Nouman Ali Khan – Reflections On Surah YASEEN – Part 05

Nouman Ali Khan
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Now, finally, those two words, but often will be very powerful words, I need you to understand both of them in a little bit more depth. But in Arabic means to reach to reach the, the air, the science of effective communication in Arabic is called by law. Effective communication, okay. And the idea behind Bella is when somebody says words, words are like, like a recent book on rhetoric said words like loaded pistols, words are like a weapon. Words are like a weapon. And the target for this weapon is your heart,

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your emotions, your feelings, your opinions, that rests in your heart, that is the target of someone's words. So if they use the kinds of words that can penetrate the security of your chest, the ribcage that's there, gets through your ears penetrate through the chest and make it all the way deep inside your heart. And in fact, that heart, then that is

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the knowledge just community communication doesn't even begin to cover it. We're talking about heart penetrating, transformative communication we're talking about we are going to speak in a way that is the most effective passively. Now,

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even though we're going to speak the most effective words, where does change itself come from?

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Where does change completely come from our words?

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The change comes from a lot was that something already taught? In NEC? No, no, he'll motor we give life to the dead. He's the one who resuscitates the hearts, then why is he telling people to speak effective language, if I was gonna do it, I don't have to do much. That's not how it works. The rule of a lion, this life for everything, including that one, including inviting people to Allah is you have to be the very, very best and the most effective you possibly can be. And then Allah will say, Cohen.

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Allah doesn't give his confession away for free.

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You have to give your best. And then he gives you results. You don't give your best, he refuses to give you results. In other words, the results don't come because I'm the best, or because I'm trying to be the best. The results come from Allah. Because if he feels I deserve them as a result of my effort.

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So they have to make badass happen. They have to be clear, effective communication happened for the prophets lifestyle. And this is relief, because he actually doesn't have to come up with any words.

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All the words that he needs to get that across as well.

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But all

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it itself is banal, but it's not just banal. They say mama Elena lol But our whole movie, the word movie or Adana, the verb abana means to separate.

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We're going to communicate to you in a way that doesn't just appeal to your emotions and effects you we're going to communicate to you in a way that separates truth from falsehood, that the ideas you have that you need to understand are no good, or now clearly understood is no good. In other words, somebody could give a speech that moves people's hearts. I have listened to a lot of Christian talk radio.

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I've actually even been to a Joel olsteen program.

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I slept a little bit.

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I just wanted to see what these people do. What do they do? How are they packing an entire stadium every weekend? I need to know. You know? You know what, everybody?

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Yes, yes. You know,

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what is he doing? He's moving people's

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hearts. This belongs there. But you know, what isn't a movie isn't there.

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Clear clarity is not they're

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not clarifying anything.

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This is the silliest things and they get away with I will preachers talk about one time One morning, I was having chocolate milk and I was stirring the milk in the chocolate. I was stirring it up and I started thinking you got to stir your life up. Everybody's got a start up, start up your life bring Jesus back in your life start over and those people said he's almost almost done I was done.

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of people like to stir it up. But you know, there's no clarity. There's no you could give an effective speech and not say anything it could happen.

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It could happen you can fire people up

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and people can oh man

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you could do that but didn't say anything clear didn't clarify any concepts. So there's a combination in Milan and Milan be appealing to emotions is invaluable. But appealing to your intellect isn't a marine and that both of those have to be there guys. That's communication. If communication is only academic, so when I asked seen as Americans or I was revealed to 36

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Anything is in case.

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I could give you information.

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That might be mean.

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But it has to allow you to. That's how effective effective communication works. And that is the legacy of profits.

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If you don't understand that, you know what people do with this. I love it. Hey, by the way, your nails are haraam. What? Mama Elena lol bunnahabhain

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our only responsibility is to communicate the message

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are you reading you monkey? Like?

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So now they said, we're gonna communicate clearly. And these people could not respond with intelligence they couldn't. So they had to come up with some other unintelligent way to respond. And they said, Follow in Natasha, you have now become, we consider you people a curse. We consider all of you a bad omen, you're a bad sign that things have started happening since these false prophets came.

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You know, the weather's gotten worse or something.

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The inlanta who, if you people don't stop there, no joumana calm, we will start stoning you. Rajan could mean stoning to death, it could also just mean stoning. Every time we see you.

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That's what we're gonna start doing, we'll make a policy out of people just pelting you wherever you go. Like we you know, shavon we call them our older Billahi min ash shaytani. r rajim. That doesn't mean we stone him to death, we do cast him off. So left Jumana could mean stoning all the way to death. But it could also mean just every time we see you, now we know what to do, just grab a rock and hit him. So he goes away, then of Jumana, we can't even face listening to you anymore. That's how much of a curse you become to our society, when I must send nakoma as a name. And if that's not enough, then you will see I really, truly torture as punishment is going to touch you, and it's

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going to come from us. You are a curse, and we better alleviate this curse. Our society needs to be cleansed from this filthy message you call Islam. This poison this cancer needs to be removed from our society. You know, by the way, in this ayah it's not just a conversation anymore. It started with we think you guys are cursed, or you guys are a curse.

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But then it went on. And it made it into all this curses, like a disease and we don't want our society to get disease. So we're going to keep you away, like a disease person who's got an infectious disease is kept away. So we're going to stone you to keep you away. And if that doesn't work, we're going to have to torture you.

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That's what's happening here. Now they're starting to get threatened. So I want you to understand something who is listening to these IR This is not just a story, there were three audiences remember the Prophet himself, the believer, the lone believers and the disbelievers. The Prophet is being told this is what happens after the ad hoc konkola carry him when the truth becomes absolutely clear. And they still don't believe that there's no point in reasoning with them. And if you don't back off from your claims, they don't have any arguments against you anymore, because they already know it's true. So they're going to come up with fictitious things, like you're cursed. And if that

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doesn't work, they're gonna start threatening you. And it might even come to the point where they try to kill you, the prophet is being mentally prepared, the companions are being mentally prepared, that things are about to get a lot worse. And that's not the first time it's happened before. Everything goes back to the Prophet life, sometimes legacy, it keeps tying itself to him because that's where the slaughter began. Now, another meaning of in that era become Nora, would you come here and

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one of the companions commented that one of the meanings of this was, we never see anything good come from you, for our society. What good is your message for our society? Show me what the benefits are. There are people who argue, yeah, I'd like to think about Islam, but how is it going to help the economy?

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how's it gonna help jobs? How's it going to help health care? Show me some benefits of this Islam so I can follow it.

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Islam can have benefits, but that's not why it came.

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Islam came to give you the message of truth. messengers don't come to serve your economy

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or to serve your healthcare. messengers came to give you purpose in your life. And when you follow that purpose, does that give you benefits? Yes, but when you start making Islam about the benefits, and you forgot what Islam itself is,

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you forgotten what it is. You know, some people all they talk about it, you know, Islam has a really good dietary plan.

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You know, if you fast on Mondays and Thursdays that's actually really good for your brain.

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And it has several, you know, significant benefits and there has been scientific studies about weight loss, blah, blah, blah, okay, cool. I'm ready to become Muslim. Sign me up. Because I've been trying to lose weight for so long.

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It doesn't work like that.

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That's not how messengers that's not what they came with. And sort of I have now become means what worldly benefit do we see, all you people talk about is we're doing something wrong. We can't cheat our customers anymore. We can't do all kinds of shameless things anymore. You're stopping us from everything.

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And so we're ready to kill you. And if they are, if they are ready to kill them, that's the most important part of this ayah if they are ready to kill them, you know what that what that admits? It actually admits that they have no arguments left.

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When you resort to violence, it actually means you have no intelligent answer left. This is even true of seven or six year olds. Two plus two is four. No, it's five. The big fat kid says, No, it's four. It's five, I started five now and the skinny DC kids, it's pretty.

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when you can't reason, then you use force. Actually, that means that you don't have reasons left. That means you were wrong.

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The use of violence is the use of defeat is the acceptance of defeat.

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You know why that's important to understand, right? When Islam is insulted, which happens a lot nowadays. And some people decide to respond with violence.

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In the name of Islam, you know what they're doing? They're actually making it sound like Islam doesn't have an intelligent response.

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Same criticism of disbelievers can now be made of believers.

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It's scary. How low we've gotten in our intelligence, that we think that's an that's an appropriate response. How far from the original teachings of this Deen that is it's incredible. All you thought you know kumarakom

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the profits are so intelligent. They said your curse is with you.

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The curse you just made up is with you. Now what does that mean? This is not by the way thought you can become if it was thought you can become he would have been completely different meaning it would have been you're the ones that are cursed.

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You think workers we think you're cursed and some people translate it like that your curses yours? May you be cursed while a common curse?

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No, that is not what this means if it meant that it would have been taught you to come back home not my home. My outcome changes the meaning entirely the first meaning of biological Morocco is Be honest. You know the real reasons you have this curse story with you.

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You know the real reasons are you don't want to accept the truth. You know the real reasons are you don't like to make changes in your life you'd like to get away continue to get away with your injustices you know what you really have with you Come on. The second is get real your curse that is only with you meaning only in your minds. This is only a figment of your imagination. This doesn't make any sense. We're giving you a message that appeals to your emotions and appeals to your reason. But now when you come back with something that is just trying to scare people just appeal to their emotions has no reasonable or rational basis for your navico we think you guys are cursed. You have

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an inferior response. And this is an over reactionary response. Respond to reason with reason you're responding to reason with superstition you people are cursed. Then on top of that you're responding to it with threats we're gonna stone you and you're ready to even kill when I my second

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son Michael Mina Donnelly, this is so over reactionary and that's why the word vedantam como musli foon rather, you are a nation that overreacts goes overboard. That's mostly food. You're excessive.

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Now I need you to hear understand the meaning of excessiveness, excessive responses. It's not just about violence. It's about three things. It started with superstition and then threats and then violence. So I want to talk to you specifically about superstitions and excessiveness, there is the law of gifted every human being with a brain Alhamdulillah we have a we have a beautiful thing called the mind that we're supposed to use. The Quran keeps telling us to use it alone, and about how this is the proper way of thinking to use your intellect. Think about the world around you think about history and think about revelation. Use your mind. Yes, but for some people, that's not

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They want to see something extra. They love to believe in superstitious stuff. And these are this is the mindset of a Muslim. The things Allah told you to think about are not enough for you, you want something more and this disease nowadays has even hit the Muslim

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we have to believe it we have to come up with like 18 stories.

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We have to we have to believe in the the blessings of you know these words if you recite them this many times, then your motorcycle does not need an oil change or something.

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We have to come up with this excessive stuff. Because what Allah gave us clearly is not enough. You need something more

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you need something more

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Or somebody has done magic on my cousin and that's why she's not getting through med school and now we have to undo that magic. So I'm going to Hogwarts. And so we're

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this excessiveness in thought it keeps you it doesn't let you restrain your mind even when you hear reasonable things because your mind is so full of this garbage this this mythical nonsensical garbage in the name of Islam that you can't become you can't even be capable of clear thought anymore. This is well uncommon. lusophone salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Thanks for watching these videos. If you'd like to continue to support on weekly, please click the link in this video.

Part 5/12 – Clear & Effective Speech

This episode explains ayahs numbered 18 and 19 from Surah Ya-Sin in great detail. The explanation includes how the Quran is not just an effective communicator but the communication is trans-formative, heart penetrating and separates the truth from falsehood; how Quran emphasizes on effective communication, the conversation between the prophets and their people, Allah preparing Prophet SAW mentally to face the Quraysh in an amazing way.

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