Concentrate In Salah And Be Successful

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Have Concentration On Salah And Be Successful – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

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So today a very common question that people ask and that is the aspect of concentration in salah and prayer. While the reality is that after the honeymoon and living in a home for your Salah to him harsh your own, that sincerity and humility, it should be in prayer. A person the narration is intermedia. He was playing with his beard or he was playing with something of his body and the messenger sallallahu wasallam said lo hush acaba de la jawara, who, that if this person's heart had focused on the Almighty, and he was Cognizant, he was a way with who he was conversing and communicating, then he there would be absolute calmness and serenity and his organs and limbs would

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be motionless. But suffice to say that if a person is thinking of halaal, in prayer, that itself in today's time is some achievement. Because Allah forbid we orchestrate we plan we calculate to you serve to devour to steal, to do wrong things in prayer. I was flying to North America, more specifically to Canada, and part of the onboard entertainment. They have the Kitab of Eman razali au hell, Willard, are you hell with it in audio form? And this got me thinking? And I said to myself, a man who existed centuries ago, who compiled something in one some corner, but what was the level of sincerity of this individual, that what he authored in a simple, private, discreet environment? If

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it had to be told to him, or bizarrely a time would come? That your book would be read and rehearsed and understood, at an altitude of 12 kilometres? Hide from the ground? 40,000 feet, way above the clouds in some space of the atmosphere? What would the Imam say and how could it be possible at that time? But surely this was a reflection of his sincerity. And anyway, this particular quotation that I came across in his book in which he says that a you held valid, oh my son, oh, my devout disciple, if your knowledge if your knowledge will not prevent you from the forbidden today, then don't expect it to prevent you from the punishment tomorrow on the day of the AMA. And the same way I say if our

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prayer cannot keep us away from forbidden wine we praying Hello, how do we expect that prayer to save us from wrong when we outside let's be real, let's be real, let's be be candid, let's be honest with ourselves, that while I'm engaged in prayer at that time, I am fantasizing wrong My thoughts are strange. And again, if we look into the Hadith and the teachings of the messenger, sallAllahu wasallam, then often this results as a lack of us not being particular about our widow, when we negligent in the manner in which we do we do or we relieve ourselves of the impurity or other related things, then this immediately impacts on us It has the ripple effects. So one of the key

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things we need to get correct in our lives is Salah, and what does the Quran say we're optimists selected a victory and established prayer for my remembrance, Jesus peace be upon him the Great Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he spoke in his childhood, and he spoke in his infancy, it was a miracle enough for him to speak, let's be honest and real. I mean, he's speaking as a child, you don't need a greater miracle. But again, look at Jesus peace be upon him when he said in Abdullah, I am the servant of Allah attorney Al Kitab. Allah has given me the book which Allah Nina began, Allah has made me a prophet, we're also neighbors. Salatu was aka and Allah has ordained to pray upon me.

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So prayer is something that's mandatory upon us and Allah has fixed it with time. And again, we need to know that time is of essence in our life. So we need to endeavor to bring concentration, motivation, focus in our prayer, when we would have that in our prayer, that is the time we would see the essence of that prayer. And I say to people, and I asked the almighty to give me this, and from time to time, probably we all had it at some moment. But May Allah increase that, that sometimes you drop in servitude, and you drop in prostration and you are just riveted to the ground and there's a magnetic feeling, and you just cannot raise your head. You know, a person is watching

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a particular movie, he wants to stop and he cannot stop is watching a game he wants to end but he cannot end he is engrossed in a particular video and he cannot terminate and these are things of this world. The Real pleasure, the wholesome pleasure. The spiritual pleasure is when we in prayer, and a brother told me a good thing he said the morning is morning time. The Muslims have to mourn like you lose someone you mourn. We mourn. Why because at the morning, we are in prostrate cancer. That is we don't prostate, we ask a lot to make us amongst those who can prostrate there was a good friend of mines in California, I stayed at his house, and this left an indelible impression in my

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heart. He had to go for an operation, and there was a 50% chance of recovery and 50% he wouldn't recover. But the chances were, if it didn't recover, it would deny him prostration and he opted not to have the surgery done. And he walked with crutches and with the aid of some support, so that he cannot be denied.

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The pleasure of prostrating and I said this is so amazing. This is so beautiful that a believe in knows Accra, Romania, Kunal abdomen, probably the closest a person is, in fact, I must share with the viewers something amazing. We were in Albania. And we went to a particular place. And this thing just makes me tear when I think of it, and whenever I speak of it, and it was not too long ago, and be it as it may, we went to an orphanage and there was, you know, young orphans that had gathered there. And each one then, you know, narrated their tale. And Subhanallah there was this young girl in her teens, you know what? Fresh into life just exploring life, but had to contend with so many

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glitches and hiccups. And she then spoke about her journey to Islam. And in that, you know, there wasn't a dry eye in those that were present. When she said that my greatest moment is when I put my head down in frustration, and that's what I call out to the youth and I appeal to the youth and I wish and I hope and I pray May Allah make us amongst those who are described in the Quran as those who possess who show in the prayers sincere and focus in Sharla