fall, then we would moisten it would water and then we would consume those leaves. We would consume those

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leaves and we would continue like this until we came to the ocean and Allah caused a massive fish to come out for accom na la Sharon wanna know Salah Samia.

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We loved our tests Amina, that's the narration right?

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Under this year, that Allah gives you sustenance from avenues that you know you cannot imagine.

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So Allah goes this amber fish to come out it was so huge that in the eye socket of the fish 13 people could set regeneration I don't go into the details. We lived off it for a month or close to a month and we were 300 in number until we actually picked up weight. And then we came back and nobody saw some said this is sustenance that Allah has provided for you. If you have given me some so Subhana Allah sustenance like this mean Heisler? Yeah? Does it mean hi Sanaya the same from an avenue you know, unexpected? And then there's a chapter there that speaks about Alma I mean, hang on a sec, where Allah gives you wealth, wealth from avenues that are unexpected. So I just have a

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flagship another verse of the Quran in the 22nd Jews, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says mama and papa don't mention in for Who are your LFO Wow, look at the look at the exploration of the scholars of the field. Whatever you spend, allow world substituted

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for your love means a replacement or substitute.

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I remember back in the years when I was teaching at McDowell in Houghton in my early years post graduation, so I was teaching some kids in the muck tub. And I asked him I said, you know, what does the substitute mean? So he's like, yes, you start I know, when one player is injured, then you call a substitute. So I said, Yeah, well, the connotations are not limited to sport, but Okay, that's where he heard the word understood the word and internalize the word. The connotations are much beyond that. And in Arabic, you have this beauty that if there is a fetter on the lamb, right, then it refers to, in most instances, a noble substitute a holla for Rashid, and if it has a sukoon in

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Arabic grammar, then it refers to an undeserving replacement. So Allah speaks in the 16 Jews of the MBR Allah Houma. Salatu was Salam that how noble they were, and then Allah says, For holla from him back at him phone, a bar was salata. What about Russia? Why the tone of it, that they were then succeeded. And, and and, you know, those that followed they after were holophone they were not good people about rousselot they first evil traitors, they abandoned Salah, whatever Shahada and they followed a life of base desires for holla at him Hello, Nikita bajo Dona.

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Edina. Anyway, so there's an incident mentioned your Abdurrahman if there is even a Java says he says had deathly Mola to be Oh, mama had to be Mama, the slave girl of Abu Omar vilano mentioned this to me. That kind of abou mama you have Bousada boo mama Ilana was a man who loves charity. What can I Yama La la la la la. He used to save money to give charity like like have you ever heard of the safe to buy this to you know invest you save up so I can give more. I need to save up so I can help this person so I can empower one man euro dosa Ellen well ob barsaat in

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the bustling outta Marathi Odisha me my uncle. He would never decline a beggar even if it was a simple fruit or an onion or something edible. So if you don't work hard if Takata means danika Cooley one day a beggar came and he was pretty much exhausted and depleted. He was driving. He just had three dinars left. So he gave the beggar one dinner

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husar illa second one came he gave another dinar the third one gave me gave the last DNR and he said that was it. So the slave girl lovable or mama owner, it makes mention of the narration in heylia. And I read it in the fourth volume of higher to Saba under the chapter allemaal mean heightened accuracy well from avenues that you don't perceive. So, it's she said, I protested, and I objected, and I wasn't not a Muslim. I said, You know what, you just give this charity and you don't think you're hungry? I'm hungry and there's nothing left at home. What kind of sama The best part of it is on the day he gave his last dyrham in charity he himself was firstly

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for what There are so who lil phenom. He put his head down for midday siesta and he fell off to sleep for a minute delivery to him. When the other end of the hall was sounded. I nudged him he got up and he went for prayer. She said for a fact to Elaine. I tell him sorry. I said I know I you know what said this to him, but I feel bad. I feel guilty.

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So I took a loan from someone I took a loan from someone and

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I said I'll prepare food for him. Girl to LA I prepared as far as rajala who said Raja I bought some oil and I put it into the Lenten I put it into the Lenten Tibet burn the Lenten What did the older poet say?

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Maputo ciera say ktl Katana Botha Nepal cha cha say Kibaki tail kitana Nepal cha say Kibaki Calle kitana here. Fukuoka funmi Sonia who a insaan coo Kagura Zindagi mamalahoa Taka fan maitain Katana

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Nepal cha cha se Kibaki 10 Katana hair na Pooja ro se Kibaki Calle Katana here puto cuffin Mesa Hawaii in some cases in the gay male ml auto government chain kitana Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

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I mean, it's a metaphorical you go to a Please don't ask the Lenten how much oil is left in it. Don't ask your soul how much time you have left us those that have been wrapped up in the govern. If you live a noble life, how peaceful and how tranquil and serene It is to be in that coffin. How tranquil how peaceful, how serene. Just to conclude this incident we didn't even touch on any of the quotations that I intended speaking about.

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So anyway, he went and then she prepared the food she says for them as a hub to interfere Archie Healy Omaha de la who I went to make his bed need for either be the hubin I find gold coins for added to her I counted it, it was 300 gold coins. So I said to myself masana and living in Santa in LA vaca wasabi Maha love. Oh, okay. Okay. He was giving charity because he knew what he left. So you know what, plane plane, the generous card, the selfless card but he knew what he had under the mattress, literally. Right.

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So that's why he did anyway, when it was time he came in for the MA sera lorisha. He said,

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he entered the house is in food. He seen the light. He said to the handler This is the blessings of Allah. So the slave girl said I stood up and I said your hammock Allah has left the hive in Africa. Welcome to hibernate. You left behind money and you didn't even tell me I had to go and borrow. So he said, what money are you talking about? So I took him to the bed and I moved it and I showed him for Lamar Ah, sorry, how was that data? Juho. When he observed he was astonished, he was perplexed. And I realized that he he was taken aback and this was something that he had not left behind. No, he was aware of the innovation goes like this. Come to I stood up what a slum to I accepted Islam

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there, Wakata to sanari and I had a symbol of of being a non Muslim. I broke that up and I embraced Islam, given his charity and how Allah made divine provision for him. Yes, he says, For a doctor happy hands. Once in my travel to Damascus I entered the courtyard of the masjid of Damascus, right the AMA we mosque the famous moss and I had the opportunity to go there where we know that Satan I recently his salatu salam will descend. And when I got to the masjid in Damascus, I found that in the courtyard of the masjid to Alamo Nyssa al Khurana, what to * the hoonah Dean. It was the same slave girl of Abu Omar, the Allah Anna, who had become a jurist in Islam and she was conducting

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discourses of Quran Sunnah and fiqa. So Subhana Allah look at the ripple effects of the generosity of Seder Abu Omar Mara the Allahu anhu. Anyway,

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our message is that you know what we have hope in Allah and like they say that the best nation is donation was Ali lahoma wa Sallim. ala nabina Muhammad wa

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Early he was happy he will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen